Bertha F. Schweikert

F, b. 1900, d. 1990
     Bertha F. Schweikert was born in 1900. She married Gladwin B. Boyd, son of David R. Boyd and Capitola Beevers. Bertha F. Schweikert died in 1990. She was buried in 1990 at Ridgeway Cemetery, Ridgeway, Lenawee Co., MI.

Herman Francis Schweiss1

M, b. 28 March 1894, d. 23 July 1953
     Herman Francis Schweiss was born on 28 March 1894 at Illinois WW I draft registration.1 He married Rose M. Skopec on 27 November 1915 at Cook Co., IL. Herman Francis Schweiss lived on 3 April 1940 at 3529 North O'Dell Avenue, Chicago, Cook Co., IL, Truck driver, retail coal.1 He died on 23 July 1953 at Cook Co., IL, at age 59.

Child of Herman Francis Schweiss and Rose M. Skopec


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Thomas Louis Schweiss

M, b. 9 November 1926, d. 26 November 1988
     Thomas Louis Schweiss was born on 9 November 1926 at Chicago, Cook Co., IL.1 He was the son of Herman Francis Schweiss and Rose M. Skopec.1 Thomas Louis Schweiss married Elizabeth Jane Kitzmiller, daughter of Clarence Kitzmiller and Esther Gertrude Becker, on 19 January 1946 at River Grove, Cook Co., IL. Thomas Louis Schweiss died on 26 November 1988 at Land O' Lakes, Pasco Co., FL, at age 62

Obituary -- The Tampa Tribune; Tampa, Florida; Thursday, December 1, 1988; Other Editions, Page 91 (

TOM SCHWEISS, 62, of Land O' Lakes died Saturday. He was born in Chicago and moved to this area 11 years ago from Fox Lake, Ill. He was the owner and operator of a service station and a member of the Fox Lake Lions Club and Fox Lake Noon Lions Club, both of Illinois, and the Lutz-Land O'Lakes Lions Club.
He is survived by two sons, Thomas Jr. and Robert, both of Ingleside, Ill; three daughters, Judy Bettencourt of Fremont, Calif., May Nichols of Spokane, Wash., and Elizabeth Vollers of Land O' Lakes; and 15 grandchildren.
F.T. Blount Funeral Home, Lutz-Land O'Lakes Chapel.


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Anna Elisabetha Esther Schweitzer

     Anna Elisabetha Esther Schweitzer married Johann Michael Trautmann, son of Georg Trautmann and Eva Elisabetha Römer, in 1680 at Zweibrücken, Palatinate.

Susan Matilda Schweitzer1

F, b. 8 January 1881, d. 1 September 1967
     Susan Matilda Schweitzer was born on 8 January 1881 at Dayton, Montgomery Co., OH.1 She married John Vernon Mumma on 4 September 1896 at Dayton, Montgomery Co., OH. Susan Matilda Schweitzer died on 1 September 1967 at San Diego, San Diego Co., CA, at age 86.

Child of Susan Matilda Schweitzer and John Vernon Mumma


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Anna Margaritha Schweizer1

F, b. 24 December 1824, d. 14 November 1901
     Anna Margaritha Schweizer was born on 24 December 1824 at Neukirch, Canton Thurgau, Switzerland.1 She married Friedrich Järmann on 16 January 1866 at Bischoffszell, Canton Thurgau, Switzerland.1 Anna Margaritha Schweizer died on 14 November 1901 at Langnau, Canton Bern, Switzerland, at age 76.1

Child of Anna Margaritha Schweizer and Friedrich Järmann

Jacob Schwenk1

     Jacob Schwenk married Lydia (?).

Child of Jacob Schwenk and Lydia (?)


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Sybilla Schwenk1

F, b. 15 January 1849
     Sybilla Schwenk was born on 15 January 1849.1 She was the daughter of Jacob Schwenk and Lydia (?)1 Sybilla Schwenk married John Henry Clemmer, son of Samuel Clemmer and Catharine Nyce, in 1869.1

Children of Sybilla Schwenk and John Henry Clemmer


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George M. Schwenneker

M, b. 15 April 1914
     George M. Schwenneker was born on 15 April 1914. He married Marjorie Ann Garst, daughter of Paul Clark Garst and Helen Elizabeth Boyer, on 28 March 1948.

John Henry Schwin

M, b. 12 July 1882, d. 13 December 1958
     Note: Schwin information per Ava, Luke, & Soren Suleske genealogy prepared by christopher suleske, online at John Henry Schwin was born on 12 July 1882 at Wilton, Muscatine Co., IA. He married Gertude Eveline Eveland on 28 December 1905 at Cass Co., NE. John Henry Schwin died on 13 December 1958 at Yakima Co., WA, at age 76.

Child of John Henry Schwin and Gertude Eveline Eveland

Sara Agnes Schwin

F, b. 8 June 1913, d. 7 July 1984
     Sara Agnes Schwin was born on 8 June 1913 at Murdock, Cass Co., NE. She was the daughter of John Henry Schwin and Gertude Eveline Eveland. Sara Agnes Schwin married Claude Hart, son of Marshall Dempsy Hart and Lucinda Ann Clippinger, on 1 September 1935 at Sandpoint, Bonner Co., ID. Sara Agnes Schwin died on 7 July 1984 at Yakima Co., WA, at age 71.

Anna Schwind

     Anna Schwind married Johann Fiscus.

Child of Anna Schwind and Johann Fiscus

Eugene Francis Schwind

M, b. 4 October 1937, d. 9 May 1998
     Eugene Francis Schwind was born on 4 October 1937 at Cleveland, Cuyahoga Co., OH. He was the son of Stephen William Schwind and Olga M. Turba. Eugene Francis Schwind died on 9 May 1998 at Cleveland, Cuyahoga Co., OH, at age 60. He was buried in May 1998 at Sunset Memorial Park, North Olmsted, Cuyahoga Co., OH, Findagrave #178785281.

Stephen William Schwind

M, b. 16 October 1894, d. 18 July 1974
     Stephen William Schwind was born on 16 October 1894 at Cleveland, Cuyahoga Co., OH. He began military service on 5 September 1917 WW I service, U.S. Army, enlisted, released 22 MAR 1919. He married Olga M. Turba on 10 June 1924 at Cuyahoga Co., OH. Stephen William Schwind died on 18 July 1974 at Cleveland, Cuyahoga Co., OH, at age 79.

Child of Stephen William Schwind and Olga M. Turba

Brigitta Schwing

F, b. circa 1630, d. 5 December 1633
     Brigitta Schwing was born circa 1630. She died on 5 December 1633 at Illkirch-Grafenstaden, Alsace, age 33 years 40 weeks. She married Johannes Schnepp.

Hannah Schwing1

F, b. 3 June 1794, d. 13 March 1868
     Hannah Schwing was born on 3 June 1794 at Virginia. She married William Neil, son of (?) Neil, in 1816. Hannah Schwing died on 13 March 1868 at Columbus, Franklin Co., OH, at age 73.

Children of Hannah Schwing and William Neil


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Adam Schwinn

M, d. 1907
     Adam Schwinn married Cora Gertrude Larimore, daughter of John Wesley Larimore and Catherine Jackson, in 1892. Adam Schwinn died in 1907.

Nicholas A. Schwitalla

M, b. 23 November 1906, d. 7 January 1991
     Nicholas A. Schwitalla was born on 23 November 1906. He was the son of (?) Ruski. Nicholas A. Schwitalla married Irene Ida Munsinger, daughter of William H. Munsinger and Helen Louise Dreher. Nicholas A. Schwitalla married Caroline Mary Plagman on 1 June 1933 at Grace Lutheran Church, Sisseton, Roberts Co., SD. Nicholas A. Schwitalla died on 7 January 1991 at Douglas Co., MN, at age 84.

Elsa Schwitzgebel

F, b. 1 February 1915
     Elsa Schwitzgebel married Otto Munzinger, son of August Munzinger and Karoline Biehl, at Lappentascher Hof. Elsa Schwitzgebel was born on 1 February 1915 at Lappentascher Hof.

Anna Maria Schworm

F, b. 2 January 1697/98, d. 10 May 1738
     Anna Maria Schworm was born on 2 January 1697/98 at Framersheim, Palatinate. She was the daughter of Johann Valentine Schworm and Anna Bugler. Anna Maria Schworm married Johann Nicolaus Becker, son of Johann Peter Becker and Anna Petronella Wendel, on 19 January 1723 at Framersheim, Palatinate. Anna Maria Schworm died on 10 May 1738 at age 40.

Children of Anna Maria Schworm and Johann Nicolaus Becker

Johann Valentine Schworm

     Johann Valentine Schworm married Anna Bugler.

Child of Johann Valentine Schworm and Anna Bugler

Margarete Wanda Schyma

F, b. 23 July 1885, d. 15 March 1962
     Margarete Wanda Schyma was born on 23 July 1885 at Liegnitz, Lower Silesia, Germany (now Poland). She married Alwin Hermann Wanke. Margarete Wanda Schyma married Otto Gustav Emil Weigmann. Margarete Wanda Schyma died on 15 March 1962 at Heidelberg, Baden-Württemberg, Germany, at age 76.

Child of Margarete Wanda Schyma and Alwin Hermann Wanke

Adelheid Schäfer

F, b. 24 November 1883, d. 19 April 1962
     Adelheid Schäfer was born on 24 November 1883 at Donsieders bei Pirmasens, Rhein-Pfalz, Germany. She married Heinrich Munzinger, son of Adolf Munzinger and Luise Kettenring, on 17 July 1908 at Burgalben bei Pirmasens, Rhein-Pfalz, Germany. Adelheid Schäfer died on 19 April 1962 at Burgalben bei Pirmasens, Rhein-Pfalz, Germany, at age 78.

Children of Adelheid Schäfer and Heinrich Munzinger

Albert Schäfer

M, b. 23 April 1891, d. 15 May 1969
     Occupation: Landwirt in Höheinöd. Albert Schäfer was born on 23 April 1891 at Höheinöd, Rhein-Pfalz, Germany. He married Ida Munzinger, daughter of Valentin Munzinger and Elisabeth Veith, on 11 March 1921 at Höheinöd, Rhein-Pfalz, Germany. Albert Schäfer died on 15 May 1969 at Höheinöd, Rhein-Pfalz, Germany, at age 78.

Children of Albert Schäfer and Ida Munzinger

Anna Dorothea Schäfer

     Anna Dorothea Schäfer married Johann Jakob Neumann, son of Hans Henrich Neumann and Anna Catharina Trautmann, in 1714 at Waldmohr, Palatinate.

Elisabetha Schäfer

F, b. 29 March 1802, d. 27 May 1884
     Note: Quelle: Standesamt Bruchmühlbach / 24.07.1827 nach anderen Angaben. Elisabetha Schäfer was also known as "Elise". She was born on 29 March 1802 at Homburg, Saarland. She was the daughter of Heinrich Schäfer and Philippine (?) Elisabetha Schäfer married Johann Christian Valentin Munzinger, son of Johann Adam Munzinger and Luise Margaretha Munzinger, on 24 July 1826. Elisabetha Schäfer died on 27 May 1884 at St. Ingbert, Saarland, at age 82.

Children of Elisabetha Schäfer and Johann Christian Valentin Munzinger

Elisabetha Sybilla Schäfer

F, b. 1702, d. 25 February 1777
     Elisabetha Sybilla Schäfer was born in 1702 at Henstetten / Haigerloch, Württemberg, Germany. She married Adam Kost on 25 October 1711 at Bittelbronn / Haigerloch, Württemberg, Germany. Elisabetha Sybilla Schäfer died on 25 February 1777 at Bittelbronn / Haigerloch, Württemberg, Germany.

Child of Elisabetha Sybilla Schäfer and Adam Kost

Hans Richard Schäfer

M, b. 3 May 1925, d. 20 November 2002
     Hans Richard Schäfer was born on 3 May 1925. He was the son of Albert Schäfer and Ida Munzinger. Hans Richard Schäfer married Hede Neu. Hans Richard Schäfer died on 20 November 2002 at age 77.

Heinrich Schäfer

     Heinrich Schäfer married Philippine (?).

Child of Heinrich Schäfer and Philippine (?)

Karl Albert Schäfer

M, b. 12 December 1921
     Karl Albert Schäfer was born on 12 December 1921. He was the son of Albert Schäfer and Ida Munzinger.