Jacob Price

     Jacob Price was born. He was the son of David Price and Ann Cooper.

Jacob Price

M, b. circa 1835
     Jacob Price was born circa 1835 at Franklin Co., PA.1,2 He was the son of Abraham Price and Elizabeth Heck.


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Jacob Price

M, b. 23 September 1784, d. 23 January 1786
     Jacob Price was born on 23 September 1784 at Chester Co., PA.1 He was the son of Rev. George Price and Sarah Harley. Jacob Price died on 23 January 1786 at Chester Co., PA, at age 1.1


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Jacob Price1

     Jacob Price was born at Lower Salford Twp, Montgomery Co., PA.1 He was the son of Henry Price and Magdalena Lederach.1 Jacob Price died Probably died young.1


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Prof. Jacob Price

M, b. 16 May 1794, d. 12 March 1853
     Prof. Jacob Price was born on 16 May 1794 at Montgomery Co., PA.1 He was the son of Daniel Price and Margaret Kline. Prof. Jacob Price married Mary Beard, Wanger book names eight children, including Emma, but has no entry for Emma. DLB 2008.1 Prof. Jacob Price died on 12 March 1853 at Lancaster Co., PA, at age 58 In 1838 he was a teacher in the public schools of Lancaster at a salary of $500 per annum. In 1849 he conducted a night school for both sexes. From "One hundred and fifty yeras School History", Lancaster, Pa. by William Riddle, 1905:

"Jacob Price, whom the writer well recalls, was not only a capable teacher, but a man well versed in the classics. In addition to his daily work in the schoolroom, he gave private lessons at his home in Latin and Greek. Frequently he was summoned by district school boards to examine their teachers. All in all he was much respected as will be seen later, when the board authorized the closing of all the schools to attend his funeral."1

Children of Prof. Jacob Price and Mary Beard


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Rev. Jacob Price

M, b. January 1765, d. 1839
     Rev. Jacob Price was born in January 1765 at Washington Twp., Franklin Co., PA, Wanger lists Jacob Price before his brother John Price, gives "1765" as birth year for Jacob Price, and "Jan. 1765" for his brother John. It is possible they both were born within the same year, eleven or so months apart, it is also possible they were twins (and of course it is possible that one or both were born in a different year). Will list as twins born in January until better information is found. DLB 2008.1

He was the son of John Preisz and Mary Ann Steiner. Rev. Jacob Price married Susanna Baker, daughter of Peter Baker and Christina Miller, in 1788, The will of Peter Baker, probated 1804, states that he leaves 600 pounds to his daughters Susannah, Elizabeth, Catherine, and Molly (Mary). He nominates his son John and Jacob Price as executors. Susannah is listed in an August census in 1776 for Elizabeth Hundred (in MD) as a 7 yr old with Peter Baker and wife Christina.

This will and other information are in the "Genealogy of the Families ETNIER, ETNIRE, ETNYRE, ITNEYER, ITNYER, ITNYRE - DESCENDANTS OF JOHANNES EYDNE (?)ER" - also a reference to a few allied families, Baker, Rohrer, Smawley; Vol IX 1976 -1977, Mrs. Daniel Whitehead, Pennsylvania, Chairman Genealogical Records Committee. This book is at the DAR library in Washington, DC.

Rev. Jacob Price died in 1839 at Chambersburg, Franklin Co., PA, Jacob Price inherited from his father the land lying southwest of the church (Price's) near the "Nunnery." He seems to have conveyed his property by the following deeds and wills:

DEED. Jacob Price et Susanna ux to Jacob Price Jr., dated June 4, 1830, for the consideration of $10.00, 192 acres and 127 perches. vidi D.B. 15 page 124.

DEED. Jacob Price et Susanna ux to Jacob Price Jr., dated April 24, 1832. Consideration $6750 for 225 acres and 43 perches. D.B. 15 page 610.

Will of Jacob Price, dated May 28, 1832, probated Sept. 7, 1839, at Chambersburg, Pa. Son Jacob, Executor. Mentions that he has given deeds to his sons for his land. Gives his personal property to his sons in law and bequeaths to his wife Susanna the residue of his estate.

In a letter written to Jacob Price, son of Rev. Jacob and Susanna (Baker) Price, Abram H. Cassel said -- Elder John Price "had a son Jacob who was an exhorter among the Brethren. He was here (Indian Creek) on a visit about 1780. He preached a number of sermons among the Brethren and attended the wedding of his cousin William Price. He seems to have been a very dearly beloved brother, as he was kept in affectionate remembrance by all who knew him."2

He was buried in 1839 at a country cemetery, near Welty's Mill, Franklin Co., PA, or possibly Green Hill Cemetery, Waynesboro, per Findagrave.com Memorial #129467619.

Children of Rev. Jacob Price and Susanna Baker


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Rev. Jacob Price1

M, b. 9 June 1791, d. 12 September 1868
     Note: Jacob Price acquired the old homestead with 283 acres of land when not yet of age, and sold his land in parcels to suit purchasers, but kept for his own use 140 acres with the buildings, improvements and a saw-mill, and occupied it about 25 years. In 1833, he purchased the farm containing 57 acres and 133 perches from Abraham Ruth which he had sold to Ruth April 3, 1812; of this he sold about 46 acres with buildings and improvements to his son, Rev. Jonas Price, and soon afterward removed his saw-mill further down the creek and built a chopping mill to it. This mill property, with a dwelling he had erected, he sold on April 5, 1851, to John K. Alderfer. (quoted from Heckler).

The main portion of the old homestead was conveyed by Jacob Price and Mary, his wife, to their son, Abraham H. Price, on March 30, 1846.2 Rev. Jacob Price was born on 9 June 1791 at Lower Salford Twp., Montgomery Co., PA.3,1 He was the son of William Price and Catherine Reiff.1 Rev. Jacob Price married Mary Harley, daughter of Abraham Harley and Christianna Giese, circa 1811.1 Rev. Jacob Price died on 12 September 1868 at age 77.1

Children of Rev. Jacob Price and Mary Harley


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Deacon Jacob A. Price

M, b. 8 July 1881, d. 1973
     Occupation: Farmer. Deacon Jacob A. Price was Church of the Brethren. He lived at Vernfield, Montgomery Co., PA. He was born on 8 July 1881 at Lower Salford Twp., Montgomery Co., PA.1 He was the son of Abraham Moyer Price and Susan Swartley Alderfer. Deacon Jacob A. Price married Amanda H. Cassel, daughter of Joseph M. Cassel and Sarah Harley, on 22 March 1902.1 Deacon Jacob A. Price died in 1973.

Children of Deacon Jacob A. Price and Amanda H. Cassel


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Jacob B. Price

M, b. 1840, d. 1908
     Jacob B. Price was born in 1840.1 He was the son of John Price and Catherine Bear. Jacob B. Price married Harriet Walker.1 Jacob B. Price died in 1908 at Waynesboro, Franklin Co., PA.

Children of Jacob B. Price and Harriet Walker


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Jacob B. Price

M, b. 17 September 1850, d. 3 March 1919
     Jacob B. Price was born on 17 September 1850 at Lancaster, Lancaster Co., PA.1 He was the son of Thomas P. Price and Christiana Powell. Jacob B. Price married Elmira Zook, daughter of Daniel Zook and Susanna Harsh, on 13 August 1908.1 Jacob B. Price died on 3 March 1919 at Lancaster, Lancaster Co., PA, at age 68.1


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Jacob D. Price1

M, b. 1 February 1863, d. 7 July 1925
     Jacob D. Price was born on 1 February 1863 at New Berlin (now North Canton), Stark Co., OH.1 He was the son of John H. Price and Mary D. Detwiler.1 Jacob D. Price married Mary Miller, daughter of Joseph Miller and Eliza (?), on 1 March 1898, Ceremony by Rev. J. T. Myers

No children.1 Jacob D. Price died on 7 July 1925 at Morrison, Whiteside Co., IL, at age 62.1


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Jacob Daniel Price

M, b. 24 October 1892
     Jacob Daniel Price was born on 24 October 1892. He was the son of Abraham Lincoln Price and Anna M. Stephey.

Jacob E. Price

M, b. 12 May 1835, d. 8 December 1905
     Jacob E. Price was Church of the Brethren. Occupation: Farmer. He was born on 12 May 1835 at Waynesboro, Franklin Co., PA.1 He was the son of Jacob Price and Susannah Emmert. Jacob E. Price married Mary Emma Ziegler, daughter of Jacob Ziegler and Susan Funk, in 1857.1 Jacob E. Price died on 8 December 1905 at Richmond, Franklin Co., KS, at age 70.1

Children of Jacob E. Price and Mary Emma Ziegler


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Jacob Harley Price1

M, b. 7 October 1829, d. 25 December 1911
     Jacob Harley Price was born on 7 October 1829 at Lower Salford Twp., Montgomery Co., PA.1,2 He was the son of Rev. Jacob Price and Mary Harley.1 Jacob Harley Price married Salome A. Schultz, daughter of Israel Schultz and Anna Anders, on 11 January 1851, Ceremony by Rev. Jacob Reiner.2 Jacob Harley Price died on 25 December 1911 at Royersford, Montgomery Co., PA, at age 82.2 He was buried in December 1911 at Mingo Cemetery, Royersford, Montgomery Co., PA, Findagrave #79579999.

Children of Jacob Harley Price and Salome A. Schultz


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Jacob Hiram Price

M, b. 26 June 1854, d. 7 January 1922
     Jacob Hiram Price was born on 26 June 1854 at Pine Creek Twp., Ogle Co., IL.1,2 He was the son of John W. Price and Nancy Rowland. Jacob Hiram Price married Lillie M. Spiekler, daughter of Calvin Buchanan Spiekler and Ellen Elizabeth Newcomer, on 24 February 1881 at Ogle Co., IL, Illinois Statewide Marriage Index 1763 - 1900:

Price, Jacob H. (S/O John & Nancy) Spigler, Lillie M (D/O C. B. & Ellen) Ogle 2/24/1881 1/ 5872

Ceremony by Elder Edmund Forney

After Jacob's death, Lillie remarried to David S. Dredge on 26 JUN 1934, Los Angeles County, California.1

Jacob Hiram Price lived in April 1910 at Buffalo Twp., Ogle Co., IL, farming.2 Occupation: Vice-President Farmers and Merchant's Bank, Orange Grower, La Verne, CA.3 He was Church of the Brethren, La Verne, CA. He died on 7 January 1922 at La Verne, Los Angeles Co., CA, at age 67.1

Children of Jacob Hiram Price and Lillie M. Spiekler


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Jacob M. Price1

M, b. 27 October 1844, d. 7 April 1874
     Jacob M. Price was born on 27 October 1844.1 He was the son of Rev. Jonas Price and Elizabeth Harley.1 Jacob M. Price married Barbara Alderfer, daughter of Henry O. Alderfer and Mary Moyer, on 23 December 1871.1 Jacob M. Price lived at Soudertown, Montgomery Co., PA.1 He died on 7 April 1874 at age 29.1

Child of Jacob M. Price and Barbara Alderfer


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Rev. Jacob Moyer Price1

M, b. 4 November 1844, d. 15 April 1917
     Rev. Jacob Moyer Price was born on 4 November 1844 at Montgomery Co., PA.1 He was the son of Abraham H. Price and Elizabeth Moyer.1 Rev. Jacob Moyer Price married Katherine Overholtzer.1 Rev. Jacob Moyer Price died on 15 April 1917 at age 72 For many years a merchant; ordained to the ministry 1891 and served as pastor of the Indian Creek, Franconia, Towamencin and Kline's churches.1

Children of Rev. Jacob Moyer Price and Katherine Overholtzer


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Jacob S. Price

M, b. 17 April 1836, d. 23 January 1912
     Jacob S. Price was born on 17 April 1836 at Franklin Co., PA. He was the son of Jacob Price and Catharine Dull. Jacob S. Price married Rachel Davis. Jacob S. Price married Amanda Malinda Snowberger after 1871. Jacob S. Price died on 23 January 1912 at Franklin Co., PA, at age 75.

Children of Jacob S. Price and Rachel Davis

James Price1

M, b. 25 April 1832
     James Price was born on 25 April 1832 at Hatfield Twp., Montgomery Co., PA.1 He was the son of Amos Price and Sarah Bergey.1 James Price died at Montgomery Co., OH, Died in early manhood, was married but had no children.1


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James B. Price

M, b. circa 1910, d. after January 1980
     James B. Price was also known as Jim. He lived at Fredonia, Wilson Co., KS (last known). He was born circa 1910.1 He was the son of Harry Bertram Price and Isa Agnes Smethurst. James B. Price died after January 1980 at Fredonia, Wilson Co., KS (probably).


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James Clifton Price1

M, b. 25 July 1866, d. 14 September 1868
     James Clifton Price was born on 25 July 1866.1 He was the son of Jonathan U. Price and Julia W. Bell.1 James Clifton Price died on 14 September 1868 at age 2.1


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James H. Price1

M, b. 3 October 1821, d. 15 April 1908
     James H. Price was Mennonite.1 He was born on 3 October 1821 at Montgomery Co., PA.1 He was the son of William Lederach Price and Hannah Keeley.1 James H. Price married Magdalena G. Swartley, daughter of Abraham Swartley and Elizabeth O. Gehman, on 1 December 1849 at Montgomery Co., PA.1 Occupation: Proprietor, Harleysville Hotel, farmer near Harleysville, before relocating in 1880 to Brown County, Kansas where he was successful as a farmer and stock raiser.

between 1849 and 1863.1 James H. Price died on 15 April 1908 at Brown Co. (probably), KS, at age 86.1

Children of James H. Price and Magdalena G. Swartley


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James Quinter Price

M, b. 2 November 1863, d. 30 August 1864
     James Quinter Price was born on 2 November 1863 at Mt. Morris, Ogle Co., IL.1 He was the son of Rev. David E. Price and Helen E. Rowland. James Quinter Price died on 30 August 1864 at Mt. Morris, Ogle Co., IL.1


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James Richard Price

M, b. 29 April 1917, d. 1 May 2001
     James Richard Price married Avis Arthur. James Richard Price was born on 29 April 1917 at Chickasha, Grady Co., OK. He was the son of Harry LeRoy Price and Emma Elizabeth Nunn. James Richard Price died on 1 May 2001 at age 84.

Jane Price

     Jane Price married Jacob Clark Stoneking.

Child of Jane Price and Jacob Clark Stoneking

Jane Price

F, b. 1801
     Jane Price was born in 1801 at Wake Co., NC. She was the daughter of Ezekiel Price and (?) Sutton.

Jane Price1

F, b. circa July 1923
     Jane Price was born circa July 1923 at Philadelphia, Philadelphia Co. (probably), PA.1 She was the daughter of Daniel H. Price and Henrietta (?)1


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Jane Scott Price1

     Jane Scott Price was the daughter of Col. Josiah Price.1 Jane Scott Price married Andrew Rentch, son of Daniel Rentch and Elizabeth Rohrer.1
Note: Jane Scott Price was a daughter of Col. Josiah Price, whose father emigrated from Wales.1

Child of Jane Scott Price and Andrew Rentch


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Jane Viola Price

F, b. 24 February 1888, d. 18 February 1966
     Jane Viola Price was born on 24 February 1888 at Jackson Co., OH. She married William Craton McCune. Jane Viola Price died on 18 February 1966 at Washington Court House, Fayette Co., OH, at age 77 Obituary (Findagrave.com):

The New Holland Leader Thursday, February 24, 1966

McCune Services
Held Monday
Funeral services for Mrs. Jane V. McCune were held at 1:30 p.m. Monday in the Kirkpatrick Funeral Home, with Rev. Orlo Freshly, pastor of the New Holland Methodist Church officiating.
Mrs. McCune, age 77, of 41 South Church Street, passed away at 9:30 p.m. Friday in Fayette Memorial Hospital. She had been in failing health for the past year.
Born in Jackson County (the daughter of Isaac E. and Loretta A. (Dyson) Price), Mrs. McCune had spent most of her life in the New Holland community, where she was a member of the Methodist Church. Her husband, William McCune, died in 1934.
She is survived by three daughters, Mrs. Anna Lee Elliott, near Washington C.H., Mrs. Lucille Ethridge, Baytown, Texas, and Mrs. Donna Mae Wright, Dublin; two sons, Forrest, White Road, and Donald, Columbus; eight grandchildren and ten great grandchildren.
She also leaves a brother, Thurman Price, Steubenville; and a sister, Mrs. Anna Yerian, Washington C.H.
Serving as pallbearers were Glendon Yerian, Paul Shepard, Gene Doyle, William Friece, Russell Ebert Jr. and Dr. Dean Tarbill. Burial was in New Holland Cemetery.

She was buried in February 1966 at New Holland Cemetery, New Holland, Pickaway Co., OH, Findagrave #80094010.

Child of Jane Viola Price and William Craton McCune

Janet Elizabeth Price

F, b. 8 August 1925
     Janet Elizabeth Price was born on 8 August 1925 at Philadelphia, Philadelphia Co., PA.1 She was the daughter of Raymond W. Price and Elsie Margaret Denecke.


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