Ella Marie Warwick

F, b. 1889, d. 20 April 1960
     Ella Marie Warwick was born in 1889. She married Charles Michael Semler, son of Henry William Semler and Effie Jane Gebhart. Ella Marie Warwick died on 20 April 1960.

Children of Ella Marie Warwick and Charles Michael Semler

Phyliss Jane Warwick

F, b. 1 November 1920
     Phyliss Jane Warwick was born on 1 November 1920. She married Charles Herman Butterbaugh, son of Wilbur Fudge Butterbaugh and Etta Mae Semler, on 12 July 1941.

William Warwick

     Note: ParisTimes Pioneers Genealogy:

The Warwicks - (The following information was found in some paper clippings of my Grandmother's concerning The Warwick side of my family. It was written by George W. Cleek and printed in a February, 1934 West Virginia Newspaper in Pocahontas County, West Virginia around Marlington, West Virginia. It is reprinted here in its entirety. [Some different formatting has been added for easier reading.] My Grandmother was Constance Estella Warwick, daughter of John Robert Warwick and Signora Belle Gwin (Gwynn, Guinn) Warwick. The "*" beside some of the names points out those in my direct line.) --- L. K. Wagner

by - George W. Cleek, written February, 1934:

"William Warwick, often spelled Warrick, a Lieutenant under the British Crown and surveyor married Elizabeth Dunlap, daughter of Alexander Dunlap and his wife, Anne McFarland. Alexander Dunlap died in 1744 leaving his widow and four children viz:

1. Lt. Robt. Dunlap, married Mary Gay, a daughter of Wm. and Margaret Walkup Gay. He was killed in battle Guilford C. H.
2. Capt. Alexander Dunlap Jr., married Agnes Gay, a daughter of James Gay.
3. John Dunlap married Anne Clark.
*4. Elizabeth Dunlap married first Wm. Warwick and Second Andrew Sitlington.
Anne McFarland was a daughter of Robt. McFarland and his wife, Esther Houston. Robert McFarland was a soldier in the Revoultionary War, although he was a very old man. Robt. McFarland's father, Duncan McFarland, lived on Jackson's River for many years, finally selling his property to Jacob Cleek, the pioneer. Duncan McFarland's wife was Anne Porter. Duncan McFarland settled in North Carolina, afterwards Tennessee, where his son, Duncan Jr. served in the legislature of North Carolina.

Alexander and Anne Dunlap's home was on a hill overlooking the present site of the town Goshen, VA. Anne McFarland Dunlap married Capt. Robt. Bratton in 1745.

The following were the children of Wm. and Elizabeth Dunlap Warwick:
* John Warwick married Mary Powell, daughter of Thomas Powell in 1771. Thomas Powell was a Revolutionary soldier and died in 1788. Later his widow, Sally Powell married Col. Thomas Moore.

Jacob Warwick married Mary Vance, a daughter of John P. Vance and his wife Martha.

James Warwick married Margaret Poague, and lived for awhile in Randolph County, WV., finally locating in Ohio. A descendent of James Warwick was the congressman, who represented William McKinley's district in the early 90's.
Martha Warwick married John Stephenson.

Jean Warwick married James Gay Sr.

Margaret Warwick married David Gregory.

Children of John and Mary Powell Warwick:
*William (III) Warwick married Nancy Craig, daughter of Robert Craig Jr., and his wife, Nancy Agnes Johnson. He settled in Greenbrier County above Sinking Creek near the Richlands.

*John Warwick Jr., first married Mary Poage and his second marriage was to Eleanor Crouch.

Andrew Warwick married Elizabeth Craig, a daughter of Robert Craig Jr., and Nancy Agnes Johnson.

Elizabeth Warwick married John Slaven as his second wife.

Margaret Warwick married James Gay Jr.

Anne Warwick married Abraham Ingram.

Children of Jacob and Mary Vance Warwick:
Rachel Warwick married Major Charles Cameron, first clerk of Bath County.

Jane Warwick married Wm. Gatewood, as his second wife.

Mary Warwick married Sampson Mathews.

Margaret Warwick married Adam See.

Charles Cameron Warwick died at the age of 14 years.

Andrew Sitlington Warwick married a Miss Woods, was married a second time to a Miss Dickinson.

Elizabeth Warwick married Wm. Woods.

Nancy Warwick married Thomas Gatewood, second husband Wm. Poague.

Both John Warwick and Jacob Warwick were soldiers in the Revolution.

A government marker has been placed at the grave of John Warwick in the family burial ground near Greenbank, West VA.

A government marker was obtained for the grave of Jacob Warwick, who sleeps in an unmarked grave on the west bank of Jackson's River, near Fort Dinwiddie.

James Warwick and his wife, Margaret Poage (Poague), moved from their primitive Randolph County home to Ohio, at an early date and all trace of their family has been lost.

Children of William (III) and Nancy Craig Warwick:
*Robert Craig Warwick married Esther Hull, daughter of Adam and Esther Keister Hull.

Adam Hull Warwick served in the Revolution as did his father Capt. Peter Hull. Esther Keister Hull's father, Frederick Keister also served in the Revolution.

Elizabeth Warwick married Benjamin Tallman.

Margaret Warwick married John Hull, son of Adam and Esther Keister Hull.

Children of John Warwick Jr. and Mary Poague Warwick:
John, Jacob, and William, settled in Indiana with their father, after the death of their mother.

John Warwick Jr. married a second time, Eleanor Crouch of Randolph County, West VA.

Children of John and Eleanor Crouch Warwick:
Mary Warwick married Basil Brown.

Margaret Warwick married Judge Thomas Montgomery.

Eleanor Jane Warwick. Malinda Anne Warwick married James McClure.

All descendents are living in Indiana and the Central States.

Children of Andrew Warwick and Elizabeth Craig :
Jane Warwick married James Wooddell.

Margaret Warwick married Samuel Sutton.

Nancy Warwick married Jacob Hartman and settled in the West.

Mary Warwick married Isaac Hartman who was previously married.

Elizabeth Warwick unmarried.

Sallie Warwick wife of George Burner.

Anna Warwick wife of Rev. Henry Arbogast.

Jacob Warwick married Elizabeth Hull, daughter of Adam and Esther Keister Hull. The settled in the West.

*Children of Robert Craig Warwick:
*William Fechtig Warwick married Anthea Pray and lived near Mtn. Grove, VA., where some of his descendants are still living.

Catherine Hidy Warwick married Wm. Byrd Jr., son of Wm. Byrd, who was a brother of Andrew H. Byrd, of Bath County.

Nancy Jane Warwick married Jacob Lighther of Back Creek Valley, Bath County, VA.

Sarah Elizabeth Warwick married Daniel Matheny and lived at Valley Center, VA.

Margaret Ann Warwick married Nelson Pray.

Hannah Rebecca Hopkins Warwick married Capt. George W. Siple and lived on Deer Creek, near Greenbank.

Louisa Susan Warwick married Eli Seybert and spent their last days in Oklahoma.

Peter Hull Warwick married Caroline Matheny and lived on the old homestead on Deer Creek.

John Robert Warwick married Mary Jane Cleek and lived on part of the old homestead on Deer Creek.

Peter Hull Warwick and John Robert Warwick were brave Confederate soldiers in Company E 31st Virginia Infantry. Government markers were placed to their graves in July 1933.

Children of Elizabeth Warwick and Benjamin Tallman:
William, Jas., Robert, John, Cyrus, and Nancy.

Children of Margaret Warwick and John Hull:
Wm. Warwick Hull went to California in '49.

Robert Hull married Ellen McCann.

Andrew Hull's marriage unknown.

Sarah Hull remained single.

Nancy Jane Hull married Peter Hull Kincaid, of Crab Bottom.

Margaret Hull married Christopher Wallace, Williamsville, VA

Irene Hull married Jas. Fleisher, Meadow Dale, VA"

Major Jacob Warwick's family are given a full and lengthy record in "Piree's History of Pocahontas County, W. VA."
The Page - Collection of Genealogy data for the Cartmills/Warwick of Bath County, KY. William Warwick married Nancy Craig.

Child of William Warwick and Nancy Craig

Elizabeth Washabaugh

     Elizabeth Washabaugh married Christian Schenk, son of Christian Schenk and Mary Kauffman, circa 1778.

Ethel Washabaugh1

F, b. 11 October 1888
     Ethel Washabaugh was born on 11 October 1888.1 She was the daughter of K. Harper Washabaugh and Katharine Hockman.1 Ethel Washabaugh married Daniel Norris Benedict, son of Daniel M. Benedict and Isabella Price Norris, on 12 September 1917.1

Child of Ethel Washabaugh and Daniel Norris Benedict


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K. Harper Washabaugh1

     K. Harper Washabaugh married Katharine Hockman.1

Child of K. Harper Washabaugh and Katharine Hockman


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Harvey Alfred Washburn

M, b. 4 January 1892, d. 11 November 1971
     Harvey Alfred Washburn was born on 4 January 1892 at Winside, Wayne Co., NE. He married Estella H. Brenneisen, daughter of Heinrich E. Brenneisen and Mathilde Buehring. Harvey Alfred Washburn died on 11 November 1971 at Wichita, Sedgwick Co., KS, at age 79.

Jessie Mae Washburn

F, b. 18 December 1885, d. 1978
     Jessie Mae Washburn was born on 18 December 1885. She was the daughter of Samuel Washburn and Nellie (?) Jessie Mae Washburn married Adolphus Orestes Tallman, son of Winfield Harrison Tallman and Edith Jane Ganzer, on 19 March 1906. Jessie Mae Washburn died in 1978. She was buried in 1978 at Morris Hill Cemetery, Boise, Ada Co., ID, Find A Grave Memorial# 61951520.

Children of Jessie Mae Washburn and Adolphus Orestes Tallman

Mary E. Washburn1

     Mary E. Washburn married John Fitch.1

Child of Mary E. Washburn and John Fitch


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Samuel Washburn

     Samuel Washburn married Nellie (?).

Child of Samuel Washburn and Nellie (?)

Sarah Ann Washburn1

F, b. circa 1808, d. 29 November 1869
     Sarah Ann Washburn was born circa 1808 at New York.1 She married Augustus Cyrus Brown.1 Sarah Ann Washburn died on 29 November 1869 at Hamilton Co., OH.

Child of Sarah Ann Washburn and Augustus Cyrus Brown


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Capt. Augustine Washington

     Capt. Augustine Washington married Mary Ball.

Child of Capt. Augustine Washington and Mary Ball

George Steptoe Washington

M, b. 17 August 1771, d. before March 1812
     George Steptoe Washington was born on 17 August 1771 at Harewood, VA, Nephew of President George Washington. He was the son of Samuel Washington and Anne Steptoe. George Steptoe Washington married Lucy Payne, daughter of John Payne and Mary Coles, on 20 May 1793 at Philadelphia, Philadelphia Co., PA.1 George Steptoe Washington died before March 1812.

Child of George Steptoe Washington and Lucy Payne


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Kate Washington1

     Kate Washington married Fielding Lewis, son of John Lewis and Mildred Warner.

Child of Kate Washington and Fielding Lewis


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Lawrence Augustine Washington

M, b. 11 April 1774
     Lawrence Augustine Washington was born on 11 April 1774 at Harewood, VA. He was the son of Samuel Washington and Anne Steptoe.

Samuel Washington

M, b. 16 November 1734, d. 26 September 1781
     Samuel Washington was born on 16 November 1734 at Pope's Creek, Wakefield, Westmoreland Co., VA. He was the son of Capt. Augustine Washington and Mary Ball. Samuel Washington married Anne Steptoe on 24 March 1764. Samuel Washington died on 26 September 1781 at age 46.

Children of Samuel Washington and Anne Steptoe

Dr. Samuel Walter Washington

M, b. 20 March 1797
     Dr. Samuel Walter Washington was born on 20 March 1797 at Philadelphia, Philadelphia Co., PA. He was the son of George Steptoe Washington and Lucy Payne.

James Wasser

     James Wasser married Hannah (?).

Child of James Wasser and Hannah (?)

Marcia Wasser

F, b. 13 August 1897, d. 26 August 1897
     Marcia Wasser was born on 13 August 1897 at Polo, Ogle Co., IL.1 She was the daughter of Monroe M. Wasser and Nora Loretta Miller. Marcia Wasser died on 26 August 1897 at Polo, Ogle Co., IL.1


  1. [S82] Price Genealogy, 412.

Monroe M. Wasser

     Monroe M. Wasser was the son of James Wasser and Hannah (?) Monroe M. Wasser married Nora Loretta Miller, daughter of Martin E. Miller and Barbara Diehl, on 26 January 1893 at Ogle Co., IL, llinois Statewide Marriage Index 1763 - 1900:

Wasser, Monroe M(S/O James&Hannah) Miller, Nora Laretta(D/O Martin) Ogle 01/26/1893 1/ 8257. Monroe M. Wasser lived in 1926 at Polo, Ogle Co., IL.1

Children of Monroe M. Wasser and Nora Loretta Miller


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Morning Watch

F, b. circa 1812
     Morning Watch married Joseph Tallman, son of Benjamin Tallman and Lydia Harrison. Morning Watch was born circa 1812.

Wayne Waterfield

M, b. 9 July 1903, d. 25 October 1965
     Wayne Waterfield was born on 9 July 1903 at Toledo, Lucas Co., OH. He married Sylvia O. Belcher, daughter of Albert G. Belcher and Nora E. Starr, on 25 June 1923 at Toledo, Lucas Co., OH. Wayne Waterfield died on 25 October 1965 at Toledo, Lucas Co., OH, at age 62.

Elizabeth Waters1

F, b. 30 April 1825, d. 5 July 1885
     Elizabeth Waters was born on 30 April 1825 at Sevier Co., TN.1 She married Elijah Ballard. Elizabeth Waters died on 5 July 1885 at Sevier Co., TN, at age 60. She was buried in July 1885 at Boyd's Creek Cemetery, Sevier Co., TN.

Child of Elizabeth Waters and Elijah Ballard


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Ida Leah Waters1

F, b. 18 February 1870, d. 1962
     Ida Leah Waters was born on 18 February 1870 at Carroll Co., MO.1 She married David Mathias Wise on 13 May 1891 at Kansas. Ida Leah Waters died in 1962 at Kansas. She was buried in 1962 at Dresden Cemetery, Cunningham, Kingman Co., KS, Find A Grave Memorial# 44942307.


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Ignatius Denny Waters1

M, b. November 1859, d. 8 October 1923
     Ignatius Denny Waters was born in November 1859 at Maryland.1 He married Anna Eliza Fetzer, daughter of Bernard Fetzer and Caroline Kremer, on 22 November 1883 at Berkeley Co., WV.1 Ignatius Denny Waters died on 8 October 1923 at Hillsborough Co., NH, at age 63.


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John L. Waters

M, b. 10 July 1815, d. 10 March 1877
     John L. Waters was born on 10 July 1815 at Brown Co., OH.1 He married Ritta Ann Glaze. John L. Waters died on 10 March 1877 at Vermillion Co., IL, at age 61.

Child of John L. Waters and Ritta Ann Glaze


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Kate Waters

     Kate Waters married Enos F. Blue, son of James Jefferson Blue and Emaline Frankelberry, circa 1899.

Margaret Geannetta Waters

F, b. 17 December 1848, d. 10 September 1924
     Margaret Geannetta Waters was born on 17 December 1848 at Ash Ridge, Brown Co., OH.1 She was the daughter of John L. Waters and Ritta Ann Glaze.1 Margaret Geannetta Waters married William Roush, son of Henry Roush and Rachel Wilkin, on 5 November 1868 at Brown Co., OH, Six children born, four living as of 1900 census.2 Margaret Geannetta Waters died on 10 September 1924 at Cunningham, Kingman Co., KS, at age 75.

Children of Margaret Geannetta Waters and William Roush


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Margaret L. Waters1

F, b. 27 November 1866, d. 23 August 1913
     Margaret L. Waters was born on 27 November 1866 at Muscatine Co., IA.1 She married Bernhardt Albert Marticke on 24 November 1887 at Muscatine Co., IA. Margaret L. Waters died on 23 August 1913 at Atalissa, Muscatine Co., IA, at age 46. She was buried in August 1913 at Oak Ridge Cemetery, West Liberty, Muscatine Co., IA.

Child of Margaret L. Waters and Bernhardt Albert Marticke


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Nancy Virginia Waters

F, b. 31 August 1936, d. 30 June 1997
     Nancy Virginia Waters was born on 31 August 1936. She married William E. Treakle Sr., son of Harold Sinclair Treakle and Laverne Lucille Jones, in 1963. Nancy Virginia Waters died on 30 June 1997 at age 60. She was buried in July 1997 at Somerville Church of God Cemetery, Somerville, Morgan Co., AL, Find A Grave Memorial# 13216888.