Minnie M. Smith

F, b. March 1870, d. before 1938
     Minnie M. Smith was also known as Minnie Springer. She was born in March 1870 at Illinois. She married Otto Charles Luther, son of Joh. Ferdinand Luther and Maria Huppert, on 30 August 1888 at Hancock Co., IL. Minnie M. Smith died before 1938 at Ironwood, Gogebic Co., MI.

Children of Minnie M. Smith and Otto Charles Luther

Miranda Elizabeth Olivia Smith

F, b. 27 February 1864, d. 14 November 1937
     Miranda Elizabeth Olivia Smith was born on 27 February 1864. She married Joseph Barnes Armstrong, son of Abel Armstrong and Emily Creamer, circa 1888 at Fayette Co. (probably), OH. Miranda Elizabeth Olivia Smith died on 14 November 1937 at age 73.

Children of Miranda Elizabeth Olivia Smith and Joseph Barnes Armstrong

Morgan Smith1

M, b. circa 1907
     Morgan Smith was born circa 1907 at Erie Co. (probably), PA.1 He was the son of Lyne Starling Smith and Bessie H. (?)1


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Myrtle L. Smith

F, b. April 1876, d. 7 May 1929
     Myrtle L. Smith was born in April 1876 at Champaign Co., IL.1 She was the daughter of William Lewis Smith and Sarah Catherine Fancher.1 Myrtle L. Smith died on 7 May 1929 at Clark Co., OH, at age 53.


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Nancy Smith1

F, b. 21 August 1787, d. 16 April 1863
     Nancy Smith was born on 21 August 1787 at Shenandoah Co., VA.1 She married James Kirkpatrick on 29 May 1806 at Monroe Co., VA (now WV). Nancy Smith died on 16 April 1863 at Fayette Co., OH, at age 75.

Child of Nancy Smith and James Kirkpatrick


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Nancy E. Smith

F, b. 27 May 1842, d. 5 April 1885
     Nancy E. Smith was born on 27 May 1842 at Tuscarawas Co., OH. She married Daniel Urick on 17 November 1859 at Adams Co., IN. Nancy E. Smith died on 5 April 1885 at Adams Co., IN, at age 42. She was buried in April 1885 at Smith Cemetery, Monroe, Adams Co., IN, Findagrave #57832026.

Child of Nancy E. Smith and Daniel Urick

Nancy Irwin Smith

F, b. 10 October 1834, d. 5 March 1914
     Note: Probably the daughter of Timothy and Mary Smith, with whose family she was living in 1860, although she was not listed in their family in 1850. Nancy Irwin Smith was born on 10 October 1834 at Preston Co., VA.1 She married Iret Rhinehart, son of Joseph Rhinehart and Rachel Long, Eleven children born, five living as of 1900 census.2 Nancy Irwin Smith lived in July 1860 at Noble Twp., Noble Co., OH; Husband Iret was not listed with her and the children in 1860, and she appeared to have been living in her parents (or other Smith relatives) house.1 She died on 5 March 1914 at Spring Hill, Johnson Co., KS, at age 79.

Children of Nancy Irwin Smith and Iret Rhinehart


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Nathan Edward Smith

M, b. 10 March 1893, d. 14 June 1981
     Nathan Edward Smith was born on 10 March 1893 at Tipton Co., IN. He married Neta Joy Stephens. Nathan Edward Smith died on 14 June 1981 at Huntington, Huntington Co., IN, at age 88. He was buried in June 1981 at Calvary Cemetery, Bippus, Huntington Co., IN.

Child of Nathan Edward Smith and Neta Joy Stephens

Nathaniel Cutright Smith

M, b. 13 August 1899, d. August 1974
     Nathaniel Cutright Smith was born on 13 August 1899 at Peoria, Peoria Co., IL. He was the son of John Walter Smith and Sarah Truitt Cutright. Nathaniel Cutright Smith began military service on 11 September 1918 at Peoria, Peoria Co., IL, WWI, Enlisted U.A. Army. He married Rutha Alice White, daughter of George Samuel Ebble White and Lillie Tatum, circa 1925. Nathaniel Cutright Smith and Rutha Alice White were divorced in January 1934. Nathaniel Cutright Smith died in August 1974 at Milford, Iroquois Co., IL.

Nella May Smith

     Nella May Smith married John W. Windle, son of Lewis Franklin Windle and Drucilla Van Meter, on 11 September 1904 at Athens Co., OH.

Nellie Smith

F, b. circa 1879
     Nellie Smith was born circa 1879 at Iowa.1 She married Truman Price, son of David W. Price and Sarah C. Davis, circa 1896.2,1

Children of Nellie Smith and Truman Price


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Nellie Smith1

F, b. circa 1871
     Nellie Smith was born circa 1871.1 She was the daughter of Jacob P. Smith and Mary A. Munsinger.1


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Nellie Smith1

F, b. March 1877
     Nellie Smith was born in March 1877.1 She was the daughter of Jacob P. Smith and Mary A. Munsinger.1


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Nellie Lee Smith

F, b. 5 August 1888, d. April 1974
     Nellie Lee Smith was born on 5 August 1888 at Wichita, Sedgwick Co., KS.1 She was the daughter of David Owen Smith and Georgianna Frances Eakle. Nellie Lee Smith married Lewis Frederic Blenard, son of Christian Blenard and Susan Beasecker, on 17 December 1906, Ceremony by Rev. Keller.1 Nellie Lee Smith died in April 1974 at Hagerstown, Washington Co., MD, at age 85.2

Children of Nellie Lee Smith and Lewis Frederic Blenard


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Olive Smith

F, b. 1879, d. 1959
     Olive Smith was born in 1879. She married John William Schoonover. Olive Smith died in 1959. She was buried in 1959 at Pollock Cemetery, Pollock, Sullivan Co., MO, Findagrave #55526456.

Child of Olive Smith and John William Schoonover

Olive C. Smith

F, b. 7 January 1908, d. 22 July 1921
     Olive C. Smith was born on 7 January 1908. She was the daughter of James Rodney Smith and Grace Alice Wilkins. Olive C. Smith died on 22 July 1921 at age 13.

Oliver Leslie Smith

M, b. 24 August 1885, d. 24 January 1942
     Oliver Leslie Smith was born on 24 August 1885. He was the son of George W. Smith and Lydia Wilkin. Oliver Leslie Smith married Inez Stroup on 31 August 1915. Oliver Leslie Smith died on 24 January 1942 at age 56.

Opal Marie Smith1

F, b. December 1898
     Opal Marie Smith was born in December 1898 at Fayette or Clark Co., OH.1 She was the daughter of Joseph H. Smith and Carrie Lesley Buckley.1 Opal Marie Smith married Thomas Brannen after 2 January 1920.


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Ora Dell Smith1

F, b. December 1869, d. 21 January 1954
     Ora Dell Smith was born in December 1869 at Tipton Co., IN.1 She married Milton Finley Green circa 1889.1 Ora Dell Smith died on 21 January 1954 at Milton-Freewater, Umatilla Co., OR, at age 84.

Child of Ora Dell Smith and Milton Finley Green


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Orren Henry Smith

M, b. 26 April 1870, d. 5 May 1943
     Orren Henry Smith was also known as "Pete". He was born on 26 April 1870 at Crawford Co., IL. He was the son of Joseph Hamilton Daviess Smith and Louisa Burner. Orren Henry Smith married Laura Eliizabeth Rhodes, daughter of Alfred Henry Rhodes and Caroline Newlin, on 25 August 1895 at Crawford Co., IL. Orren Henry Smith died on 5 May 1943 at Prairie Twp., Crawford Co., IL, at age 73.

Children of Orren Henry Smith and Laura Eliizabeth Rhodes

Orville Smith

M, b. 17 October 1875, d. January 1965
     Orville Smith was born on 17 October 1875 at Carroll Co., IL. He married Cora Ellen Fulrath, daughter of Adam Fulrath and Hannah Smith, on 1 July 1896 at Carroll Co., IL. Orville Smith died in January 1965 at Woodland Twp., Carroll Co., IL, at age 89.

Children of Orville Smith and Cora Ellen Fulrath

Oscar A. Smith1

M, b. circa 1903
     Oscar A. Smith was born circa 1903 at Ross Twp., Greene Co., OH.1 He was the son of Abel A. Smith and Lucy Mary McKillip.1


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Oscar William Smith

M, b. 7 August 1867, d. 3 April 1946
     Oscar William Smith was born on 7 August 1867 at Fayette Co., OH. He was the son of John M. Smith and Sophronia Bloomer. Oscar William Smith married Mariah N. Redding on 11 November 1891 at Springfield, Clark Co., OH. Oscar William Smith died on 3 April 1946 at Springfield, Clark Co., OH, at age 78.

Otto Lindley Smith

M, b. 19 March 1873, d. 7 October 1935
     Otto Lindley Smith was born on 19 March 1873 at Caldwell, Noble Co., OH. He was the son of James Smith and Edith Johnson. Otto Lindley Smith married Goldie Glenn Cherry, daughter of Thomas Jefferson Cherry and Evelyn Cinda Tedrick, on 3 December 1902 at Newark, Licking Co., OH. Otto Lindley Smith died on 7 October 1935 at Toledo, Lucas Co., OH, at age 62.

Children of Otto Lindley Smith and Goldie Glenn Cherry

Otto R. Smith

M, b. 18 February 1884, d. 29 May 1957
     Occupation: Locksmith. Otto R. Smith was also known as "Ott". He was born on 18 February 1884 at Ida Co., IA. He was the son of Charles Smith and Emma (?)1 Otto R. Smith married Bessie Elvina Semler, daughter of Henry William Semler and Effie Jane Gebhart, in 1910. Otto R. Smith died on 29 May 1957 at Kiser Lake, Champaign Co., OH, at age 73 Heart attack in boat while fishing on Kiser Lake.

Children of Otto R. Smith and Bessie Elvina Semler


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Parthena (Reddick) Smith

     Parthena (Reddick) Smith married John Wesley Starr, son of William Fletcher Starr and Sarah Lucas, on 4 February 1892.

Patience Sincere Smith1

F, b. circa 1887, d. 25 February 1937
     Patience Sincere Smith was born circa 1887 at Ohio.1 She was the daughter of (?) Smith. Patience Sincere Smith married Ralph Windle, son of John R. Windle and Josephine Evans, circa 1904.1 Patience Sincere Smith died on 25 February 1937 at Mercy Hospital, Columbus, Franklin Co., OH.

Children of Patience Sincere Smith and Ralph Windle


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Patricia Ann Smith

F, b. 28 September 1958, d. 23 December 1958
     Patricia Ann Smith was born on 28 September 1958 at Youngstown, Mahoning Co., OH. She was the daughter of Donald Clyde Smith. Patricia Ann Smith died on 23 December 1958.

Paul Gibson Smith

M, b. 5 September 1928, d. 26 September 2015
     Paul Gibson Smith was born on 5 September 1928 at Ohio.1 He was the son of John Morris Smith and Hazel C. Rudolph.1 Paul Gibson Smith married Jane Lou Davis, daughter of Raymond E. Davis and Ruth Beardsley McCormick, on 31 March 1951 at Lucas Co., OH. Paul Gibson Smith lived in 1993 at Glen Ellyn, Du Page Co., IL. He died on 26 September 2015 at age 87.


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Paul Samuel Smith

M, b. 3 July 1897, d. 19 May 1991
     Paul Samuel Smith was born on 3 July 1897 at Richmond, Wayne Co., IN. He was the son of Harrison Jones Smith and Louise May Wolfe. Paul Samuel Smith married Lillian Elizabeth McMinn, daughter of Francis Erwin McMinn and Emma Williams. Paul Samuel Smith died on 19 May 1991 at Los Angeles Co., CA, at age 93 OBITUARY - The Los Angeles Times, May 30, 1991

Nixon Teacher, Former Whittier College Head, Dies
Paul Samuel Smith, former Whittier College president and mentor to former President Richard M. Nixon, died recently at age 93.
The Whittier resident died May 18 after a brief illness.
Smith, a respected history scholar and teacher, became the college's eighth president in 1951 and held the position through 1969. During his tenure, enrollment rose from 800 to 2,000, and the college established a Copenhagen school, one of the first campuses overseas to encourage students to study abroad.
But Smith's presidency may be remembered best for bricks and mortar. "He was very good at convincing donors to help build buildings," said Roy Newsom, another former Whittier College president. More than a dozen buildings went up during Smith's tenure, including the college chapel where students and colleagues gathered last Saturday for a memorial service.
Nixon, a 1934 graduate of Whittier College, wrote one of the tributes for the memorial. "During my 45 years in the political arena, no one inspired and influenced me more than Dr. Paul Smith," Nixon wrote. "He was the best of scores of teachers I had in high school, college and law school."
Smith would lecture in his history courses on leaders such as Presidents James Madison and James Monroe in a way that inspired his students to follow in their footsteps, Whittier College Trustee C. Milo Connick said. Smith believed "in free enterprise and individual initiative," Connick said. "He believed that history was the length and shadow of great men."
Smith, an author of several books on American politics and the Constitution, criticized other scholars for what he called "debunking the heroes of American history" and breeding "a disrespect for the past." Smith believed that educators did a disservice by downplaying the virtues of democracy in an effort to be nonpartisan.
Smith was born in Richmond, Ind., and attended a one-room schoolhouse where he read Poe, Byron and biographies from the Congressional Record.
At Earlham College, a nearby Quaker school, he studied political science and served as student body president, returning home every afternoon to do farm chores. He received his master's and doctorate degrees at the University of Wisconsin and began teaching at Whittier in 1922. He became known both for his oratory and his camaraderie with students. He would often join them in pickup basketball games.
He made one his last public appearances four months ago at a memorial service for his wife, Lillian. Smith struggled to get out of his chair and slowly crossed the few feet to the speaker's podium, Connick said, but he retained the voice that once held students spellbound.
"He talked about the things he and Lillian were interested in throughout their lives," Connick said, such as world peace and helping the unfortunate. "He said these things hadn't materialized according to their hopes, but it was incumbent on humankind to keep working on them."

He was buried in May 1991 at Elkhorn Cemetery, Richmond, Wayne Co., IN.