Isadora Jones

     Isadora Jones married James Weaver.

Child of Isadora Jones and James Weaver

Jack Philip Morrison Jones

M, b. 30 April 1930, d. 8 March 1978
     Jack Philip Morrison Jones was born on 30 April 1930 at Urbana, Champaign Co., IL. He was the son of Edgar Crawford Morrison and Katherine Jean Baum.
Note: Adopted by Kenneth R. Jones. Jack Philip Morrison Jones lived in 1960 at Baum-Jones Ranch, Limon, Lincoln Co., CO. He married Marian L. Willson on 3 May 1973 at Scottsdale, Maricopa Co., AZ. Jack Philip Morrison Jones lived on 1 March 1978 at 2334 15th Street, Greeley, Weld Co., CO. He died on 8 March 1978 at Evans, Weld Co., CO, at age 47. He was buried in March 1978 at Trinity Episcopal Memorial Garden, Greeley, Weld Co., CO.

James Nelson Jones1

M, b. November 1849, d. 5 January 1929
     James Nelson Jones was born in November 1849 at Kansas per 1900 census, or 28 NOV 1847 per headstone inscription.1 He married Nellie Bert circa 1883.1 James Nelson Jones died on 5 January 1929 at age 79. He was buried in January 1929 at Verden Cemetery, Verden, Grady Co., OK.

Child of James Nelson Jones and Nellie Bert


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James Riley Jones1

M, b. 26 June 1836, d. 9 November 1914
     James Riley Jones was born on 26 June 1836 at Kentucky.1 He married Elmira Jones circa 1862. James Riley Jones died on 9 November 1914 at Ft. Dodge, Webster Co., IA, at age 78.

Child of James Riley Jones and Elmira Jones


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James Travis Jones

M, b. 26 December 1974, d. 25 July 1995
     James Travis Jones was born on 26 December 1974. He died on 25 July 1995 at age 20.

James Willard Jones

     James Willard Jones married Bessie Irene Hudson.

Child of James Willard Jones and Bessie Irene Hudson

Jemima Jones1

F, b. circa 1862
     Jemima Jones was born circa 1862 at McDonough Co., IL.1 She was the daughter of Darius Jones and Elizabeth Snapp.1


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Jennie May Jones

F, b. 29 March 1879, d. 14 May 1901
     Jennie May Jones was born on 29 March 1879.1 She was the daughter of William Jones and Nora (?)1 Jennie May Jones married James H. Clark, son of Quinton Clark and Sarah Ellen Robinson, on 27 June 1900, Ceremony by Rev. I. H. Crocker.1 Jennie May Jones died on 14 May 1901 at age 22.1

Child of Jennie May Jones and James H. Clark


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Elder Jesse Edwin Jones

M, b. 12 January 1872, d. 6 November 1916
     Elder Jesse Edwin Jones was born on 12 January 1872. He was the son of Thomas J. Jones and Mary Ann Hart. Elder Jesse Edwin Jones married Etta Maria Strickler, daughter of Henry Price Strickler and Anna Maria Miller, on 12 September 1894. Elder Jesse Edwin Jones died on 6 November 1916 at age 44.

Children of Elder Jesse Edwin Jones and Etta Maria Strickler

Joanna Jones1

F, b. circa 1824, d. after 5 June 1860
     Joanna Jones was born circa 1824 at New York.1 She married Daniel H. Elwood in 1844 at Herkimer Co. (probably), NY. Joanna Jones died after 5 June 1860 at Decatur, Macon Co., IL.

Child of Joanna Jones and Daniel H. Elwood


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Joe Jones

     Joe Jones married Nannie Belle Bowerman.

Child of Joe Jones and Nannie Belle Bowerman

John Jones

     John Jones married Sarah Starr, daughter of Joseph Starr and Elizabeth Longstreth, on 22 November 1794.

John Jones1

M, d. before 1926
     John Jones was born.1 He was the son of Isaac L. Jones and Catharine L. Jacobs.1 John Jones died before 1926 Possibly died in infancy.1


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John E. Jones1

M, b. circa 1805
     John E. Jones was born circa 1805 at Tennessee.1 He was the son of John Henry Jones and Nancy Margaret DeVault. John E. Jones married Margaret Beachboard.

Child of John E. Jones and Margaret Beachboard


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Elder John Estel Jones

M, b. 18 June 1895
     Elder John Estel Jones was born on 18 June 1895. He was the son of Elder Jesse Edwin Jones and Etta Maria Strickler. Elder John Estel Jones married Mary Ann Weinert, daughter of Frederick Weinert and Pearl Parker, on 18 August 1918.

John H. Jones1

M, b. January 1896
     John H. Jones was born in January 1896 at Roanoke (probably), VA.1 He was the son of William Jones and Mahala E. Jenkins.1


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John Henry Jones

M, b. 1770, d. 21 August 1850
     John Henry Jones was born in 1770 at Wales, England. He married Nancy Margaret DeVault. John Henry Jones died on 21 August 1850 at Sullivan Co., TN.

Child of John Henry Jones and Nancy Margaret DeVault

Rev. John J. Jones

M, b. 12 January 1872, d. 1970
     Rev. John J. Jones was born on 12 January 1872 at Nanticoke, Luzerne Co., PA. He was the son of John R. Jones and Hanna Davis. Rev. John J. Jones married Myrtle Mae McCoy, daughter of Silas Bennett McCoy and Martha Ellen Davalt, on 30 October 1937, No children. Rev. John J. Jones died in 1970 at Shavertown, Luzerne Co., PA.
Note: John was first married to Lila Shaffer Mock (1881-1935). No surviving children.

John Lawrence Jones1

M, b. circa 1887
     John Lawrence Jones was born circa 1887 at Pennsylvania.1 He married Viola Anna Scott.1

Child of John Lawrence Jones and Viola Anna Scott


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John R. Jones

M, b. June 1822, d. 8 March 1901
     John R. Jones was born in June 1822 at Wales. He married Hanna Davis in 1862 at Wales. John R. Jones died on 8 March 1901 at Wales at age 78.
Note: Information per Wanda Krantz Family Tree genealogy prepared by wlkrantz42, online at

Child of John R. Jones and Hanna Davis

John Wayne Jones

M, b. 18 October 1934, d. 30 March 2009
     John Wayne Jones was born on 18 October 1934 at Franklin, Johnson Co., IN. He was the son of Roy Andrew Jones and Mabel Rhoda Frances Dodd. John Wayne Jones married Beverly Jo Lamb, daughter of James Harvey Lamb and Elizabeth DeVault, on 6 November 1956. John Wayne Jones died on 30 March 2009 at Westport, Decatur Co., IN, at age 74.

Child of John Wayne Jones and Beverly Jo Lamb

Jonathan Jones1

     Jonathan Jones married Mary (?).1

Child of Jonathan Jones and Mary (?)


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Joseph Jones

M, d. 1793
     Joseph Jones married Barbara Snapp, daughter of John Snapp and Catherine (?), on 16 June 1785. Joseph Jones died in 1793.

Joseph W. Jones

M, b. circa 1832
     Joseph W. Jones was born circa 1832 at Baltimore, MD. He married Mary Malvina Windle, daughter of George Washington Windle and Charlotte Glenn, on 28 August 1856 at Shenandoah Co., VA.

Kenneth Roy Jones

M, b. 24 May 1909, d. 17 September 1975
     Kenneth Roy Jones was born on 24 May 1909 at Monticello, Piatt Co., IL. He was the son of Roy Herbert Jones and Nellie Florence Miner. Kenneth Roy Jones married Katherine Jean Baum, daughter of Chester Molt Baum and Nora Helen Gibbs, on 29 August 1940 at Danville, Vermilion Co., IL. Kenneth Roy Jones began military service on 28 July 1943 at Ft. Schuyler, New York, WW II, U.S. Navy. Commissioned Lt, JG, USN, on 8 MAR 1943. He ended military service on 7 December 1945; Honorable Discharge, USN. Occupation: Ceramic Engineer in Chicago and later in Danville, Illinois at Western Brick Co. Self Employed Implement Dealer, John Deere, Danville, Illinois. He died on 17 September 1975 at Danville, Vermilion Co., IL, at age 66. He was buried in September 1975 at Spring Hill Cemetery Mausoleum, Danville, Vermilion Co., IL.

Child of Kenneth Roy Jones and Katherine Jean Baum

Kinsey Jones

F, b. 11 October 1911, d. April 1973
     Kinsey Jones was born on 11 October 1911.1 She was the daughter of Claude D. Jones and Effie Alice Cox. Kinsey Jones died in April 1973 at District of Columbia at age 61.2


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Laura Jones1

F, b. circa 1864
     Laura Jones was born circa 1864 at McDonough Co., IL.1 She was the daughter of Darius Jones and Elizabeth Snapp.1


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Laverne Lucille Jones

F, b. 15 July 1916, d. 26 March 2005
     Laverne Lucille Jones was born on 15 July 1916 at Illinois. She was the daughter of Ernest Jones and Eva Myrtle Jones-Lowe. Laverne Lucille Jones married Harry Wilhelm Wiebers in 1935.1 Laverne Lucille Jones married Harold Sinclair Treakle, son of Roy Sinclair Treakle and Lois Elsie Montgomery, on 10 May 1946. Laverne Lucille Jones died on 26 March 2005 at Logan Co., IL, at age 88 Dates per SSDI, last residence Lincoln.

Children of Laverne Lucille Jones and Harold Sinclair Treakle


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Lavina Jones

     Lavina Jones married Cecil Strasser.

Child of Lavina Jones and Cecil Strasser

Lemuel Guy Jones

M, b. 19 May 1930, d. 25 May 1999
     Lemuel Guy Jones was born on 19 May 1930 at Ft. Worth, Tarrant Co., TX. He was the son of Charles Manning Jones and Gussie Ruth Cremer. Lemuel Guy Jones died on 25 May 1999 at Tarrant Co., TX, at age 69. He was buried in May 1999 at Cahill Cemetery, Lillian, Johnson Co., TX.