James Kelly

     James Kelly married Eva R. Baldwin, daughter of Norman B. Baldwin and Emma P. Robinson.1 James Kelly lived in 1926 at 1617 S. Ithan Street, Philadelphia, Philadelphia Co., PA.1

Child of James Kelly and Eva R. Baldwin


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John Francis Kelly

     John Francis Kelly married Kate McKenna.

Child of John Francis Kelly and Kate McKenna

John Francis Kelly Jr.

M, b. 7 January 1887, d. 18 January 1948
     John Francis Kelly Jr. was born on 7 January 1887 at Aubre, Coconino Co., AZ. He was the son of John Francis Kelly and Kate McKenna. John Francis Kelly Jr. married Gladys Mary McMillan, daughter of Basil James McMillan and Mary Ellen Robertson, on 14 March 1912 at California. John Francis Kelly Jr. died on 18 January 1948 at Los Angeles Co., CA, at age 61.

Child of John Francis Kelly Jr. and Gladys Mary McMillan

Lucinda M. Kelly1

F, b. circa 1845
     Lucinda M. Kelly was born circa 1845 at Adams Co., PA.1 She married Rev. Samuel Hohf Utz, son of John Utz and Elizabeth Hohf, on 6 February 1866.1

Child of Lucinda M. Kelly and Rev. Samuel Hohf Utz


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Margaret A. Kelly

F, b. circa 1889, d. after April 1940
     Margaret A. Kelly was born circa 1889 at Illinois.1 She married Frank Walter Arnold, son of Ira Edward Arnold and Seporah Hyams, before September 1918. Margaret A. Kelly died after April 1940.

Children of Margaret A. Kelly and Frank Walter Arnold


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Martha Kelly1

F, b. circa 1848
     Martha Kelly was born circa 1848 at Indiana.1 She married Edward Bordeaux.1

Child of Martha Kelly and Edward Bordeaux


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Norman Wilson Kelly

M, b. 12 October 1913
     Norman Wilson Kelly was born on 12 October 1913 at Philadelphia, Philadelphia Co., PA.1 He was the son of James Kelly and Eva R. Baldwin.


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Rose Ann Kelly

F, b. 5 March 1917, d. 2 October 2000
     Rose Ann Kelly was born on 5 March 1917 at Sterling, Bingham Co., ID. She married Manuel Eugene Cunningham on 23 December 1933 at Bonneville Co., ID. Rose Ann Kelly died on 2 October 2000 at age 83.

Sarah A. Kelly1

     Sarah A. Kelly married Manning Snyder.1

Child of Sarah A. Kelly and Manning Snyder


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Sarah M. Kelly

F, b. 24 July 1851, d. 18 November 1913
     Sarah M. Kelly was born on 24 July 1851 at Fayetteville, Brown Co., OH. She married Michael Cass Stroup on 13 April 1873 at Dodsonville, Highland Co., OH. Sarah M. Kelly died on 18 November 1913 at Dodsonville, Highland Co., OH, at age 62.

Child of Sarah M. Kelly and Michael Cass Stroup

Vickie Maureene Kelly

F, b. 6 May 1944, d. 25 April 1991
     Vickie Maureene Kelly was born on 6 May 1944 at Pecos, Reeves Co., TX. She died on 25 April 1991 at Greene Co., OH, at age 46.

William Kelly

     William Kelly married Minnie Bell Knickerbocker, daughter of John Randol Knickerbocker and Sarah Munsinger, circa 1882.

Child of William Kelly and Minnie Bell Knickerbocker

William Kelly

     William Kelly was the son of William Kelly and Minnie Bell Knickerbocker.

William Cary Kelly

M, b. 14 June 1919, d. 20 March 1999
     William Cary Kelly was born on 14 June 1919 at Memphis, Shelby Co., TN. He was the son of Cary Kelly and Sarah Catherine Lownsdale. William Cary Kelly married Judith Virginia Neil, daughter of Edmund Brush Neil and Gladys Eloise Foote, on 27 December 1942 at Columbus, Franklin Co., OH, four children. William Cary Kelly died on 20 March 1999 at Van Nuys, Los Angeles Co., CA, at age 79.

Gwendolyn Katura Kelsate

F, b. 14 February 1898, d. 11 August 1984
     Gwendolyn Katura Kelsate was born on 14 February 1898 at Missouri. She married William J. Crouse, son of John Washington Crouse and Elizabeth Ella Rigdon. Gwendolyn Katura Kelsate died on 11 August 1984 at age 86. She was buried in August 1984 at Prairie Ridge Cemetery, Polo, Caldwell Co., MO.

Jonathan Kelsay

     Jonathan Kelsay died at Connecticut. He married Sarah Jahnsen.1

Child of Jonathan Kelsay and Sarah Jahnsen


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Sarah Kelsay1

     Sarah Kelsay was the daughter of Jonathan Kelsay and Sarah Jahnsen.1 Sarah Kelsay married Benjamin Ketcham.1

Child of Sarah Kelsay and Benjamin Ketcham


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Ruth Kelsey

F, d. 1823
     Ruth Kelsey married William Tallman Brumfield, son of David Brumfield and Patience Tallman. Ruth Kelsey died in 1823 at Limestone (now Maysville), Mason Co., KY.

Child of Ruth Kelsey and William Tallman Brumfield

Charles Kelso

     Charles Kelso married Honora Evans, daughter of Reuben Evans and Nancy Tallman.

Child of Charles Kelso and Honora Evans

Ella D. Kelso

     Ella D. Kelso was born. She was the daughter of Charles Kelso and Honora Evans. Ella D. Kelso married Howard F. Ross in 1888.

Richard Michael Keltsch

M, b. 1 September 1946, d. 23 March 2011
     Richard Michael Keltsch was born on 1 September 1946 at Indianapolis, Marion Co., IN. He died on 23 March 2011 at Ft. Wayne, Allen Co., IN, at age 64.

Carroll Kem

F, b. 31 October 1920, d. 22 December 2000
     Carroll Kem was born on 31 October 1920 at Newcastle, Weston Co., WY. She was the daughter of James Preston Kem Jr. and Mary Elizabeth Carroll. Carroll Kem married Virginius Randolph Shackelford Jr., son of Virginius Randolph Shackelford and Peachy Gascoigne Lyne, on 7 August 1943 at Jackson Co., MO. Carroll Kem died on 22 December 2000 at Orange Co., VA, at age 80.

Child of Carroll Kem and Virginius Randolph Shackelford Jr.

James Preston Kem Jr.

M, b. 2 April 1890, d. 24 February 1965
     James Preston Kem Jr. was born on 2 April 1890 at Macon, Macon Co., MO. He married Mary Elizabeth Carroll. Occupation: U.S. Senator from Missouri, 1946 - 1952. James Preston Kem Jr. died on 24 February 1965 at University of Virginia Hospital, Charlottesville, Albemarle Co., VA, at age 74

Obituary -- (Findagrave.com):

U.S. Senator. He attended Blees Military Academy, graduated from the University of Missouri in 1910, from Harvard Law School, in 1913, was admitted to the bar and commenced to practice law in Kansas City, Missouri. During World War I, he served overseas in the U.S. Army Infantry (1917-19). After the war, he resumed the practice law and was President of the Lawyers Association of Kansas City. In 1947, he was elected as a Republican to the U.S. Senate, serving until 1953. An unsuccessful for reelection, he resumed the practice of law in Washington, D.C. until in 1961. In retirement, he engaged in raising Angus cattle on his Virginia ranch until his death.

He was buried in February 1965 at Emmanuel Episcopal Church Cemetery, Middleburg, Loudoun Co., VA, Findagrave #8395688.

Child of James Preston Kem Jr. and Mary Elizabeth Carroll

Fannie Kemfring

     Fannie Kemfring married Reuben Young.

Child of Fannie Kemfring and Reuben Young

Raymond Kemmer

M, b. 14 July 1894
     Raymond Kemmer was born on 14 July 1894. He married Olive Emily Vanatta, daughter of Charles O. Vanatta and Maude Sperry, on 29 December 1918.

Isabelle H. Kemmerer

F, b. 1846, d. 1926
     Isabelle H. Kemmerer was also known as "Belle". She was born in 1846. She married Charles Edwin Starr, son of John Starr and Sarah Lightfoot Parvin, in October 1873. Isabelle H. Kemmerer died in 1926.

Children of Isabelle H. Kemmerer and Charles Edwin Starr

Alice J. Kemp1

F, b. 31 March 1875, d. 31 March 1932
     Alice J. Kemp was born on 31 March 1875 at Licking Co., OH.1 She married Daniel E. Davis on 11 September 1890 at Licking Co., OH. Alice J. Kemp died on 31 March 1932 at Newark, Licking Co., OH, at age 57. She was buried in April 1932 at Cedar Hill Cemetery, Newark, Licking Co., OH, Findagrave #49728646.

Child of Alice J. Kemp and Daniel E. Davis


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Ann Kemp

     Ann Kemp married Francis Titus Antrim.

Child of Ann Kemp and Francis Titus Antrim

Catharine Kemp1

F, d. 14 April 1849
     Catharine Kemp married Johannes Gebhart, son of Johann George Philip Gebhart and Johanna Magdalena Lebo.1 Catharine Kemp died on 14 April 1849 at Madison Twp., Butler Co., OH.

Children of Catharine Kemp and Johannes Gebhart


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Charles Samuel Kemp1

M, b. circa 1838
     Charles Samuel Kemp was born circa 1838 at St. Helena Par., LA.1 He married T. Anne Dicken circa 1870.1

Children of Charles Samuel Kemp and T. Anne Dicken


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