Walter Hershel Howdyshell

M, b. 1899, d. 1952
     Walter Hershel Howdyshell was born in 1899. He married Zella R. Nutter, daughter of Elisha J. Nutter and Sarah Jane Lanning. Walter Hershel Howdyshell died in 1952.

Children of Walter Hershel Howdyshell and Zella R. Nutter

Walter J. Howdyshell

M, b. 1926, d. 2002
     Walter J. Howdyshell was born in 1926. He was the son of Walter Hershel Howdyshell and Zella R. Nutter. Walter J. Howdyshell died in 2002.

Anne Bannister Howe1

F, b. 1785, d. 1835
     Anne Bannister Howe was also known as "Nancy". She was born in 1785. She was the daughter of Captain Edward Howe and Ann Lyne. Anne Bannister Howe married Dr. John Watson on 28 July 1804 at Cove Spring, Frederick Co., VA. Anne Bannister Howe died in 1835 at Woodford Co., VA. She was buried in 1835 at Pisgah Cemetery, Woodford Co., KY.

Children of Anne Bannister Howe

Children of Anne Bannister Howe and Dr. John Watson


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Edward Howe

M, b. 1743, d. 1823
     Edward Howe was born in 1743 at Virginia. He married Ann Lyne, daughter of Col. William Lyne III and Lucy Foster Lyne. Edward Howe died in 1823 at near Versailles, Woodford Co., KY.

Captain Edward Howe1

     Captain Edward Howe lived at Winchester, VA.2 He began military service Served in Harry Lee's Light Horse, in the American Revolution.1 He married an unknown person , Two daughters, no sons, according to "Makers of America".

Child of Captain Edward Howe and Ann Lyne


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Hettie Howe

     Hettie Howe married Rev. Enoch Eby.

Child of Hettie Howe and Rev. Enoch Eby

Katherine Cornelia Howe

F, b. 1916, d. 2014
     Katherine Cornelia Howe was born in 1916 at Colorado. She married John Niswonger Kerr Jr., son of John Niswonger Kerr and Mabel Valentine Carrel, on 4 September 1937 at Denver, Denver Co., CO. Katherine Cornelia Howe died in 2014. She was buried in 2014 at Christ Episcopal Church Columbarium, Denver, Denver Co., CO, Findagrave #171154695.

Mark Edwin Howe

M, b. 16 May 1915
     Mark Edwin Howe was born on 16 May 1915 at Hanford Co., CA. He married Thelma Nadine Starr, daughter of Ross Vincent Starr and Grace Mabel Jennison, on 4 September 1936 at Hanford Co., CA.

Pearl Olive Howe

     Pearl Olive Howe married Thomas F. Reynolds.

Child of Pearl Olive Howe and Thomas F. Reynolds

Robert James Howe

M, b. 18 January 1855, d. before 1939
     Robert James Howe was born on 18 January 1855 at Flemingsburg, Fleming Co., KY. He married Alice Ada Cost, daughter of Richard Henry Cost and Sarah Eveline Arnet, after 7 June 1880 at Hamilton Co. (probably), OH. Robert James Howe died before 1939.

Samuel Howe

     Samuel Howe married Sarah Leavitt, daughter of Deacon John Leavitt and Sarah Gilman, on 18 September 1685.

Clara Howel

F, b. 31 December 1870, d. 7 March 1899
     Clara Howel was born on 31 December 1870. She married James Martin Starr, son of William Norton Starr and Arebella Polson, on 10 October 1890. Clara Howel died on 7 March 1899 at Harrison Co., MO, at age 28.

Arthur Howell

     Arthur Howell was the son of Mark A. Howell and Elizabeth Jane Coil.

Arthur H. Howell

M, b. circa 1825
     Arthur H. Howell was born circa 1825. He married Anna Ruffner, daughter of Henry Ruffner and Sarah Montgomery Lyle, circa 1848 at Pennsylvania.

Betty Janette Howell

F, b. 26 January 1923, d. 23 April 2013
     Betty Janette Howell was born on 26 January 1923 at Cross City, Dixie Co., FL. She married Norman Hendry. Betty Janette Howell died on 23 April 2013 at Mayo, Lafayette Co., FL, at age 90.

Cecile Alta Howell

F, b. 16 January 1894, d. 14 November 1966
     Note: Cecile told this story to her daughter-in-law, Marvel (Hillman) DeVault.

When Cecile's son Bill got a new car he picked her up and took her for a drive. Shortly after they started out he turned a corner sharply and Cecile's door came open. Cecile almost fell out, but she was a short lady and her feet hooked under the dash. I can almost imagine the scene as the car rounds the corner with the top half of Cecile suspended in space and her only connection to the car being her feet hooked under the dash.

Bayard Transcript - January 6, 1938

Mrs. Cecil DeVault has accepted a position as bookkeeper for the Cox Lunber company. Mrs. DeVault was formerly employed as a clerk in the L. B. Murphy store which recently closed out.

Cecile Alta Howell was born on 16 January 1894 at Linden, Dallas Co., IA.1 She was the daughter of Dallas C. Howell and Charlotte C. Holloway. Cecile Alta Howell married Henry Graydon DeVault, son of William Peter DeVault and Anna Elizabeth Campbell, on 4 May 1915 at Bayard, Morrill Co., NE. Occupation: Worked in a dry goods store in Bayard, Morrill Co., Nebraska; Telephone Company, Bayard; L. B. Murphy Company (dry goods) in Bridgeport, Morrill Co., Nebraska. Cecile Alta Howell died on 14 November 1966 at Gering, Scotts Bluff Co., NE, at age 72 OBITUARY

Mrs. Cecile DeVault

Mrs. Cecile DeVault, 72, of 1455 Ninth Street, Gering, died at her home Monday. She was born Jan. 16, 1894 at Linden, Iowa. She attended school at Linden and was graduated from Kirkman High School in Kirkman, Iowa. She then came with her parents to Bayard.

She married Henry DeVault in Bayard in 1916.

She lived in the Bayard community many years and later became associated with the L. B. Murphy Co. in Bridgeport. She retired in 1959 when she moved to Reseda, Calif., to be with her son and family. She returned to Gering in 1963 where she made her home with S. N. Howell of Gering.

She is survived by one son, William DeVault of Reseda; one brother, Samuel Howell of Gering, three grandchildren and one great-grandchild. One brother preceded her in death.

Funeral services will be held Thursday at 11 a.m. at the Boley-Dennis Funeral Home in Gering with the Rev. Merton D. Wyatt officiating. Burial will be in Reseda. A memorial has been established to the Heart Fund.

She was buried in November 1966 at Oakwood Memorial Park and Cemetery, Chatsworth, Los Angeles Co., CA, Findagrave #52185734.

Child of Cecile Alta Howell and Henry Graydon DeVault


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Charles Howell1

M, b. June 1863
     Charles Howell was born in June 1863 at Illinois.1 He married Laurene Leavitt on 9 October 1890.1

Child of Charles Howell and Laurene Leavitt


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Dallas C. Howell

M, b. March 1871, d. 19 October 1913
     Dallas C. Howell was born in March 1871 at Iowa.1 He was the son of Kneedham Howell and Ruth E. Barnett.1 Dallas C. Howell married Charlotte C. Holloway, daughter of Samuel Holloway and Amanda Jane Snodgrass, on 22 March 1892 at Dallas Co., IA. Cause of death: Burst appendix resulting from acute appendicitis.

Bayard Transcript - October 18, 1913

     D. C. Howell was operated on for an acute attack of appendicitis by Doctors: Deputy, of this place, Stewart, of Mitchell, and Palmer, of Bridgeport. The condition of Mr. Howell only allowed an attempt to remove the pus which had formed, the appendicts (sic) having broken before the operation. The exact result will not be known for a few days but it believed by the physicians that he will recover.
     Since the above was written Mr. Howell's condition has become much worse and no hope is entertained for his recovery.

Also in the same newspaper:     
Miss Elipha Peters, a trained nurse, from Scottsbluff, was with D. C. Howell during his operation for appendicitis, but had to return to the Bluffs on the afternoon train, as she had an critical case at that place. Her place was taken by a nurse from Denver.

Dallas C. Howell died on 19 October 1913 at Bayard, Morrill Co., NE, at age 42


Bayard Transcript - October 25, 1913

     This community was shocked on last Saturday to learn of the death of D. C. Howell which occurred at about four o'clock in the morning. His condition had not given much promise of recovery since his operation for appendicitis which was preformed (sic) Monday by Doctors: Stewart of Mitchell, Palmer of Bridgeport, and Deputy of this place.
     Mr. Howell had suffered three attacks prior to the last one, and had permitted the operation only when he had felt it to be the last resort, as he had hoped to wear out the pain as he had done before. The fact that if he had been operated on a week before, that he would have undoubtedly been alive today, makes his death doubly hard, as his splendid constitution would have carried him through.
     Mr. Howell was married in Michigan in 1891 to Miss Charlotte Holloway and to this union two sons and one daughter were born, all being present at his demise.
     Mr. Howell came to Bayard a few years ago and started a meat market which was burned down a short time later, after which he went into the stock market, working at time-at his trade. Possessing a kindly disposition and a very jovial nature, he was universally liked and his loss is felt by his many friends, but falls most heavily on his wife, two sons and the daughter who loved him as a good husband and father.
     All the skilled physicians, a good nurse and the loving care of relatives was done until he passed away. After a short service, conducted by Rev. Chilton at the home, the body was taken to Iowa, Sunday, for burial, accompanied by Mrs. Howell and children. We regret that we have not been able to secure biographical data.

Words cannot express our thanks or appreciation of the many acts of kindness shown us during the illness and after the death of our husband and father.
     Mrs. D. C. Howell and children.

Child of Dallas C. Howell and Charlotte C. Holloway


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Deborah Howell

F, b. 23 August 1691, d. 26 January 1759
     Deborah Howell was born on 23 August 1691. She was the daughter of William Howell and Mary (?) Deborah Howell married George Boone, son of George Boone and Mary Milton Maugridge, on 20 June 1713 at Abington, Philadelphia Co., PA. Deborah Howell died on 26 January 1759 at Berks Co., PA, at age 67. She was Quaker.

Children of Deborah Howell and George Boone

Della Jane Howell1

F, b. September 1881
     Della Jane Howell was born in September 1881 at Michigan.1 She married Elmer Ellsworth Keever circa 1896.1

Child of Della Jane Howell and Elmer Ellsworth Keever


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Enoch M. Howell

M, b. February 1849
     Enoch M. Howell was buried at McClung Cemetery, Wirt Co., VA. He was born in February 1849 at Wirt Co. (probably), VA (now WV). He married Nancy Jane Conrad, daughter of Peter Conrad and Jane Blosser, circa 1874, Five children born, four living as of 1900 census. Enoch M. Howell lived in June 1900 at Reedy District, Roane Co., WV, Census p.79A.

Children of Enoch M. Howell and Nancy Jane Conrad

Floyd L. Howell1

M, b. June 1890
     Floyd L. Howell was born in June 1890 at West Virginia.1 He was the son of Thomas James Howell and Bertha Arnetta Parsons.1


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Fred Howell

M, b. November 1885
     Fred Howell was born in November 1885 at Roane Co., WV. He was the son of Enoch M. Howell and Nancy Jane Conrad.

George Lewellyn Howell1

M, b. circa 1855, d. 1927
     George Lewellyn Howell was born circa 1855 at Muskingum Co., OH.1 He was the son of Philip P. Howell and Eliza Jane Clapper.1 George Lewellyn Howell died in 1927. He was buried in 1927 at Baden Presbyterian Church Cemetery, Leon, Mason Co., WV, Findagrave #80590705.


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Guy Howell

M, b. December 1879
     Guy Howell was born in December 1879 at Roane Co., WV. He was the son of Enoch M. Howell and Nancy Jane Conrad.

Hanorah Howell

F, b. 1847
     Hanorah Howell was born in 1847 at Ireland. She married Thomas McEntee.

Child of Hanorah Howell and Thomas McEntee

Harvey H. Howell1

M, b. August 1891
     Harvey H. Howell was born in August 1891 at West Virginia.1 He was the son of Thomas James Howell and Bertha Arnetta Parsons.1


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Inez Howell1

F, b. circa 1915
     Inez Howell was born circa 1915 at Arkansas.1 She was the daughter of Edna (?)1 Inez Howell married Chester Bergeron Wendell, son of James Augustine Wendell and Martha Elizabeth Hughes, circa 1929.1

Child of Inez Howell and Chester Bergeron Wendell


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Iva Howell

F, b. May 1882
     Iva Howell was born in May 1882 at Roane Co., WV. She was the daughter of Enoch M. Howell and Nancy Jane Conrad.

James Howell1

M, b. circa 1809
     James Howell was born circa 1809 at Virginia.1 He married Delilah (?).1

Child of James Howell and Delilah (?)


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