John Adair Bell

     John Adair Bell was also known as Jack. He married Jane Martin.

Child of John Adair Bell and Jane Martin

Dr. John Bower Bell

M, b. 6 November 1866, d. 30 March 1940
     Dr. John Bower Bell was born on 6 November 1866 at Parrottsville, Cocke Co., TN. He was the son of Benjamin Bell and Mary Bowers. Dr. John Bower Bell married Mabel Vesteen Easterly, daughter of Dr. Jacob Payne Easterly and Louise Virginia DeVault, on 25 May 1894 at Greene Co., TN. Dr. John Bower Bell died on 30 March 1940 at age 73.

Children of Dr. John Bower Bell and Mabel Vesteen Easterly

John Henderson Bell

M, b. circa 1798
     John Henderson Bell was born circa 1798. He married Elizabeth Ann McDowell, daughter of John McDowell and Lucy Nash Legrand, on 24 January 1827.

John Bell Jr.

     John Bell Jr. married Charlotte Adair.

Child of John Bell Jr. and Charlotte Adair

John McDowell Bell

     John McDowell Bell was born at Kentucky. He was the son of John Henderson Bell and Elizabeth Ann McDowell.

Joseph T. Bell

M, b. circa 1878
     Joseph T. Bell was born circa 1878 at Illinois. He married Rosetta Allison, daughter of Edmond Allison and Elizabeth Hanna Pennock, circa 1899.

Children of Joseph T. Bell and Rosetta Allison

Joseph William Bell

     Joseph William Bell was born at Kentucky. He was the son of John Henderson Bell and Elizabeth Ann McDowell.

Joyce Ann Bell

F, b. 19 June 1932, d. 25 August 2010
     Joyce Ann Bell was born on 19 June 1932 at Ft. Wayne, Allen Co., IN. She was the daughter of Oliver Dwight Bell and Wilda Crystal Paxson. Joyce Ann Bell married Roland D. Sonner, son of Clifford Jennings Sonner and Florence Abby Grebb. Joyce Ann Bell died on 25 August 2010 at Lake Co., FL, at age 78. She was buried in 2010 at Elm Grove Cemetery, Bluffton, Wells Co., IN, Find A Grave Memorial# 83719261.

Julia W. Bell1

F, b. 17 June 1836, d. 6 July 1917
     Julia W. Bell was born on 17 June 1836.1 She was the daughter of James K. Bell and Sarah E. (?)1 Julia W. Bell married Jonathan U. Price, son of George Price and Elizabeth Smith, on 14 September 1865, Ceremony by Rev. J. B. Dickey.1 Julia W. Bell died on 6 July 1917 at age 81.1

Children of Julia W. Bell and Jonathan U. Price


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Kitty Bell

F, b. circa 1908
     Kitty Bell was born circa 1908. She married S. Edward Arnold, son of Ray F. Arnold and Clara May Boyd, after April 1940.

Laura Bell

     Laura Bell was the daughter of Robert Bell and Bettie V. Sonner.
Note: This child per J. K. P. Sonner book -- 1900 census appears to show zero children born to the marriage of Robert Bell and Bettie V. Sonner. (DLB 2006.)

LaVina Bell

F, d. 1936
     LaVina Bell married Fred Windell, son of Milton Benjamin Windell and Maggie Alice Sieg, circa 1935. LaVina Bell died in 1936.

Lewis Bell1

M, b. June 1854
     Lewis Bell was born in June 1854 at Indiana.1 He married Elizabeth (?).1

Child of Lewis Bell and Elizabeth (?)


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Lillian Bell

F, b. June 1896, d. August 1937
     Lillian Bell was born in June 1896 at Washington Co. (probably), OH.1 She was the daughter of David Leslie Bell and Frances Alberta Sprague. Lillian Bell married Carl Wendell, son of Harry Melroy Wendell and Glencora Grudier. Lillian Bell died in August 1937 at Cambridge, Guernsey Co., OH, at age 41. She was buried on 24 August 1937 at Sec. 48, Lot 14, Cambridge, Guernsey Co., OH.

Children of Lillian Bell and Carl Wendell


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Lota Susan Bell

F, b. 18 March 1882, d. 28 January 1951
     Lota Susan Bell was born on 18 March 1882 at Marshall Co., IN.1 She married Charles Nelson Price on 1 September 1909 at Indiana. Lota Susan Bell died on 28 January 1951 at Warsaw, Kosciusko Co., IN, at age 68.

Child of Lota Susan Bell and Charles Nelson Price


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Lucian Burr Bell

M, b. 13 February 1838, d. 27 January 1915
     Lucian Burr Bell was born on 13 February 1838 at Cherokee Nation East (Habersham Co.), GA. He was the son of John Adair Bell and Jane Martin. Lucian Burr Bell married Mary Frances Starr, daughter of George Harlan Starr and Nancy M. Bell, on 10 February 1876. Lucian Burr Bell died on 27 January 1915 at Vinita, Craig Co., OK, at age 76.

Lucy Nash Bell

F, b. 19 August 1829
     Lucy Nash Bell was born on 19 August 1829 at Wayne Co., KY. She was the daughter of John Henderson Bell and Elizabeth Ann McDowell.

Lucy R. Bell1

F, b. circa 1798, d. after 4 June 1860
     Lucy R. Bell was born circa 1798 at Virginia.2,1 She married Henry R. Tunstall, son of Capt. Joseph F. Tunstall and Jane Pierce, on 24 December 1816 at Jefferson Co., KY. Lucy R. Bell died after 4 June 1860.

Child of Lucy R. Bell and Henry R. Tunstall


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Lulu Adaline Bell1

F, b. 22 June 1870
     Lulu Adaline Bell was born on 22 June 1870 at Johnson or Miami Co., KS.1 She was the daughter of Isaac Newton Bell and Mary Rinehart.1 Lulu Adaline Bell married Thomas Green on 27 November 1894 at Johnson Co., KS, no children. Lulu Adaline Bell lived in June 1900 at Spring Hill Twp., Johnson Co., KS.1 She lived in January 1920 at Shreveport, Caddo Par., LA.2


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Lydia Bell

F, b. 28 February 1820, d. 31 December 1856
     Lydia Bell was born on 28 February 1820 at Clearfield Co., PA. She was the daughter of William Bell and Martha Patty Henry. Lydia Bell married Samuel Spencer, son of Joseph Spencer and Lydia Moore, on 5 September 1839 at Clearfield Co., PA. Lydia Bell died on 31 December 1856 at Clearfield Co., PA, at age 36.

Child of Lydia Bell and Samuel Spencer

Maggie Bell

F, b. 10 May 1895, d. 10 May 1895
     Maggie Bell died on 10 May 1895 at Greene Co., TN. She was born on 10 May 1895 at Greene Co., TN. She was the daughter of Dr. John Bower Bell and Mabel Vesteen Easterly.

Martha Bell

F, b. circa 1765, d. 23 August 1839
     Martha Bell married James Rodgers, son of James Rodgers and Florence (?). Martha Bell was buried at Hanover Churchyard, Dauphin Co., PA. She was born circa 1765. She died on 23 August 1839 at Dauphin Co., PA.

Mary Bell

F, b. circa 1791, d. 1875
     Mary Bell was born circa 1791 at Virginia.1 She was the daughter of Capt. James Bell and Ann Madelaine Bell.
Note: Descendants of James Benton and Mary (Bell) Tallman compiled by Dr. G. D. Tallman. On 16 March 1809 he married Mary Bell (1792-1875) a daughter of Captain Bell, an aid to George Washington. Their home for awhile was in Pickaway Co., Ohio, then to Tyler and Brooke Counties Virginia, what is now West Virginia about 1830 where they purchased the mill property at Point Pleasant, lived near the old mill site on Point Pleasent Creek, evidently in Tyler County.

About 1855, they moved again to Henry County, Iowa. "They floated down the Ohio River to the Mississippi in a flatboat and then took a steamboat to Keokuk, Iowa." James and Mary are buried near Mt. Pleasant, Iowa. Grave markers were erected by Dr. George and attorney Harry Tallman about 1930.

MARRIAGE: In Fairfield County, Ohio Marriage Records Film F Ohio 41 Pt 65: James Benton Tallman married Polley Bell on 16 Mar 1809 REFN AFN GW7S-NS

Notes for Mary BELL
Lineage of Peter Tallman and Joan Briggs by Harry Edward Terrell.

Everet Gensiche Scothorn book by Ralph Love, Washington D.C.

A grave marker in the Tallman Cemetery reads: "Ann wife of James Bell Sep 12 1762 - Jul 19 1823". This was Ann Madelaine Bell, daughter of Lawrence Bell. She married James Bell in 1785 in Rockingham County, Virginia. He was born 15 Sep 1762 and died 28 Dec 1828. Their children were: Isaiah Bell, born abt. 1787 and died 18 Aug 1815 at age 27. He married Phoebe Bowman. One of his heirs was a Henry Bell. He was a veteran of the War of 1812. He was born and raised on Pleasant Run, was a teacher and had entered the Ohio Conference as a popular preacher. He is buried near his mother in the Tallman Cemetery.

Mary "Polly" Bell (d. 1875 married James Benton Tallman 16 Mar 1809 in Fairfield County, Ohio. James was born 24 Feb 1788 at Rockingham County, Virginia and was the son of William & Phebe (Henton) Tallman He died in Oct. 1874 in Henry County, Iowa. They resided in Brooke and Tyler counties, Virginia. (now West Virginia).

Mary Bell married James Benton Tallman, son of William Tallman and Phoebe Henton, on 16 March 1809 at Canal Winchester, Franklin Co., OH. Mary Bell died in 1875 at Mt. Pleasant, Henry Co., IA.

Children of Mary Bell and James Benton Tallman


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Mary Bell

     Mary Bell married William Halliday Wright.


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Mary Kathryn Bell1

F, b. 12 September 1922, d. 28 November 2007
     Mary Kathryn Bell was born on 12 September 1922 at Murfreesboro, Rutherford Co., TN.1 She was the daughter of Robert Trigg Bell Jr. and Kate Currin Rather.1 Mary Kathryn Bell married Dr. Matthias Brickell Murfree Jr., son of Matthias Brickell Murfree and Cornelia Catherine Wendel.1 Mary Kathryn Bell died on 28 November 2007 at Murfreesboro, Rutherford Co., TN, at age 85 Obituary (

Pallbearers will be her grandsons and nephews Robert Bell Mifflin, John Galasso Mifflin, Robert Bell Mifflin, Jr., Gresh Martin, Randy Kozack, Randy Bryan; and cousins Sam Miller Haynes and Dr. J. Brevard Haynes, JrMrs. Murfree was born in Murfreesboro, Tennessee on September 12, 1922. She was the daughter of the late Kate Currin Rather Bell and Robert Trigg Bell, Jr. Her father, Bob Bell, for many years was president and owner of controlling interest in Murfreesboro Bank and Trust Company, Rutherford County's largest bank. Mr. Bell successfully steered his bank through the great depression when many local banks closed. Her maternal grandfather, J.T. Rather, was mayor of Murfreesboro. Mrs. Murfree was also a great grandniece of Sam Davis of Smyrna, Tennessee, the Tennessee Confederate boy hero. Mrs. Murfree lived in her early youth with her family on East Main Street and later lived in the family home and farm "Bellwood" on Southeast Broad Street until her husband, Dr. Matt B. Murfree, Jr., returned from Germany, where he served in World War II, to practice medicine in Murfreesboro. She was educated at Gunston Hall in Washington, D.C. prior to her marriage. Mrs. Murfree was a member of the First Presbyterian Church where she worked with the youth program when her children were young. Mrs. Murfree was also a lifelong member of the Charity Circle where she held various offices, the Oakland's Association and the Daughters of the American Revolution. Mrs. Murfree is survived by two sons and daughters in law, Matt B. III and Kitty Murfree and Robert Bell and Betsy Murfree both of Murfreesboro; five grandchildren, Dr. Robert Brickell Murfree and his wife Nikki of Alexandria, Virginia, Dr. John Phillips Murfree of Murfreesboro, Matt B. Murfree IV and his wife Sarah of Murfreesboro, Paul Davis Murfree of Washington, D.C. and Virginia Phillips Murfree of Nashville.

She was buried in December 2007 at Evergreen Cemetery, Murfreesboro, Rutherford Co., TN, Find A Grave Memorial# 23166015.

Child of Mary Kathryn Bell and Dr. Matthias Brickell Murfree Jr.


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Mary Louise Bell

F, b. 23 March 1898
     Mary Louise Bell was born on 23 March 1898 at Greene Co., TN. She was the daughter of Dr. John Bower Bell and Mabel Vesteen Easterly. Mary Louise Bell married Milledge Baker.

Mary Olivia Bell1

F, b. 4 October 1846, d. 28 August 1892
     Mary Olivia Bell was born on 4 October 1846.1 She was the daughter of Daniel Bell and Mary Michley.1 Mary Olivia Bell married Daniel Stover, son of Daniel P. Stover and Prudence Funk, on 12 July 1870.1 Mary Olivia Bell died on 28 August 1892 at age 45.1

Children of Mary Olivia Bell and Daniel Stover


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Myrta A. Bell

F, b. 1876, d. 1908
     Myrta A. Bell was born in 1876. She married Charles Nelson Price on 19 March 1896 at Marshall Co., IN. Myrta A. Bell died in 1908.

Nancy M. Bell

F, b. 14 July 1814, d. 14 September 1864
     Nancy M. Bell was born on 14 July 1814 at New Echota, Bartow Co., GA. She was the daughter of John Bell Jr. and Charlotte Adair. Nancy M. Bell married George Harlan Starr, son of Caleb Starr and Nancy Harlan, in 1834 at Georgia. Nancy M. Bell died on 14 September 1864 at Rusk Co., TX, at age 50. She was buried in September 1864 at Mt. Taber Community Cemetery, Rusk Co., TX.

Children of Nancy M. Bell and George Harlan Starr


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Nell Embree Bell

F, b. December 1899
     Nell Embree Bell was born in December 1899 at Greene Co., TN. She was the daughter of Dr. John Bower Bell and Mabel Vesteen Easterly. Nell Embree Bell married Lanty M. Ross on 20 September 1919.