Hamilton Miller


Child of Hamilton Miller

Hamilton Pierce Miller1

M, b. 1 March 1853, d. 1 June 1895
     Hamilton Pierce Miller was born on 1 March 1853 at Tilghmanton, Washington Co., MD.1 He was the son of Andrew B. Miller and Easter Ann Smith.1 Hamilton Pierce Miller married Martha Elizabeth Wade, daughter of Ellen McCoy. Hamilton Pierce Miller died on 1 June 1895 at Washington Co., MD, at age 42.1 He was buried in June 1895 at Manor Church of the Brethren Cemetery, Tilghmanton, Washington Co., MD, Findagrave #43394081.

Children of Hamilton Pierce Miller and Martha Elizabeth Wade


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Hannah Miller1

     Hannah Miller married George Christman.1

Child of Hannah Miller and George Christman


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Hans Michael Miller1

     Hans Michael Miller married Elizabeth (?).1

Child of Hans Michael Miller and Elizabeth (?)


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Harley E. Miller

M, b. 1904, d. 22 April 1970
     Harley E. Miller was born in 1904. He married Marie Doris Klontz, daughter of Florence Irvin Klontz and Ersel Melda Roush. Harley E. Miller died on 22 April 1970 at Clark Co., OH.

Child of Harley E. Miller and Marie Doris Klontz

Harley W. Miller

M, b. 3 November 1910, d. 23 November 1910
     Harley W. Miller was born on 3 November 1910. He was the son of Martin I. Miller and Della M. Stoner. Harley W. Miller died on 23 November 1910. He was buried in November 1910 at Metzger Cemetery, Pipe Creek Twp., Miami Co., IN, Findagrave #41809372.

Harold Everett Miller1

M, b. 18 December 1921, d. 21 March 2003
     Harold Everett Miller was born on 18 December 1921 at Lafayette, Tippecanoe Co., IN.1 He was the son of Howard Paul Miller and Jennie Stoner.1 Harold Everett Miller married Margaret I. Kinzie, daughter of Jesse Guy Kinzie and Hazel Belle Killingsworth, on 2 May 1943. Harold Everett Miller was Church of the Brethren. He died on 21 March 2003 at Modesto, Stanislaus Co., CA, at age 81. He was buried in March 2003 at Wood Colony Cemetery, Salida, Stanislaus Co., CA, Findagrave #39607331.


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Harold R. Miller

M, b. 12 December 1898, d. February 1975
     Harold R. Miller married Ruby (?). Harold R. Miller was born on 12 December 1898 at Ivester, Grundy Co., IA. He was the son of William Henry Miller and Eva Espiralda Albright. Harold R. Miller married Eva Gute in 1950 at Austin, Mower Co., MN. Harold R. Miller died in February 1975 at Austin, Mower Co., MN, at age 76.

Child of Harold R. Miller and Ruby (?)

Harriet A. Miller

F, b. 1836, d. 23 July 1915
     Harriet A. Miller was born in 1836 at Pennsylvania. She married Joseph H. Dryden, son of Joseph Hawkins Dryden and Ann (?), on 7 April 1859 at Montgomery Co., OH. Harriet A. Miller died on 23 July 1915 at Montgomery Co., OH.

Children of Harriet A. Miller and Joseph H. Dryden

Harriet Lucille Miller

F, b. 30 October 1924
     Harriet Lucille Miller was born on 30 October 1924 at Shelby Co., IN.1 She was the daughter of Virgil Fred Miller and Lelia Gladys Buck.1 Harriet Lucille Miller married Robert Earl Wilson, son of Sylvester Newton Wilson and Jesse Adelia Coombs, on 11 July 1947 at Indiana. Harriet Lucille Miller lived in 1962 at Columbus, Bartholomew Co., IN, per Virgil F. Miller's obituary.


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Harriet Wendel Miller1

F, b. 23 May 1913, d. 5 June 1994
     Harriet Wendel Miller was also known as "Carrie".1 She was born on 23 May 1913 at Hawkins Co., TN.1 She was the daughter of Samuel Powel Miller and Sarah Foard Wendel.1 Harriet Wendel Miller married (?) Haynes. Harriet Wendel Miller died on 5 June 1994 at Rutherford Co., TN, at age 81 dates per SSDI, last residence Murfreesboro.


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Harrison Miller

M, b. 1 July 1820, d. 2 January 1901
     Harrison Miller married Sarah Schaeffer. Harrison Miller was born on 1 July 1820 at Martinsburg, Berkeley Co., VA (now WV).1 He was the son of David Miller and Mary Getzendanner. Harrison Miller died on 2 January 1901 at Walkersville, Frederick Co., MD, at age 80.1

Children of Harrison Miller and Sarah Schaeffer


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Harrison E. Miller

M, b. 20 January 1845, d. 25 January 1919
     Harrison E. Miller was Methodist Episcopal.1 He was born on 20 January 1845 at Martinsburg, Berkeley Co., VA (now WV).1 He was the son of John A. Miller and Susan Weller. Harrison E. Miller married Eliza Jane Hedges on 29 December 1869, Ceremony by Rev. S. H. Adams.1 Harrison E. Miller married Dora Elizabeth Foster on 21 February 1900 at Joplin, Jasper Co., MO, Ceremony by Rev. Frederick Price.1 Harrison E. Miller died on 25 January 1919 at Colo, Story Co., IA, at age 74.1

Children of Harrison E. Miller and Eliza Jane Hedges


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Harrison Fravel Miller

M, b. 24 November 1830, d. 15 September 1910
     Harrison Fravel Miller was born on 24 November 1830 at Hardy Co., VA (now WV).1 He was the son of Corbin W. Miller and Amanda Fravel. Harrison Fravel Miller married Catherine F. Miller, daughter of Aquilla B. Miller and Rebecca Fravel, on 9 January 1855 at Hardy Co., VA (now WV). Harrison Fravel Miller died on 15 September 1910 at Iowa at age 79. He was buried in September 1910 at Sharon Cemetery, Mt. Hamill, Lee Co., IA, Findagrave #112575402.

Children of Harrison Fravel Miller and Catherine F. Miller


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Harry Miller1

M, b. 1 February 1876, d. 11 May 1877
     Harry Miller was born on 1 February 1876 at St. Joseph Co., IN.1 He was the son of David F. Miller and Isabella J. Huff.1 Harry Miller died on 11 May 1877 at St. Joseph Co., IN, at age 1.1


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Harry G. Miller1

     Harry G. Miller married Nettie (?).1

Child of Harry G. Miller and Nettie (?)


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Harry Stouffer Miller

M, b. 22 July 1864
     Harry Stouffer Miller was born on 22 July 1864. He was the son of David Miller and Elizabeth Stouffer.

Harvey Miller

M, b. 12 October 1874, d. 13 September 1875
     Harvey Miller was born on 12 October 1874.1 He was the son of Lewis Daniel E. Miller and Mary Ann Diehl. Harvey Miller died on 13 September 1875.1


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Harvey Kline Miller

M, b. 10 May 1897, d. 11 January 1990
     Harvey Kline Miller was born on 10 May 1897 at Greene Co., OH. He was the son of George Thomas Miller and Elizabeth Cora Kline. Harvey Kline Miller married Effie Jane Semler, daughter of Henry William Semler and Effie Jane Gebhart, on 25 November 1920 at Fairfield, Greene Co., OH. Harvey Kline Miller died on 11 January 1990 at age 92. He was buried in January 1990 at Fairfield Cemetery, Fairborn, Greene Co., OH, Findagrave #35614738.

Children of Harvey Kline Miller and Effie Jane Semler

Harvey L. Miller1

M, b. 7 April 1894
     Note: Unmarried as of 1926.1 Harvey L. Miller was born on 7 April 1894 at Mt. Morris, Ogle Co., IL.1 He was the son of John D. Miller and Carrie E. Stone.1


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Harvey Ross Miller1

M, b. 19 August 1885, d. 30 June 1972
     Harvey Ross Miller was born on 19 August 1885 at Minneapolis, Hennepin Co., MN.1 He was the son of Charles D. Miller and Lulu M. Clippinger.1 Harvey Ross Miller married Velta F. Jennings, daughter of Charles Jennings and Celestia Newman, on 30 April 1918 at Council Bluffs, Pottawattamie Co., IA. Harvey Ross Miller died on 30 June 1972 at Alameda Co., CA, at age 86.


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Harvey S. Miller

M, b. 10 February 1866
     Harvey S. Miller was born on 10 February 1866. He was the son of Abner Miller and Elizabeth Stoner.

Hattie Miller

F, b. circa 1861
     Hattie Miller was born circa 1861 at Carroll Co., IL.1 She was the daughter of Benjamin Miller and Catherine Puterbaugh.


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Hazel Miller

F, b. 16 May 1907
     Hazel Miller was born on 16 May 1907.1 She was the daughter of George M. Miller and Hattie Lewis.


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Hazel Alice Miller1

F, b. September 1898
     Hazel Alice Miller was born in September 1898 at Iowa.1 She was the daughter of George H. Miller and Edith Briggs.1


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Hazel Geraldine Miller1

F, b. 18 October 1889, d. January 1973
     Hazel Geraldine Miller was born on 18 October 1889 at Illinois.1 She was the daughter of Charles D. Miller and Lulu M. Clippinger.1 Hazel Geraldine Miller married John Dayton Fitzer, son of Sumner Fitzer and Sarah Doty, on 16 June 1917 at Chicago, Cook Co., IL. Hazel Geraldine Miller lived in April 1930 at 829 Chicago Avenue, Downers Grove, DuPage Co., IL.2 She died in January 1973 at Dearborn Heights, Wayne Co., MI, at age 83.

Child of Hazel Geraldine Miller and John Dayton Fitzer


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Hazel Lorraine Miller

F, b. 31 October 1927
     Hazel Lorraine Miller was born on 31 October 1927 at Mifflin Twp., Franklin Co., OH. She was the daughter of Forest Maple Miller and Helen Minerva Anthony. Hazel Lorraine Miller married Charles Edward Evans on 29 March 1946 at Columbus, Franklin Co., OH.

Hazel Mae Miller

F, b. 19 August 1895, d. 17 May 1968
     Hazel Mae Miller was born on 19 August 1895 at Fairfield Co., Ohio. She married Oltie Jesse Miller. Hazel Mae Miller died on 17 May 1968 at Baltimore, Fairfield Co., OH, at age 72. She was buried in May 1968 at Oakthorpe Cemetery, Rushville, Fairfield Co., OH, Findagrave #78015436.

Child of Hazel Mae Miller and Oltie Jesse Miller

Helen Miller

F, b. 2 October 1923
     Helen Miller was born on 2 October 1923. She was the daughter of Paul Stoner Miller and Josephine Gaul.

Helen Miller

F, b. 13 November 1896, d. 13 March 1993
     Helen Miller was born on 13 November 1896 at Auglaize Co., OH. She married Ralph Stover Trout, son of George Finley Trout and Grace Evelyn Stover, after 8 April 1930, no surviving children. Helen Miller died on 13 March 1993 at Lancaster, Fairfield Co., OH, at age 96. She was buried in March 1993 at Forest Rose Cemetery, Lancaster, Fairfield Co., OH, Findagrave #66788451.