William F. Lewis

M, b. 12 February 1909, d. 30 July 1985
     William F. Lewis was born on 12 February 1909. He began military service on 3 April 1941 at Detroit, Wayne Co., MI, WW II service, enlisted, U.S. Army, PFC. He married Edna A. Thomas, daughter of Rolandus Monroe Thomas and Hannah Viola Fulk, on 27 July 1948 at Indiana, Ancestry.com. Indiana, Marriages, 1810-2001 [database on-line]. William F. Lewis died on 30 July 1985 at age 76. He was buried in August 1985 at Montrose Cemetery, Montrose, Genesee Co., MI, Findagrave #13738138.

William H. Lewis1

     William H. Lewis married Hannah (?).1

Child of William H. Lewis and Hannah (?)


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Wilma Fern Lewis

F, b. 8 January 1913, d. 1 June 2003
     Wilma Fern Lewis was born on 8 January 1913. She married Lester E. Moore. Wilma Fern Lewis died on 1 June 2003 at age 90. She was buried in June 2003 at Great Bend Cemetery, Great Bend, Barton Co., KS, Findagrave #78649216.

Child of Wilma Fern Lewis and Lester E. Moore

Wilson Kohen Lewis

M, b. 26 June 1839, d. 29 February 1904
     Wilson Kohen Lewis was born on 26 June 1839 at Madison Co., AR. He married Sarah Lucinda Foster in March 1876 at Washington Co., AR. Wilson Kohen Lewis died on 29 February 1904 at Walnut Shade, Taney Co., MO, at age 64.

Children of Wilson Kohen Lewis and Sarah Lucinda Foster

Winslow Lewis Jr.

M, b. 25 March 1937, d. 21 September 2012
     Winslow Lewis Jr. was born on 25 March 1937. He died on 21 September 2012 at age 75.

Winslow Thomas Lewis

M, b. 9 February 1865, d. 8 August 1943
     Winslow Thomas Lewis was born on 9 February 1865 at Winton, Ontario, Canada. He married Florence Virginia Fray, daughter of Joseph E. Fray and Frances Keturah Rosenberger, on 1 August 1902 at Washington, District of Columbia. Winslow Thomas Lewis died on 8 August 1943 at San Diego, San Diego Co., CA, at age 78.

Child of Winslow Thomas Lewis and Florence Virginia Fray


F, b. 2 February 1898, d. 2 February 1898
     Lewis died on 2 February 1898.1 She was born on 2 February 1898.1 She was the daughter of Leonard Lewis and Minnie Irene Miller.1


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James Russell Lexau

M, b. 5 September 1929, d. 15 June 2017
     James Russell Lexau was born on 5 September 1929 at Minneapolis, Hennepin Co., MN. He died on 15 June 2017 at Salem, Marion Co., OR, at age 87 Obituary (Findagrave.com):

James R. Lexau Sr.
September 5, 1929 - June 15, 2017

Salem Oregon - Jim Lexau Sr. passed away peacefully on the morning of June 15th in Salem, Oregon.

Born in Minneapolis, MN, he was the third of four children of James Christopher and Rose Lexau. The family moved to southern California in 1937 and as a young man Jim enlisted in the Navy and served in the Korean Conflict.

He was honorably discharged in 1952 and settled in Canoga Park, California where he worked for Douglas Aircraft.

Jim married Angela Perks in 1957 and they were soon joined by three children. The family moved to Herald, California where their youngest son was born in 1963. Jim worked for the Civil Service in those years and the family ran a small 30 acre farm.

In 1978 he married Violet Mettler and gained a stepson. Jim and Vi moved to Lebanon, Oregon in 2005 where they lived in the country and enjoyed traveling in their motorhome and fishing throughout the west.

Jim is survived by his children: Lani Perman, James Russell Lexau Jr., Kelly Allman and Robert Lexau; stepson, Steven Nichols; nine grandchildren and 19 great-grandchildren.

Donations to Hospice may be made in lieu of flowers.

A memorial service will be held at 1pm at Our Savior Lutheran Church, Salem, Oregon, Saturday July 1, 2017.

Published in Statesman Journal on June 25, 2017.

He was buried in June 2017 at Cherokee Memorial Park, Lodi, San Joaquin Co., CA, Findagrave #180915019.

Heinrich Leyser

     Heinrich Leyser married Maria Elisabetha Buhles, daughter of Johann Theobald Buhles and Maria Elisabetha Krick, on 22 June 1808.

Mildred Lhotak

F, b. March 1910, d. 23 September 1983
     Mildred Lhotak was born in March 1910 at Illinois.1,2 She married Howard Thomas Ehret. Mildred Lhotak died on 23 September 1983 at Cook Co., IL, at age 73.

Child of Mildred Lhotak and Howard Thomas Ehret


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Shelby Rae Libal

F, b. 28 December 1986
     Shelby Rae Libal was born on 28 December 1986 at Seoul, Republic of Korea. She died died in infancy.

Donald Libbey1

     Donald Libbey married Inez Marie Biderlinden, daughter of William Biderlinden and Ella May Stover, on 11 December 1922.1


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Cecil Homer Libby1

M, b. 14 December 1903, d. 20 February 1985
     Cecil Homer Libby was born on 14 December 1903 at Marion Co. (probably), OR.1 He was the son of Frank Eugene Libby and Blanche M. Adams.1 Cecil Homer Libby died on 20 February 1985 at Jefferson, Marion Co., OR, at age 81 dates per SSDI, last residence Jefferson.


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Frank Eugene Libby1

M, b. 30 July 1860
     Frank Eugene Libby was born on 30 July 1860 at Missouri.1 He married Blanche M. Adams on 27 July 1893.1

Child of Frank Eugene Libby and Blanche M. Adams


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Henry Libecap

M, b. circa 1824
     Henry Libecap married Christina (?). Henry Libecap was born circa 1824 at Ohio.

Child of Henry Libecap and Christina (?)

Henry Alfred Libecap

M, b. circa 1857
     Henry Alfred Libecap was born circa 1857. He was the son of Henry Libecap and Christina (?) Henry Alfred Libecap married Laura M. Gebhart, daughter of Elias Gebhart and Elizabeth Rebecca Gebhart, on 1 July 1880 at Montgomery Co., OH.

Susan Libes

     Susan Libes married Laurens Bledsoe.

Child of Susan Libes and Laurens Bledsoe

Anna Maria Lichleider

F, b. 1789, d. 1875
     Anna Maria Lichleider was born in 1789 at Virginia.1 She married Jacob Stroup on 27 November 1810 at Shenandoah Co., VA. Anna Maria Lichleider died in 1875 at White Oak Twp., Highland Co., OH.1 She was buried in 1875 at Union Cemeter, Taylorsville, Highland Co., OH, Findagrave #169554072.

Child of Anna Maria Lichleider and Jacob Stroup


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Elizabeth Lichliter1

F, b. circa 1838
     Elizabeth Lichliter was born circa 1838 at VA.1 She married Samuel D. Windle, son of Branson Wendel and Elizabeth Baker, circa 1867 at Shenandoah Co. (probably), VA.1

Children of Elizabeth Lichliter and Samuel D. Windle


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Laura Ann Lichlyter1

F, b. December 1873, d. 1958
     Laura Ann Lichlyter was born in December 1873 at Arkansas.1 She married Elmer F. Rice on 6 March 1892 at Washington Co., AR. Laura Ann Lichlyter died in 1958. She was buried in 1958 at Bluff Cemetery, Springdale, Washington Co., AR, Findagrave #27797029.

Child of Laura Ann Lichlyter and Elmer F. Rice


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Isaac Licht

     Occupation: Erbbeständer auf der Lemberger Glashütte.

Child of Isaac Licht

Sophia Christina Friedrike Licht

     Sophia Christina Friedrike Licht was the daughter of Isaac Licht. Sophia Christina Friedrike Licht married Johann Wilhelm Faulhaber, son of Johann Wilhelm Faulhaber and Anna Elisabetha Weber, on 23 May 1787 at Pirmasens, Palatinate.

Children of Sophia Christina Friedrike Licht and Johann Wilhelm Faulhaber

A. W. Lichty1

     A. W. Lichty married Evaline (?).1

Child of A. W. Lichty and Evaline (?)


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Dale Eugene Lichty

M, b. 14 April 1921
     Dale Eugene Lichty was born on 14 April 1921.1 He married Eloise Marie McKnight, daughter of John D. McKnight and Verna Ruth Long, on 20 August 1944 at Quinter, Gove Co., KS, Church of the Brethren. Dale Eugene Lichty lived in 1979 at McPherson, McPherson Co., KS.


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Emma Lichty

F, b. 13 November 1863, d. 13 July 1915
     Emma Lichty was born on 13 November 1863.1 She was the daughter of John M. Lichty and Amy Buechly. Emma Lichty married Benjamin F. Puterbaugh, son of Elder David B. Puterbaugh and Catherine Miller.1 Emma Lichty died on 13 July 1915 at age 51.1

Children of Emma Lichty and Benjamin F. Puterbaugh


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John M. Lichty

     John M. Lichty married Amy Buechly.

Child of John M. Lichty and Amy Buechly

Nona Lichty1

F, b. 1 March 1892
     Nona Lichty was born on 1 March 1892.1 She was the daughter of A. W. Lichty and Evaline (?)1 Nona Lichty married Dale E. Wagner, son of Ernest M. Wagner and Rosa L. Morrison, on 11 May 1908, No children as of 1926.1


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Susan Lichty1

     Susan Lichty married William Nieman.

Child of Susan Lichty and William Nieman


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U. Milton Lichty

M, d. before April 1910
     U. Milton Lichty married Ella N. Arnold, daughter of Jacob Arnold and Elizabeth Stitzel, on 7 November 1889 at Carroll Co., IL, Illinois Statewide Marriage Index 1763 - 1900:

LICHTY, U MILTON ARNOLD, ELLA N CARROLL 11/07/1889 B/ 91 3607. U. Milton Lichty died before April 1910.

Child of U. Milton Lichty and Ella N. Arnold


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Vivian Lichty1

F, b. circa 1903
     Vivian Lichty was born circa 1903 at Illinois.1 She was the daughter of U. Milton Lichty and Ella N. Arnold.1


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