William A. Badger1

M, b. 10 August 1878
     William A. Badger was born on 10 August 1878 at Adel, Dallas Co., IA.1 He was the son of Watson Badger and Annie Laura Emmert.1 William A. Badger married Isabel Jenkins, daughter of James Jenkins and Mary (?), on 25 December 1899, Ceremony by Rev. D. E. Brubaker.1

Children of William A. Badger and Isabel Jenkins


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Katharina Baechle

     Katharina Baechle married Michael Blinn.

Child of Katharina Baechle and Michael Blinn

Nancy Baechtel

F, b. 10 April 1796, d. 30 April 1872
     Nancy Baechtel was born on 10 April 1796 at Maryland. She married Rev. Martin Stoner, son of John Stoner and Elizabeth Barr, on 31 January 1814 at Washington Co., MD. Nancy Baechtel died on 30 April 1872 at Waynesboro, Franklin Co., PA, at age 76. She was buried in May 1872 at Waynesboro, Franklin Co., PA.

Child of Nancy Baechtel and Rev. Martin Stoner

(?) Baer

     (?) Baer married Wolfgang Neukommet, son of Peter Neukommet and Katharina Blaser, circa 1740.

Anna Baer

     Anna Baer married Michael Schenk, son of Michael Schenk and Anna Stauffer, circa 1693.

Children of Anna Baer and Michael Schenk

Anna Baer

F, b. 2 April 1752, d. 4 August 1804
     Anna Baer was born on 2 April 1752. She married John Lehman in 1770. Anna Baer died on 4 August 1804 at age 52.

Child of Anna Baer and John Lehman

Barbara Baer

     Barbara Baer married Samuel B. Myers, son of Johannes Myers and Susanna Bechtel, after 1867.

Catherine Baer

     Catherine Baer married Samuel Stoner.

Child of Catherine Baer and Samuel Stoner

Elizabeth Baer

     Elizabeth Baer married Christian Newcomer, son of Wolfgang Neukommet and Elizabeth Mandelin Weber, on 31 March 1770 at Lancaster Co., PA.

Elizabeth Baer

F, b. November 1902, d. 18 October 1928
     Elizabeth Baer was born in November 1902. She married Charles F. Stouffer, son of Franklin K. Stouffer and Cora B. Atchison. Elizabeth Baer died on 18 October 1928 at Jasper Co., MO, at age 25.

John Baer

     John Baer married Anna Eschelman.

Child of John Baer and Anna Eschelman

Magdaline Baer

     Magdaline Baer married Samuel B. Myers, son of Johannes Myers and Susanna Bechtel, on 10 October 1844.

Children of Magdaline Baer and Samuel B. Myers

Margarethe Baer

     Margarethe Baer married Jacob Swartz on 9 June 1702 at Evangelische Kirche, Essingen, Jagstkreis, Württemberg, Germany.

Child of Margarethe Baer and Jacob Swartz

Martin Baer

M, b. 26 February 1753
     Martin Baer was born on 26 February 1753. He was the son of John Baer and Anna Eschelman. Martin Baer married Catherine Hershey, daughter of Andrew H. Hershey and Magdalena Baughman. Martin Baer died at East Pennsboro Twp., Cumberland Co., PA.

Martin Baer

     Martin Baer married Magdalena Eby, daughter of John Joseph Eby and Magdalena Stauffer, circa 1790.

Veronica Baer

     Veronica Baer was also known as Frena. She married Benjamin Hershey, son of Andrew Hershey and Maria Schnebele.

Children of Veronica Baer and Benjamin Hershey

Fred W. Baerg

     Fred W. Baerg married Etta Margret Luty.

Child of Fred W. Baerg and Etta Margret Luty

Royce Duane Baerg

M, b. 8 July 1928, d. 22 September 2003
     Royce Duane Baerg was born on 8 July 1928 at McPherson, McPherson Co., KS. He was the son of Fred W. Baerg and Etta Margret Luty. Royce Duane Baerg died on 22 September 2003 at Riley Co. (probably), KS, at age 75. He was buried in September 2003 at Inman North Cemetery, Inman, McPherson Co., KS.

Josephina Baes

     Josephina Baes married Juan Casillas.

Child of Josephina Baes and Juan Casillas

Wilhelmina Baessler1

F, b. circa 1907
     Wilhelmina Baessler was also known as "Wilma". She was born circa 1907 at Illinois.1

Child of Wilhelmina Baessler


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Grace Bagby

     Grace Bagby was the daughter of Jonathan Bagby and Martha Starr.

Jonathan Bagby

M, b. 16 June 1836, d. 12 July 1917
     Jonathan Bagby was buried at Grangeville Cemetery, Lemoore, Kings Co., CA. He was born on 16 June 1836. He married Martha Starr, daughter of Jabez Starr and Jane Gregory, on 8 December 1867 at Jasper Co., IA. Jonathan Bagby died on 12 July 1917 at Lemoore, Kings Co., CA, at age 81.

Child of Jonathan Bagby and Martha Starr

Priscilla Courtney Bagby

F, b. 18 May 1818, d. 21 June 1858
     Priscilla Courtney Bagby was born on 18 May 1818 at Stevensville, King and Queen Co., VA. She married Joseph Ryland on 16 December 1835. Priscilla Courtney Bagby died on 21 June 1858 at age 40.

Child of Priscilla Courtney Bagby and Joseph Ryland

Dessie Mae Baggerly

     Dessie Mae Baggerly married William Henry Trusty in March 1916 at Floyd Co., IN.

Child of Dessie Mae Baggerly and William Henry Trusty

Laura Bagley

F, d. 1969
     Laura Bagley married Hock Smith. Laura Bagley died in 1969.

Child of Laura Bagley and Hock Smith

Mathilda H. Bagley

F, b. 21 March 1920, d. 14 November 2008
     Mathilda H. Bagley was born on 21 March 1920. She married Jesse John Tubbs, son of Winfield Scott Hancock Tubbs and Rebecca Jerletta Chapman, on 9 August 1942 at Council Bluffs, Pottawattamie Co., IA. Mathilda H. Bagley died on 14 November 2008 at Scott Co. (probably), IA, at age 88 dates per SSDI, last residence Bettendorf.

Virginia Bagley1

F, b. circa 1837, d. circa 1888
     Virginia Bagley was born circa 1837 at Arkansas.1 She married David John Snapp, son of Harrison Galifant Snapp and Emily D. Parry, circa 1867.1 Virginia Bagley died circa 1888 at Tom Bean, Grayson Co., TX.

Children of Virginia Bagley and David John Snapp


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Charles Frederick Bahne

M, b. 18 September 1906, d. 10 January 1977
     Occupation: Banker. Charles Frederick Bahne married Pearl Elizabeth Swarens, daughter of John Martin Swarens and Emma Pearl Stevens. Charles Frederick Bahne was born on 18 September 1906. He died on 10 January 1977 at age 70.

Arthur Winston Bahns

M, b. 21 December 1944, d. 20 December 1946
     Arthur Winston Bahns was born on 21 December 1944 at Ohio. He was the son of Lois Dolphin. Arthur Winston Bahns died on 20 December 1946 at Ohio at age 1.

David Baier1

M, b. circa 1836
     David Baier married Ernestine (?).1 David Baier was born circa 1836 at Germany.1

Child of David Baier and Ernestine (?)


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