Crit Parsons

     Crit Parsons married Mary McIntosh.

Child of Crit Parsons and Mary McIntosh

Emory Parsons

M, b. 1860
     Emory Parsons was born in 1860 at Ohio. He married Lydia M. Finley, daughter of Ebenezer Finley and Elizabeth (?), circa 1884.

Child of Emory Parsons and Lydia M. Finley

Fern Nerine Parsons1

F, b. 24 March 1917, d. 28 October 2000
     Fern Nerine Parsons was born on 24 March 1917 at Montana.1 She married Alvis Pershing Gasaway.1 Fern Nerine Parsons died on 28 October 2000 at IOOF Cemetery, Waitsburg, Walla Walla Co., WA, at age 83 Findagrave #8703178.


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Hannah C. Parsons

F, b. 8 March 1836, d. 17 April 1907
     Hannah C. Parsons was born on 8 March 1836 at Jackson Co., WV. She was the daughter of Charles Parsons Jr. and Rebecca Wolfe.1 Hannah C. Parsons married John C. Conrad, son of Peter Conrad and Phoebe Hartley, on 15 March 1855 at Jackson Co., WV, ceremony by Rev. Thomas H. Cain, same day as bride's brother Hiram was marriage by the same minister, apparently a double ceremony. Hannah C. Parsons died on 17 April 1907 at Reedy, Roane Co., WV, at age 71.

Children of Hannah C. Parsons and John C. Conrad


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Helen Branch Parsons

F, b. 26 July 1908
     Helen Branch Parsons was born on 26 July 1908 at Cuyahoga Co., OH. She married George J. Lucas on 18 August 1928 at Cleveland, Cuyahoga Co., OH.

James M. Parsons

     James M. Parsons married Mary E. Meck.

Child of James M. Parsons and Mary E. Meck

James Tanner Parsons

M, b. 3 May 1840, d. 24 November 1925
     James Tanner Parsons was born on 3 May 1840 at West Virginia. He married Mary Bell Williamson in 1870. James Tanner Parsons died on 24 November 1925 at Millwood, Jackson Co., WV, at age 85. He was buried in November 1925 at Mount Hebron Cemetery, Mount Alto, Jackson Co., WV, Findagrave #43285620.

Child of James Tanner Parsons and Mary Bell Williamson

Jerusha Parsons

F, b. 7 April 1767, d. 1 March 1848
     Jerusha Parsons was born on 7 April 1767.1 She married Captain (?) Baker on 2 April 1778 at Enfield, Hartford Co., CT.1 Jerusha Parsons died on 1 March 1848 at Granville, Licking Co., OH, at age 80.

Child of Jerusha Parsons and Captain (?) Baker


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Lewis Baldwin Parsons

M, b. 7 August 1850, d. 20 June 1918
     Lewis Baldwin Parsons was born on 7 August 1850 at Detroit, Wayne Co., MI. He married Harriet M. Streeter on 20 July 1870 at Stamford, Bennington Co., VT, per the divorce record. Lewis Baldwin Parsons and Harriet M. Streeter were divorced circa 1898 at Wayne Co., MI; A divorce record in Wayne County, Michigan shows the action was filed by Harriet on 21 APR 1897, but it was still pending as of the date the record was made -- apparently in late 1897. ( She was listed as "single" on the 1900 census of Detroit.

Lewis Baldwin Parsons died on 20 June 1918 at Seattle, King Co., WA, at age 67.
Note: Book: Parsons Family : Descendants of Cornet Joseph Parsons : Springfield, 1636 -- Northampton, 1655 (

Child of Lewis Baldwin Parsons and Harriet M. Streeter

Lula R. Parsons

F, b. March 1888
     Lula R. Parsons was born in March 1888 at Athens or Washington Co., OH. She was the daughter of Emory Parsons and Lydia M. Finley.

Malcolm Harry Parsons

M, b. 20 February 1906, d. 8 April 1965
     Malcolm Harry Parsons was born on 20 February 1906 at Penrose, Fremont Co., CO. He married Pearl Evelyn Davis, daughter of James Milan Davis and Lucy Windle Coates, on 19 November 1938 at Boise, Ada Co., ID. Malcolm Harry Parsons died on 8 April 1965 at Boise, Ada Co., ID, at age 59.

Margaret Elwood Parsons

F, b. 4 January 1876, d. 29 March 1960
     Margaret Elwood Parsons was born on 4 January 1876 at North Adams, Berkshire Co., MA, Book: Parsons Family : Descendants of Cornet Joseph Parsons : Springfield, 1636 -- Northampton, 1655 ( She was the daughter of Lewis Baldwin Parsons and Harriet M. Streeter. Margaret Elwood Parsons married Robert Kemp Minson, son of Kemp Elliot Minson and Susan Mary Sheild, on 4 June 1903 at Detroit, Wayne Co., MI. Margaret Elwood Parsons lived in April 1933 at 1034 South Mill Avenue, Tempe, Maricopa Co., AZ, per newspaper engagement accouncement for daughter Helen. She died on 29 March 1960 at Southside Hospital, Mesa, Maricopa Co., AZ, at age 84.

Children of Margaret Elwood Parsons and Robert Kemp Minson


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Maxine Anna Parsons

F, b. 3 May 1920, d. October 1985
     Maxine Anna Parsons was born on 3 May 1920 at Smith Co. (probably), KS; daughter of Archibald Raymond and Barbara Johanna "Anna" (Oelke) Parsons. SSDI shows birth date 12 MAR 1920.1 She married William Richard Law, son of William Eugene Law and Evelyn Dolores Poe, on 1 March 1941 at Colorado Springs, El Paso Co., CO; Maxine was first married to Lloyd R. Schneider on 4 FEB 1938 at Colorado Springs, and had a son, Lloyd Schneider, Jr. Maxine Anna Parsons lived in 1945 at 932 1/2 East Costilla, Colorado Springs, El Paso Co., CO, city directory. Maxine was listed as the widow of William R. Law. She lived on 27 April 1950 at Knob Hill, El Paso Co., CO, age 40, marital status "Sep", presser in cleaning company.1 She lived in 1981 at Colorado Springs, El Paso Co., CO, Anna was listed under her maiden name in a public record. She died in October 1985 at Penrose, Fremont Co., CO, at age 65.

Child of Maxine Anna Parsons

Children of Maxine Anna Parsons and William Richard Law


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Myrtle Kate Parsons

F, b. 20 May 1895, d. 15 October 1955
     Myrtle Kate Parsons was born on 20 May 1895 at Kentucky. She was the daughter of Crit Parsons and Mary McIntosh. Myrtle Kate Parsons married Alpha Enos Kitzmiller, son of John Eldridge Kitzmiller and Frances Elizabeth Hammet, before 12 April 1930. Myrtle Kate Parsons died on 15 October 1955 at Bluff City, Sullivan Co., TN, at age 60. She was buried in October 1955 at Glenwood Cemetery and Chapel Mausoleum, Bristol, Sullivan Co., TN, Find A Grave Memorial# 55226689.

Siota Parsons

F, b. 25 April 1915, d. 14 October 1998
     Siota Parsons was born on 25 April 1915. She married Joseph Albert Rickenbach. Siota Parsons died on 14 October 1998 at Lincoln Co., WY, at age 83 dates per SSDI, last residence Afton.

Susan Clorinda Parsons1

F, b. 17 June 1870, d. 1908
     Susan Clorinda Parsons was born on 17 June 1870 at Ohio.1 She married Saint Clair Kinder on 25 December 1892 at Napoleon, Henry Co., OH. Susan Clorinda Parsons died in 1908 at Henry Co., OH.

Child of Susan Clorinda Parsons and Saint Clair Kinder


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Lillie Belle Partello

F, b. 5 February 1873, d. 19 April 1918
     Lillie Belle Partello was born on 5 February 1873 at Boone, Boone Co., IA. She married Frank C. Little. Lillie Belle Partello died on 19 April 1918 at Boone, Boone Co., IA, at age 45.

Child of Lillie Belle Partello and Frank C. Little

(?) Partin

     (?) Partin married Phylis Ann Thomas, daughter of Frank Ellington Thomas and Nell Ryburn, circa 1945.

Jane Gilbert Partlow

F, b. 6 August 1917, d. 22 October 2002
     Jane Gilbert Partlow was born on 6 August 1917; daughter of Vern and Ezma (Thomas) Partlow. She married Charles Edgar Williams, son of Orval Augustus Williams and Edith Catherine Smith, on 4 April 1942 at Lansing, Ingham Co., MI. Jane Gilbert Partlow died on 22 October 2002 at age 85.

Anna Dorthea Partmann

     Anna Dorthea Partmann married Rev. Peter Becker.

Children of Anna Dorthea Partmann and Rev. Peter Becker

Clara Parton

F, b. 22 February 1902, d. 12 March 1938
     Clara Parton was born on 22 February 1902 at Bell Co., KY. She married Monte Carr Dock West, After Clara's death, Monte remarried in 1938 to Janet D. Galbraith. Clara Parton died on 12 March 1938 at Monroe, Monroe Co., MI, at age 36. She was buried in March 1938 at La Salle Township Cemetery, La Salle, Monroe Co., MI, Findagrave #141068470.

Child of Clara Parton and Monte Carr Dock West

Annetta May Partridge

F, b. 5 October 1859, d. 7 February 1949
     Annetta May Partridge was born on 5 October 1859 at Pennsylvania. She married William Howe Rhawn on 23 December 1879 at Columbia Co., PA. Annetta May Partridge died on 7 February 1949 at Catawissa, Columbia Co., PA, at age 89. She was buried in February 1949 at Hillside Cemetery, Catawissa, Columbia Co., PA, Findagrave #100445347.

Child of Annetta May Partridge and William Howe Rhawn

Benjamin Parvin

M, b. 18 January 1727, d. 22 May 1795
     Benjamin Parvin was born on 18 January 1727 at County West Meath, Ireland. He was the son of Francis Parvin and Deborah Pearson. Benjamin Parvin married Sarah Powell on 3 April 1770. Benjamin Parvin died on 22 May 1795 at Talbot Co., MD, at age 68.

Child of Benjamin Parvin and Sarah Powell

Elanor Parvin

     Elanor Parvin was the daughter of William Parvin and Mary Starr.

Francis Parvin

     Francis Parvin was the son of William Parvin and Mary Starr.

Francis Parvin

M, b. 28 February 1724, d. 17 December 1808
     Francis Parvin was born on 28 February 1724 at County West Meath, Ireland. He was the son of Francis Parvin and Deborah Pearson. Francis Parvin married Sarah Lightfoot on 16 May 1759 at Berks Co., PA. Francis Parvin died on 17 December 1808 at Berks Co., PA, at age 84.

Children of Francis Parvin and Sarah Lightfoot

Francis Parvin

M, b. 1 February 1700, d. 16 July 1767
     Francis Parvin was born on 1 February 1700 at County West Meath, Ireland. He married Deborah Pearson on 19 December 1722 at County Kings, Ireland. Francis Parvin died on 16 July 1767 at Maiden Creek Twp., Berks Co., PA, at age 67.

Children of Francis Parvin and Deborah Pearson

Francis Parvin III

M, b. 7 February 1769, d. 1835
     Francis Parvin III was born on 7 February 1769 at Berks Co., PA. He was the son of Francis Parvin and Sarah Lightfoot. Francis Parvin III married Susannah Parvin, daughter of Benjamin Parvin and Sarah Powell, in 1799 at Talbot Co., MD. Francis Parvin III died in 1835 at Berks Co., PA.

Child of Francis Parvin III and Susannah Parvin

Jacob Parvin

M, b. 10 July 1775, d. 24 December 1813
     Jacob Parvin was born on 10 July 1775 at Chester Co., PA. He was the son of Francis Parvin and Sarah Lightfoot. Jacob Parvin married Mary Ives on 5 October 1803. Jacob Parvin died on 24 December 1813 at Berks Co., PA, at age 38.

Child of Jacob Parvin and Mary Ives

Jeremiah Parvin

     Jeremiah Parvin was the son of William Parvin and Mary Starr.