Margaret Oberholtzer1

F, b. 15 October 1824, d. 1 November 1909
     Margaret Oberholtzer was born on 15 October 1824 at Towamencin Twp., Montgomery Co., PA. She married John Alderfer Kratz on 3 December 1848.1 Margaret Oberholtzer died on 1 November 1909 at Montgomery Co., PA, at age 85. She was buried in November 1909 at Plains Mennonite Cemetery, Hatfield, Montgomery Co., PA, Find A Grave Memorial# 14713439.

Child of Margaret Oberholtzer and John Alderfer Kratz


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Martha H. Oberholtzer

F, b. 3 August 1828
     Martha H. Oberholtzer was born on 3 August 1828. She was the daughter of Samuel Oberholtzer and Martha Hess.

Samuel Oberholtzer

     Samuel Oberholtzer married Martha Hess, daughter of John Hess and Esther Hershey, in May 1824.

Children of Samuel Oberholtzer and Martha Hess

Samuel Fox Oberholtzer

M, b. 1832, d. 1894
     Note: Family Hart database online at Samuel Fox Oberholtzer was born in 1832. He was the son of John Oberholtzer and Anna Fox. Samuel Fox Oberholtzer married Catherine Wenger, daughter of Abraham Calvin Wenger and Barbara Light, circa 1854 at Hanover Twp., Lebanon Co., PA. Samuel Fox Oberholtzer lived in 1880 at Fredericksburg, Lebanon Co., PA.1 He died in 1894. He was buried in 1894 at Fredericksburg, Lebanon Co., PA.

Child of Samuel Fox Oberholtzer and Catherine Wenger


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Samuel H. Oberholtzer

M, b. 28 April 1836, d. 2 November 1885
     Samuel H. Oberholtzer was born on 28 April 1836. He was the son of Samuel Oberholtzer and Martha Hess. Samuel H. Oberholtzer died on 2 November 1885 at Juniata Co., PA, at age 49.

Susanna Oberholtzer

F, b. 11 August 1849
     Susanna Oberholtzer was born on 11 August 1849. She was the daughter of Samuel Oberholtzer and Martha Hess.

Catherine Oberholzer

F, d. circa 1823
     Catherine Oberholzer married Michael Ober, son of Henry Ober and Veronica Stauffer, circa 1779. Catherine Oberholzer died circa 1823.

Child of Catherine Oberholzer and Michael Ober

Catharine C. Oberle1

F, b. 21 January 1835, d. 14 November 1918
     Catharine C. Oberle was born on 21 January 1835 at Ottenheim, Baden, Baden (now Germany).1 She married Abraham Herter circa 1863.1 Catharine C. Oberle died on 14 November 1918 at Bennet, Lancaster Co., NE, at age 83.

Child of Catharine C. Oberle and Abraham Herter


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Freddie Oberle

M, b. September 1889, d. 22 October 1889
     Freddie Oberle was born in September 1889. He was the son of William Fred Oberle and Catherine Lucinda Windle. Freddie Oberle died on 22 October 1889 at Payette, Payette Co., ID.

Minnie Flora Oberle

F, b. 24 August 1893, d. 14 December 1893
     Minnie Flora Oberle was born on 24 August 1893 at Payette, Payette Co., ID. She was the daughter of William Fred Oberle and Catherine Lucinda Windle. Minnie Flora Oberle died on 14 December 1893 at Payette, Payette Co., ID, Payette Independent
Payette, Idaho
December 14, 1893

Minnie Flora, infant daughter of Mr. and Mrs. W. F. Eberle, born August 24, 1893; died of capilary bronchitis, at 6:30 o'clock this (Thursday) morning. Funeral services will be conducted from the family residence on Friday at 2 p.m.

William Fred Oberle

     William Fred Oberle married Catherine Lucinda Windle, daughter of Jacob Windle and Tryphenia Wilcox, on 10 December 1888 at Payette, Payette Co., ID.

Children of William Fred Oberle and Catherine Lucinda Windle

Elisabethe Oblerle1

     Elisabethe Oblerle married Anton Keser.1

Child of Elisabethe Oblerle and Anton Keser


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Katharina Obmann

     Katharina Obmann married Conrad Hiestand.

Child of Katharina Obmann and Conrad Hiestand

Eleanor Ocheltree1

F, b. 1841, d. after January 1920
     Eleanor Ocheltree was born in 1841 at Champaign Co., OH.1 She married Emmanuel C. Ridenour.1 Eleanor Ocheltree died after January 1920 at Poweshiek Co. (probably), IA.

Child of Eleanor Ocheltree and Emmanuel C. Ridenour


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Martha Ochiltree

F, b. 1771, d. 1842
     Martha Ochiltree was born in 1771. She married William Ramsey on 28 January 1796 at Rockbridge Co., VA. Martha Ochiltree died in 1842 at Preble Co., OH.

Child of Martha Ochiltree and William Ramsey

Charles E. Ochs

     Charles E. Ochs married Hattie M. Moore in October 1888 at Orange Co., IN.

Child of Charles E. Ochs and Hattie M. Moore

Elizabeth Ochs1

     Elizabeth Ochs married Jesse Roeller.1

Child of Elizabeth Ochs and Jesse Roeller


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Flora Ochs1

     Flora Ochs married Ralph W. Savidge, son of Hon. Clinton R. Savidge and Louise Essick, in 1906.1


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Gretchen C. Ochs

F, b. 1 April 1899, d. April 1955
     Note: WEBSITE -

Ochs-Tetrick Funeral Home Founded: 1860
Location: Corner of Jefferson and Second Streets, Orleans (1860–68); northwest corner of town square (1868–1930s); 187 East Jefferson Street (1930s– )
John Ochs, Sr., a native of Bilkeim, Germany, founded a furniture-making
enterprise on the corner of Jefferson and Second Streets in Orleans in 1860. He had
learned his trade at his father’s knee and after a five-year apprenticeship had come to
America. He had lived in New Albany from around 1856 to 1860 before settling in
Orleans. He made furniture from his home on Second and Jefferson Streets until 1868
when he purchased a frame building on the northwest corner of the Orleans town square.
The building served not only as a workshop and undertaking establishment but also as the residence for the Ochs family. John’s wife, Margaret Grauert Ochs, also a native of Germany, did not come to America until her husband sent for her in May of 1856. She arrived in New Albany carrying two children and only fifty cents and without the ability to read or speak English. She became a partner in the furniture business, responsible for the finishing and varnishing.
When a fire swept through the square in 1873 it wiped out the Ochs furniture and undertaking business and left the family of nine almost penniless. Ochs rebuilt the shop and started the business anew. Margaret died in 1891, and the Ochses’ daughter Amanda Ochs Alvis, a schoolteacher, took over the duties her mother had previously performed.
When John died at the age of eighty-six in 1906, his son, Charles Ochs, took over the family business.
Charles, born in 1863 in Orleans, had learned the cabinetmaking trade at home. In 1888 he married Hattie Moore. After attending school he started a construction company that he continued to run with the help of his two sons, Everett and Robert Ochs, until 1915. The construction firm was very successful. Charles and his sons built many of the homes in Orleans until the company ceased operation. In 1913 Charles gave the furniture business to his son Everett and son-in-law Edward Fields. Hattie, as her mother-in-law before her, was a true partner in the furniture and undertaking business. When a casket was ordered, it was her job to sew the bedding, muslin, and silk in the interior. If the order came late in the evening, she had to not only prepare the coffin but also cook breakfast for the customers before they left in the morning. According to family members, “a great part of the success of their business was attributed to her, as she went on every call . . . ministering to . . . families in many ways.”
The management of funerals was handled differently in the late nineteenth and early twentieth century. Around 1900 a poplar wood casket cost around $10. The average length of an Ochs-made casket was around six feet, but they sometimes made smaller ones for shorter people, children, and even pets. As was then the practice, many undertakers throughout the state, including the Ochses, prepared and embalmed bodies in the homes of the deceased, and showings did not take place in a funeral parlor.
Invitations arrived by post announcing the funeral of an individual, and horse-drawn carriages transported the deceased to cemeteries. In 1922 the East Jefferson Street site was purchased for the family residence and was transformed into a funeral home only in the 1930s. In the lot next to the home the family erected a furniture-making establishment in 1925, an operation that continued into the early 1970s.
When Hattie Ochs died on the eve of the Great Depression, her daughter Margaret and son Robert began to assist their father Charles in the businesses. Then their brother Everett, a World War I veteran, graduated from a mortuary school in 1935 and took over the funeral division from their ailing father. After Robert’s death in 1937, Margaret and Everett continued to run the furniture company and the funeral home until 1965, when Everett passed away. Margaret remained head of both operations for another eight years.
Margaret and Everett’s sisters Gretchen Ochs Jackson and Bonnie Ochs helped in the business until their deaths in 1937 and 1955, respectively. Gretchen was the only child of Hattie and Charles to have any children—one daughter, Barbara Jackson Hancock, who had two children, Patricia Hancock and J. Brent Hancock. None of the relatives claimed the 112-year-old set of companies in 1973, and they were sold.
Charles Lewis and Frank Braman bought the funeral business, keeping it for only two years before selling it to Lewis and Georgia Tetrick. Since that time, the couple has renovated the home on East Jefferson Street to provide for more spacious viewing rooms and handicapped entrances. In 1999 the Tetricks continued to operate the home, which was the fourth-oldest funeral business in the state and the oldest continuously operating enterprise in Orange County.

NOTE: This article is in error regarding the gender of Bonnie Ochs - Bonnie Ochs was a male & served in the military.

Gretchen C. Ochs was born on 1 April 1899 at Indiana. She was the daughter of Charles E. Ochs and Hattie M. Moore. Gretchen C. Ochs married James Fred Jackson, son of Zephania Jackson and Margaret Jane Jackson, on 30 August 1918 at Orange Co., IN. Gretchen C. Ochs died in April 1955 at Orleans, Orange Co., IN, OBITUARY:

Orleans - Mrs. Gretchen Ochs Jackson, 56, died Monday night at her home in Orleans. She was part owner of the Ochs Funeral Home in partnership with a brother and sister, Everett Ochs and Miss Margaret Ochs. Other survivors are her husband, Fred; a daughter, Mrs. Eugene Hancock, and two grandchildren of New Albany and another brother, Bonnie Ochs of Indianapolis.
She was a member of the Orleans Christian Church, Tri Kappa Soroity, Easter Star lodge and the American Legion Auxiliary. Rites will be tomorrow at 2:30 p.m. at the funeral home with burial in Fairview Cemetery.

Child of Gretchen C. Ochs and James Fred Jackson

Catherine F. Ochse1

F, b. circa 1861
     Catherine F. Ochse was born circa 1861 at Ohio.1 She married Orion Simon Protzman, son of John Protzman and Sarah Recher, on 24 December 1878 at Montgomery Co., OH.

Children of Catherine F. Ochse and Orion Simon Protzman


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Luise Ochsner

F, b. 16 December 1869, d. 7 August 1940
     Luise Ochsner was born on 16 December 1869 at Freiburg, Germany. She married Julius Bergmann on 23 January 1892 at Berlin, Germany. Luise Ochsner died on 7 August 1940 at Köln / Deutz, Germany, at age 70.

Child of Luise Ochsner and Julius Bergmann

Sarah Ockerman

     Sarah Ockerman married Robert Kint.

Child of Sarah Ockerman and Robert Kint

Marie Ocks

     Marie Ocks married John Hottel.

Child of Marie Ocks and John Hottel

Katie Odair1

     Katie Odair married Frank Trace.1

Child of Katie Odair and Frank Trace


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Charlton Odam

M, d. 1965
     Charlton Odam was the son of Effie Windle. Charlton Odam died in 1965.

Mary Frances Odbert

F, b. June 1852, d. March 1927
     Mary Frances Odbert was also known as Fannie. She was born in June 1852 at Pennsylvania. She married Dr. Francis Carter Larimore M.D., son of Robert Larimore and Susannah A. Doddridge, on 30 December 1875 at Mt. Vernon, Knox Co., OH, 3 children born, 2 living as of 1900 census. Mary Frances Odbert died in March 1927 at Mt. Vernon, Knox Co., OH, at age 74.

Children of Mary Frances Odbert and Dr. Francis Carter Larimore M.D.

Henry Hamilton Odell

     Henry Hamilton Odell married Eliza Jane Fowler.

Child of Henry Hamilton Odell and Eliza Jane Fowler

Howard A. Odell

M, b. 4 October 1920, d. 2 February 1992
     Howard A. Odell was born on 4 October 1920 at Port Chester, Westchester Co., NY. He married Mabel V. Butcher, daughter of Eben William Butcher and Anna Lydia Turnbull, before 1959. Howard A. Odell and Mabel V. Butcher were divorced in January 1970. Howard A. Odell died on 2 February 1992 at age 71.

Lois J. Odell

F, b. 9 November 1920
     Lois J. Odell was born on 9 November 1920. She was the daughter of Ogle A. Odell and Forrest Olive Munson. Lois J. Odell married Henry George Weinhold, son of Henry Gotthilf Weinhold and Ella Anna Kanke.

Ogle A. Odell

M, b. 31 August 1889, d. 15 February 1954
     Ogle A. Odell was born on 31 August 1889 at Jackson Co., MO. He was the son of Henry Hamilton Odell and Eliza Jane Fowler. Ogle A. Odell married Forrest Olive Munson, daughter of Charles Wilford Munson and Matilda Jane Shields, in 1914. Ogle A. Odell died on 15 February 1954 at Carrollton, Carroll Co., MO, at age 64. He was buried in February 1954 at Oak Hill Cemetery, Carrollton, Carroll Co., MO.

Child of Ogle A. Odell and Forrest Olive Munson