Jane Miller

F, b. 25 November 1824
     Jane Miller was born on 25 November 1824. She was the daughter of James Miller and Elizabeth Wheeler. Jane Miller married William Tobias, son of Samuel Tobias and Elizabeth Haney, on 19 June 1852 at Greene Co., OH.

Jane Naomi Miller 1895

F, b. 1895, d. 1981
     Jane Naomi Miller 1895 was born in 1895. She was the daughter of Hamilton Pierce Miller and Martha Elizabeth Wade. Jane Naomi Miller 1895 married Clarence L. Shoop, son of John Calvin Shoop and Martha McKenzie. Jane Naomi Miller 1895 died in 1981. She was buried in 1981 at Beaver Creek Christian Church Disciples of Christ, Beaver Creek, Washington Co., MD, Findagrave #86724120.

Children of Jane Naomi Miller 1895 and Clarence L. Shoop

Jean Elizabeth Miller

F, b. 29 April 1919
     Jean Elizabeth Miller was born on 29 April 1919.1 She was the daughter of Merritt I. Miller and Lela Keedy.


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Jeanetta Mary Miller

F, b. 1 June 1857, d. 30 January 1920
     Jeanetta Mary Miller was also known as "Nettie". She was born on 1 June 1857 at Ringgold Co., IA.1 She married Jerome Berry Rector. Jeanetta Mary Miller died on 30 January 1920 at Enid, Garfield Co., OK, at age 62.

Child of Jeanetta Mary Miller and Jerome Berry Rector


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Jemima Miller

F, b. 23 February 1865, d. 26 November 1934
     Jemima Miller was born on 23 February 1865 at Davenport, Scott Co., IA.1 She was the daughter of William John Miller and Nancy Ann Megaw. Jemima Miller was baptized on 15 January 1866 at Presbyterian Church, Eldridge, Scott Co., IA. She married Jacob H. Long, son of Samuel Long and Catherine Stover, on 8 March 1888 at Dike, Grundy Co., IA.1 Jemima Miller died on 26 November 1934 at Quinter, Gove Co., KS, at age 69. She was buried in 1934 at Quinter Cemetery, Quinter, Gove Co., KS, Findagrave #81749673.

Children of Jemima Miller and Jacob H. Long


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Jennie J. Miller

F, b. 16 September 1885, d. October 1975
     Jennie J. Miller was born on 16 September 1885 at Altoona, Wilson Co., KS. She was the daughter of Charles Miller and Viola DeBaun. Jennie J. Miller married Fred Boling, son of Charles Albertus Boling and Mary Ellen Payne, on 5 January 1905. Jennie J. Miller died in October 1975 at age 90.

Children of Jennie J. Miller and Fred Boling

Jennie R. Miller

F, b. 4 June 1879
     Jennie R. Miller was born on 4 June 1879.1 She was the daughter of David E. Miller and Sarah G. Reese. Jennie R. Miller married Adam E. Schmehl, son of Orlando M. Schmehl and Catherine (?), on 16 May 1899 at Westminster, Carroll Co., MD.1

Children of Jennie R. Miller and Adam E. Schmehl


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Jennie W. Miller

F, b. 3 January 1877
     Jennie W. Miller was born on 3 January 1877.1 She was the daughter of Allen Q. Miller and Ellen V. Fearer. Jennie W. Miller married Albert C. Pyle, son of John Pyle and Ruhanna (?), on 16 September 1899.1

Child of Jennie W. Miller and Albert C. Pyle


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Jerusha Miller

F, b. circa 1810
     Jerusha Miller was born circa 1810 at Ohio. She was the daughter of Samuel Miller and Maria Brumbach.

Jessie B. Miller

F, b. 23 January 1871
     Jessie B. Miller was born on 23 January 1871. She was the daughter of David Miller and Elizabeth Stouffer.

Jessie Brown Miller

F, b. 10 July 1881, d. 9 September 1967
     Jessie Brown Miller was born on 10 July 1881 at Green Twp., Grant Co., IN. She was the daughter of Frederick N. Miller and Florence Brown. Jessie Brown Miller married Jeremiah George Molt, son of Johann George Molt and Lucretia Butcher, on 12 August 1906 at Wayne Co., IL. Jessie Brown Miller died on 9 September 1967 at Fairfield, Wayne Co., IL, at age 86.

Children of Jessie Brown Miller and Jeremiah George Molt


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Jessie Emma Miller

F, b. 1910, d. 1985
     Jessie Emma Miller married Harmon D. Windle, son of Joel Turner Windle and Ethel G. Johnson. Jessie Emma Miller was born in 1910. She died in 1985.

Jessie Sherwood Miller

M, b. 23 January 1876, d. 11 February 1939
     Jessie Sherwood Miller was born on 23 January 1876 at Peconic, Suffolk Co., NY. He married Mirza Brumbach, daughter of Joseph Brumbach and Margaret N. Hart, on 12 October 1893 at Ottawa, LaSalle Co., IL. Jessie Sherwood Miller died on 11 February 1939 at age 63.

Johann Miller III

     Johann Miller III was also known as George. He married Sara Piper.

Children of Johann Miller III and Sara Piper

John Miller

     John Miller married Apollonia Baker, daughter of Johann Melchior Becker and Elisabeth (?), circa 1801.

John Miller

M, b. 1749, d. 1821
     John Miller was born in 1749 at Hessen Darmstadt, Germany.1 He was the son of Peter Müller. John Miller married Elizabeth Price, daughter of John Preisz and Mary Ann Steiner, on 19 May 1772 at Franklin Co. (probably), PA.1 John Miller died in 1821 at Sharpsburg, Washington Co., MD,

John Miller appears to have settled in Washington County, Maryland in 1791. On May 16 of that year he purchased two tracts of 75 and 30 acres from Henry Shryock and Adam Ott, paying therefor 180 pounds Maryland Currency. The larger tract was called "Spear", and the other a part of "Sarah's Delight." He added to his holdings "Ellswick's Dwelling", "Joe's Farm", "Smith's Purchase", "Addition to Smith's Purchase", "Joe's Lott", etc. until he became quite a large land owner, the whole being included on what became the battleground of Antietam.
Letters of administration on his estate were granted to Daniel Miller and John Miller on April 16, 1821, but no account was filed.
After his death, the heirs divided his lands on May 17, 1821, and conveyed it as follows:

To Daniel Miller (1) -- 357 A. 148 P. for $7,728.00
To Christian and Mary Hershey -- 121 A. 80 P. for $4,009.50
To Jacob Miller (4) -- 16 A. 30 P. for $76.00
To John Miller (2) -- 179 A. 40 P. for $7,528.00
To Abraham Miller (3) -- 156 A. 120 P. for $8,934.75

Totals -- 831 A. 98 P. for $28,276.25

(1) Afterwards the property of Michael Miller
(2) Afterwards the Roulette farm.
(3) Afterwards the Poffenberger farm.
(4) This, in 1863, was a tract of timber, in which General Early with part of the Confederate Army, encamped while on their way to Gettysburg. The General and his staff were the enforced guests at the house of Michael Miller.

The dwelling occupied first by John Miller and his wife was a log building, which stood near the house on what was afterward the Poffenberger farm. When a stone dwelling was erected the log house was moved to what is known as the "Kennedy" farm and is still standing (1926).2

Children of John Miller and Elizabeth Price


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John Miller

M, b. 1 February 1823, d. May 1899
     John Miller was born on 1 February 1823 at Sharpsburg, Washington Co., MD.1 He was the son of Abraham Miller and Catherine Price. John Miller died in May 1899 at Polo, Ogle Co., IL, at age 76.

Child of John Miller


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John Miller

M, d. before 1850
     John Miller was born. He was the son of John Miller and Elizabeth Price. John Miller married Mary Stover, daughter of Emanuel Stover and Susannah Price, circa 1805.1 John Miller married Ann Kretzinger circa 1829. John Miller died before 1850 Farmer, settled on part of his father's homestead, which the latter had acquired Sept. 27, 1804. It is situated about the center of the Antietam battlefield. During the battle the buildings were struck by shot and shell, one shell pierced the southern end of the dwelling, went up through the parlor ceiling and was found in the attic. The Roulette's who had inherited this property were then occupying it, but when the dwelling became the target for shot and shell, they removed six miles away to the Manor Brethren church where they were sheltered by Elder Daniel Wolf of that church.1

Children of John Miller and Mary Stover

Children of John Miller and Ann Kretzinger


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John Miller

     John Miller married Mary Williams.

Child of John Miller and Mary Williams

John Miller

     John Miller married Anna Smootz.

Child of John Miller and Anna Smootz

John Miller1

M, d. before 1900
     John Miller married Clara Miller, daughter of Daniel Miller and Mary Lambert.1 John Miller died before 1900.1


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John Miller1

     John Miller married Catherine Blind, daughter of Peter Blind and Hannah Swartz, on 27 August 1838.1


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John A. Miller

M, b. 19 September 1813, d. December 1880
     John A. Miller was born on 19 September 1813 at Washington Co., MD.1 He was the son of David Miller and Mary Getzendanner. John A. Miller married Susan Weller, daughter of George Weller and Susan Zarn, on 24 March 1842 at Berkeley Co., VA (now WV).1 John A. Miller died in December 1880 at Polo, Ogle Co., IL, at age 67 In 1864, removed from Martinsburg, Va. and settled near Polo, Ill.1

Children of John A. Miller and Susan Weller


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John A. Miller

M, b. 31 March 1847, d. 16 December 1917
     John A. Miller was born on 31 March 1847 at Baden-Württemberg, Garmany. He married Anna Zook in 1869. John A. Miller died on 16 December 1917 at Elkhart Co., IN, at age 70. He was buried in December 1917 at Rock Run Cemetery, Goshen, Elkhart Co., IN, Findagrave #113589185.

Child of John A. Miller and Anna Zook

John A. Miller

M, b. 1852, d. 1933
     John A. Miller was born in 1852 at Ohio. He married Sarah C. Hardman. John A. Miller died in 1933. He was buried in 1933 at Fairfield Cemetery, Fairborn, Greene Co., OH, Findagrave #76691452.

Child of John A. Miller and Sarah C. Hardman

John C. Miller1

M, b. 1867, d. 15 September 1953
     John C. Miller was born in 1867 at Waterloo, Black Hawk Co., IA.1 He married Alice Lucrecia Powers on 7 March 1892 at Butler Co., IA, Iowa Marriage Records, 1880–1922, Iowa Department of Public Health, Des Moines, Iowa (via ancestry.com.) John C. Miller died on 15 September 1953. He was buried in September 1953 at Lone Fir Pioneer Cemetery, Portland, Multnomah Co., OR, Findagrave #59214192.

Child of John C. Miller and Alice Lucrecia Powers


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John Clinton Miller

M, b. 1880, d. 1956
     John Clinton Miller was born in 1880. He married Cora N. Bain, daughter of Sanders Bain and Nancy Ann Lookabaugh, in 1925. John Clinton Miller died in 1956. He was buried in 1956 at Oakwood Cemetery, Mt. Morris, Ogle Co., IL, Findagrave #32890373.

John D. Miller1

M, b. 26 October 1858
     John D. Miller was born on 26 October 1858 at Mt. Morris, Ogle Co., IL.1 He was the son of Upton Miller and Maria Lou Davis.1 John D. Miller married Carrie E. Stone on 1 March 1885, Six children, three not shown died in infancy.1 John D. Miller lived in 1926 at Mt. Morris, Ogle Co., IL.1

Children of John D. Miller and Carrie E. Stone


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John F. Miller

M, b. 17 July 1804, d. 24 July 1867
     John F. Miller was born on 17 July 1804 at Washington Co., MD.1 He was the son of Daniel Miller and Catherine Funk. John F. Miller married Maria Emmert on 25 February 1830 at Washington Co., MD (probably).1 John F. Miller died on 24 July 1867 at Polo, Ogle Co., IL, at age 63.1

Children of John F. Miller and Maria Emmert


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John F. Miller

M, b. 11 December 1821
     John F. Miller was born on 11 December 1821 at Pennsylvania.1 He married Martha Ann Metz, daughter of Abraham Metz and Veronica Knisely, on 17 December 1846.

Children of John F. Miller and Martha Ann Metz


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