Sarah Kauffman

F, b. 1842, d. 1909
     Sarah Kauffman was born in 1842. She was the daughter of Benjamin Herr Kauffman and Susan S. Brubaker. Sarah Kauffman died in 1909.

Sarah Kauffman

F, b. 29 April 1878, d. 17 December 1958
     Sarah Kauffman was born on 29 April 1878 at Mapleton, Blue Earth Co., MN. She married John R. Randecker. Sarah Kauffman died on 17 December 1958 at Freeport, Stephenson Co., IL, at age 80. She was buried in December 1958 at Oak Hill Cemetery, Mt. Carroll, Carroll Co., IL, Findagrave #146604391.

Child of Sarah Kauffman and John R. Randecker

Susanna Kauffman

F, b. circa 1741, d. 1782
     Susanna Kauffman was born circa 1741. She was the daughter of John Kauffman and Anna Bomberger. Susanna Kauffman died in 1782.

Veronica Kauffman

F, b. circa 1736, d. 1818
     Veronica Kauffman married Jacob Witmer. Veronica Kauffman was born circa 1736. She was the daughter of Johann Andreas Kauffman and Elizabeth Kneissle. Veronica Kauffman died in 1818.

Children of Veronica Kauffman and Jacob Witmer

Wilbur K. Kauffman1

M, b. 5 September 1888
     Wilbur K. Kauffman was born on 5 September 1888 at Ohio.1 He was the son of John Kauffman and Ida Bonebrake.1 Wilbur K. Kauffman married Lelia Adams, daughter of Charles Adams and Rine Helfrich, No children as of 1930.1 Wilbur K. Kauffman lived in 1926 at Arcade Apartments, Waynesboro, Franklin Co., PA.1 Occupation: Plumbing contractor in 1930 at Waynesboro, Franklin Co., PA. He was Reformed.1


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Elisabetha Kauffmann1

F, b. 26 January 1710, d. 17 October 1793
     Elisabetha Kauffmann was born on 26 January 1710 at Kraussenberg, Hessen, Germany.1 She married Johann Jakob Reiff.1 Elisabetha Kauffmann died on 17 October 1793 at Elbenrod, Hessen, Germany, at age 83.1

Child of Elisabetha Kauffmann and Johann Jakob Reiff

Barbara Kaufman

F, b. 1 April 1714
     Barbara Kaufman was born on 1 April 1714. She was the daughter of Isaac Kaufman and Anna Streit. Barbara Kaufman married Christian Stauffer, son of Daniel Stauffer and Magdalena Krehbiel, at Pennsylvania.

David Kaufman

M, b. 5 December 1747, d. 2 April 1815
     David Kaufman was born on 5 December 1747 at Lancaster Co., PA. He was the son of Michael Kauffman and Barbara Haldeman. David Kaufman married Anna Lineberger in September 1771. David Kaufman died on 2 April 1815 at age 67.

Isaac Kaufman

     Isaac Kaufman married Anna Streit.

Child of Isaac Kaufman and Anna Streit

Josephine Arminta Kaufman

F, b. 24 March 1854, d. 2 February 1922
     Josephine Arminta Kaufman was also known as "Minta". She was born on 24 March 1854 at Fayette Co., PA. She was the daughter of Rev. Robert Wilson Kaufman and Barbara Zumbro. Josephine Arminta Kaufman married George Washington Gilmore, son of George Gilmore and Amanda Jane O'Kane, on 8 December 1872 at Olin, Jones Co., IA. Josephine Arminta Kaufman died on 2 February 1922 at Olin, Jones Co., IA, at age 67. She was buried in February 1922 at Olin Cemetery, Olin, Jones Co., IA, Findagrave #94291527.

Children of Josephine Arminta Kaufman and George Washington Gilmore

Leona Kaufman

F, b. 15 November 1905
     Leona Kaufman was born on 15 November 1905. She married George Harry McDonald, son of George Harry McDonald and Dorothea Helen Faulhaber, on 12 February 1928.

Mary Malinda W. Kaufman

F, b. 3 August 1851, d. 6 August 1894
     Mary Malinda W. Kaufman was born on 3 August 1851 at Westmoreland Co., PA. She married Thomas Jefferson Gilmore, son of George Gilmore and Jane Lyons, on 5 December 1869 at Rome Twp., Jones Co., IA. Mary Malinda W. Kaufman was buried in 1894 at Boone Co., IA. She died on 6 August 1894 at Union Twp, Boone Co., IA, at age 43.

Children of Mary Malinda W. Kaufman and Thomas Jefferson Gilmore

Mary Margaret Kaufman1

F, b. circa 1786
     Mary Margaret Kaufman was born circa 1786 at Virginia.1 She married Johann Adam Clippinger, son of Johann Anthony Kleppinger and Anna Margaretha Heckman, circa 1807.1

Children of Mary Margaret Kaufman and Johann Adam Clippinger


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Rev. Robert Wilson Kaufman

M, b. 8 November 1825, d. 13 February 1908
     Rev. Robert Wilson Kaufman was born on 8 November 1825 at Pennsylvania. He married Barbara Zumbro. Occupation: Farmer and itinerant United Brethren circuit preacher. Rev. Robert Wilson Kaufman died on 13 February 1908 at Nowata Co., OK, at age 82. He was buried in February 1908 at Elmwood Cemetery, Coffeyville, Montgomery Co., KS, Findagrave #11368466.

Child of Rev. Robert Wilson Kaufman and Barbara Zumbro

Irene M. Kaufmann

F, b. 14 March 1917, d. 17 November 1999
     Irene M. Kaufmann was born on 14 March 1917. She married Melvin V. Flock, son of John Demosthenes Flock and Mary E. Cline. Irene M. Kaufmann died on 17 November 1999 at Maricopa Co., AZ, at age 82 Dates per SSDI, last residence Sun City.

Sarah A. Kaufmann1

F, b. March 1863
     Sarah A. Kaufmann was born in March 1863 at Illinois.1 She married Joshua Kosher on 23 December 1884 at Carroll Co., IL.

Child of Sarah A. Kaufmann and Joshua Kosher


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John Michael Kavanagh Jr.

M, b. 24 July 1913, d. 31 January 1993
     John Michael Kavanagh Jr. was born on 24 July 1913 at Gloversville, Fulton Co., NY. He married Marie Bertha Rainforth on 13 June 1940 at Queens, New York City, NY. John Michael Kavanagh Jr. died on 31 January 1993 at San Diego Co., NY, at age 79.

Harriet Belle Kay

F, b. 26 November 1888, d. 26 June 1980
     Harriet Belle Kay was born on 26 November 1888 at Douglas Co., MO.1 She married Harold Martin Johnson. Harriet Belle Kay died on 26 June 1980 at Vallejo, Solano Co., CA, at age 91. She was buried in 1980 at George C. Yount Pioneer Cemetery, Yountville, Napa Co., CA, Findagrave #95601909.

Child of Harriet Belle Kay and Harold Martin Johnson


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Isabella Kay

F, b. 14 February 1839, d. 28 April 1913
     Isabella Kay was born on 14 February 1839 at Lancashire, England. She married Robert J. Taylor, son of Tarpley D. Taylor and Lydia Seacrest, on 7 July 1859 at Stanton, Franklin Co., KS. Isabella Kay died on 28 April 1913 at Rogers, Benton Co., AR, at age 74.

Child of Isabella Kay and Robert J. Taylor

Susannah Kay1

F, b. 11 April 1812, d. 21 July 1863
     Susannah Kay was born on 11 April 1812 at Kentucky.1 She married William Kibler, son of Fredrick Kibler and Leah Wilkin, on 16 October 1839 at Highland Co., OH. Susannah Kay died on 21 July 1863 at Brown Co., OH, at age 51.

Children of Susannah Kay and William Kibler


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Clara E. Kaylor

F, b. 27 February 1866, d. 20 September 1936
     Clara E. Kaylor was born on 27 February 1866.1 She was the daughter of Thomas Kaylor and Hannah Stouffer. Clara E. Kaylor married Charles M. Wishard, son of John D. Wishard and Tracey Eavey, circa 1889. Clara E. Kaylor died on 20 September 1936 at age 70.

Children of Clara E. Kaylor and Charles M. Wishard


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Iva S. Kaylor

F, b. 13 July 1871
     Iva S. Kaylor was born on 13 July 1871 at Beaver Creek, Washington Co., MD. She was the daughter of Thomas Kaylor and Hannah Stouffer. Iva S. Kaylor married Rev. Charles Fahrney McKee, son of Samuel McKee and Barbara Fahrney, on 16 March 1897, Ceremony by Rev. Daniel F. Stouffer (uncle of the bride.)1 Iva S. Kaylor lived in 1926 at Covington, Miami Co., OH.1

Children of Iva S. Kaylor and Rev. Charles Fahrney McKee


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Jacob Kaylor

     Jacob Kaylor married Sarah Donaldson.

Child of Jacob Kaylor and Sarah Donaldson

Thomas Kaylor

M, b. 14 March 1832, d. 29 July 1893
     Thomas Kaylor was born on 14 March 1832. He was the son of Jacob Kaylor and Sarah Donaldson. Thomas Kaylor married Hannah Stouffer, daughter of Abraham P. Stouffer and Susanna Fahrney, on 11 November 1855.1 Thomas Kaylor died on 29 July 1893 at Washington Co., MD, at age 61. He was buried in July 1893 at Mt. Zion (Fahrney's) Church Cemetery, Mapleville, Washington Co., MD.

Children of Thomas Kaylor and Hannah Stouffer


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Harold Melvin Kayser

M, b. 26 January 1913, d. 11 March 1996
     Harold Melvin Kayser was born on 26 January 1913 at Walton, Lancaster Co., NE. He was the son of Herman John Kayser and Myrtle Louise Faulhaber. Harold Melvin Kayser was christened on 13 March 1913 at Trinity Lutheran Church, Walton, Lancaster Co., NE. He married Junerose Joan Maynard on 26 November 1943. Harold Melvin Kayser died on 11 March 1996 at age 83.

Herman John Kayser

M, b. 4 November 1887, d. 28 July 1968
     Herman John Kayser was born on 4 November 1887 at Walton, Lancaster Co., NE. He married Myrtle Louise Faulhaber, daughter of Theodore Robert Faulhaber and Mary Etta Barr, on 2 August 1910. Herman John Kayser died on 28 July 1968 at Lincoln, Lancaster Co., NE, at age 80 From Memory Card from funeral:
MEMORIAL SERVICES -- Wednesday, July 31, 1968 at 2:00p.m.

Christ Lutheran Church, Lincoln, Nebraska
Officiating -- Pastor Daniel Luebke, Pastor Charles Reimnitz
Organist, Mrs. Albert Francke
Vocalist, Mr. Albert Francke
Interment, July 31, 1968 Trinity Lutheran Cemetery, North of Bennet, Nebraska
Pallbearers: Arlin Nisley, Larry Mohr, Frank Schmal, Jr., Forrest Nisley, Harold Kayser, Jr., John McConathy, Jr. He was buried on 31 July 1968 at Trinity Lutheran Church Cemetery, Walton, Lancaster Co., NE.

Children of Herman John Kayser and Myrtle Louise Faulhaber

Ruby Marie Kayser

F, b. 22 February 1915, d. 28 October 2000
     Ruby Marie Kayser was born on 22 February 1915 at Walton, Lancaster Co., NE. She was the daughter of Herman John Kayser and Myrtle Louise Faulhaber. Ruby Marie Kayser was christened on 25 April 1915 at Trinity Lutheran Church, Walton, Lancaster Co., NE. She married Virgil Melvin Mohr on 2 August 1936. Ruby Marie Kayser died on 28 October 2000 at Lincoln, Lancaster Co., NE, at age 85.

Avanelle Kazee

F, b. 6 January 1928, d. 12 December 1978
     Avanelle Kazee was born on 6 January 1928 at Blaine, Lawrence Co., KY. She married Chester Harold Goodwin, son of Leonard Goodwin and Millie Florence Windle. Avanelle Kazee died on 12 December 1978 at Franklin Co., OH, at age 50.

Mary Keagan1

F, b. circa 1882
     Mary Keagan was born circa 1882 at Iowa.1 She married Alfred Daniel Shea circa 1907.1

Children of Mary Keagan and Alfred Daniel Shea


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Elizabeth Amy Kean

F, b. 27 December 1872, d. 28 June 1938
     Elizabeth Amy Kean was born on 27 December 1872 at Randolph Co., IN. She married Charles Farlow in 1891. Elizabeth Amy Kean died on 28 June 1938 at Wells Co., IN, at age 65. She was buried in July 1938 at Woodlawn Cemetery, Montpelier, Blackford Co., IN, Findagrave #27083714.

Child of Elizabeth Amy Kean and Charles Farlow