Howard H. Schmehl

M, b. 22 October 1912
     Howard H. Schmehl was born on 22 October 1912 at Berks Co., PA.1 He was the son of Adam E. Schmehl and Jennie R. Miller.


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Jeanette Schmehl1

F, b. 7 June 1923
     Jeanette Schmehl was born on 7 June 1923 at Berks Co., PA.1 She was the daughter of Adam E. Schmehl and Jennie R. Miller.1


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Marjorie M. Schmehl

F, b. 2 March 1918
     Marjorie M. Schmehl was born on 2 March 1918 at Berks Co., PA.1 She was the daughter of Adam E. Schmehl and Jennie R. Miller.


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Merle L. Schmehl

M, b. 20 June 1910
     Merle L. Schmehl was born on 20 June 1910 at Berks Co., PA.1 He was the son of Adam E. Schmehl and Jennie R. Miller.


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Naomi M. Schmehl

F, b. 9 May 1906
     Naomi M. Schmehl was born on 9 May 1906 at Berks Co., PA.1 She was the daughter of Adam E. Schmehl and Jennie R. Miller.


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Neil W. Schmehl

M, b. 22 September 1915
     Neil W. Schmehl was born on 22 September 1915 at Berks Co., PA.1 He was the son of Adam E. Schmehl and Jennie R. Miller.


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Orlando M. Schmehl

     Orlando M. Schmehl married Catherine (?).

Child of Orlando M. Schmehl and Catherine (?)

Warren E. Schmehl

M, b. 23 May 1921
     Warren E. Schmehl was born on 23 May 1921 at Berks Co., PA.1 He was the son of Adam E. Schmehl and Jennie R. Miller.


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Mary Magdalene Schmeiser

F, b. 6 November 1909, d. 8 June 1991
     Mary Magdalene Schmeiser was born on 6 November 1909 at Wapello Co., IA. She married Kenneth Stauffer Smith, son of Dr. Homer A. Smith and Helen Smyth, before April 1940. Mary Magdalene Schmeiser died on 8 June 1991 at Port Angeles, Clallam Co, WA, at age 81. She was buried in June 1991 at Spokane Memorial Gardens, Spokane, Spokane Co., WA.

George A. Schmick

M, b. 1866, d. 1935
     George A. Schmick was born in 1866. He married Anna Morris Taylor, daughter of James M. Taylor and Deborah P. Starr. George A. Schmick died in 1935.

Children of George A. Schmick and Anna Morris Taylor

James T. Schmick

M, b. 1898, d. 1969
     James T. Schmick was born in 1898. He was the son of George A. Schmick and Anna Morris Taylor. James T. Schmick died in 1969.

Margaret Starr Schmick

F, b. 1896
     Margaret Starr Schmick was born in 1896. She was the daughter of George A. Schmick and Anna Morris Taylor.

Anna Elisabetha Schmid1,2

     Anna Elisabetha Schmid was Reformed. She was born at Spesbach, Palatinate. She married Johann Christian Munzinger, son of Philip Munzinger and Anna Margaretha Schneider, on 26 November 1754 at Bruchmühlbach, Palatinate (now Rhein-Pfalz), Germany. Anna Elisabetha Schmid married Theobald Krick, son of Georg Krick and Maria Margaretha Faus, on 8 July 1762 at Bruchmühlbach, Palatinate (now Rhein-Pfalz), Germany.

Children of Anna Elisabetha Schmid and Johann Christian Munzinger

Children of Anna Elisabetha Schmid and Theobald Krick


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Elisabeth Schmid

F, b. 1822
     Elisabeth Schmid was born in 1822. She married Adam Munzinger, son of Johann Adam Munzinger and Eva Hammel.

Child of Elisabeth Schmid and Adam Munzinger

Nathaniel Schmid1

M, b. 20 June 1854, d. 27 June 1942
     Nathaniel Schmid was born on 20 June 1854 at Washtenaw Co., MI.1 He married Anna Johanna Lehn on 10 October 1878 at Washtenaw Co., MI. Nathaniel Schmid died on 27 June 1942 at Ann Arbor, Washtenaw Co., MI, at age 88.

Child of Nathaniel Schmid and Anna Johanna Lehn


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Ursula Schmid

     Ursula Schmid married Johann Bauer.

Child of Ursula Schmid and Johann Bauer

(?) Schmidt


Child of (?) Schmidt

Anna Eva Schmidt

     Anna Eva Schmidt was the daughter of Jacob Schmidt and Elisabetha Hauch. Anna Eva Schmidt married Johann Peter Kling in 1714 at Miesau, Palatinate.

Children of Anna Eva Schmidt and Johann Peter Kling

Barbara Schmidt

     Barbara Schmidt married Johann Scherer.

Child of Barbara Schmidt and Johann Scherer

Catharina Schmidt

F, b. circa 1658, d. 1734
     Catharina Schmidt was born circa 1658. She was the daughter of Wendel Schmidt. Catharina Schmidt died in 1734 at Miesau, Palatinate.

Charlotte Schmidt

F, d. 5 October 1865
     Charlotte Schmidt was born at Crefelt, Germany. She married Abraham Welty, son of John Welty and Mary Magdalene Miller, in January 1861 at Ottawa, LaSalle Co., IL. Charlotte Schmidt died on 5 October 1865 at Fairfield Co., OH.

Children of Charlotte Schmidt and Abraham Welty

Christian Schmidt

M, b. 11 January 1718/19, d. 10 August 1802
     Occupation: Pfarrer in Lambsborn. Christian Schmidt married Sophia Magdalena Culman. Christian Schmidt was born on 11 January 1718/19. He died on 10 August 1802 at age 83.

Child of Christian Schmidt and Sophia Magdalena Culman

Clara Schmidt

     Clara Schmidt married Otto Vollbrecht.

Child of Clara Schmidt and Otto Vollbrecht

Delmore Lee Schmidt

M, b. 24 January 1929, d. 30 August 2010
     Delmore Lee Schmidt was born on 24 January 1929 at Gray Co. (probably), KS. He was the son of Samuel Peter Schmidt and Maybelle Messenger. Delmore Lee Schmidt married Betty Lou McFadden, daughter of Frank D. McFadden and Vivian A. Rundell, in 1948. Delmore Lee Schmidt died on 30 August 2010 at Alaska at age 81 Delmore (Del) Lee Schmidt died Aug. 30, 2010, at the age of 81. He was a Homer resident since 1984.

A Pioneers of Alaska service was held Sept. 3, 2010. Burial will be in the spring in Anchorage.

Born in Kansas on Jan. 24, 1929, Del met his wife Betty in high school. They married in 1948 after Del joined the Air Force. They were transferred to Elmendorf AFB in 1952 and fell in love with Alaska. After leaving military service, the family remained in the state, built four homes off Boniface Road and worked a family commercial fishing site out of North Kenai. Del experienced the 1953 Mt. Spurr eruption, Alaska statehood in 1959, the 1964 earthquake and the 1967 Fairbanks flood.

After retiring as a Civil Service logistics officer for the Air Force, Del relocated to the Homer area; he and Betty built a home on Bear Creek Road. Del was a member of the Elks Club, the Pioneers of Alaska and the Homer Garden Club. His garden and apple orchard were his pride and joy.

Del served as Pioneers of Alaska's Grand President in 1995 and was especially proud of his contribution to "In those Days," an important local history book about the pioneer families on the lower Kenai Peninsula.

After Betty's death, Del met Janie Myers and they were life companions for 15 years. Janie was steadfast in her support for Del and they married in 2009. In Del's last years his illness robbed him of much of his strength and stamina but he was recognized for always keeping his sense of humor in the face of great physical difficulties.

In addition to his three daughters, Linn Schmidt Seidel of Anchorage, Gayle Young of Sitka and Sonya Schmidt (now Artemis BonaDea) of Gustavus, five grandchildren and two great-grand children, Del is also survived by his wife, Janie Myers of Homer and Janie's daughter Dori and her children.

Del was dedicated to the Pioneers of Alaska organization and he asked that any memorial donations be made to the Pioneer's of Alaska's Sunshine Fund.

Published in from October 10 to October 11, 2010.

Dorotha Wilhelmina Louise Schmidt

F, b. 8 March 1837, d. 13 May 1911
     Dorotha Wilhelmina Louise Schmidt was also known as "Minnie". She was born on 8 March 1837 at Preussen, Germany. She married Walter John Semmler, son of Caspar Semmler and Maria Catherine Roat, on 7 May 1854. Dorotha Wilhelmina Louise Schmidt was buried in 1911 at Fairfield Cemetery, Fairborn, Greene Co., OH. She died on 13 May 1911 at age 74.

Children of Dorotha Wilhelmina Louise Schmidt and Walter John Semmler

Elisabeth Schmidt

     Elisabeth Schmidt married Isaac Hirschi, son of Andrew Hirschi and Christina Danner.

Children of Elisabeth Schmidt and Isaac Hirschi

Emma Schmidt

     Emma Schmidt married Charles D. Hiatt.

Child of Emma Schmidt and Charles D. Hiatt

Ervin D. Schmidt

M, b. 22 July 1915, d. 4 March 1988
     Ervin D. Schmidt was born on 22 July 1915. He was the son of William J. Schmidt and Friederike Schaefer.1 Ervin D. Schmidt married Sadie Louisa Finck, daughter of Rudolph Albert Finck and Louise Emmaline Chapman. Ervin D. Schmidt died on 4 March 1988 at Lawrence Co. (probably), SD, at age 72.


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Erwin Schmidt

M, b. 1925, d. 1997
     Erwin Schmidt was born in 1925. He died in 1997.

Floyd John Schmidt

M, b. 6 July 1895, d. 11 November 1972
     Floyd John Schmidt was born on 6 July 1895 at Brazil, Clay Co., IN. He was the son of Jacob Schmidt and Jessie Flockhart. Floyd John Schmidt married Grace Edith Green, daughter of Otis Green and Laura May Green, on 26 November 1921 at Groveport, Franklin Co., OH, Vol 81, Page 79, Franklin CO., Ohio Marriage Certificate:
Floyd J. Schmidt born July 6, 1895, Brazil, Indiana, Father: Jacob Schmidt, Mother: Jessie Flockhart, Occupation: Match Worker, Not previously married. Married November 26, 1921 by J.H. Cooper, Mayor of Groveport, Ohio to Grace E. Green born January 28, 1898, Pickaway county Ohio. Father Otis Green, mother Laura Green, occupation nurse. Floyd John Schmidt died on 11 November 1972 at Barberton, Summit Co., OH, at age 77.

Child of Floyd John Schmidt and Grace Edith Green