Ferdinand Albert Wilhelm Schadewald

M, b. 25 January 1897, d. December 1977
     Ferdinand Albert Wilhelm Schadewald was born on 25 January 1897 at Michigan. He married Mary Della Hegy. Ferdinand Albert Wilhelm Schadewald died in December 1977 at Lenawee Co., MI, at age 80 Dates per SSDI, last residence Blissfield.

Friederike Schaefer1

F, b. circa 1886
     Friederike Schaefer was born circa 1886 at Odessa Dist., Russia.1 She married William J. Schmidt.1

Child of Friederike Schaefer and William J. Schmidt


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Gene Deahl Schaefer

M, b. 24 March 1921, d. 10 April 1994
     Gene Deahl Schaefer was born on 24 March 1921 at Piasa, Macoupin Co., IL. He was the son of Seaman Schaefer and Idella E. Powers. Gene Deahl Schaefer married Mary L. Kitzmiller, daughter of James Martin Kitzmiller and Josephine Ellen Cullen.
Note: NEWSPAPER ARTICLE - Alton Evening Telegraph; Alton, Illinois; Tuesday, October 4, 1955, Page 8

Mrs. Kitzmiller is Feted With Party
Mrs. William Kemper Jr. [Patricia Ann (Smith) Kemper], of Richmond Heights, Mo., was hostess at a shower Saturday evening at the home of Mrs. Charlotte Kemper [Charlotte Martha "Lottie" (Kitzmiller) Kemper] in Medora, honoring Mrs. Martin Kitzmiller [Mary M. (Denby) Kitzmiller].
Games were played, prizes going to Mrs. D. W. Voorhees [Helen (Auld) Ames Voorhees], Mrs. Martin Kitzmiller [Mary M. (Denby) Kitzmiller] and Mrs. Mary White. Refreshments were served.
Pink and blue was the color scheme carried out in the decorations. A minature bassinet of blue, trimmed in pink, centered the gift table. Favors were miniture cradles filled with nuts and candies.
Present were: Mrs. J. M. Kitzmiller [Josephine E. (Cullen) Kitzmiller], Mrs. Gene Schaefer [Mary L. (Kitzmiller) Schaefer], Mrs. J. M. Peebles [Nellie B. (McCrellis) Peebles], Mrs. Mary White, Mrs. D. W. Voorhees [Mary Electa (Kitzmiller) Voorhees], Mrs. Ed Tonsor [Virginia Maxine (Denby) Tonsor], Mrs. Martin Kitzmiller [Mary M. (Denby) Kitzmiller], Mrs. William Kemper Sr. [Florence Eileen "Eileen" (Peebles)], Mrs. Charlotte Kemper [Charlotte Martha "Lottie" (Kitzmiller) Kemper] and Mrs. William Kemper Jr. [Patricia Ann (Smith) Kemper].

Gene Deahl Schaefer died on 10 April 1994 at age 73 The State Journal-Register; Springfield, Illinois; Monday, April 11, 1994

Gene D. Schaefer MEDORA -- Gene D. Schaefer, 73, of Medora died at 10:37 a.m. Sunday at Alton Memorial Hospital.
Services will be at 10:30 a.m. Wednesday at Targhetta Funeral Home in Medora. Burial will be in Medora Cemetery.
Surviving are his wife, Mary; daughter, Sally Jo Baron of Miami, Fla; two sons, Mark and Marcus Schaefer of Piasa; and six grandchildren.

Seaman Schaefer

M, b. 3 April 1896, d. 31 December 1988
     Seaman Schaefer was born on 3 April 1896. He married Idella E. Powers. Seaman Schaefer died on 31 December 1988 at age 92. He was buried in January 1989 at Medora Cemetery, Medora, Jersey Co., IL, Find A Grave Memorial# 84540812.

Child of Seaman Schaefer and Idella E. Powers

Anna Susanna Schaeffer

F, b. 1717, d. 1769
     Anna Susanna Schaeffer was born in 1717 at Pfungstadt, Hessen Darmstadt, Germany. She married Johann Wilhelm Best in 1732 at Pfungstadt (probably), Hessen Darmstadt, Germany. Anna Susanna Schaeffer immigrated in 1733 to Philadelphia, PA. She died in 1769 at Lehigh Twp., Northampton Co., PA.

Children of Anna Susanna Schaeffer and Johann Wilhelm Best

Catherine Schaeffer

F, d. circa 1836
     Catherine Schaeffer married Johann Peter Gebhart, son of Johann Peter Gebhart and Eva (?), on 24 March 1799 at Stouchsburg, Berks Co., PA.1 Catherine Schaeffer married David Miller after 1804.1 Catherine Schaeffer died circa 1836 at Montgomery Co., OH.1

Children of Catherine Schaeffer and Johann Peter Gebhart


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Elizabeth Schaeffer

     Elizabeth Schaeffer married Daniel Rentch, son of Andrew Rentch and Elizabeth (?), circa 1790.

Child of Elizabeth Schaeffer and Daniel Rentch

Judith Schaeffer

F, b. circa 1729
     Judith Schaeffer was born circa 1729 at Switzerland. She married Bishop William Stover circa 1748 at Switzerland. Judith Schaeffer died at Franklin Co., PA.

Children of Judith Schaeffer and Bishop William Stover

Julia Ann Schaeffer

F, b. 25 April 1835, d. 12 July 1923
     Julia Ann Schaeffer was born on 25 April 1835 at Rushville, Schuyler Co., IL.1 She married Thomas Waller Osborn on 18 May 1853 at Centerville, Appanoose Co., IA. Julia Ann Schaeffer died on 12 July 1923 at Covelo, Mendocino Co., CA, at age 88.

Children of Julia Ann Schaeffer and Thomas Waller Osborn


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Sarah Schaeffer

     Sarah Schaeffer married Harrison Miller, son of David Miller and Mary Getzendanner.

Children of Sarah Schaeffer and Harrison Miller

Bessie Schafer

     Bessie Schafer married William Raub.

Child of Bessie Schafer and William Raub

Wilhemine Schafer

     Wilhemine Schafer married Heinrich Roth.

Child of Wilhemine Schafer and Heinrich Roth

Delmer Merle Schaffer

M, b. 8 December 1919
     Delmer Merle Schaffer was born on 8 December 1919 at Sebring, Columbiana Co., OH. He was the son of Samuel N. Schaffer and Marie Young. Delmer Merle Schaffer married Margaret Cecelia Loutzenhiser, daughter of Joseph Loutzenhiser and Mary Barry, on 6 December 1941 at Salem, Columbiana Co., OH.

Emma Schaffer1

F, b. 11 July 1883, d. 20 February 1892
     Emma Schaffer was born on 11 July 1883 at Philadelphia, Philadelphia Co., PA.1 She was the daughter of George A. Schaffer and Isabella Hagey.1 Emma Schaffer died on 20 February 1892 at Philadelphia, Philadelphia Co., PA, at age 8.1


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George A. Schaffer1

M, b. 21 October 1844, d. 26 August 1887
     George A. Schaffer was born on 21 October 1844.1 He married Isabella Hagey, daughter of John Hagey and Elizabeth Nice.1 George A. Schaffer died on 26 August 1887 at age 42.1

Child of George A. Schaffer and Isabella Hagey


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Roland Schaffer

M, b. April 1917
     Roland Schaffer was born in April 1917. He was the son of Samuel N. Schaffer and Marie Young.

Samuel N. Schaffer

M, b. circa 1896
     Samuel N. Schaffer was born circa 1896 at PA. He married Marie Young, daughter of Robert Young and Mildred Mae Longbottom, on 1 September 1915.

Children of Samuel N. Schaffer and Marie Young

Frances S. Schaible1

F, b. circa 1840
     Frances S. Schaible was born circa 1840 at Baden, Germany.1 She married Valentine Forkel.1

Child of Frances S. Schaible and Valentine Forkel


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Harriet Adelia Van Schaick1

F, b. 8 July 1842, d. 30 June 1927
     Harriet Adelia Van Schaick was born on 8 July 1842 at Manlius, Onondaga Co., NY.1 She married Edwin Parsons Upham circa 1862.1 Harriet Adelia Van Schaick died on 30 June 1927 at Springvale, Columbia Co., NY, at age 84.

Child of Harriet Adelia Van Schaick and Edwin Parsons Upham


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Alton Julius Schall

M, b. 18 May 1931, d. 21 April 1933
     Alton Julius Schall was born on 18 May 1931 at Aurora, Hamilton Co., NE. He was the son of Glenn Wendell Schall and Ruth Eskildren. Alton Julius Schall died on 21 April 1933 at Aurora, Hamilton Co., NE, at age 1. He was buried in April 1933 at Hampton Cemetery, Hampton, Hamilton Co., NE.

Frederick Charles Schall

M, b. 23 February 1874, d. 10 November 1939
     Frederick Charles Schall married Fannie Ellen Treakle, daughter of John William Treakle and Sarah Ann Wendell. Frederick Charles Schall was born on 23 February 1874 at Mt. Pulaski, Logan Co., IL. He died on 10 November 1939 at age 65.

Glenn Wendell Schall

M, b. 1 September 1904, d. 20 September 1992
     Glenn Wendell Schall married Ruth Eskildren. Glenn Wendell Schall was born on 1 September 1904. He was the son of Julius Schall and Jessie May Treakle. Glenn Wendell Schall died on 20 September 1992 at age 88.

Child of Glenn Wendell Schall and Ruth Eskildren

Julius Schall

M, b. 20 March 1877, d. 27 December 1963
     Occupation: Farmer. Julius Schall was born on 20 March 1877 at Mt. Pulaski, Logan Co., IL. He married Jessie May Treakle, daughter of John William Treakle and Sarah Ann Wendell, on 8 September 1903 at York, York Co., NE. Julius Schall died on 27 December 1963 at York, York Co., NE, at age 86.

Children of Julius Schall and Jessie May Treakle

Roy Franklin Schall

M, b. 7 April 1908, d. 13 September 2000
     Roy Franklin Schall was born on 7 April 1908. He was the son of Julius Schall and Jessie May Treakle. Roy Franklin Schall died on 13 September 2000 at age 92.

Wayne Julius Schall

M, b. 28 May 1912, d. 29 July 1984
     Wayne Julius Schall was born on 28 May 1912. He was the son of Julius Schall and Jessie May Treakle. Wayne Julius Schall married Violet Rose Strait in 1937. Wayne Julius Schall died on 29 July 1984 at Lincoln, Logan Co., IL, at age 72.

Johann Valentine Schank1

M, b. 21 March 1790
     Johann Valentine Schank was born on 21 March 1790 at Vogelbach, Palatinate. He married Maria Elisabeth Munzinger, daughter of Johann Heinrich Munzinger and Susanna Katharina Weber, on 2 August 1808 at Vogelbach, Palatinate.


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Karl Schank

M, b. 1837
     Occupation: Oberamtsrichter in Blieskastel. Karl Schank was born in 1837. He was the son of Ludwig Schank and Elisabeth Munzinger.

Katharina Luise Schank

F, b. 1835
     Katharina Luise Schank was born in 1835. She was the daughter of Ludwig Schank and Elisabeth Munzinger.

Lisette Schank

F, b. 1832
     Lisette Schank was born in 1832. She was the daughter of Ludwig Schank and Elisabeth Munzinger.

Ludwig Schank

M, b. 1828
     Ludwig Schank was born in 1828. He was the son of Ludwig Schank and Elisabeth Munzinger.