Wiley Alexander Myers

M, b. 22 December 1843, d. 28 April 1909
     Wiley Alexander Myers was born on 22 December 1843 at North Carolina. He married Clementine Lucinda Douthat, daughter of James Henry Douthat and Rebecca Jane Windle, on 12 September 1880 at Glade Creek, Alleghany Co., NC, Letter dated February 8, 1932 to Mr. James W. Baker Winchester VA from law offices of Borton and Melson:

"...that William and Margaret Anne Windle's daughter, Rebecca J. Douthat, had a daughter Clementine who married a Wiley Myers, and that this Wiley Myers was a man of considerable prominence in Southwestern Virginia some twenty or thirty years."

Wiley Alexander Myers died on 28 April 1909 at Hattiesburg, Forrest Co., MS, at age 65.

Children of Wiley Alexander Myers and Clementine Lucinda Douthat

William Myers

     William Myers married Mary Belle Sesser, daughter of Isaac Sesser and Alice Harriet Hawkins.

Child of William Myers and Mary Belle Sesser

William E. Myers

M, b. December 1859, d. before 1930
     William E. Myers was born in December 1859 at Iowa 1900 census, Iowa County, Marengo Twp., p.144A. Father born Ohio, mother born Iowa. He married Ada Frances Larimore, daughter of Robert Allen Larimore and Caroline A. Wright, at IA. William E. Myers died before 1930 at Marengo, Iowa Co., IA.

Children of William E. Myers and Ada Frances Larimore

William H. Myers

M, b. 1868, d. 11 May 1895
     William H. Myers married Mary Shanks. William H. Myers was born in 1868 at Camp Creek Twp., Pike Co., OH. He was the son of John R. Myers and Mary Jane Johnson. William H. Myers died on 11 May 1895 at Newton Twp., Pike Co., OH.

Child of William H. Myers and Mary Shanks

Dr. William Morris Myers

M, b. 21 February 1869
     Dr. William Morris Myers was born on 21 February 1869 at Crab Orchard, Lincoln Co., KY. He married Pearl Honor Wilson, daughter of Joseph Murray Wilson and Harriet E. Gipson, on 30 October 1900 at Thorntown, Boone Co., IN.

Child of Dr. William Morris Myers and Pearl Honor Wilson

William Ralston Myers

M, b. 17 July 1896, d. 1 April 1914
     William Ralston Myers was born on 17 July 1896 at Sherrett, Armstrong Co., PA. He was the son of John A. Myers and Ida Laura McClay. William Ralston Myers died on 1 April 1914 at Cowansville, Armstrong Co., PA, at age 17.

William W. Myers1

M, b. circa 1872
     William W. Myers was born circa 1872 at Richland or Franklin Co., OH.1 He was the son of John Wesley Myers and Theodosia R. Morris.1


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Willie P. E. Myers

M, b. 26 October 1889, d. 15 August 1891
     Willie P. E. Myers was born on 26 October 1889 at Wytheville, Wythe Co., VA. He was the son of Wiley Alexander Myers and Clementine Lucinda Douthat. Willie P. E. Myers died on 15 August 1891 at Wytheville, Wythe Co., VA, at age 1.

Wilma Rachel Myers

F, d. 1974
     Wilma Rachel Myers was born. She was the daughter of William E. Myers and Ada Frances Larimore. Wilma Rachel Myers lived in 1930 at Columbus, Franklin Co., OH. She married George Daniel Shellabarger, son of Albert Dorvan Shellabarger and Olive Frances Good, in 1937 at Columbus, Franklin Co., OH. Wilma Rachel Myers died in 1974 at Montgomery Co., OH.

Child of Wilma Rachel Myers and George Daniel Shellabarger


F, b. circa January 1860, d. before 23 July 1870
     Myers was born circa January 1860 at Boyle Co., KY.1 She was the daughter of Dr. John M. Meyer and Mary Reed McDowell.1 Myers died before 23 July 1870 at Boyle Co., KY.


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Audrey O. Myler

F, b. 1901, d. 1999
     Audrey O. Myler married Theodore Ernest Simcox, son of William Jasper Simcox and Arminda Lou Smith. Audrey O. Myler was born in 1901. She died in 1999.

Catherine Myley

     Catherine Myley married David Miller.

Child of Catherine Myley and David Miller

Ollie May Mynatt

     Ollie May Mynatt married Edward Franklin Zimmerman, son of William Henry Zimmerman and Martha Elizabeth Tucker, on 10 June 1917.

William Mynatt

     William Mynatt married Nellie Mildred Zimmerman, daughter of William Henry Zimmerman and Martha Elizabeth Tucker, on 29 November 1917.

Eunice P. Myrick1

F, b. 31 March 1838
     Eunice P. Myrick was born on 31 March 1838 at Iowa.1 She married Elijah Franklin Sandy on 2 November 1876.

Child of Eunice P. Myrick and Elijah Franklin Sandy


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James Vanlandingham Myrick

     James Vanlandingham Myrick married Leta Lee Burt.

Child of James Vanlandingham Myrick and Leta Lee Burt

Mabel Ernestine Myrick

F, b. 8 March 1900, d. 12 April 1983
     Mabel Ernestine Myrick was born on 8 March 1900 at Crisp, Ellis Co., TX. She was the daughter of James Vanlandingham Myrick and Leta Lee Burt. Mabel Ernestine Myrick married Edward James Anderson Jr., son of Edward James Anderson and Annetta Mae Payne. Mabel Ernestine Myrick died on 12 April 1983 at age 83.

Children of Mabel Ernestine Myrick and Edward James Anderson Jr.

Maria Möller

F, b. 31 October 1890
     Maria Möller was born on 31 October 1890 at Niederkalbach / Fulda, Germany. She married Gustav Munzinger, son of Johann Philipp Munzinger and Elisabeth Katharina Krück, on 2 June 1938 at Frankfurt am Main, Germany.

Leonard Mömma

M, b. circa 2 October 1694, d. July 1770
     Leonard Mömma was born circa 2 October 1694 at Stolberg, Nordrhein-Westfalen. He married Juliana (?) circa 1722. Leonard Mömma died in July 1770 at Lancaster Co., PA.

Child of Leonard Mömma and Juliana (?)

Markus Mösch

     Markus Mösch married Barbara Sütterlin.

Child of Markus Mösch and Barbara Sütterlin

Marcus Möschlin

     Marcus Möschlin was the son of Markus Mösch and Barbara Sütterlin. Marcus Möschlin married Anna Maria Bürgin, daughter of Johannes Michael Bürge and Rosina Catharina Bollschweiler, on 9 January 1787 at Rümmingen bei Lörrach, Baden, Germany.

Edelbert Mühlhaupt1

     Edelbert Mühlhaupt married Elisabeth Scheurer, daughter of Wilhelm Scheurer and Elise Ziegler, one son and one daughter.1

Adam Müller

     Adam Müller married Anna Marie Höh.

Child of Adam Müller and Anna Marie Höh

Adam Müller1

M, b. 17 February 1815, d. 27 June 1819
     Adam Müller was born on 17 February 1815 at "Haus Hannikels NM", Gerhardsbrunn, Palatinate.1 He was the son of Nikolaus Müller and Anna Marie Munzinger.1 Adam Müller died on 27 June 1819 at "Haus Hannikels NM", Gerhardsbrunn, Palatinate, at age 4.1


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Adam Müller1

M, b. 27 April 1822
     Adam Müller was born on 27 April 1822 at "Haus Hannikels NM", Gerhardsbrunn, Palatinate.1 He was the son of Nikolaus Müller and Anna Marie Munzinger.1 Adam Müller married Appolonia Hühnerberger in 1844.1


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Adolph Müller

M, b. 4 March 1836, d. 28 April 1906
     Occupation: Landwirt und Bürgermeister in Gerhardsbrunn. Adolph Müller was born on 4 March 1836 at Gerhardsbrunn, Palatinate. He married Amalie Munzinger, daughter of Michel Munzinger and Margarethe Wagner. Adolph Müller died on 28 April 1906 at Gerhardsbrunn, Rhein-Pfalz, Germany, at age 70.

Andreas Müller1

     Andreas Müller married Anna Barbara Scheurer, daughter of Melchior Scheurer and Anna Maria Glückh, on 14 October 1710 at Sersheim, Württemberg, Germany.1

Anna Müller

F, b. 28 August 1880, d. 18 August 1948
     Anna Müller was born on 28 August 1880 at Bad Kreuznach, Germany. She married Carl Peter Munzinger, son of Jakob Munzinger and Karoline Metzger, on 8 April 1904 at Trippstadt bei Bad Kreuznach, Germany. Anna Müller died on 18 August 1948 at Wiesbaden, Hessen, Germany, at age 67.

Anna Müller

F, b. 10 December 1915, d. 30 June 2003
     Anna Müller was born on 10 December 1915 at Bildstock, Saarland, Germany. She married Wilhelm Munzinger, son of Wilhelm Munzinger and Anna Albert, on 28 August 1937 at Friedrichsthal, Germany. Anna Müller died on 30 June 2003 at Waldmohr, Rhein-Pfalz, Germany, at age 87.

Anna Barbara Müller1,2

F, b. 1723, d. 1 March 1812
     Anna Barbara Müller was born in 1723 at Gerhardsbrunn, Palatinate. She was the daughter of Michael Müller and Elisabeth Feick. Anna Barbara Müller married Johann Adam Munzinger, son of Philip Munzinger and Anna Margaretha Schneider, on 3 April 1742 at Wiesbach, Palatinate, Germany. Anna Barbara Müller died on 1 March 1812 at Bruchmühlbach, Palatinate (now Rhein-Pfalz), Germany.

Children of Anna Barbara Müller and Johann Adam Munzinger


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