Edna Mae (?)

F, b. circa 1912
     Note: The following article is probably for this Edna Cooley -- the stated age is a close match.

OBITUARY - New Albany, Indiana Tribune, 1939 Dec 11; page 1 column 8 & page 4:

Victims Suffer Skull Fractures as Car Strikes Truck In Vicinity Of Paoli
Positive identification of mangled bodies of a man and a woman, killed instantly at 8:15 o'clock Sunday night when their automobile collided head-on with a truck on a curve four miles west of Paoli on U. S. Highway 150, was reported Monday by Orange County authorities.
The victims were identified definitely as Walter "Skeets" LaDuke, 36, operator of the "Dixie Terrace" night club on U.S. Road 150, a mile west of the city, and Mrs. Edna Mae Cooley, 28, of 1611 King street, an employee at the New Albany plant of the M. Fine and Sons Manufacturing Company.
Bodies of the victims were so badly mangled, authorities first made tentative identification by means of LaDuke's driving license and a receipt found in the purse of Mrs. Cooley.
The east-bound truck carrying a load of wheat was driven by John Bailey, 24, of Kansas, Ill., who escaped injury. He was quoted as saying that LaDuke's car, which was traveling at a high rate of speed, crowded his truck off the road before smashing into it head-on.
State Patrolman William Thompson ........................ a few minutes after the crash, said LaDuke had been driving "awfully fast." Coroner Geo. Dillinger, after making a preliminary investigation reported both victims died of fractured skulls. Their features were mangled beyond recognition, Thompson said.
LaDuke's wife, Mrs. Flora LaDuke, said her husband was enroute to Owensville. She did not know he was accompanied by anybody, she added.
LaDuke and his wife, who moved here from Elizabeth five years ago, had operated the "Dixie Terrace" for more than a year.
He is survived also by a son, Earl Wayne LaDuke; four brothers, Chester LaDuke of New Albany, Guthrie and Silas LaDuke, both of Elizabeth and Clarence LaDuke, of Corydon, and two sisters, Mrs. Marie Awty of Lexington, Ky....(incomplete.)

Edna Mae (?) was born circa 1912 at Illinois. She married Lawrence Edgar Cooley, son of James Edgar Cooley and Lenna M. Dow, circa 1928.

Edna V. (?)

F, b. circa 1885
     Edna V. (?) was born circa 1885 at Illinois. She married Humphrey Larimore, son of William Oliver Larimore and Blancha Humphrey, circa 1907 at Adams Co. (probably), IL.

Child of Edna V. (?) and Humphrey Larimore

Effie (?)

     Effie (?) married John Herrold.

Child of Effie (?) and John Herrold

Effie (?)1

F, b. circa 1890
     Effie (?) was born circa 1890 at Missouri.1

Child of Effie (?)


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Effie C. B. (?)1

     Effie C. B. (?) married Samuel Gantz.1

Child of Effie C. B. (?) and Samuel Gantz


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Effie E. (?)1

F, b. circa 1877
     Effie E. (?) was born circa 1877 at Illinois.1 She married John D. Molt, son of Charles Molt and Keziah Holzhausen, circa 1901.1

Children of Effie E. (?) and John D. Molt


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Eilizabeth (?)1

F, b. circa 1832
     Eilizabeth (?) was born circa 1832 at Kentucky Both parents born Kentucky, per 1880 census info.1 She married Elza Fletcher.1

Children of Eilizabeth (?) and Elza Fletcher


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Elaine (?)

F, b. circa 1911
     Elaine (?) was born circa 1911 at Illinois. She married John Haga, son of John Haga and Maria Krick, after April 1930.

Eleanor (?)

     Eleanor (?) married Samuel Worrall.

Child of Eleanor (?) and Samuel Worrall

Eleanor (?)

     Eleanor (?) married Samuel Bücher.

Child of Eleanor (?) and Samuel Bücher

Eleanor (?)1

F, b. 1867, d. 1954
     Eleanor (?) was born in 1867.1 She married John C. Windle, son of Annanias Windle and Emeline Baker, circa 1902.1 Eleanor (?) died in 1954.1

Child of Eleanor (?) and John C. Windle


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Eleanor (?)1

F, b. circa 1814
     Eleanor (?) was born circa 1814 at Pennsylvania.1 She married Andrew McCorkle.

Child of Eleanor (?) and Andrew McCorkle


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Eleanor J. (?)

F, b. circa 1834
     Eleanor J. (?) married James L. Board. Eleanor J. (?) was born circa 1834 at Virginia.

Child of Eleanor J. (?) and James L. Board

Electa (?)1

F, b. circa 1817
     Electa (?) was born circa 1817 at New York.1 She married Joseph Mitten.

Child of Electa (?) and Joseph Mitten


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Elena E. (?)1

F, b. circa 1842
     Elena E. (?) was born circa 1842 at Germany.1 She married Conrad Siegel.1

Child of Elena E. (?) and Conrad Siegel


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Elisabeth (?)

F, d. 1680
     Elisabeth (?) married Caspar Brombach, son of Hans Brumbach and Enchgen Almecher. Elisabeth (?) died in 1680 at Muesen, Nassau-Siegen (now in Nordrhein-Westfalen), Germany.

Child of Elisabeth (?) and Caspar Brombach

Elisabeth (?)

     Elisabeth (?) married Johann Ludwig Munzinger, son of Johann Walter Munzinger and Anna Maria Weber.

Child of Elisabeth (?) and Johann Ludwig Munzinger

Elisabeth (?)

F, b. circa 1747
     Elisabeth (?) was born circa 1747. She married Johann Melchior Becker, son of Johann Nicolaus Becker and Maria Appolonia Bayer, before 1774.

Children of Elisabeth (?) and Johann Melchior Becker

Elisabeth (?)

     Elisabeth (?) married George Kleppinger, son of Johann Georg Kleppinger and Anna Maria Maide.

Child of Elisabeth (?) and George Kleppinger

Elisabetha (?)

F, b. June 1850
     Elisabetha (?) was born in June 1850 at Ebenezer (now West Seneca), Erie Co., NY. She married Jakob Kippenhahn circa 1877.

Child of Elisabetha (?) and Jakob Kippenhahn

Eliseveta (?)

     Eliseveta (?) married Timofeij Petrachkoff.

Child of Eliseveta (?) and Timofeij Petrachkoff

Eliza (?)

F, b. circa 1818, d. after 1860
     Eliza (?) was born circa 1818 at Pennsylvania. She married Royal F. Gilmore, son of David Gilmore and Mehitabel Farmer, before 1837. Eliza (?) died after 1860.

Children of Eliza (?) and Royal F. Gilmore

Eliza (?)1

F, b. 12 January 1823, d. 30 November 1902
     Eliza (?) was born on 12 January 1823 at Pennsylvania.1 She married Jacob Stouffer, son of Abraham Stouffer and Catherine Shirk, on 4 January 1846. Eliza (?) died on 30 November 1902 at age 79. She was buried in December 1902 at Mennonite Cemetery, Stouffer Ave., Chambersburg, Franklin Co., PA.

Children of Eliza (?) and Jacob Stouffer


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Eliza (?)

     Eliza (?) married John Hollstein.

Child of Eliza (?) and John Hollstein

Eliza (?)

     Eliza (?) married Harry E. Littler.

Child of Eliza (?) and Harry E. Littler

Eliza (?)

     Eliza (?) married Elias Swartley.

Child of Eliza (?) and Elias Swartley

Eliza (?)

F, b. circa 1849
     Eliza (?) was born circa 1849. She married Enoch Windle, son of Nicholas Hetrick Windle and Catherine Hillyard.

Children of Eliza (?) and Enoch Windle

Eliza (?)

     Eliza (?) married Samuel Wilson.

Child of Eliza (?) and Samuel Wilson

Eliza (?)1

F, b. circa 1834
     Eliza (?) was born circa 1834 at Virginia.1 She married George W. Phillips.

Child of Eliza (?) and George W. Phillips


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Eliza (?)

F, b. circa 1804
     Eliza (?) was born circa 1804 at Pennsylvania. She married Charles Singmaster.

Child of Eliza (?) and Charles Singmaster