Aleta Kisor

F, b. 18 July 1894, d. 22 November 1985
     Aleta Kisor was born on 18 July 1894 at Deunquat, Wyandot Co., OH. She was the daughter of Justin Kisor and Susan Steigerwalt. Aleta Kisor married George Washington Palmer, son of Ralph Sherman Palmer and Mary Alice Coby, on 26 May 1915 at Wyandot Co., OH. Aleta Kisor died on 22 November 1985 at Upper Sandusky, Wyandot Co., OH, at age 91. She was buried in November 1985 at Pleasant View Cemetery, Sycamore, Wyandot Co., OH, Find A Grave Memorial# 86714658.

Children of Aleta Kisor and George Washington Palmer


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Justin Kisor

     Justin Kisor married Susan Steigerwalt.

Child of Justin Kisor and Susan Steigerwalt

Mary Elizabeth Kissel1

F, b. 12 July 1869, d. 13 December 1950
     Mary Elizabeth Kissel was also known as "Mamie".1 She was born on 12 July 1869 at Indiana.1 She married John M. Fichter on 6 January 1892.1 Mary Elizabeth Kissel died on 13 December 1950 at Lawrenceburg, Dearborn Co., IN, at age 81. She was buried in December 1950 at Greendale Cemetery, Greendale, Dearborn Co., IN, Find A Grave Memorial# 67814022.

Child of Mary Elizabeth Kissel and John M. Fichter


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Mayme J. Kissel

F, b. June 1888
     Mayme J. Kissel was born in June 1888 at Kentucky.1 She married George Clarence Leslie, son of George Frederick Leslie and Anna M. Bohl, on 22 June 1910 at St. Matthews Evangelical Lutheran Church, Louisville, Jefferson Co., KY.


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Amanda Helen Kissner1

F, b. 11 June 1887, d. 9 September 1960
     Amanda Helen Kissner was born on 11 June 1887 at Brown Co., MN.1 She married Rev. Edward F. Brand. Amanda Helen Kissner died on 9 September 1960 at Sycamore, DeKalb Co., IL, at age 73. She was buried in September 1960 at Home Cemetery, Sleepy Eye, Brown Co., MN, Findagrave #76755338.

Child of Amanda Helen Kissner and Rev. Edward F. Brand


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Adah Kistler1

F, b. 25 March 1886, d. 17 February 1957
     Adah Kistler was born on 25 March 1886 at Logansport, Cass Co., IN.1 She married Andrew Frank Albert on 21 June 1905 at Logansport, Cass Co., IN, Adah and Andrew had sons Marion and William Eugene Albert before they divorced. Adah Kistler and Andrew Frank Albert were divorced after January 1920. Adah Kistler married Hubert Fulton Nicholson. Adah Kistler died on 17 February 1957 at Chicago, Cook Co., IL, at age 70.

Child of Adah Kistler and Hubert Fulton Nicholson


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Theresa Agnes Kistner

F, b. 21 April 1919, d. 19 October 2003
     Theresa Agnes Kistner was born on 21 April 1919 at Indiana. She was the daughter of William R. Kistner and Inez Durham. Theresa Agnes Kistner married Paul Jerome McLoughlin, son of Christopher Jerome McLoughlin and Neva Delight Bowers, on 24 November 1938 at Indianapolis, Marion Co., IN. Theresa Agnes Kistner died on 19 October 2003 at age 84.

William R. Kistner

     William R. Kistner married Inez Durham.

Child of William R. Kistner and Inez Durham

Lila J. Kitchens

     Lila J. Kitchens married Church William Van Cleave.

Child of Lila J. Kitchens and Church William Van Cleave

Belsora Kite

     Belsora Kite married Capt. Harris Keyser.

Child of Belsora Kite and Capt. Harris Keyser

Elizabeth Kite

F, b. circa 1777, d. circa June 1836
     Elizabeth Kite was born circa 1777 at Virginia. She was the daughter of William W. Kite and Catherine Smith. Elizabeth Kite married Philip Kiser on 17 December 1793 at Rockingham Co., VA. Elizabeth Kite died circa June 1836 at Champaign Co., OH.

Children of Elizabeth Kite and Philip Kiser

Elizabeth Virginia Kite

F, b. 27 March 1837, d. 31 May 1919
     Elizabeth Virginia Kite was born on 27 March 1837 at Page Co., VA. She was the daughter of John C. Kite and Elizabeth Catherine Slagle. Elizabeth Virginia Kite married John Henry Brubaker. Elizabeth Virginia Kite died on 31 May 1919 at Luray, Page Co., VA, at age 82.

Children of Elizabeth Virginia Kite and John Henry Brubaker

John C. Kite

     John C. Kite married Elizabeth Catherine Slagle.

Child of John C. Kite and Elizabeth Catherine Slagle

William W. Kite

     William W. Kite married Catherine Smith.

Child of William W. Kite and Catherine Smith

Sarah Kites

     Sarah Kites married Aaron Pence.

Child of Sarah Kites and Aaron Pence

Sarah Kitley

     Sarah Kitley married Orlando Eastes in 1880.

Child of Sarah Kitley and Orlando Eastes

William B. Kitselman

M, b. August 1849, d. 25 April 1905
     William B. Kitselman was born in August 1849 at Indiana.1 He married Ida A. Jackson, daughter of William Jackson and Elizabeth McLaughlin, on 28 October 1890 at Ft. Wayne, Allen Co., IN, no children. William B. Kitselman died on 25 April 1905 at Ft. Wayne, Allen Co., IN, at age 55.


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Myrtle E. Kittenger

     Myrtle E. Kittenger married Frank J. Musser.

Child of Myrtle E. Kittenger and Frank J. Musser

Abdiel Kitzmiller

M, b. 27 September 1837, d. 21 January 1864
     Abdiel Kitzmiller was born on 27 September 1837 at Littlestown, Adams Co., PA. He was the son of Samuel Kitzmiller and Catherine Finkbohn. Abdiel Kitzmiller was christened on 24 December 1837 at Christ Reformed Church, Littlestown, Adams Co., PA. He began military service on 27 August 1863

Enlisted at Cincinnati, Ohio, in Captain John T. Herberts 2nd Regiment of Heavy Artillery, U.S. Army. He wrote a letter to his brother, Hiram Kitzmiller on December 21, 1863, a month before he died:

"Munfordsville, Ky.

Dear Brother:
I take this present opportunity to inform you that I am well at this time, hoping that these few lines find you the same -- I suppose you think hard of me for not writing sooner -- you must excuse me for this time -- I will try and do better hereafter I suppose you herd that I was down in old Kentuck, after the rebs -- I volunteered four months ago -- I like solgering first rate, better than cabinetmaking, it is played out, I am going to solger now for a living unless the bloddy rebels scalp me, but I am not much scard yet, I do not scare wort a D. I belong to the second heavy artillery, I am going to fight for that good old flag that she may still wave ore the land of the home of the brave of the free. I would like to here from Franklinville and no how you are doing. I cant here from any of you - I suppose you have awl forgotten me but, Ab, is awl right doeing well -- I get plenty to eat and good clothes to keep me warm and get my green backs every two months -- the hardest times I have is standing picket that is very unpleasant when the weather is cold, but I can stand it very well I am hartier than ever I was since I volenteered. I am harty as a buck -- but I think I can stand the storm it is not long when this cruel war is over, then we will awl meet at home again and kind friends we left behind. I left one or two little black eyd ducks up in Ohio I would like to see very well I think I will get a furlow in about five weeks then I am going up to see Jesse Hartsock and others. I would like to here from little Rodrick Dorsey, and others, tell them to write to me I would be glad to here from them. I can's tell when I will get home but I think I will see you awl again I am now at campt at Munfordsville 73 miles south of Lewisville on the Lewisville and Nashville railroad we have a pretty camp right on the bank of green river no more at this time answer soon give my love to awl direct your letters to Munsfordsville, Ky second O H A Co H in care of Capt J F Herbert."

He died of fever in the hospital at Munfordville, Kentucky a month after writing the letter.

He died on 21 January 1864 at Army Hospital, Munfordville, Hart Co., KY, at age 26. Cause of death: Illness/fever during army service in Civil War.

Abdiel N. Kitzmiller

M, b. circa 1824, d. 4 April 1862
     Abdiel N. Kitzmiller was born circa 1824 at Tennessee.1 He was the son of Martin Kitzmiller Jr. and Rebecca Duncan. Abdiel N. Kitzmiller married Mary Jane Taylor, daughter of Caswell Cunningham Taylor and Nancy Duncan, on 30 January 1855 at Tennessee. Abdiel N. Kitzmiller died on 4 April 1862 at Macoupin Co., IL.

Children of Abdiel N. Kitzmiller and Mary Jane Taylor


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Albert Fletcher Kitzmiller1

M, b. October 1894, d. 22 December 1926
     Albert Fletcher Kitzmiller was born in October 1894 at Macoupin Co. (probably), IL.1 He was the son of David Martin Kitzmiller and Louella Jane Vaughn.1 Albert Fletcher Kitzmiller died on 22 December 1926 at Alton, Madison Co., IL, at age 32.


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Alpha Enos Kitzmiller1

M, b. 15 September 1897, d. 7 June 1970
     Alpha Enos Kitzmiller was born on 15 September 1897 at Sullivan Co., TN.1 He was the son of John Eldridge Kitzmiller and Frances Elizabeth Hammet.1 Alpha Enos Kitzmiller married Creola Mashburn, daughter of Joseph Anderson Mashburn and Mary Elizabeth Rice. Alpha Enos Kitzmiller married Myrtle Kate Parsons, daughter of Crit Parsons and Mary McIntosh, before 12 April 1930. Alpha Enos Kitzmiller married Althea Sparks on 8 May 1958. Alpha Enos Kitzmiller died on 7 June 1970 at Bakersville, Mitchell Co., NC, at age 72. He was buried in June 1970 at Beulah Community Cemetery, Kingsport, Sullivan Co., TN, Find A Grave Memorial# 157836292.

Children of Alpha Enos Kitzmiller and Creola Mashburn


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Amy May Kitzmiller

F, b. 29 October 1878, d. 14 February 1965
     Amy May Kitzmiller was born on 29 October 1878 at Illinois. She was the daughter of Dr. Joseph H. Kitzmiller and Emily Marcia Bray. Amy May Kitzmiller married Dixon John Bond, son of Abner Bond and Elizabeth Hall, on 9 May 1900 at Christian Co., IL. Amy May Kitzmiller died on 14 February 1965 at Hennepin Co., MN, at age 86. She was buried in February 1965 at Lakewood Cemetery, Minneapolis, Hennepin Co., MN.

Children of Amy May Kitzmiller and Dixon John Bond

Ann Rebecca Kitzmiller1

F, b. circa October 1859, d. before 3 June 1870
     Ann Rebecca Kitzmiller was born circa October 1859 at Gentry Co., MO.1 She was the daughter of Abdiel N. Kitzmiller and Mary Jane Taylor.1 Ann Rebecca Kitzmiller died before 3 June 1870.


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Anna Christina Kitzmiller

F, b. 5 March 1792, d. 5 February 1858
     Anna Christina Kitzmiller was born on 5 March 1792 at Adams Co., PA. She was the daughter of John Kitzmiller and Anna Elizabeth DeWald. Anna Christina Kitzmiller married John Michael Kitzmiller, son of John George Kitzmiller and Anna Christina Keefauver, on 30 January 1812. Anna Christina Kitzmiller died on 5 February 1858 at Adams Co., PA, at age 65. She was buried in February 1858 at Christ Reformed Churchyard, Littlestown, Adams Co., PA.
Note: Mary's stone was missed by Newland DeVault, but it is there. It is located ten yards or so southeast of the stones of her father, mother and husband and is in between the stones of her in-laws, John George and Anna Kitzmiller.


consort of
J. Michael Kitzmiller
Died Feb. 5, 1858
Aged 65 years 10 mo.
& 21 d.

Children of Anna Christina Kitzmiller and John Michael Kitzmiller

Anna Lee Kitzmiller

F, b. 26 March 1922, d. May 1996
     Anna Lee Kitzmiller was born on 26 March 1922. She was the daughter of Edward Lockhart Kitzmiller and Chessie Oma McCray. Anna Lee Kitzmiller married James Leland Rupe. Anna Lee Kitzmiller died in May 1996 at age 74. She was buried in 1996 at East Tennessee Cemetery, Blountville, Sullivan Co., TN, Findagrave #194021372.

Child of Anna Lee Kitzmiller and James Leland Rupe

Annis Estelle Kitzmiller1

F, b. 21 July 1885
     Annis Estelle Kitzmiller was born on 21 July 1885 at Sullivan Co., TN.1 She was the daughter of Henry Carr Kitzmiller and Annis Amie Cox.


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Argil Roan Kitzmiller

     Argil Roan Kitzmiller was the son of Calvin Jerome Kitzmiller and Mary Alice Depew.

Bertsie Albert Kitzmiller

M, b. 9 April 1915, d. 28 January 1943
     Bertsie Albert Kitzmiller was born on 9 April 1915 at Washington Co., VA. He was the son of James Calvin Kitzmiller and Naomi Victoria Widner. Bertsie Albert Kitzmiller died on 28 January 1943 at Elon, Amherst Co., VA, at age 27. Cause of death: on 28 January 1943 Epilepsy.

Bessie Kate Kitzmiller1

F, b. 3 June 1906, d. 2 October 1996
     Bessie Kate Kitzmiller was born on 3 June 1906 at Harr, Sullivan Co., TN.1 She was the daughter of Joseph H. Kitzmiller and Stasha L. Mayne.1 Bessie Kate Kitzmiller married Charles Lilburn Combs, son of David Andrew Combs Jr. and Laura Alice Cox, No natural children. An adopted daughter, Ada Hash, is listed on the 1940 census, Wise County, Virginia. Bessie Kate Kitzmiller died on 2 October 1996 at Sullivan Co., TN, at age 90 OBITUARY - Bristol Herald Courier/Virginia - Tennessean, Tuesday, October 3, 1996

Bessie K. Combs
Bessie Kitzmiller Combs, 90, of 305 Bristol Caverns Highway, Bristol, Tenn., died Wednesday, Oct. 2, 1966, in Bristol Nursing Home.
She was a lifelong resident of the Bristol area and a member of First Church of the Nazarene.
She was the widow of Charles L. Combs.
Survivors include one daughter, Mrs. Don (Ada) Whitaker, Bristol Tennessee; six grandchildren, Ronald Davis Martin, Kelvin Martin, Teresa Hatfield, Janice Stanton, Kristel Curry and Vaughn Dean Martin; 10 great-grandchildren' one great-great-grandson; and several nieces and nephews.
Weaver Funeral Home is in charge.

FUNERAL NOTICE - Bristol Herald Courier - Bristol Virginia - Tennessean

COMBS - Funeral services for Bessie Kitzmiller Combs will be conducted at 2 p.m. Saturday in Weaver Funeral Home Chapel with the Rev. Carl Cox officiating. Burial will be in Glenwood Cemetery. Pallbearers will be grandsons and great-grandsons. The family will receive friends from 6-8 p.m. Firday at Weaver Funeral Home. Weaver Funeral Home is in charge of arrangements.

She was buried in October 1996 at Glenwood Cemetery, Bristol, Sullivan Co., VA.

Child of Bessie Kate Kitzmiller and Charles Lilburn Combs


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