Samuel Arnold Hill

M, b. 1816, d. 1897
     Samuel Arnold Hill was born in 1816. He married Lucinda Mildred Colvin, daughter of John Colvin and Margaret Yowell, on 18 April 1872 at Fayette Co., OH. Samuel Arnold Hill died in 1897 at Auglaize Co., OH. He was buried in 1897 at New Salem Cemetery, Salem Twp., Auglaize Co., OH.

Child of Samuel Arnold Hill and Lucinda Mildred Colvin

Sarah Hill

     Sarah Hill married Charles Hon Law, son of Uriah Law and Letitia Ann Baird, on 1 January 1896.

Sarah Hill

F, b. circa 1789, d. 16 June 1850
     Sarah Hill was born circa 1789 at Frederick Co., Maryland. She married Robert Bishop, son of Heinrich Bishop and Catherine Schreyer, on 16 July 1807 at Ross Co., OH. Sarah Hill died on 16 June 1850 at Huntington Twp., Ross Co., OH.

Child of Sarah Hill and Robert Bishop

Susan Hill

F, b. circa 1796, d. after 1842
     Susan Hill was born circa 1796 at Hamilton Co., OH. She married Joseph Parke circa 1814. Susan Hill died after 1842 at Montgomery Co., IN.

Child of Susan Hill and Joseph Parke

Susan N. Hill1

F, b. May 1879
     Susan N. Hill was born in May 1879 at Palo Alto Twp., Jasper Co., IA.1 She was the daughter of Robert M. Hill and Anna Jane Alexander.1


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Thomas Hill1

M, b. circa 1833, d. 6 March 1874
     Thomas Hill was born circa 1833 at Tuscarawas Co., OH.1 He was the son of William Henry Hill. Thomas Hill married Mary Catherine Newland on 5 January 1862 at Champaign Co., IL.1 Thomas Hill died on 6 March 1874 at Champaign Co., IL.

Child of Thomas Hill and Mary Catherine Newland


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Thomas Phillip Hill1

M, b. 13 April 1844, d. 13 February 1890
     Thomas Phillip Hill was born on 13 April 1844 at Davidson Co., TN.1 He married Catherine Duke on 18 September 1867 at Independence Co., AR. Thomas Phillip Hill died on 13 February 1890 at Honey Grove, Fannin Co., TX, at age 45.

Child of Thomas Phillip Hill and Catherine Duke


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Victor Austin Hill1

M, b. 25 September 1905, d. June 1962
     Victor Austin Hill was born on 25 September 1905 at St. Francisville, Clark Co., MO.1 He was the son of William B. Hill and Ada Alice Stump.1 Victor Austin Hill died in June 1962 at age 56. He was buried in 1962 at Sand Cemetery, St. Francisville, Clark Co., MO.


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Wendel Hill

M, b. 1 October 1931, d. 19 May 2014
     Wendel Hill was also known as "Bunky". He was born on 1 October 1931 at Jacksonville, Duval Co., FL. He was the son of James Pittman Hill Jr. and Harriet Foard Wendel. Wendel Hill died on 19 May 2014 at Winston-Salem, Forsyth Co., NC, at age 82.

William B. Hill

M, b. 7 October 1869, d. 27 January 1955
     William B. Hill was born on 7 October 1869 at Illinois. He married Ada Alice Stump, daughter of John Stump and Mary Magdalene Davalt, on 16 March 1898 at Clark Co., MO. William B. Hill died on 27 January 1955 at Keokuk, Lee Co., IA, at age 85. He was buried in January 1955 at Sand Cemetery, St. Francisville, Clark Co., MO, Findagrave #184791823.

Children of William B. Hill and Ada Alice Stump


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William Carl Hill1

M, b. 5 January 1928, d. 7 September 1994
     William Carl Hill was born on 5 January 1928 at Yakima or Clallam Co., WA, Birth date per SSDI. Both 1930 and 1940 census age information for "Carl W." and younger sister Martha strongly suggests that William's birth year was actually 1927.1 He was the son of Olval E. Hill and Gladys S. Sonner.1 William Carl Hill died on 7 September 1994 at Douglas Co., OR, at age 66 Dates per SSDI, last residence Roseburg.


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Dr. William F. Hill

M, b. 21 January 1891
     Occupation: Osteopathic physician at Chicago, Cook Co., IL.1 Dr. William F. Hill was born on 21 January 1891.1 He was the son of James Hill and Margaret Boll. Dr. William F. Hill married Maude E. F. Price, daughter of Isaac Newton Price and Ida Eugenia McGuffin, on 5 July 1913.1 Dr. William F. Hill lived in 1926 at 3918 Roscoe Street, Chicago, Cook Co., IL.1

Children of Dr. William F. Hill and Maude E. F. Price


  1. [S82] Price Genealogy, 629.

William Henry Hill


Child of William Henry Hill

William Henry Hill

M, b. 1851, d. 1908
     William Henry Hill was born in 1851 at Nelson Co., VA. He married Virginia E. Bones on 27 April 1874 at Bedford Co., VA. William Henry Hill died in 1908 at Milford Center, Union Co., OH.

William Levi Hill1

M, b. 1864
     William Levi Hill was born in 1864 at Pickaway Co. (probably), OH.1 He was the son of John William Hill and Martha Jane Nutter.1 William Levi Hill married Martha Griffith.

Children of William Levi Hill and Martha Griffith


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Winston W. Hill

M, b. 1907
     Winston W. Hill was born in 1907. He was the son of Francis Marion Hill and Mary Magdalene Crates.

George Fremont Hillard

M, b. 20 May 1918, d. 15 November 1987
     George Fremont Hillard was born on 20 May 1918 at Quaker City, Guernsey Co., OH. He was the son of Roy Ephraim Hillard and Belva Bay Stephens. George Fremont Hillard married Marjorie Frances Warrick, daughter of Homer L. Warrick and Bertha Schaddock, on 8 August 1940. George Fremont Hillard died on 15 November 1987 at age 69.

Mansel L. Hillard

     Mansel L. Hillard married Amanda I. Long.

Child of Mansel L. Hillard and Amanda I. Long

Roy Ephraim Hillard

M, b. 7 April 1896
     Roy Ephraim Hillard was born on 7 April 1896 at Beaver Twp., Noble Co., OH. He was the son of Mansel L. Hillard and Amanda I. Long. Roy Ephraim Hillard married Belva Bay Stephens, daughter of Justice S. Stephens and Margaret Kirkbride, on 2 October 1917 at Noble Co., OH.

Child of Roy Ephraim Hillard and Belva Bay Stephens

Phoebe Hilles

F, b. 26 March 1808, d. October 1850
     Phoebe Hilles was also known as "Fidelia".1 She was born on 26 March 1808 at Exeter, Berks Co., PA.1 She was the daughter of Robert Hilles and Jane Lee. Phoebe Hilles married James Starr, son of James Starr and Eleanor Davis, in 1828. Phoebe Hilles died in October 1850 at Maidencreek, Berks Co., PA, at age 42.2

Children of Phoebe Hilles and James Starr


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Robert Hilles

M, b. 23 February 1783, d. 2 October 1867
     Robert Hilles was born on 23 February 1783. He married Jane Lee, daughter of Isaac Lee and Mary Boone, on 14 May 1805 at Exeter, Berks Co., PA.1 Robert Hilles died on 2 October 1867 at Columbiana Co., OH, at age 84. He was buried in October 1867 at Hope Cemetery, Salem, Columbiana Co., OH, Findagrave #80430524.

Child of Robert Hilles and Jane Lee


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Esther Hilliard

F, b. 25 March 1642, d. 3 June 1709
     Esther Hilliard was born on 25 March 1642. She married Joseph Bates. Esther Hilliard died on 3 June 1709 at age 67.

Child of Esther Hilliard and Joseph Bates

George Hilliard

     George Hilliard died Died in Civil War. He married Phebe Jane Tallman, daughter of James Bell Tallman and Isabella McConnell.

Mary Hilliard

     Mary Hilliard married Harry Burke.

Mary Hilliard

     Mary Hilliard married John Farrow.

Child of Mary Hilliard and John Farrow

(?) Hillier

     (?) Hillier married (?) Enessdean.

Child of (?) Hillier and (?) Enessdean

James George Hillier

M, b. 14 March 1917, d. 26 June 1994
     James George Hillier was born on 14 March 1917 at Charles City, Floyd Co., IA. He married Alma Clara Meyer, daughter of Louis Ernest Henry Meyer and Lena Wilhelmina Otto. James George Hillier died on 26 June 1994 at Iowa at age 77. He was buried in June 1994 at Riverside Cemetery, Charles City, Floyd Co., IA.

Dr. Peter Allen Hillier M.D.

M, b. 25 August 1918, d. 28 October 1994
     Dr. Peter Allen Hillier M.D. was born on 25 August 1918 at California. He was the son of (?) Hillier and (?) Enessdean. Dr. Peter Allen Hillier M.D. married Elsie Laura DeVault, daughter of Ralph Pulliam DeVault and Ruth C. Tenney. Dr. Peter Allen Hillier M.D. died on 28 October 1994 at Arcadia, Los Angeles Co., CA, at age 76.

Marvel Kathryn Hillman

F, b. 29 January 1919, d. 2011
     Marvel Kathryn Hillman was born on 29 January 1919 at Crab Orchard, Johnson Co., NE. She was the daughter of Robert Hillman and Anna Diehm. Occupation: Worked in a hardware store in Bayard, NE circa 1934. Marvel Kathryn Hillman married William Dallas DeVault, son of Henry Graydon DeVault and Cecile Alta Howell, on 1 January 1939 at Alliance, Box Butte Co., NE. Marvel Kathryn Hillman died in 2011.
Note: Bill and Marvel were married in Alliance, Nebraska. They drove to Alliance with her parents, her sister Erma and his mom. They were married in the vestibule of the First Presbyterian Church. Marvel wore a wine-colored dress that she bought in Scottsbluff. They had saved some money and bought a console radio in Alliance. After the ceremony they all went to see a movie and then went back to her parents' farm for dinner. Marvel says that they still had the radio when they moved to Reseda, California in 1950.
After Bill and Marvel were married, they lived at the Anderson House apartments in Bridgeport, Nebraska. Marvel was working at the Farm Bureau in Bridgeport. She quit her job at the Farm Bureau and followed her sister, Erma, to Washington DC for a higher paying job at the Census Bureau. The depression was over, but jobs in rural Nebraska were still hard to come by. At one point, Cecile, Sam and Bill were all out of work, all living on Marvel's salary. Bill and Sam even drove to Denver looking for work.

Bill moved to Garden Grove, California to go to Vultee Aircraft Assembly School. He went with a friend and they stayed with the friend's relatives. Bill got a job at Lockheed. Marvel (reluctantly, because she was having such a good time in Washington) quit her job in Washington DC and moved to California. Bill and Marvel moved to a small guest house located at 418 1/2 Harvard Road, Burbank, California. Tracy was born there. Bill's mom, Cecile, came to California to stay a few weeks and ended up staying ten months. The small house that was crowded for two, now with four, was impossible to live in. The family moved up the street to 714 Harvard Road. (Cecile returned to Nebraska when Tracy was about 10 months old.) Bill's uncle Sam came out to California when Tracy was about 18 months old. Sam, Marvel and Tracy returned to Nebraska for a visit. Tracy got stuck under the train seat before the train left the station.

The family was living on Pass Ave., Burbank, California (a house they owned) when Bill was drafted. (Tracy was about two years old.) Marvel and Tracy moved to Mountain View, California (living in an apartment). Bill was stationed at Fort Ord. Marvel's sister Doris and her family also lived in Mountain View, California. World War II was over, but Bill was sent to Japan to serve with the Army of Occupation. In December of 1945, Marvel was pregnant with their second child and moved back to her folks farm in Bayard, Nebraska. Tracy had his tonsils taken out. Robin was born in Alliance, Nebraska.

In 1946 Bill returned from Japan and was discharged from the service. Marvel traveled to California to meet him and they went back to Nebraska to join her family for Christmas, '46. The family moved back to California and stayed with Carl and Gerry Cutshaw and their family for a few weeks while Marvel looked for a place to live. The family moved to converted army barracks on Amherst Drive, Burbank, California. (The barracks were located on grounds of McCambridge Park.) In 1950 the family purchased the house at 7338 Garden Grove Ave., Reseda, California. Their third child, Bradford, was born here. Marvel was still living in this house in July, 2002. Bill worked for Bendix Corporation for many years. He also worked for Sun Electric and Brock Engineering for awhile. All three companies were involved in making hydraulic components or test equipment for hydraulic systems used in the aircraft industry. Between these jobs he tried his hand at selling new cars (Pontiacs) and selling real estate. In 1956 Marvel went to work for the Los Angeles City School System and worked as an Office Manager for many years. She worked at a number of schools including Cantara Street School, and Wonderland School. She retired in 1992.

One of the stories that Marvel told her children was about the time she broke both of her arms. She was climbing in a tree and fell. She said she was about twelve years old at the time. Initially she tried to hide the situation from her parents. By the time the swelling went down it was easy to see that her arms were terribly crooked. Her parents took her to the doctor who rebroke and set her arms without benefit of any pain killer. She spent the next several months with both arms in casts.

Child of Marvel Kathryn Hillman and William Dallas DeVault

Robert Hillman

     Robert Hillman married Anna Diehm.

Child of Robert Hillman and Anna Diehm