Morton L. Montgomery1

M, b. 10 November 1846
     Morton L. Montgomery lived at Reading, Berks Co., PA. He was born on 10 November 1846.1 He was the son of John Leonard Montgomery and Catharine Rush.2 Morton L. Montgomery married Mary Florence Bush, daughter of Dr. Andrew Bush and Mary A. Baugh, in 1874.1

Child of Morton L. Montgomery and Mary Florence Bush


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Ozena Faye Montgomery

F, b. 7 August 1921
     Ozena Faye Montgomery was born on 7 August 1921 at Corydon, Harrison Co., IN. She was the daughter of Warden Rice and Jacie Binkley. Ozena Faye Montgomery married Oliver Steward Rainbolt, son of Alford Zenora Rainbolt and Anna Medora Crecelius, on 3 June 1939 at New Albany, Floyd Co., IN.

Robert Elbe Montgomery

M, b. 26 June 1941, d. 21 October 2009
     Robert Elbe Montgomery was born on 26 June 1941. He died on 21 October 2009 at Midland, Cllinton Co., OH, at age 68.

Child of Robert Elbe Montgomery

Ryan Wesley Montgomery

M, b. 16 August 1984, d. 5 October 2005
     Ryan Wesley Montgomery was born on 16 August 1984 at Ohio. He was the son of Robert Elbe Montgomery. Ryan Wesley Montgomery lived in October 2005 at Blanchester, Clinton Co., OH. He died on 5 October 2005 at Ohio at age 21.

Stella Huggins Montgomery

F, b. 23 November 1881, d. 22 June 1959
     Stella Huggins Montgomery was born on 23 November 1881 at Petersburg, Menard Co., IL. She married Corbin Marquand Sarchet, son of Solomon Bichard Sarchet and Rosanna Hutchison, on 1 September 1900 at Guthrie, Logan Co., OK. Stella Huggins Montgomery died on 22 June 1959 at age 77. She was buried in June 1959 at Odd Fellows Cemetery, Ponca City, Kay Co., OK, Findagrave #83475192.

Theodore Montgomery

M, b. circa 1885
     Theodore Montgomery was born circa 1885 at Missouri. He married Edna L. Dye, daughter of Fred E. Dye and Elgie E. Knickerbocker, circa 1914 at Elk Co. (probably), KS, no children living as of 1930 census.

Thomas Montgomery1

     Thomas Montgomery married Mary B. Price, daughter of George Price and Elizabeth Smith, circa 1856.1

Child of Thomas Montgomery and Mary B. Price


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Thomas Garrett Montgomery1

M, b. 23 November 1853, d. 21 November 1939
     Thomas Garrett Montgomery was born on 23 November 1853 at Menard Co., IL.1 He married Laura Virginia Bennett on 5 January 1875 at Lincoln, Logan Co., IL. Thomas Garrett Montgomery died on 21 November 1939 at Logan Co., IL, at age 85.

Child of Thomas Garrett Montgomery and Laura Virginia Bennett


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Willoughby Otis Montgomery

M, b. 27 September 1914, d. 26 September 1975
     Willoughby Otis Montgomery was born on 27 September 1914 at Evansville, Vanderburgh Co., IN. He was buried in 1975 at Indianapolis, Marion Co., IN. He died on 26 September 1975 at San Francisco, San Francisco Co., CA, at age 60.


M, b. 7 August 1932, d. 7 August 1932
     Montgomery died on 7 August 1932 at Cedar Co., MO. He was born on 7 August 1932 at Cedar Co., MO. He was the son of Clyde Thomas Montgomery and Mabel Jane Hopkins. Montgomery was buried in August 1932 at Lindley Prairie Cemetery, Bearcreek, Cedar Co., MO, Find A Grave Memorial# 157755186.

Mary Montonya

F, b. 1 May 1829, d. 22 April 1909
     Occupation: Homemaker. Mary Montonya was born on 1 May 1829 at Union Station, Licking Co., OH. She married Isaac Parson Larimore, son of James Larimore and Naomi Woolverton, on 16 November 1845. Mary Montonya was buried in 1909 at Hall Cemetery, Licking Co., OH. She died on 22 April 1909 at Lock, Licking Co., OH, at age 79.

Children of Mary Montonya and Isaac Parson Larimore

Susannah O. Montz1

F, b. 31 October 1822, d. 16 February 1870
     Susannah O. Montz was born on 31 October 1822 at Richland Co., OH.1 She married Peter Klair Mumma on 3 January 1839 at Lancaster Co., PA. Susannah O. Montz died on 16 February 1870 at Bluffton, Allen Co., OH, at age 47.

Child of Susannah O. Montz and Peter Klair Mumma


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Calvin Moody

     Calvin Moody married Mabel Fay Huddleston, daughter of Clarence J. Huddleston and Edith Kempton.

Elizabeth Moody

F, b. circa 1800
     Elizabeth Moody was born circa 1800 at North Carolina.1 She married Daniel Reel, son of John George Riehle and Catherine Snapp, on 20 February 1817.

Children of Elizabeth Moody and Daniel Reel


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Lela Mabel Moody

F, b. 1883, d. 24 October 1961
     Lela Mabel Moody married Kenneth Samuel Starr, son of Moses Wesley Starr and Emma Alice Wellsher. Lela Mabel Moody was born in 1883. She was buried in October 1961 at Greenwood Memorial Park, Spokane, Spokane Co., WA. She died on 24 October 1961.

Malinda Moody

     Malinda Moody married James C. Mills.

Child of Malinda Moody and James C. Mills

Malissa Ann Moody

F, b. 2 November 1845, d. 1 February 1908
     Malissa Ann Moody was born on 2 November 1845 at Ohio. She married Jesse Ball Hill circa 1868. Malissa Ann Moody died on 1 February 1908 at Jackson Twp., Vinton Co., OH, at age 62.

Child of Malissa Ann Moody and Jesse Ball Hill

Martha M. Moody

F, b. circa 1856
     Martha M. Moody was born circa 1856 at Tennessee.1 She was the daughter of Isaac DeVault and Mary Elizabeth Hannah.


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Mary Ellen Moody

F, b. 1 September 1880, d. 21 December 1957
     Mary Ellen Moody was born on 1 September 1880 at Texas. She married James Laury Davis on 23 February 1898 at Rosebud, Falls Co., TX. Mary Ellen Moody died on 21 December 1957 at Houston, Harris Co., TX, at age 77.

Child of Mary Ellen Moody and James Laury Davis

Michele D. Moody

F, b. 10 June 1963, d. 21 August 1999
     Michele D. Moody was born on 10 June 1963. She died on 21 August 1999 at age 36. She was buried in August 1999 at Montgomery City Cemetery, Montgomery City, Montgomery Co., MO.

Susan Moody1

F, b. 8 November 1880, d. 12 January 1918
     Susan Moody was born on 8 November 1880 at Tennessee.1 She married John Emory Rose, son of Jacob Rose and Martha A. Payne, circa 1898.1 Susan Moody died on 12 January 1918 at age 37. She was buried in January 1918 at New Bethel Cemetery, Piney Flats, Sullivan Co., TN.

Child of Susan Moody and John Emory Rose


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Vaughn Shannon Moody

M, b. 25 August 1966, d. 27 November 1966
     Vaughn Shannon Moody was born on 25 August 1966 at Columbia, Boone Co., MO. He died on 27 November 1966. He was buried in 1966 at Sunrise Memorial Garden, Montgomery City, Montgomery Co., MO.

Waldo L. Moody

M, b. 13 May 1905, d. 1 November 1982
     Waldo L. Moody was born on 13 May 1905. He married Nellie M. Wimpee, daughter of Virgil O. Minix and Phebie Vinson, in 1927. Waldo L. Moody died on 1 November 1982 at age 77. He was buried in November 1982 at Chapel Hill Memorial Gardens, Bowling Green, Warren Co., KY, Findagrave #147471778.

Alice E. Moomaw1

F, b. 15 February 1869
     Alice E. Moomaw was born on 15 February 1869 at Gaston, Delaware Co., IN.1 She was the daughter of Calvin F. Moomaw and Sarah N. Moomaw.1 Alice E. Moomaw married Rev. John William Miller on 23 December 1893, Ceremony by Rev.George L. Studebaker.1

Children of Alice E. Moomaw and Rev. John William Miller


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Alma Alice Moomaw1

F, b. 8 December 1875
     Alma Alice Moomaw was born on 8 December 1875.1 She was the daughter of John N. Moomaw and Sarah Fisher.1 Alma Alice Moomaw married Levi Leedy Garber, son of David L. Garber and Susan Leedy, on 16 July 1902.1

Children of Alma Alice Moomaw and Levi Leedy Garber


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Alma Frances Moomaw1

F, b. 12 November 1911
     Alma Frances Moomaw was born on 12 November 1911 at Greene Co., MO.1 She was the daughter of Homer Monroe Moomaw and Morda Harris.1


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Annie Moomaw1

F, b. 1 January 1883, d. 1883
     Annie Moomaw died in 1883 at Botetourt Co., VA.1 She was born on 1 January 1883 at Botetourt Co., VA.1 She was the daughter of Hon. Cephas B. Moomaw and Sarah Elizabeth Manges.1


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Arthur Fenton Moomaw1

M, b. 20 January 1878
     Arthur Fenton Moomaw was born on 20 January 1878.1 He was the son of Hiram Martin Moomaw and Mary M. Dale.1 Arthur Fenton Moomaw married Lottie D. Trogdon on 8 April 1906, Ceremony by Rev. Dr. John T. Bacon

No children.1 Arthur Fenton Moomaw lived in 1926 at 723 East Monroe Street, Springfield, Greene Co., MO.1


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Calvin F. Moomaw1

M, b. 13 October 1841, d. 8 September 1894
     Calvin F. Moomaw was Church of the Brethren.1 He was born on 13 October 1841 at Amsterdam, Botetourt Co., VA.1 He was the son of Joseph Moomaw and Mary Stover.1 Calvin F. Moomaw married Sarah N. Moomaw, daughter of Peter Moomaw and Celia Adams, on 27 February 1866.1 Calvin F. Moomaw died on 8 September 1894 at Gaston, Delaware Co., IN, at age 52.1

Children of Calvin F. Moomaw and Sarah N. Moomaw


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Catharine Lois Moomaw1

F, b. 5 November 1903
     Catharine Lois Moomaw was born on 5 November 1903.1 She was the daughter of Matthew Thomas Moomaw and Florence Edna Norris.1


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