Jane Price1

F, b. circa July 1923
     Jane Price was born circa July 1923 at Philadelphia, Philadelphia Co. (probably), PA.1 She was the daughter of Daniel H. Price and Henrietta (?)1


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Jane Scott Price1

     Jane Scott Price was the daughter of Col. Josiah Price.1 Jane Scott Price married Andrew Rentch, son of Daniel Rentch and Elizabeth Rohrer.1
Note: Jane Scott Price was a daughter of Col. Josiah Price, whose father emigrated from Wales.1

Child of Jane Scott Price and Andrew Rentch


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Jane Viola Price

F, b. 24 February 1888, d. 18 February 1966
     Jane Viola Price was born on 24 February 1888 at Jackson Co., OH. She married William Craton McCune. Jane Viola Price died on 18 February 1966 at Washington Court House, Fayette Co., OH, at age 77 Obituary (Findagrave.com):

The New Holland Leader Thursday, February 24, 1966

McCune Services
Held Monday
Funeral services for Mrs. Jane V. McCune were held at 1:30 p.m. Monday in the Kirkpatrick Funeral Home, with Rev. Orlo Freshly, pastor of the New Holland Methodist Church officiating.
Mrs. McCune, age 77, of 41 South Church Street, passed away at 9:30 p.m. Friday in Fayette Memorial Hospital. She had been in failing health for the past year.
Born in Jackson County (the daughter of Isaac E. and Loretta A. (Dyson) Price), Mrs. McCune had spent most of her life in the New Holland community, where she was a member of the Methodist Church. Her husband, William McCune, died in 1934.
She is survived by three daughters, Mrs. Anna Lee Elliott, near Washington C.H., Mrs. Lucille Ethridge, Baytown, Texas, and Mrs. Donna Mae Wright, Dublin; two sons, Forrest, White Road, and Donald, Columbus; eight grandchildren and ten great grandchildren.
She also leaves a brother, Thurman Price, Steubenville; and a sister, Mrs. Anna Yerian, Washington C.H.
Serving as pallbearers were Glendon Yerian, Paul Shepard, Gene Doyle, William Friece, Russell Ebert Jr. and Dr. Dean Tarbill. Burial was in New Holland Cemetery.

She was buried in February 1966 at New Holland Cemetery, New Holland, Pickaway Co., OH, Findagrave #80094010.

Child of Jane Viola Price and William Craton McCune

Janet Elizabeth Price

F, b. 8 August 1925
     Janet Elizabeth Price was born on 8 August 1925 at Philadelphia, Philadelphia Co., PA.1 She was the daughter of Raymond W. Price and Elsie Margaret Denecke.


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Jean Price

F, b. December 1922
     Jean Price was born in December 1922.1 She was the daughter of Horace A. Price and Mamie Godshall Keller.


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Joel Price

M, b. 12 May 1813, d. 9 April 1887
     Joel Price was born on 12 May 1813 at Montgomery Co., PA.1 He was the son of Rev. John W. Price and Mary Detwiler. Joel Price married Martha Nice, daughter of William Nice and Martha Shoemaker. Joel Price died on 9 April 1887 at Germantown, Philadelphia Co., PA, at age 73.1

Children of Joel Price and Martha Nice


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John Price1,2

     John Price immigrated; came from Wales, date unknown.1 He married Mary Randolph.

Child of John Price and Mary Randolph


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John Price

M, b. 1790, d. 14 December 1850
     John Price was Brethren -- Founded the Pine Creek Dunkard Church.
Note: Arrived in Carroll County, Illinois in 1840, per Heckman book. He was born in 1790 at Franklin Co., PA.1 He was the son of Rev. Jacob Price and Susanna Baker. John Price married Catherine Gehr circa 1814 at Franklin Co., PA. John Price married Christianna Friedley, daughter of John Friedley and Susannah Cordel, circa 1835.1 John Price lived on 16 August 1839, Conveyed three tracts of land in Berkeley County to William La Mar, Sr. for consideration of $7,500. Soon thereafter relocated the family to Ogle County, Illinois.2 He married Lydia Royer Jordan after 1843. John Price died on 14 December 1850 at Pine Creek Twp., Ogle Co., IL, John Price settled in Berkeley County, Virginia (now West Virginia). The following deeds show his purchases of land:
DEED. Catharine Garther et al to John Price, dated April _, 1819, for 53 acres on the East side of North Mountain. D.B. 30 page 373.
DEED. Peter D. Chidester et Mary ux to John Price, dated April 10, 1827, for 72 acres, 1 rood and 13 per. same location.
DEED. Jacob Price to John Price, dated March 16, 1830, for two tracts containing 100 acres and 16 acres respectively and adjoining the Chidester tract, same which Abraham Keefer et Catharine ux of Letterhenny Township, Franklin County, Pa., conveyed to Jacob Price, Aug. 27, 1817.
The record does not show what became of the 53 acre tract, but the other three tracts were conveyed by John Price and his wife "Christina" on Aug. 16, 1839 to William La Mar, Sr., for a consideration of $7,500. D.B. 43, page 434.
Who this Jacob Price was that conveyed two tracts of land to John Price does not appear. There is on record at Martinsburg, a will of Jacob Price, dated March 24, 1808, proved June 27, 1808, in which he mentions the children of his first wife, Daniel, Ephraim, Joseph, Mary, Jacob, Susanna, and of Jane his second wife, Betsy and Hannah, also a child then unborn. W.B. 4, page 232.
There is also on record there a deed of Jane Price, widow of Jacob Price deceased, to Daniel Price, dated Oct. 11, 1808, for all her right, title and claim to the plan that her husband, Jacob Price, died possessed of, being one-half of a certain tract, located and surveyed by said Jacob Price and William Pool in equal partnership, containing 221 acres, by survey dated Oct. 12, 1779, situated on the west side of North Mountain on Back Creek.
Soon after disposing his property in Virginia, John Price with his family started for the west and located near Mt. Morris, Illinois. He was widely known as a "Botanical" doctor.3

Children of John Price and Catherine Gehr

Children of John Price and Christianna Friedley


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John Price

M, b. January 1765, d. 1829
     John Price was born in January 1765 at Washington Twp., Franklin Co., PA.1 He was the son of John Preisz and Mary Ann Steiner. John Price married Elizabeth Snively, daughter of Henry Snively, in 1792.2 John Price died in 1829 at Franklin Co., PA, Will of John Price, dated May 22, 1829; probated at Chambersburg, Aug. 7, 1829. Gives to wife Elizabeth, 20 shares bank stock, house furniture, rye and corn, beef, pork and bacon, to be delivered by son John at her demand. To son Daniel, plantation in Washington Township, containing 174 acres and $500. To son Jacob, land in Washington Township, containing 200 acres and a tract of mountain land, he to pay executors $500. To son John, the plantation where I now live containing 200 acres and another tract containing 200 acres and 100 acres of mountain land and the balance of real and personal property, provided he pays his sisters, Susanna, Elizabeth and Hannah, the respective sums I bequeath them. To daughter Susanna, wife of Abraham Keefer $3,000 and book account against her and her husband. To daughter Elizabeth, $3,000. To daughter Hannah, wife of John Keefer, $3,000. Appoints sons, John and Daniel as Executors. Witnesses were Jacob Holsinger, Jacob Price and John Flanagan.
Release. Abraham Kiefer et Susan ux., John Keefer et Hannah ux., Elizabeth Price, Heirs of John Price, deceased, to John Price, Executor, for $3,000 each. Dated Oct. 7, 1844. Recorded in D. B. 20, page 397.

DEED. John Price et Catharine ux., Jacob Price et Catharine ux., Abraham Keefer et Susanna ux., John Keefer et Hannah ux. and Elizabeth Price (Brothers and sisters of the late Daniel Price) to Henry Funk, dated March 31, 1834, Cons. $8700, D. B. 17, page 514, for 174 acres and 103 perches and 6% in Washington Township, same which were devised by John Price to his son Daniel, also since deceased intestate, the same became vested in his brothers and sisters.

By the will of her father, Elizabeth (Snively) Price received 650 pounds.1

Children of John Price and Elizabeth Snively


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John Price

M, b. 1 February 1808, d. 22 October 1877
     John Price was born on 1 February 1808 at Franklin Co., PA.1 He was the son of John Price and Elizabeth Snively. John Price married Catherine Bear, daughter of Jacob Bear and Kathryn Peters. John Price died on 22 October 1877 at Waynesboro, Franklin Co., PA, at age 69.1

Children of John Price and Catherine Bear


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John Price

M, b. 12 February 1839
     John Price was born on 12 February 1839 at Waynesboro, Franklin Co., PA.1 He was the son of John Price and Catherine Bear. John Price married Cornelia Gordon, daughter of Jeremiah Gordon and Susan Snively, at Shady Grove, Franklin Co., PA, Ceremony by Rev. Whiteman.1 John Price died at Waynesboro, Franklin Co., PA.1

Children of John Price and Cornelia Gordon


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John Price

     Note: Died young.1 John Price was born.2 He was the son of Daniel G. Price and Catherine Weller.


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John Price

M, b. 6 June 1854
     John Price was born on 6 June 1854 at Montgomery Co., PA.1 He was the son of Rev. Henry A. Price and Sophia Swartley. John Price married Mary Bradley, daughter of John Bradley and Mary Russell, on 1 April 1876.1

Children of John Price and Mary Bradley


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John Price

M, b. 15 December 1833
     John Price was born on 15 December 1833 at Montgomery Co., PA. He was the son of Daniel W. Price and Mary Anderson.

John Price

M, b. circa 1816
     John Price was born circa 1816 at Montgomery Co., PA.1 He was the son of Rev. John W. Price and Mary Detwiler.


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John Price

M, b. 31 July 1875, d. 12 June 1876
     John Price was born on 31 July 1875 at Richmond, Henrico Co. (probably), VA.1 He was the son of Jonas R. Price and Sarah Catherine Yundt. John Price died on 12 June 1876 at Richmond, Henrico Co. (probably), VA.1


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John Price

     John Price was the son of Joseph A. Price and Anna Nice. John Price lived at Philadelphia, Philadelphia Co., PA.1


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John Price1

M, b. 19 October 1830, d. 5 September 1905
     John Price was born on 19 October 1830 at Hatfield Twp., Montgomery Co., PA.1 He was the son of Amos Price and Sarah Cassel Bergey.1 John Price died on 5 September 1905 at age 74.1
Note: Did not marry.1


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John Price1

M, b. circa 1831
     John Price was born circa 1831 at England.1 He married Catharine (?) circa 1865.1

Child of John Price and Catharine (?)


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John Price

     John Price was born at Illinois.1 He married Sarah Wilkins.

Child of John Price and Sarah Wilkins


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John Price1

M, b. circa 1831
     John Price was born circa 1831 at England.1,2 He married Sarah McAneny, After Sarah died, John remarried to Catherine Delker, about 1871, and had additional children. John Price lived on 30 June 1870 at Palermo Twp., Grundy Co., IA, farming.1 He lived on 12 June 1880 at Daily, Dixon Co., NE, farming.2 He died A John Price, died 8 NOV 1880, is buried at Daily Branch Cemetery, Dixon County, Nebraska, which is the location where John Price was last found, listed on the 1880 census. Findagrave.com memorial #94419663. However, the Findagrave.com memorial is annotated "19y 10m 14d" which would not be correct for this John Price. However, there is no such 19 year-old John Price listed on the 1880 census of Dixon County -- probably the age on the memorial is in error (if it was "49" instead of "19"), and this was in fact the father of Ellen Jane Price. DLB 2020.

Child of John Price and Sarah McAneny


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Prof. John Price

M, b. 21 April 1799, d. 10 November 1884
     Prof. John Price was Church of the Brethren.1 He was born on 21 April 1799 at near Plane's Meeting House, Montgomery Co., PA.2 He was the son of Daniel Price and Margaret Kline. Prof. John Price married Sarah Swartley, daughter of Philip Schwardle and Sarah Rosenberger, on 20 January 1822.2 Prof. John Price died on 10 November 1884 at age 85 Prof. John Price was reared on his father's farm and in early life learned the trade of mason. Being a man of more than ordinary intelligence and therefore thoroughly qualified to serve in the capacity of school teacher he devoted time and attention for a number of years to that vocation in the schools near Kulpsville and other places and also conducted a boarding school at Line Lexington for many years. He then changed his place of residence to New Britain Twp., Bucks Co., where he settled on a large farm and established Price's Boarding School which he conducted successfully for more than 30 years. In 1842 he organized the Line Lexington Fire Insurance Co., and up to the time of his death served as secretary. In politics he was first a Whig and later a Republican.2

Children of Prof. John Price and Sarah Swartley


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Rev. John Price

M, b. 5 December 1751, d. 7 September 1829
     Note: Birth order of children is partially uncertain -- this version is derived from the will of Rev. John Price, written in 1822, in which he listed first his sons Daniel, John, William and George, and then his daughters Susannah and Elizabeth. I therefore place Susannah's birth before Elizabeth -- she was probably the firstborn child of the marriage. No date is given for Susannah or George in the Wanger book. Wanger's birth order is clearly not correct, based on the stated dates that he gives. DLB 2008.1

Rev. John Price was also known as Johannes Preisz Christening name -- his parents were German speakers. He was born on 5 December 1751 at Lower Salford Twp., Montgomery Co., PA. He was the son of Daniel Preisz and Johanna Weicker. Rev. John Price was baptized on 4 January 1773 at Montgomery Co., PA; Ceremony by Elder Alexander Mack.2 He married Elizabeth Weidner, daughter of Rev. Lazarus Haass Weidner, in 1780. Rev. John Price married Barbara Andrew.3 Occupation: Farmer and Bishop, Church of the Brethren, Indian Creek Congregation. Rev. John Price died on 7 September 1829 at Indian Creek, Lower Salford Twp., Montgomery Co., PA, at age 77 Will of John Price

Dated June 1, 1822 Proved Sept. 30, 1829
Norristown, Pa., Will Book No. 6, page 568.

Be it Remembered that I, John Price of Lower Salford township, in the county of Montgomery and State of Pennsylvania, Yeoman, being far advanced in years but of sound disposing mind, memory and understanding taking into serious consideration the uncertainty of this life and knowing that it is appointed unto all men to once die, have thought it necessary to make my last will and testament in manner and form as follows, that is to say First I direct that all my just debts and funeral expenses be carefully paid by my hereinafter named Executors. Secondly I give and bequeath unto my beloeved wife, Barbara, the use and possession of the lot or tract whereon I now dwell situate in said township of Lower Salford bounded by lands of Abraham Harley and others Containing about 22 acres with all the buildings and appurtenances thereunto belonging so long as she remains my widow; she to have the right of sowing or Planting one of the fields on said lot each year in regular rotation with some of those small pieces around the meadow with such grain as she chooses and upon such terms as she may find most advantageous either by hiring or upon shares and the right of getting the Grass in the Meadows made into hay in the like manner she shall have the right to cut (under the direction of said Executors) as much timber on said lot as will be sufficient for her firewood and to keep the fences and buildings on said premises in repair; also to take in as a tenant a Single Woman or Small family to reside with her but not to furnush such tenant with separate firewood off of said Lot without the consent of my said Executors. I do further give unto my said wife so long as she remains my Widow the use of the following articles (to wit): my clock, Cloaths, press, Dresser, the new Stove, Windmill, half bushel, Cutting box & Knife, flax brake, a wooden and Iron shovel, Spade, weeding and grubbing hoe, a large Copper Kettle. I aslo give and bequeath unto my said wife the following specified Articles and Items to be at her entire and absolute disposal forever (to wit): her bedsteads with as much bedding thereto of her choice as will make it in Comfortable and complete order and all such other goods as may then be found of those which she brought to me at the time of our marriage, also one cow at her choice out of my flock and half the swine, all of the grain that may be sown on said premises and also one half of what may be thereon whether threshed or unthreshed; all the straw and one-half the hay and second crop with all the meat meal and vegetables that may be on hand at the time of my decease; also all the Yarn, flax, and tow whether dressed or undressed; I also give in like manner one third of all the other or remainder of my household goods and Kitchen furniture to be taken by her choice of them after the same has been appraised in order to shew the equal third part thereof in value. I also give unto my said wife the sum of fifty Pounds lawful money of Pennsylvania to be paid her by my said Executors out of the first monies that may be at their command after my decease. It is further my will that my hereinafter named Executors shall place at interest the sum of three hundred pounds money aforesaid (to be drawn from my personal estate), the interest of which sum they shall pay to my said wife yearly and every year so long as she shall remain my widow and all the bequest given and provisions made for the support of my said wife as hereinbefore mentioned are instead in liiew of her right of dower.
Thirdly. It is my will that my hereinafter named executors shall as soon as it can conveniently be done after my decease, sell all the residue of my moveable effects (not herein otherwise disposed of) at public Sale.
Fourthly. It is my will and I do hereby direct that my hereinafter named Executors as soon -- they shall have paid all my just debts and other reasonable expenses also the aforesaid Legacy to my wife and provided for the payment of the said annuity to her out of my estate that they shall proceed to make a division of all the residue of my estate whether arising from the sale of the moveables or from any and all monies due or or to become due on bonds, notes, books, debts or otherwise to and among my children, namely: Daniel, John, William, George, Susannah, and Elizabeth, their heirs or legal representatives, share and share alike. Nevertheless it is my will that in the aforesaid division or distribution of said residue each of my said children shall be charged with the amount of what I have advanced to them in my lifetime an account of which will be found in my family book kept for that purpose and the division of the first monies that may come to be made by my said Executors after fulfilling the foregoing provisions of this will shall be made in such manner as to make all my children or their heirs equal as far as practible taking into each ones Account what he or she might have had in advance as aforesaid and afterwards each one to take an equal share of the monies as they shall become due from the persons to whom I may have sold land. Nevertheless it is my will that if the dividend of my son John or in case of his decease of what would descend to his children shall not amount to so much as the bond or bonds that may remain in my hands against him that in that case my said Executors shall not demand the balance that might appear to be due to my estate but the same shall be cancelled and forgiven.
Fifthly. It is my will that my hereinafter named Executors to take charge of the division which becomes due to my Daughter Susannah and I do hereby give and bequeath unto my two sons Daniel and William and to the survivor of them all monies that may become due to my said daughter in case she shall survive me in trust and with full confidence thta they or the survivor of them shall and will well and truly pay and apply the interest thereof at the rate of five per cent per Annum for her use and for the use and Suport of her family as the case may require and if in the judgment of said Trustees or the Survivor of them it shall appear necessary at any time they or he shall have the right to apply from time to time any part or the whole of the prinicpal sum or dividend to the use and support of my said daughter as her Circumstances may require and Shall pay over after her decease any balance of said dividend that may remain in her hands or in the hands of the survivor of them to the children of my said daughter share and share alike and it is further my will that if my said Executors shall be called upon to pay any money for which I have become Security for my Son-in-law Henry Moyer that they shall deduct the amount of the monies so paid out of my daughter Susannah share of my estate.
Sixtly. I do hereby order and direct my herinafter named Executors without any unnecessary delay after the decease or marriage of my said wife to sell at public vendue to the best bidder as well all the moveable effects hereinbefore bequeathed to her during her widowhood as the before mentioned lot of land bequeathed to her use with all the buildings and appurtenances thereunto belonging and I do hereby impower my said Executors or the survivor of them to execute a good lawful deed of Conveyance to the purchaser of the same and in case that one of the said Executors shall become the purchaser of said land I do hereby impower the other Executor to make & execute a deed for the same to the one so purchasing, hereby declaring that it is my will that the deed so made shall be held and taken to be as valid in Law as if made by both Executors under the first provision of this item.
Seventhly. It is my will that the monies arising from the Sale of the before mentioned lot of land and its appurtenances and the moveable goods left to the use of my said wife together with the before mentioned three hundred pounds which was placed at interest for her use shall be equally divided between all my before named children their heirs or legal representatives share and share alike nevertheless my daughter Susannah's share to be held by my said Executors in trust in the same manner for the same purposes and with the same discretionary power as is before mentioned in the fifth item of this Instrument of Writing with respect to her first dividend.
Lastly. I do hereby Nominate, Constitute, and Appoint my two sons Daniel and William to be Executors of this my last will and testament (desiring that they do not charge any more Commissions for executirng the same than will be a reasonable compensation for their risk and trouble) and I do hereby revoke all other will or wills by me heretofore made verball[y or in writing, declaring this to be my last will and testament. In witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand and Seal the first day of June in the Year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and twenty-two. John Price, Sr. (SEAL)

Jacob Price
John Harley.

Children of Rev. John Price and Elizabeth Weidner


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Rev. John Price

M, b. 6 August 1782, d. 12 April 1850
     Rev. John Price was born on 6 August 1782 at East Nantmeal Twp., Chester Co., PA.1 He was the son of Rev. George Price and Sarah Harley. Rev. John Price married Mary Rinehart, daughter of John Rinehart and Hannah Frick, in 1801. Rev. John Price died on 12 April 1850 at North Coventry Twp., Chester Co., PA, at age 67.1 He was buried in April 1850 at North Coventry Twp., Chester Co., PA.

Children of Rev. John Price and Mary Rinehart


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Dr. John Caleb Price1

M, b. 25 August 1871, d. 2 September 1915
     Dr. John Caleb Price was born on 25 August 1871 at Doniphan Co., KS. He was the son of Joseph Detweiler Price and Hannah Jackson. Dr. John Caleb Price married Mabel Clark, daughter of John G. A. Clark and Margaret Raymond Durkee, on 8 June 1898. Occupation: Chief Medical Inspector, Div. Hygiene and Engineering, Penna. State Dept. of Labor and Industry in 1915.1 Dr. John Caleb Price died on 2 September 1915 at age 44 exposure to X-rays during work at Penna. State Dept. of Labor and Industry.1

Child of Dr. John Caleb Price and Mabel Clark


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John Calvin Price

M, b. 26 July 1901
     John Calvin Price was born on 26 July 1901 at Ogle Co., IL.1,2 He was the son of Jacob Hiram Price and Lillie M. Spiekler.


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John Dwight Price

M, b. March 1903
     John Dwight Price was born in March 1903.1 He was the son of John M. Price and Grace Gaffin.


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John Emmert Price

M, b. 28 July 1840, d. December 1909
     John Emmert Price was born on 28 July 1840 at Franklin Co., PA. He was the son of Jacob Baker Price and Susannah Emmert. John Emmert Price married Mary Catherine Ordeman, daughter of Capt. Herman D. Ordeman and Catharine Schmaul. John Emmert Price lived on 1 June 1880 at South Market Street, Frederick, Frederick Co., MD, Hardware merchant.1 He died in December 1909 at Frederick, Frederick Co., MD, at age 69 Obituary (Findagrave.com):

Mr. JOHN E. PRICE, a well-known resident of Frederick, where for many years he was engaged in business, died this afternoon at his home, Mont-Riant, along the Northern Central Railway, in the northeastern section of the city, of paralysis of the heart. While Mr. Price, who was a sufferer from chronic hay-fever, had been complaining recently, and yesterday had called in the family physician to treat him, his death was rather sudden.

He was born in Franklin county, Pa., July 28, 1840. He was a son of Jacob Price, who was a native and life-long resident of Franklin county, but his mother, who was Miss Susan Emmert, was a native of Washington county, Md. Mr. Price , who was the youngest of six sons of this couple, was educated at the public schools, at the Academy at Waynesboro, Pa., and at the Pennsylvania Normal School. In 1861 he received a teachers certificate, and the following year taught school near his home, but in 1863 entered the Electrical Institution at Chambersburg, Pa. to study medical electricity, and graduated in 1864. The same year he entered the U.S. Marine Services at Philadelphia, and in the following year, aboard the U.S.S. Ticoaderoga with a fleet under command of Admiral Goldsborough, went on a roving voyage in foreign waters. A series of articles by Mr. Price, describing the voyage, was published in The News last spring.

After returning from the voyage, and receiving his discharge, in 1868, Mr. Price came to Frederick and engaged in the hardware business with B.F. Stewart. In 1882, Mr. Stewart's interest in the business was continued by Messrs. Price and Ordeman, under the firm name of J.E. Price & Co., until February 1906. The firm had a successful career and won an enviable reputation in commerical circles.

In September 1872, Mr. Price married Miss Mary C. Ordeman, daughter of the late Capt. H.D. Ordeman. They had ten children, of whom two died in infancy and a third at the age of four years.

Mrs. Price and the following children survive him: Katharine Small, wife of Mr. John H. Dechert, of York, Pa; Louise Annette, wife of Mr. Raymond E. Appenzellar, of NY; Charles Smith, Grace Truscott, Maxie Emmert, Joseph Benjamin and Osborne Ingle.

Source: The News (Frederick, MD)
Saturday, December 4, 1909.

He was buried in December 1909 at Mt. Olivet Cemetery, Frederick, Frederick Co., MD, Findagrave #156348902.

Children of John Emmert Price and Mary Catherine Ordeman


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John Evan Price1

M, b. 29 December 1843, d. 11 July 1914
     John Evan Price was born on 29 December 1843 at Columbus, Franklin Co., OH.1 He married Eliza Jane Everitt circa 1867, Apparently John and Eliza divorced during the 1870s. On the 1880 census, John is listed, still in Perry Township, still a "boss in quarry", with his second wife, Ella Garner, while Eliza is listed on East Gay street in Columbus, with a hash mark in the "Widowed or Divorced" column, with her daughter Mary, and two nephews and a niece in her household.1

John Evan Price lived on 23 June 1870 at P.O. Dublin, Perry Twp., Franklin Co., OH, boss at stone quarry.1 He died on 11 July 1914 at Marble Cliff, Franklin Co., OH, at age 70. He was buried in July 1914 at Green Lawn Cemetery, Columbus, Franklin Co., OH, Findagrave #14562206.

Child of John Evan Price and Eliza Jane Everitt


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John George Price

M, b. 14 December 1792, d. 21 June 1840
     John George Price was born on 14 December 1792 at Montgomery, Montgomery Co., VA. He married Jane Hussey on 10 June 1813 at Greene Co., OH. John George Price died on 21 June 1840 at Circleville, Tazewell Co., IL, at age 47.

Child of John George Price and Jane Hussey