Gov. Patrick Henry

     Gov. Patrick Henry married Sarah Shelton.

Child of Gov. Patrick Henry and Sarah Shelton

Paul Henry

     Paul Henry married Margery Stratton.

Pearlie Ann Henry

     Pearlie Ann Henry married Robert Luther Whitaker.

Child of Pearlie Ann Henry and Robert Luther Whitaker

Rachel Pauline Henry

F, b. 27 October 1854
     Rachel Pauline Henry married Walter Starr Crittenden, son of George Washington Crittenden and Martha Jane Starr. Rachel Pauline Henry was born on 27 October 1854 at Going Snake District, Cherokee Nation West, Indian Territory. She was the daughter of Archibald Henry and Mary Sanders. Rachel Pauline Henry married Edward Bruce Starr, son of Joseph McMinn Starr and Delilah Adair, circa 1873.

Children of Rachel Pauline Henry and Edward Bruce Starr

Reba Henry

F, b. circa 1904, d. after April 1940
     Reba Henry was born circa 1904 at Kansas.1 She married Arthur Glen Wampler on 19 March 1921 at Garfield Co., OK. Reba Henry died after April 1940.

Child of Reba Henry and Arthur Glen Wampler


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Rhoda Mildred Henry

     Rhoda Mildred Henry married Lucas Gilmore, son of Alexander Gilmore and Milly Mudd, on 12 February 1852 at Hardin Co., KY.

Children of Rhoda Mildred Henry and Lucas Gilmore

Robert Henry1

M, b. 23 December 1892
     Robert Henry was born on 23 December 1892.1 He was the son of Martin M. Henry and Emily Johnson.1


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Rosa Ann Henry1

F, b. 1893, d. 1969
     Rosa Ann Henry was born in 1893 at Tennessee.1 She married William Jacob Rose, son of John Emory Rose and Susan Moody, circa 1920.1 Rosa Ann Henry died in 1969 Dates per SSDI, last residence Bristol VA. She was buried in 1969 at Blountville Cemetery, Blountville, Sullivan Co., TN, Find A Grave Memorial# 139942160.

Child of Rosa Ann Henry and William Jacob Rose


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Samuel Henry1

M, b. January 1837
     Samuel Henry was born in January 1837 at Ohio.1 He married Hilda Dorcas Manhart on 17 February 1859 at Crawford Co., IL.1

Child of Samuel Henry and Hilda Dorcas Manhart


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Sarah J. Henry

     Sarah J. Henry married Loman Black.

Child of Sarah J. Henry and Loman Black

William Henry

     William Henry married Sarah Hoffman, daughter of Peter Hoffman and Mary Wolfe, in 1812.

William Henry

     William Henry married Nancy (?).

Child of William Henry and Nancy (?)

William Howard Henry

M, b. 28 September 1930, d. 3 May 1985
     William Howard Henry was born on 28 September 1930 at Newark, Licking Co., OH. He was the son of John Henry and Nellie Holmes. William Howard Henry died on 3 May 1985 at Newark, Licking Co., OH, at age 54. He was buried on 5 May 1985 at Wilson Cemetery, Newark, Licking Co., OH.

William Lawrence Henry

M, b. 21 May 1918, d. 29 June 1992
     William Lawrence Henry was born on 21 May 1918 at Rising Star, Eastland Co., TX. He married Athelyn Tune. William Lawrence Henry died on 29 June 1992 at Hobbs, Lea Co., NM, at age 74. He was buried in July 1992 at Monahans Memorial Cemetery, Monahans, Ward Co., TX, Findagrave #47428425.

Charlotte Hensel

F, b. 13 April 1922
     Charlotte Hensel was born on 13 April 1922 at Berlin, Germany. She was the daughter of Otto Hensel and Lina Munzinger.

Elisha Hensel

M, b. 1843, d. 1919
     Elisha Hensel was born in 1843. He married Mary E. Farber. Elisha Hensel died in 1919.

Child of Elisha Hensel and Mary E. Farber

Otto Hensel

M, b. 26 March 1897, d. 7 December 1970
     Occupation: Bahnbeamter. Otto Hensel was born on 26 March 1897 at Dombrowo / Posen, Germany. He married Lina Munzinger, daughter of Albert Munzinger and Eva Vollmar, on 12 January 1920 at Lussowo / Sassenheim, Germany. Otto Hensel died on 7 December 1970 at Zweibrücken, Rhein-Pfalz, Germany, at age 73.

Child of Otto Hensel and Lina Munzinger

Rachel Elizabeth Hensel1

F, b. 22 September 1869
     Rachel Elizabeth Hensel was born on 22 September 1869 at Sandy Twp., Tuscarawas Co., OH.1 She was the daughter of Elisha Hensel and Mary E. Farber. Rachel Elizabeth Hensel married James M. Richardson, son of Samuel M. Richardson and Elizabeth Parrett, on 8 February 1896.1 Rachel Elizabeth Hensel lived in 1930 at 1628 Freedom St., Huntington, Huntington Co., IN; living with daughter Mary E. Paul's family.2

Children of Rachel Elizabeth Hensel and James M. Richardson


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Joy Christene Henslee

F, b. 20 July 1938, d. 2000
     Joy Christene Henslee was born on 20 July 1938 at Levelland, Hockley Co., TX. She married Samuel Kelcy Nelson Patton, son of Julian Nelson Patton and Kittie Elizabeth Earnest, on 7 July 1975 at Robertson Co., TN. Joy Christene Henslee died in 2000. She was buried in 2000 at Hillcrest Municipal Cemetery, White House, Sumner Co., TN, Find A Grave Memorial# 126435429.

Alexander Culbertson Hensley

M, b. circa 1815, d. circa 1864
     Alexander Culbertson Hensley was born circa 1815. He was the son of Benjamin Hensley and Prudence Culbertson. Alexander Culbertson Hensley died circa 1864 at New Orleans, Orleans Par., LA. Cause of death: Civil War.

Alexander Culbertson Hensley was a distinguished surgeon, served in the Mexican War, was Surgeon-in-Chief of Louisiana troops in the Confederate Army during the Civil War.

Child of Alexander Culbertson Hensley

Annie Jo Hensley

     Annie Jo Hensley married Claibourne Sullivan Magee.

Child of Annie Jo Hensley and Claibourne Sullivan Magee

Benjamin Hensley

M, b. 1790, d. 5 November 1849
     Benjamin Hensley was born in 1790. He married Prudence Culbertson on 24 July 1810 at Scott Co., KY. Benjamin Hensley died on 5 November 1849 at Scott Co. (probably), KY.

Children of Benjamin Hensley and Prudence Culbertson

Dwane S. Hensley

M, b. 6 September 1953, d. 29 December 2012
     Dwane S. Hensley was born on 6 September 1953 at Branson, Taney Co., MO. He was the son of Ada I. Haggard. Dwane S. Hensley died on 29 December 2012 at Branson, Taney Co., MO, at age 59. He was buried in January 2013 at Mountain Grove Cemetery, Branson, Taney Co., MO, Find A Grave Memorial# 103614301.

Effie May Hensley

F, b. September 1869
     Effie May Hensley was born in September 1869 at Iowa.1 She married Thomas O'Connor circa 1886.1

Child of Effie May Hensley and Thomas O'Connor


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Laura Genevieve Hensley

     Laura Genevieve Hensley was the daughter of Alexander Culbertson Hensley. Laura Genevieve Hensley married Frederick William Torrance.

Maria Antoinette Hensley1

F, b. 29 April 1811, d. 7 August 1896
     Maria Antoinette Hensley was born on 29 April 1811 at Illinois.2 She was the daughter of Benjamin Hensley and Prudence Culbertson. Maria Antoinette Hensley married Gen. Lyne Starling, son of William Starling and Mary McDowell, on 25 March 1835 at Columbus, Franklin Co., OH.1 Maria Antoinette Hensley died on 7 August 1896 at Frankfort, Franklin Co., KY, at age 85. She was buried in August 1896 at Frankfort Cemetery, Frankfort, Franklin Co., KY, Find A Grave Memorial# 60074066.

Children of Maria Antoinette Hensley and Gen. Lyne Starling


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Sarah W. Hensley1

F, b. November 1893, d. 1964
     Sarah W. Hensley was also known as "Willie".1 She was born in November 1893 at Tennessee.1 She married Bruce W. Monteith. Sarah W. Hensley died in 1964. She was buried in 1964 at Pleasant Grove Missionary Baptist Cemetery, Limestone, Washington Co., TN, Find A Grave Memorial# 52211968.

Child of Sarah W. Hensley and Bruce W. Monteith


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Andrew Henson

     Andrew Henson was the son of Joseph Henson and Wilma Thalma McFarland.

Anna Cornelia Henson1

F, b. 4 June 1880, d. 29 January 1974
     Anna Cornelia Henson was born on 4 June 1880 at Virginia.1 She married Griffith Mohler Racey circa 1899. Anna Cornelia Henson died on 29 January 1974 at Strasburg, Shenandoah Co., VA, at age 93.

Child of Anna Cornelia Henson and Griffith Mohler Racey


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Betty Jo Henson

F, b. 23 January 1931, d. 1 November 2012
     Betty Jo Henson was born on 23 January 1931 at Goose Creek, Harris Co., TX.1 She was the daughter of Walter Turner Henson and Margaret Ella Cook.1 Betty Jo Henson married Frank Nelson Davalt, son of Samuel Oral Davalt and Nancy Maude Johnson, on 25 February 1955. Betty Jo Henson died on 1 November 2012 at Galveston, Galveston Co., TX, at age 81 Obituary (

GALVESTON —Betty Jo Davalt, a longtime resident of Galveston, passed away at her home surrounded by family on November 1, 2012. Betty Jo was born on January 23, 1931 in Goose Creek, Texas.

She is survived by her daughter, Ella Falkenberg and husband Gary; son, Frankie Davalt; grandchildren, Nelson Davis, Roy Davis, Opal Davis and Jennifer Fiesel; great grandchildren, Michael Fiesel, Roy Davis, Jr., Shane Davis, and Devon Fiesel. Close family also include Arturo Medina and Mike Fiesel.

She will be dearly missed. Graveside services will be held on Monday, November 5, 2012, at Woodlawn Garden of Memories Cemetery in Houston, Texas under the direction of Heights Funeral Home.

Published November 3, 2012
Galveston Daily News

NOTE: All the grandchildren and great-grandchildren mentioned in the above obituary are from her marriage to John Henry Casey.

She was buried in November 2012 at Woodlawn Cemetery, Houston, Harris Co., TX, Findagrave #140939537.

Child of Betty Jo Henson and Frank Nelson Davalt


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