Mary Graham

     Mary Graham died at Ohio. She married Morgan Gibler, son of Daniel J. Gibler and Maria Roush, on 30 May 1838 at Portsmouth, Scioto Co., OH.

Children of Mary Graham and Morgan Gibler

Mary Graham

F, b. circa 1777
     Mary Graham was born circa 1777 at Maryland. She married Philip Wiseman circa 1800 at Virginia.

Child of Mary Graham and Philip Wiseman

Mary B. Graham

F, b. circa 1925
     Mary B. Graham was born circa 1925 at Arlington Co., VA. She married William Clyde Arnold, son of Fred S. Arnold and Clara A. Virkus, on 3 August 1967 at Alexandria, VA, Ceremony by Michael P. Frasca, J.P.

Mary Elizabeth Graham

F, b. 9 July 1866, d. 9 March 1928
     Mary Elizabeth Graham was born on 9 July 1866 at Madison Co., AR. She was the daughter of Isaac Benton Graham and Sarah Esabell Shipp. Mary Elizabeth Graham married Hamilton Branch Hobbs, son of Amory Oliver Hobbs and Rhoda Ann Stringfield, on 8 April 1894 at Scott Co., AR. Mary Elizabeth Graham died on 9 March 1928 at Bay City, Matagorda Co., TX, at age 61.

Children of Mary Elizabeth Graham and Hamilton Branch Hobbs

Maxine Graham

F, b. circa 1918
     Maxine Graham was born circa 1918 at Indiana. She was the daughter of Boyd Leonard Graham and Nancy Alene Branham. Maxine Graham lived in 1962 at Logansport, Cass Co., IN.

Mildred Graham1

F, b. November 1899
     Mildred Graham was born in November 1899 at Illinois.1 She was the daughter of Rev. John J. G. Graham and Anna Stanley.1


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Mina Graham

F, b. 1886, d. 1994
     Mina Graham was born in 1886. She married Raymond Charles Woolman, son of Charles Aronson Woolman and Ocena Virginia Reger. Mina Graham died in 1994 at Madison Co., IN.

Nancy A. Graham1

F, b. circa 1823
     Nancy A. Graham was born circa 1823 at Indiana.1 She married Levi D. Applegate on 7 February 1841 at Harrison Co., IN.1

Child of Nancy A. Graham and Levi D. Applegate


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Peter Graham1

M, b. April 1844
     Peter Graham was born in April 1844 at Scotland.1 He married Ann (?) circa 1867.1

Child of Peter Graham and Ann (?)


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Randle Leon Graham

M, b. 9 October 1920, d. 12 February 1996
     Randle Leon Graham was born on 9 October 1920 at Marietta, Love Co., OK. He was the son of Joseph Levi Graham and Letha Evelyn Null. Randle Leon Graham began military service on 6 January 1942 at Camp Barkeley, Abilene, Taylor Co., TX, WW II service, enlisted. He married Katherine Elizabeth Davis, daughter of Rice Homer Davis and Nellie Irene Cochran, in 1945. Randle Leon Graham died on 12 February 1996 at Oklahoma City, Oklahoma Co., OK, at age 75. He was buried in February 1996 at Resurrection Memorial Cemetery, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma Co., OK, Findagrave #87506315.

Child of Randle Leon Graham and Katherine Elizabeth Davis

Robert Graham


Child of Robert Graham

Ronald Eugene Graham

M, b. 5 July 1934, d. 3 April 2005
     Ronald Eugene Graham was born on 5 July 1934 at Grand Rapids, Kent Co., MI. He was the son of Clyde E. Graham and Onetto Noreen Lovell. Ronald Eugene Graham began military service in 1951 U.S. Navy service. He died on 3 April 2005 at age 70 per SSDI, last residence Payson, Gila County, Arizona. He was buried in April 2005 at National Memorial Cemetery of Arizona, Phoenix, Maricopa Co., AZ, Findagrave #15558189.

Rev. Samuel James Graham

M, b. circa 1839, d. 1894
     Rev. Samuel James Graham was born circa 1839 at Virginia.1 He married Rachel Ellen Hull, daughter of John Patton Hull and Elizabeth Hevener, on 26 May 1864 at Lewis Co., WV. Occupation: Minister of the Gospel on 16 June 1880 at Parkersburg, Wood Co., WV.1 Rev. Samuel James Graham died in 1894 at Wood Co. (probably), WV.

Children of Rev. Samuel James Graham and Rachel Ellen Hull


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Stanley James Graham1

M, b. 30 July 1896, d. August 1974
     Stanley James Graham was born on 30 July 1896 at Illinois.1 He was the son of Rev. John J. G. Graham and Anna Stanley.1 Stanley James Graham married Ethel (?).2 Stanley James Graham died in August 1974 at Wayne Co., MI, at age 78 Dates per SSDI, last residence Detroit.

Child of Stanley James Graham and Ethel (?)


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Sylvester S. Graham

M, b. 31 December 1861, d. 9 March 1949
     Sylvester S. Graham was born on 31 December 1861 at Walnut Grove, Washington Co., IN. He was the son of James Graham and Martha Burcham. Sylvester S. Graham married Ora Dell Payne, daughter of Henry Rice Payne and Caroline Davis, on 11 March 1888 at Washington Co., IN. Sylvester S. Graham died on 9 March 1949 at Logansport, Cass Co., IN, at age 87 OBITUARY - The Salem, Indiana Leader; March 10, 1949:
Word was received this morning that Sylvester Graham, former Salem resident, died Wednesday, March 9, at his home in Logansport. The body will be brought here Friday morning and the funeral services will be held at the Dawalt Funeral Chapel at 3:00 p.m. that same day. Burial will be in Crown Hill Cemetery.
He is survived by the widow, Mrs. Ora Graham, Logansport, and two sons, Boyd, Logansport, and Henry, Kent, Ohio.

OBITUARY #2 - The Salem, Indiana Leader; March 17, 1949:
Graham Funeral Conducted Friday; Was Native Here
     Funeral services were held at the Dawalt Funeral Chapel for Sylvester S. Graham, 86, at 3;00 p.m. Friday, March 11. He died at his home in Logansport after an illness on March 9. The Rev. E. C. McKinney of Charlestown was in charge and burial was in Crown Hill Cemetery.
     A native of this county, having been born in the Walnut Grove community on December 31, 1861, he was the son of James and Martha Burcham Graham. He moved to Logansport in 1907. A retired lumberman, Graham was a 50 year member of the Salem Knights of Pythias and Redmen’s Lodges.
     He is survived by the wife, Mrs. Ora G. Graham; two sons, Boyd of Logansport and Henry, of Kent, Ohio; and two grandchildren.
[:CR:] He was buried in March 1949 at Crown Hill Cemetery, Salem, Washington Co., IN.

Children of Sylvester S. Graham and Ora Dell Payne

Theresa L. Graham

F, b. circa 1897
     Theresa L. Graham was born circa 1897 at Magundy, New Brunswick, Canada. She married Charles Edgar Leigh. Theresa L. Graham lived in 1944 at Claremont, Sullivan Co., NH.

Child of Theresa L. Graham and Charles Edgar Leigh

Victoria A. Graham

F, b. 1881
     Victoria A. Graham was born in 1881. She married Lee Starr Leiser, son of Phineas Leiser and Sarah Henrietta Starr.

Wilbur A. Graham

M, b. 16 February 1887, d. 18 July 1981
     Wilbur A. Graham was born on 16 February 1887 at Pennsylvania. Occupation: Vaudeville artist, per WW I draft registration in 1917 at Derry, Westmoreland Co., PA. He married Lola Marjorie Hire, daughter of Ernest Wilbur Hire and Josephine Conley, on 6 August 1938 at Indiana, Wilbur was first married in 1913 to a Margaret, maiden name unknown, and was divorced in 1937, with one child born to the marriage. Wilbur A. Graham died on 18 July 1981 at Eaton Rapids, Eaton Co., MI, at age 94. He was buried in July 1981 at Dimondale Cemetery, Dimondale, Eaton Co., MI, Findagrave #61278014.

Willard L. Graham

M, b. 13 September 1929, d. 28 December 2001
     Willard L. Graham was born on 13 September 1929. He was the son of Marion W. Graham and Clara E. (?)1 Willard L. Graham died on 28 December 2001 at Platte Co., NE, at age 72 Dates per SSDI, last residence Columbus.


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William Graham

     William Graham married Cleo Gideon.

Child of William Graham and Cleo Gideon

William Graham

M, b. circa 1889
     William Graham was born circa 1889 at Pennsylvania. He married Delma Koontz, daughter of Daniel Stouffer Koontz and Mary Johnston.

Child of William Graham and Delma Koontz

William Graham

M, b. circa September 1915
     William Graham was born circa September 1915 at Philadelphia, Philadelphia Co., PA, Age 4 3/12 in 1920 census (January 1920.) He was the son of William Graham and Delma Koontz.

William Graham1

M, b. circa 1848
     William Graham was born circa 1848 at Illinois.1 He married Frances V. (?) circa 1869.1

Child of William Graham and Frances V. (?)


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William Robert Graham1

     William Robert Graham married Agnes Gilbertson.1

Child of William Robert Graham and Agnes Gilbertson


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Cora Alma Grainger1

F, b. 11 April 1884, d. 23 July 1979
     Cora Alma Grainger was born on 11 April 1884 at Warrensburg, Johnson Co., MO.1 She married Aloysius Micsák on 17 January 1904 at Seneca, Newton Co., MO. Cora Alma Grainger died on 23 July 1979 at Neosho, Newton Co., MO, at age 95.

Child of Cora Alma Grainger and Aloysius Micsák


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Rosilla Gramlich1

F, b. August 1869
     Rosilla Gramlich was born in August 1869 at Homburg bei, Darmstadt, Hessen, Germany.1 She married William Thomas circa 1885.1

Child of Rosilla Gramlich and William Thomas


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Elizabeth Gramme

     Elizabeth Gramme married Valerius Ridge.

Child of Elizabeth Gramme and Valerius Ridge


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Emilius Felix Grand-Girard1

M, b. 4 June 1816, d. 23 December 1887
     Emilius Felix Grand-Girard was born on 4 June 1816 at Hericourt, Haute Saone, France.1 He married Georgianna Herdman on 31 December 1840 at Bowling Green, Warren Co., KY. Occupation: Old School Presbyterian minister in 1850 at White Oak Twp., Highland Co., OH.1 Emilius Felix Grand-Girard died on 23 December 1887 at Eckmansville, Adams Co., OH, at age 71.

Child of Emilius Felix Grand-Girard and Georgianna Herdman


  1. [S584] 1850 Federal Census, Highland County, Ohio. Microfilm Image, NARA Series M432, Roll 694.

Lavinia Frederica Grand-Girard

F, b. 22 November 1842, d. 20 September 1923
     Lavinia Frederica Grand-Girard was born on 22 November 1842 at Mowrytown, Highland Co., OH.1 She was the daughter of Emilius Felix Grand-Girard and Georgianna Herdman.1 Lavinia Frederica Grand-Girard married Thomas Scott Rodgers, son of Robert Rodgers and Isabella Carr, on 5 May 1868 at Hillsboro, Highland Co., OH. Lavinia Frederica Grand-Girard died on 20 September 1923 at Morgan Hill, Santa Clara Co., CA, at age 80.

Children of Lavinia Frederica Grand-Girard and Thomas Scott Rodgers


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Jules Louis Grandpierre

M, b. 13 November 1873, d. 23 February 1913
     Jules Louis Grandpierre was born on 13 November 1873 at Marksville, Avoyelles Par., LA. He married Tamer Elizabeth Johnson. Jules Louis Grandpierre died on 23 February 1913 at Marksville, Avoyelles Par., LA, at age 39. He was buried in 1913 at St. Joseph Catholic Cemetery and Mausoleum #1, Marksville, Avoyelles Par., LA, Findagrave #71376423.

Child of Jules Louis Grandpierre and Tamer Elizabeth Johnson