John Knause1

     John Knause married Emma Hammel.

Child of John Knause and Emma Hammel


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Emma Marie Knauss1

F, b. January 1858
     Emma Marie Knauss was born in January 1858 at Pennsylvania.1 She married John Reese circa 1877.1

Child of Emma Marie Knauss and John Reese


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Elizabeth Knavel

F, b. 7 March 1851, d. 16 June 1933
     Elizabeth Knavel was born on 7 March 1851. She married Hiram Lehman circa 1870. Elizabeth Knavel died on 16 June 1933 at age 82. She was buried in June 1933 at Berkey Cemetery, Windber, Somerset Co., PA, Findagrave #8931865.

Child of Elizabeth Knavel and Hiram Lehman

Christina Knecht1

F, b. September 1851, d. after 2 June 1900
     Christina Knecht was born in September 1851 at Wuerttemberg, Germany.1 She married John Eisele on 7 February 1871 at St. Joseph Co., IN. Christina Knecht died after 2 June 1900.

Child of Christina Knecht and John Eisele


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Georg Knecht

     Occupation: Bäckermeister in Miesenbach. Georg Knecht married (?) Herschler.

Child of Georg Knecht and (?) Herschler

Katharina Knecht1

F, b. 17 October 1863
     Katharina Knecht was born on 17 October 1863 at auf dem Geigershof bei Landstuhl, Palatinate. She was the daughter of Georg Knecht and (?) Herschler. Katharina Knecht married Friedrich Munzinger, son of Heinrich Munzinger and Eva Buhles, on 24 September 1885, Quelle: Briefliche Mitteilung.

Child of Katharina Knecht and Friedrich Munzinger


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Pearl Elizabeth Knecht1

F, b. 23 October 1889, d. March 1977
     Pearl Elizabeth Knecht was born on 23 October 1889 at Guthrie, Logan Co., OK.1 She married Harvey Robert Roseberry circa 1911.1 Pearl Elizabeth Knecht died in March 1977 at St. Joseph, Buchanan Co., MO, at age 87. She was buried in 1977 at Mount Olivet Cemetery, St. Joseph, Buchanan Co., MO, Findagrave #62620498.

Child of Pearl Elizabeth Knecht and Harvey Robert Roseberry


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Oskar Kneibert

M, b. 1 March 1902, d. 24 July 1973
     Oskar Kneibert was born on 1 March 1902 at Kaiserslautern, Rhein-Pfalz, Germany. He married Emilie Weis, daughter of Karl Weis and Kunigunde Munzinger, on 3 March 1934 at New York, NY. Oskar Kneibert died on 24 July 1973 at Lecanto, Citrus Co., FL, at age 71.

Dortha M. Kneisly1

F, b. circa 1913
     Dortha M. Kneisly was born circa 1913 at Fairborn, Greene Co., OH.1 She was the daughter of Ira Reiling Kneisly and Josephine L. Haddix.1


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Evelyn Amelia Kneisly

F, b. 19 September 1918, d. 9 October 2017
     Evelyn Amelia Kneisly was born on 19 September 1918 at Osborn, Greene Co., OH. She was the daughter of Ira Reiling Kneisly and Josephine L. Haddix. Evelyn Amelia Kneisly died on 9 October 2017 at Clifton, Bosque Co., TX, at age 99 Obituary (

Evelyn Amelia Kneisly Hanes of Clifton, Texas, formerly of Enon, Ohio, entered into eternal rest on October 9, 2017. Evelyn was born in Osborn, Ohio, on September 19, 1918. Her parents were Ira “BoBo” Reiling Kneisly and Josephine “JoJo” Haddix Kneisly. Her parents nicknames were due to Evelyn’s eldest son, at an early age, being unable to pronounce Josephine.

Evelyn graduated from Bath Township High School in 1936 and after graduation, began nurses training at Miami Valley Hospital in Dayton. Subsequently, she met Jimmie W. Hanes of Enon, and upon his return from working in Canada, with his brother’s construction company, he brought home an engagement ring for Evelyn and being a nurse was no longer an option. Together they had three children: Colonel Jimmie W. Hanes Jr., United States Air Force, Retired, of Crawford, Texas; Major Jan Kneisly Hanes, United States Army, Retired, of Maryville, Tennessee; and Vicki Gail Hanes, who passed away at the age of 19.

As a Bath Township middle school student, Evelyn was designated as one the four healthiest students in the State of Ohio, and she involved herself with athletics and in her words, she was a “tomboy” most of her youth. Evelyn was very active in the Enon area, being a charter member of the Enon Historical Society, serving in various leadership positions, including handling a large wooden ladle at the annual Apple Butter Festival; the Enon United Methodist Church, where she served on numerous boards and committees and was an active member of the church choir; a Past Worthy Matron of the Yellow Springs chapter of the Order of Eastern Star; a member of the Springfield White Shrine; a Brownie Leader; a stalwart member of the Enon Volunteer Fireman’s Auxiliary, including its development at the onset of Enon’s first fire department and Grand Marshal of the 1992 Fourth of July Parade in Enon. Very seldom did Ev and Jim enjoy a Sunday dinner without a number of family members or dear friends.

During Evelyn and Big Jim’s marriage, they were able to visit numerous countries throughout the world, visit their children and grandchildren on a regular basis and spend a month in Hawaii annually. One such around the world tour found them in the middle of a coup in Ethiopia, where they were forced to stay in their rooms until the tour company could re-route them to a safer African country and then home to Enon. A second adventure found them and Big Jim’s brother, Gail, in Eastern Europe waiting for days for their baggage to catch their tour. Evelyn became very adept at washing and drying clothes in whatever hotel bathroom they were staying in: this lasted nine days. However, few times were more fun and exciting than the annual Christmas Eve parties at their homes in Enon. Santa, always a dressed-up, family friend, accompanied by one the Hanes kids, dressed as an elf, would make it a point to visit their home, before visiting the rest of the children of Enon. Subsequently, they and all their friends would attend a midnight Christmas Eve service at one of the local churches in Enon. Summers in Ohio meant water skiing at Steinberger’s lake, where family and friends could be found most weekends, and after Big Jim passed away, Evelyn spent several winters at her condo in Siesta Key, Florida. She also had the opportunity to visit the Middle East and spend some time in the Sultanate of Oman, when her son Jimmie was the United States Defense Attaché to the Kingdom.

Evelyn moved to Clifton, Texas, in 2005 in order to be near one of her sons and four of her 10 great grandchildren. This was a very traumatic move for her and she missed her Ohio friends immensely; however, she kept the nurses and staff at Lutheran Sunset Ministries on their toes by constantly reminding them that she would probably “be going back to Ohio tomorrow”.

Evelyn was preceded in death by her husband, Jimmie W. Hanes; her daughter, Vicki Gail Hanes; her two siblings, Bob Kneisly and Dorothy Calvo; and a grandson, Jan Hanes.

She is survived by her two sons, Jimmie and Jan, their wives, three grandchildren and ten great grandchildren.

Visitation will be at the United Methodist Church in Enon, prior to her service, and internment will be at the family plot in the Enon Cemetery, next to her beloved husband Jim and daughter Vicki.

Obituary published online 10 October 2017 by Wilkirson-Hatch-Bailey Funeral Home, Waco, Texas.

Bio by: Nancy Yankie Sidarous.

She was buried in October 2017 at Enon Cemetery, Enon, Clark Co., OH, Findagrave #157325305.

Child of Evelyn Amelia Kneisly

Ira Reiling Kneisly

M, b. 1882, d. 1964
     Ira Reiling Kneisly was born in 1882 at Ohio. He married Josephine L. Haddix, daughter of Franklin Haddix and Amelia Leah Gebhart. Ira Reiling Kneisly lived in 1920 at Harrison Ave., Bath Twp., Greene Co., OH. He died in 1964. He was buried in 1964 at Glen Haven Memorial Gardens, Donnelsville, Clark Co., OH, Findagrave #168234656.

Children of Ira Reiling Kneisly and Josephine L. Haddix


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Robert Kneisly

M, b. circa April 1915, d. circa 2000
     Robert Kneisly was born circa April 1915 at Fairborn, Greene Co., OH. He was the son of Ira Reiling Kneisly and Josephine L. Haddix. Robert Kneisly died circa 2000 at California.

Ann Kneissle

F, b. circa 1688
     Ann Kneissle was born circa 1688. She was the daughter of Antoni Kneissle and Magdalena Hempstead. Ann Kneissle married Michael Kauffman, son of Michael Kauffman and Elsbeth Hirschi, in 1707.

Children of Ann Kneissle and Michael Kauffman

Antoni Kneissle

     Antoni Kneissle married Magdalena Hempstead.

Children of Antoni Kneissle and Magdalena Hempstead

Barbara Kneissle

     Barbara Kneissle married Michael Miller.

Child of Barbara Kneissle and Michael Miller

Elizabeth Kneissle

F, b. circa 1698, d. 1759
     Elizabeth Kneissle was born circa 1698. She was the daughter of Antoni Kneissle and Magdalena Hempstead. Elizabeth Kneissle married Johann Andreas Kauffman, son of Johann Andreas Kauffman, circa 1717 at Millersville, Lancaster Co., PA, second marriage for Andreas. Elizabeth Kneissle died in 1759 at Millersville, Lancaster Co., PA.

Children of Elizabeth Kneissle and Johann Andreas Kauffman

Abram Knepper1

     Abram Knepper married Sarah Rock.1

Child of Abram Knepper and Sarah Rock


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Albert Knepper

M, b. circa 1879
     Albert Knepper was born circa 1879. He married Rosa B. Yoerns.

Child of Albert Knepper and Rosa B. Yoerns

Amanda J. Knepper1

F, b. 7 February 1897
     Amanda J. Knepper was born on 7 February 1897 at Salem, Richardson Co., NE.1 She was the daughter of George Knepper and Minnie E. Pyfer.1


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Anna E. Knepper1

F, b. 24 January 1895
     Anna E. Knepper was born on 24 January 1895 at Salem, Richardson Co., NE.1 She was the daughter of George Knepper and Minnie E. Pyfer.1 Anna E. Knepper married Herbert R. Boyd, son of William R. Boyd and Rose Ann Sharshall, on 14 January 1914 at Falls City, Richardson Co., NE.1

Child of Anna E. Knepper and Herbert R. Boyd


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Edna Knepper1

F, b. 12 August 1891, d. 15 December 1891
     Edna Knepper was born on 12 August 1891.1 She was the daughter of George Knepper and Minnie E. Pyfer.1 Edna Knepper died on 15 December 1891.1


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George Knepper1

M, b. 24 September 1863
     George Knepper was born on 24 September 1863.1 He was the son of Abram Knepper and Sarah Rock.1 George Knepper married Minnie E. Pyfer, daughter of Jacob S. Pyfer and Ella Wagner, on 10 December 1890.1 George Knepper lived in 1926 at Salem, Richardson Co., NE.1 He was Church of the Brethren.1

Children of George Knepper and Minnie E. Pyfer


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James R. Knepper

M, b. 29 June 1937, d. 28 April 1995
     James R. Knepper was born on 29 June 1937 at Columbiana Co., OH. He was the son of Raymond Earl Knepper and Lela Mae Bartholow. James R. Knepper died on 28 April 1995 at Columbiana Co., OH, at age 57.

Larry E. Knepper

M, b. 26 February 1935, d. 23 January 2010
     Larry E. Knepper was born on 26 February 1935 at Columbiana Co., OH. He was the son of Raymond Earl Knepper and Lela Mae Bartholow. Larry E. Knepper died on 23 January 2010 at Columbiana Co., OH, at age 74.

Leroy Knepper

M, b. 8 April 1937, d. 17 January 2008
     Leroy Knepper was born on 8 April 1937 at O'Neill, Holt Co., NE. He married Syrena Jane Withers, daughter of Donald Devere Withers and Georgiana Hoyt, in 1955. Leroy Knepper and Syrena Jane Withers were divorced circa 1959. Leroy Knepper died on 17 January 2008 at Central City, Merrick Co., NE, at age 70.

Lula Fern Knepper1

F, b. 13 September 1892, d. 21 July 1968
     Lula Fern Knepper was born on 13 September 1892 at Salem, Richardson Co., NE.1 She was the daughter of George Knepper and Minnie E. Pyfer.1 Lula Fern Knepper married Chancey Clark Hitchcock, son of Levi Hitchcock and Elizabeth Hossock, in 1915.1 Lula Fern Knepper died on 21 July 1968 at age 75.

Children of Lula Fern Knepper and Chancey Clark Hitchcock


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Raymond Earl Knepper

M, b. 8 January 1912, d. 2 August 1997
     Raymond Earl Knepper was born on 8 January 1912 at Columbiana Co., OH. He was the son of Albert Knepper and Rosa B. Yoerns. Raymond Earl Knepper married Lela Mae Bartholow, daughter of George Washington Bartholow and Anna Mae Bragg, circa 1934. Raymond Earl Knepper died on 2 August 1997 at Columbiana Co., OH, at age 85.

Children of Raymond Earl Knepper and Lela Mae Bartholow

Aaron Knerr1

     Aaron Knerr married Mary Elizabeth Reifsnyder, daughter of James Reifsnyder and Sarah Price.1

Children of Aaron Knerr and Mary Elizabeth Reifsnyder


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Edgar E. Knerr1

M, b. June 1875
     Edgar E. Knerr was born in June 1875.1 He married Sarah Beidler, daughter of Milton Beidler and Maria Weidner, circa 1895.1

Child of Edgar E. Knerr and Sarah Beidler


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Elizabeth Knerr1

F, b. circa 1908
     Elizabeth Knerr was born circa 1908 at Phoenixville, Chester Co., PA.1 She was the daughter of Elmer Knerr and Elizabeth Kelly.1


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