Milton Welbourne Kincaid

M, b. 11 December 1807, d. 29 May 1868
     Milton Welbourne Kincaid was born on 11 December 1807 at Burke Co., NC. He married Sophia Rebecca Moore. Milton Welbourne Kincaid died on 29 May 1868 at Burke Co., NC, at age 60. He was buried in 1868 at Kincaid-Bristol Family Cemetery, Burke Co., NC, Findagrave #84343445.

Child of Milton Welbourne Kincaid and Sophia Rebecca Moore

Nancy Kiev Kincaid

F, b. 3 March 1925, d. August 1964
     Nancy Kiev Kincaid was born on 3 March 1925. She married William Louis Faulhaber, son of William Louis Faulhaber and Elizabeth Anna Knigge, on 15 December 1947 at Great Falls, Cascade Co., MT. Nancy Kiev Kincaid died in August 1964 at age 39.

Nellie Kincaid1

     Nellie Kincaid was the daughter of Ezbon Kincaid and Elizabeth (?)1 Nellie Kincaid married John W. Stover, son of John Price Stover and Catharine Webb, on 9 September 1903.1

Child of Nellie Kincaid and John W. Stover


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Robert Kincaid

     Robert Kincaid married Margaret Dunn.

Child of Robert Kincaid and Margaret Dunn

Elizabeth Kincheloe

     Elizabeth Kincheloe married Solomon Nicewanger, son of Johannes Neuschwanger and Maria Magdalena Kieffer, in 1787.1


  1. [S210] Daniel W. Bly, From the Rhine to the Shenandoah, Vol. III, p.155.

John Kincheloe

M, b. 21 April 1789, d. 2 January 1853
     John Kincheloe was born on 21 April 1789 at Fauquier Co., VA, son of George and Sarah Kincheloe. He married Saraphine Keebler, daughter of Rev. Jacob Armay Keebler and Mary Young, on 22 November 1808. John Kincheloe died on 2 January 1853 at Fall Branch, Washington Co., TN, at age 63. He was buried in January 1853 at Bacon-Kincheloe Cemetery, Washington Co., TN, Findagrave #61054573.

Sarah Jane Kincheloe

F, b. 1763, d. 1834
     Sarah Jane Kincheloe was also known as "Sally". She was born in 1763. She married Rev. Uriah Hunt circa 1782 at Washington Co., TN. Sarah Jane Kincheloe died in 1834 at Sulphur Springs, Washington Co., TN. She was buried in 1834 at Hunt Cemetery, Washington Co., TN, Findagrave #67744989.

Children of Sarah Jane Kincheloe and Rev. Uriah Hunt

Agusta Grace Kinder

F, b. 26 November 1892, d. 1 August 1979
     Agusta Grace Kinder was born on 26 November 1892 at Henry Co. (probably), OH.1 She was the daughter of Saint Clair Kinder and Susan Clorinda Parsons.1 Agusta Grace Kinder married Winfred Willard Mellon, son of William Boyd Mellon and Mary Isabelle Haines, on 1 October 1921 at Hillsdale, Hillsdale Co., MI. Agusta Grace Kinder died on 1 August 1979 at San Diego, San Diego Co., CA, at age 86.


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Saint Clair Kinder1

M, b. May 1866, d. 22 November 1906
     Saint Clair Kinder was born in May 1866 at Ohio.1 He married Susan Clorinda Parsons on 25 December 1892 at Napoleon, Henry Co., OH. Saint Clair Kinder died on 22 November 1906 at Napoleon, Henry Co., OH, at age 40.

Child of Saint Clair Kinder and Susan Clorinda Parsons


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Wilson Kinder

M, b. 15 September 1847, d. 27 January 1873
     Wilson Kinder was born on 15 September 1847 at Indiana. He married Catherine A. Forrest, daughter of Hamilton Forrest and Susan Starkey, in 1869. Wilson Kinder was buried in January 1873 at Crown Hill Cemetery, Arcadia, Hamilton Co., IN, Findagrave #39186581. He died on 27 January 1873 at age 25.

Anna Kindervater1

F, b. circa 1856
     Note: Information for this family from
Brenneisen-Meyer Family Tree, online at Anna Kindervater was born circa 1856 at Cook Co. (probably), IL.2,3 She was the daughter of Frederick Kindervater and Caroline (?)3 Anna Kindervater married Ernst Brenneisen, son of Johann Jacob Brenneisen and Anna Maria Bühler, on 1 November 1874 at St. Paul's Evangelical Lutheran Church, Luzerne, Benton Co., IA.1,4
Note: I presume Anna died between the birth of daughter Anna and the 1 MAR 1885 census, probably in Rooks County, Kansas. However, in the 1900 census, Ernst gave his marital status as "M", and the duration of 26 years, so until definitive information is found about her, there appears to be a possiblity that she abandoned the marriage and the family. DLB 2012.

Children of Anna Kindervater and Ernst Brenneisen


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Frederick Kindervater1

M, b. circa 1825
     Frederick Kindervater was born circa 1825 at Hesse Kassel, Germany.1 He married Caroline (?) circa 1849.1

Child of Frederick Kindervater and Caroline (?)


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Caroline A. Kindig1

F, b. 15 June 1875
     Caroline A. Kindig was born on 15 June 1875.1 She was the daughter of Henry K. Kindig and Sophia Anders.1 Caroline A. Kindig married Henry L. S. Ruth, son of John S. Ruth and Sarah A. Swartley, on 5 April 1897.1

Child of Caroline A. Kindig and Henry L. S. Ruth


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Henry K. Kindig1

     Henry K. Kindig married Sophia Anders.1

Child of Henry K. Kindig and Sophia Anders


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Donald Edwin Kindle

M, b. 26 March 1968, d. 7 February 2008
     Donald Edwin Kindle was born on 26 March 1968 at Glasgow Valley, MT. He began military service U.S. Army service, Persian Gulf. He died on 7 February 2008 at Kimball, Kimball Co., NE, at age 39. He was buried in February 2008 at Harrison Cemetery, Harrison, Sioux Co., NE, Findagrave #40972716.

Keziah Kindle1

F, b. circa 1808
     Keziah Kindle was born circa 1808 at Tennessee.1 She married George Curts on 22 September 1825 at Harrison Co., IN.1

Child of Keziah Kindle and George Curts


  1. [S448] 1850 Federal Census, Harrison County, Indiana. Microfilm Image, NARA Series M432, Roll 149.

Anna V. Kindred

F, b. 29 May 1911, d. 7 May 1990
     Anna V. Kindred was born on 29 May 1911 at Ohio. She was the daughter of Frank H. Kindred and Dora Bell Wilson.1 Anna V. Kindred married William Thomas Freeman, son of Thomas Fletcher Freeman and Julia Ann Windle, on 14 November 1930 at Adams Co., OH. Anna V. Kindred lived in 1989 at Norwood, Hamilton Co., OH. She died on 7 May 1990 at Cincinnati, Hamilton Co., OH, at age 78

Obituary -- The Cincinnati Enguirer, Cincinnati, Ohio; Wednesday, 9 MAY 1990, p.60 (

Anna V. (nee Kindred), beloved wife of the late William Freeman, dear mother of Thomas D. and William G. Freeman and the late Dixie Phillips and William Ronald Freeman, also survived by eight grandchildren and nine great-grandchildren. Monday, May 7, 1990. Age 79 years. Friends may call at the Miller-Busse & Borgmann Funeral Home, 3464 Central Pkwy., Clifton, Wednesday 6-8 P.M. Blessing and Prayers Thursday, 10 A.M.

She was buried in May 1990 at Spring Grove Cemetery, Cincinnati, Hamilton Co., OH, Findagrave #78933378.

Children of Anna V. Kindred and William Thomas Freeman


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Frank H. Kindred1

M, b. circa 1871, d. 16 January 1945
     Frank H. Kindred was born circa 1871 at Ohio.1 He married Dora Bell Wilson circa 1889. Frank H. Kindred died on 16 January 1945 at Cincinnati, Hamilton Co., OH.

Child of Frank H. Kindred and Dora Bell Wilson


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Paul H. Kindred1

M, b. November 1886
     Paul H. Kindred was born in November 1886 at Kansas.1 He was the son of Timothy Carter Kindred and Cara Haynes.1 Paul H. Kindred lived in 1910 at Ward 8, Kansas City, Jackson Co., MO, Living with his aunt Gertrude Haynes.


  1. [S999] 1900 Federal Census, Daviess County, Missouri. Microfilm Image, NARA Series T623, Roll 852; FHL #1240852.

Timothy Carter Kindred

M, b. April 1859
     Timothy Carter Kindred was born in April 1859 at Ohio.1 He married Cara Haynes, daughter of Isaac N. Haynes and Frances Wright, circa 1886, Three children born, two living as of 1900 census.1

Children of Timothy Carter Kindred and Cara Haynes


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Whitcomb D. Kindred1

M, b. July 1893
     Whitcomb D. Kindred was born in July 1893 at Daviess Co. (probably), MO.1 He was the son of Timothy Carter Kindred and Cara Haynes.1 Whitcomb D. Kindred married Willa (?). Whitcomb D. Kindred lived in 1920 at Trenton, Grundy Co., MO. He married Mary B. (?). Whitcomb D. Kindred lived in 1930 at Memphis, Shelby Co., TN.


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Rev. Clement Claypool Kindy1

M, b. 19 November 1869, d. 20 August 1960
     Rev. Clement Claypool Kindy was born on 19 November 1869 at Ohio.1,2 He married Sarah Jane Zimmerman on 13 October 1892 at Ashland Co., OH.3 Rev. Clement Claypool Kindy lived on 26 April 1910 at 600 Wolf Avenue, Elkhart, Elkhart Co., IN, contractor.1 He died on 20 August 1960 at San Diego Co., CA, at age 90.2

Child of Rev. Clement Claypool Kindy and Sarah Jane Zimmerman


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Kay Louise Kindy

F, b. 11 March 1932, d. 3 April 2004
     Kay Louise Kindy was born on 11 March 1932 at Pasadena, Los Angeles Co., CA. She was the daughter of Virgil Ross Kindy and Grace Gladys Forney.
Note: Newspaper article -- Times-Press-Recorder (Arroyo Grande, California); Wednesday, 30 July 1986; Page 3; (

Driver Arrested, Accused

NIPOMO -- A Santa Maria man was arrested on suspicion of felony drunken driving Sunday morning following a two-vehicle accident at Tefft Street and Wilson Avenue, according to the California Highway Patrol.

Robert F. Colwell, 39, was booked into County Jail following the 10:10 a.m. accident, said authorities.

The accident occurred while Joseph E. Hannah, 54, of Visalia, was making a right turn onto Wilson Avenue from Tefft Street, said the CHP. Colwell started to pass to the right at the same time and collided with the Hannah vehicle, said the authorities.

Hannah reportedly suffered minor injuries. Colwell was taken to Arroyo Grande Community Hospital where he was treated and released.

A passenger in Colwell's car, Jose Martinez, 40, of Santa Maria, was taken to Arroyo Grande Community with moderate injuries. He was listed in stable condition Monday.

A passenger in the Hannah car, Kay Hannah, 54, of Visalia, was treated and released from the hospital

. Kay Louise Kindy died on 3 April 2004 at Visalia, Tulare Co., CA, at age 72

Obituary -- (

Obituary - Visalia Times, Delta, (CA), April 7, 2004

My darling wife, Kay Hannah, died April 3, 2004, after a lengthy bout with cancer, which she bore with courage to the end. She is now with her Savior and Lord Jesus Christ in Heaven, for the Bible says "absent from the body present with the Lord." Kay did not fear death since she lived a life of faith in our Lord. Her husband, Joe, and their children and grandchildren call her blessed.

Kay was born in Pasadena, Calif., on March 11, 1932, to Virgil and Grace Kindy. One year and a half later her brother Richard was born. Her early years were spent in Burbank, Calif., where her father, Virgil, was in education as a teacher and principal, but moved to Visalia in 1946. She completed high school in 1949 at Visalia Union High School with honors and spent two years at COS before going to the Huntington Memorial Hospital School of Nursing in Pasadena. She was following in her mother's footsteps who also graduated there. During her last year of school she married her sweetheart Joe Hannah who had finished basic training at Ft. Ord, Calif. The wedding was Feb. 7, 1953. She traveled across America several times to be with her man who was a professional baseball player, worked at the hospital in the off season, then did it all over again. Kay loved to travel and she loved her Joe. During those years she gave birth to five wonderful children and kept on going. After the baseball years Kay was employed as a school nurse by the Visalia Unified School District until retirement in 1992. She loved her job and loved the other nurses she worked with.

She got back to traveling again occasionally with some special trips with the "Sons of the San Joaquin," such as to Switzerland, Japan, Mexico, Carnegie Hall, Colorado, New Mexico, but mostly staying home and taking care of things. Kay was preceded in death by her father and mother, Virgil and Grace Kindy. Surviving her is her husband Joe; son, Lon and wife, Susan (Weaver) Hannah; daughter, Jill and husband, Michael Camp; son, Jimmy and wife, Jenney (Leedom) Hannah; daughter, Leslie and husband, Brad Jackson; daughter, Kelley and husband, Donny Joslin and 12 beautiful grandchildren as well as Dr. Richard Kindy and his wonderful family.

Graveside services will be 9 a.m. Thursday at Visalia Cemetery with a celebration of Kay's life at 11 a.m. Thursday at First Baptist Church, 1100 S. Sowell, Visalia. Visitation will be 2-7 p.m. Wednesday at Salser and Dillard Funeral Chapel, Court at Caldwell, Visalia. Arrangements are by Smith Family Chapel, 505 E. Pine St., Exeter. Online condolences: In lieu of flowers, donations to American Cancer Society, 211 N. Encina, Visalia, CA 93291 or Hospice of Tulare County, 900 W. Oak St., Visalia, CA 93291.

She was buried in April 2004 at Visalia Public Cemetery, Visalia, Tulare Co., CA, Findagrave #51837890.

Child of Kay Louise Kindy

Dr. Richard Lynn Kindy

M, b. 28 September 1933, d. 20 June 2018
     Dr. Richard Lynn Kindy was born on 28 September 1933 at Burbank, Los Angeles Co., CA. He was the son of Virgil Ross Kindy and Grace Gladys Forney. Dr. Richard Lynn Kindy married Marilyn Loraine Goodell, daughter of Donald Bitney Goodell and Zelma Pearl Irvin, on 29 January 1955 at Tulare Co., CA. Dr. Richard Lynn Kindy began military service in 1957 U.S. Army, drafted, served two years in Germany. He died on 20 June 2018 at Visalia, Tulare Co., CA, at age 84

Obituary -- Visalia Times Delta, Visalia, California; Saturday, 23 JUN 2018; p.A4 (

Dr. Richard Lynn Kindy

VISALIA -- Richard was born in Burbank, California to Virgil and Grace Kindy on Sept. 28, 1933. He passed away on Wednesday, June 20, 2018 in Visalia. In 1944 his family moved to Visalia, where Richard attended Elbow Creek and Visalia Union High School. After graduation in 1951, he attended COS for 3 years before being accepted to the USC school of Dentistry. During Dental School he married the Love of his life, Marilyn Goodell, on January 29, 1955. In 1957 he was drafted into the US Army. He served two years in Germany. In 1960 he and Marilyn moved back to Visalia to start his dental practice. He loved dentistry and his patients. He retired after 40 years of conscientious care to his community.

Richard's number one love was the Lord Jesus Christ. A close second was his "Bride" Marilyn. The two of them joined in ministry to teach on marriage every chance they had. He was also an elder and teacher at Ivanhoe Presbyterian Church and Saviors Community Church for many years.

After his bride passed in death 2001, he concentrated on the ministry's he could. His biggest mission was to pray for his kids, grandkids and great grandkids. He would call weekly asking what he could pray for.

Richard is preceded in death by his parents, his sister Kay Hannah, and wife Marilyn. He is survived by this children, Ronda Mills; Brad, Lori Riggins; Rich, Steve Kindy; Laurie, 9 grandchildren and 15 great grandchildren.

A casual Celebration of Life will be held Tues. June 26th at 10:00 am at Radiant Church Visalia, 515 E. Center Ave., Visalia, CA.

In lieu of flowers please consider a donation to the Mission Fund at Radiant Church.

Tributes and condolences may be made at

Arrangements entrusted to Miller Memorial Chapel, 1120 W. Goshen Ave., Visalia, CA.

He was buried in June 2018 at Visalia Public Cemetery, Visalia, Tulare Co., CA, Findagrave #209706869.

Virgil Ross Kindy

M, b. 13 February 1904, d. 5 March 1951
     Virgil Ross Kindy was born on 13 February 1904 at Elkhart, Elkhart Co., IN, WW II draft registration.1 He was the son of Rev. Clement Claypool Kindy and Sarah Jane Zimmerman.1 Virgil Ross Kindy married Grace Gladys Forney, daughter of Rev. Daniel Long Forney and Anna Marie Shull, on 27 November 1927 at La Verne, Los Angeles Co., CA. Virgil Ross Kindy lived on 14 February 1942 at 364 West Linden Avenue, Burbank, Los Angeles Co., CA, school teacher at John Muir Junior High School, per WW II draft registration. He died on 5 March 1951 at Tulare Co., CA, at age 47

Obituary -- Visalia Times-Delta (Visalia, California); Thursday, 08 March 1951; Page 9; (

Final Services For Virgil Kindy Held

Final rites for Virgil Ross Kindy. 47, Visalia Junior High School principal who died Monday at his home near Ivanhoe were held yesterday in Brooks Funeral Home, the Rev. Theodore Parker Smith and the Rev. Glenn Elwin Peters officiating.

Cremation followed in Fresno.

Mr. Kindy, a native of Elkhart, Ind., came to Visalia in 1945 as a coordinator in the Tulare county schools office. He later became associated with the city schools system and took charge of the junior high school when it was organized last fall.

A veteran educator, he spent several years in the southland before coming to Visalia.

His widow, Mrs. Grace Kindy, and two children survive.

He was buried in March 1951 at Three Rivers Cemetery, Three Rivers, Tulare Co., CA, Findagrave #23333745.

Children of Virgil Ross Kindy and Grace Gladys Forney


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Sophie H. Kinefsky

F, b. circa 1903
     Sophie H. Kinefsky was born circa 1903 at Cleveland, Cuyahoga Co., OH.1 Occupation: Model, per 1922 Cleveland city directory in 1922. She married Ralph Eugene Wilcox, son of Louis Wilcox and Minerva Flynn, on 14 August 1922 at Cuyahoga Co., OH.
Note: Information per Cuyahoga County Marriage Records, license application no. 171216 dated 10 AUG 1922. Parents listed as John and Isabel (Siskinsky) Kinesky. Ceremony by Rev. John F. McInerny. The correct spelling of the surname appears to have been "Kiniewsky", as per the 1910 census, but was "Kinefsky" on the 1920 census and 1922 Cleveland city directory. Her brother Raymond is listed as "Kinesky" in the Social Security records. No further information about her found after 1922. Ralph remarried in 1924 to June Ackroyd. DLB 2020.


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(?) King

     (?) King married Susan Pearce, daughter of John Pearce and Mary T. Hale, SEE THE NOTE FOR ORVILLE STARR.

Child of (?) King and Susan Pearce

Alfred Earl King1

M, b. 20 July 1919, d. 3 May 1990
     Alfred Earl King was born on 20 July 1919 at Brogan, Malheur Co., OR.1 He was the son of Charles Alfred King and Mary Ellen Holmes.1 Alfred Earl King lived on 3 April 1930 at Mother Jewel's Children's Home, York, York Co., NE.2 He began military service on 6 April 1942 WW II service, enlisted, U.S. Navy, discharged 9 NOV 1945. He died on 3 May 1990 at Sacramento Co., CA, at age 70.


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Alice King

F, b. 1890
     Alice King was born in 1890 at Illinois. She was the daughter of George W. King and Annie May Stuff. Alice King lived in 1910 at Rockford, Winnebago Co., IL.

Alice King

     Alice King was the daughter of Moses King and Mary Elizabeth Gilbert. Alice King married James Coster, son of Nathan Coster and Harriet Farrbee.

Child of Alice King and James Coster