Walter Theodore Smegal1

M, b. 27 June 1886, d. 31 March 1940
     Walter Theodore Smegal was also known as Walter Smigielski. He was born on 27 June 1886 at Minnesota.1 He married Victoria M. Kolasenska on 7 October 1908 at Minneapolis, Hennepin Co., MN. Walter Theodore Smegal lived on 21 January 1920 at Hale Twp., McLeod Co., MN, Farming.1 He died on 31 March 1940 at Hennepin Co., MN, at age 53.

Child of Walter Theodore Smegal and Victoria M. Kolasenska


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Alden Clark Smelcer

M, b. 12 July 1879, d. 14 December 1970
     Alden Clark Smelcer was born on 12 July 1879 at Greene Co., TN. He married Elsie Bible. Alden Clark Smelcer died on 14 December 1970 at Greene Co., TN, at age 91. He was buried in December 1970 at Warrensburg Methodist Church Cemetery, Warrensburg, Greene Co., TN.

Child of Alden Clark Smelcer and Elsie Bible

Emma Alyne Smelcer

F, b. 1 September 1912, d. 26 October 1979
     Emma Alyne Smelcer was born on 1 September 1912. She was the daughter of Alden Clark Smelcer and Elsie Bible. Emma Alyne Smelcer married Roller Dutton DeVault, son of Rev. Samuel Pierce DeVault and Helen Mary Oldham, on 28 July 1939. Emma Alyne Smelcer died on 26 October 1979 at age 67.

Dolly Mae Smelser

F, b. 27 February 1900
     Dolly Mae Smelser was born on 27 February 1900 at Shawnee Co., KS.1 She was the daughter of Jesse A. Smelser and Nellie (?)1 Dolly Mae Smelser married Stewart Hood Yates, son of Elihu Mattison Yates and Josie Frances Hood, on 27 February 1923 at Kansas City, Jackson Co., MO.

Child of Dolly Mae Smelser and Stewart Hood Yates


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Jesse A. Smelser1

M, b. 16 November 1871, d. 15 March 1964
     Jesse A. Smelser was born on 16 November 1871 at Indiana.1 He married Nellie (?) circa 1899.1 Jesse A. Smelser died on 15 March 1964 at Los Angeles Co., CA, at age 92.

Child of Jesse A. Smelser and Nellie (?)


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Ruth D. Smelser

F, b. before 1875
     Ruth D. Smelser was born before 1875. She married Andrew J. Saum, son of Mary Winegardner, on 30 January 1893 at Fairfield Co., OH.

Jacob Smeltzer1

M, b. circa 1803
     Jacob Smeltzer was born circa 1803 at Virginia.1 He married Elizabeth (?).

Child of Jacob Smeltzer and Elizabeth (?)


  1. [S2431] 1850 Federal Census, Gallia County, Ohio. Microfilm Image, NARA Series M432, Roll 81.

Lodisa Smeltzer1

F, b. May 1839, d. 1904
     Lodisa Smeltzer was born in May 1839 at Ohio.2,1 She was the daughter of Jacob Smeltzer and Elizabeth (?)2 Lodisa Smeltzer married James Warren Womeldorff, son of Michael Womeldorff and Jane Waddell, on 22 May 1858 at Gallia Co., OH. Lodisa Smeltzer died in 1904 at Gallia Co., OH.

Child of Lodisa Smeltzer and James Warren Womeldorff


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Rosa Smeltzly

F, b. circa 1876
     Rosa Smeltzly was born circa 1876 at Indiana. She married Albert Vergon on 26 December 1896 at Wabash Co., IN.

Child of Rosa Smeltzly and Albert Vergon

(?) Smertz

     (?) Smertz was born at Virginia per 1930 census listing for Beulah Smertz. He was Mormon.

Child of (?) Smertz and Frances Dorotha Phelps

Beulah Alberta Smertz

F, b. 9 June 1913, d. 27 February 2008
     Beulah Alberta Smertz was born on 9 June 1913 at Salt Lake City, Salt Lake Co., UT.1 She was the daughter of (?) Smertz and Frances Dorotha Phelps. Beulah Alberta Smertz lived on 5 April 1930 at Helper, Carbon Co., UT, living with her grandmother and step-grandfather Alberta and and Everett Buffington. She is also listed on the 1930 census of Los Angeles County under her mother and Clarence Buffington. However her graduation from the University of Utah, plus the fact that she was still living with her grandmother as of the 1940 census suggests she did not live on any long term basis in California. DLB 2015.1 She was graduated at University of Utah, Valedictorian, Utah. She lived on 23 April 1940 at 333 East 17th South, Salt Lake City, Salt Lake Co., UT. She died on 27 February 2008 at Marquette Co., MI, at age 94 Dates per SSDI, last residence Marquette.

Obituary (from

Beulah Coleman, a long time resident of the Marquette area, died suddenly Wednesday, February 27, 2008 at Eastwood Nursing Center, where she was recovering from a fall in early September.

Beulah was born Beulah Alberta Smertz in Salt Lake City, Utah, raised in Los Angeles, California as well as the Salt Lake area, taught Physical Education at the University of Utah, married and traveled extensively with her family throughout the United States, until coming to the Upper Peninsula in 1963. She attended to every detail of making her many moves as easy as possible for her family and soon became active in many civic and social happenings in the Marquette area.

She will be remembered for her ever present and quick sense of humor as well as her compassion and willingness to help those less fortunate. The loving and caring staff at Eastwood Nursing Center along with her family helped Beulah feel safe, well loved and cared for in her final weeks, days and hours.

As her body weakened, her spirit flourished and taught us all with her usual grace, class and dignity how to move through the many challenges she faced in her life. She will indeed be missed by many yet for those who grew to know her, you will understand when we say "we hope you dance", mom.

Her children, Steven, Jeanne, and Barbara and her husband Bob, along with her grandchildren Erich, his wife Wendy; Jesse, his wife Shauna; Wheatley, Elizabeth and her great grandson, Deagan, will join together with friends and loved ones in celebration of her life on Saturday, March 1, 2008 at the Canale-Tonella Funeral Home in Marquette. Visitation will be from 6 to 7 p.m. with a memorial service at 7 p.m.

Beulah's favorite charity was Habitat for Humanity where memorials can be sent in her memory.


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Isa Agnes Smethurst

F, b. 10 October 1868, d. 20 October 1952
     Note: Obituary Wilson County, Kansas Jan 23, 1942
     Last Rites Held Wednesday For Fredonia Woman.
Isa Agnes Smethurst was born on October 10, 1868, sy Prairie Du Chien, Wisconsin to James and Julia Smethurst and passed away in Fredonia on October 20, 1952, at the age of 84 years and 10 days.
On August 29, 1894, she was united in marriage to H. B. Price at Odell, Nebraska, and to this union was born three daughters and one son.
They moved to Fredonia in 1909, where they have since made their home. Mr. Price passed away on January 20, 1942.
She leaves to mourn her passing four children, Mrs. Lucille Cheadle of Mesa, Arizona, Mrs. Madge Gillespie of Anthony, Miss Claire Price of the home and James Price of Anthony.
Funeral services were held Wednesday, October 22, 1952, in the Cason chapel, with Rev. Glenn Shoemaker of the First Christian church, and burial was in the family lot in Fredonia city cemetery.
Casket bearers were Glenn Wiggins, Finley Harland, E. D. Russell, Edman Chapman, Max Glass and Loyd Stewart. Isa Agnes Smethurst was born on 10 October 1868 at Prairie Du Chien, Crawford Co., WI. She was the daughter of James Smethurst and Julia Augusta (?) Isa Agnes Smethurst married Harry Bertram Price, son of David M. Price and Mary Ellen Riddlesbarger, on 29 August 1894 at Odell, Gage Co., NE. Isa Agnes Smethurst was buried in 1952 at Fredonia City Cemetery, Fredonia, Wilson Co., KS. She died on 20 October 1952 at Fredonia, Wilson Co., KS, at age 84.

Children of Isa Agnes Smethurst and Harry Bertram Price

James Smethurst

M, b. 1840, d. 29 October 1921
     James Smethurst was born in 1840. He married Julia Augusta (?). James Smethurst was buried in 1921 at Fredonia City Cemetery, Fredonia, Wilson Co., KS. He died on 29 October 1921 at Fredonia, Wilson Co., KS.

Child of James Smethurst and Julia Augusta (?)

Clara Bell Smiley

     Clara Bell Smiley was also known as Annabelle. She married Robert Andrew Pollock.

Child of Clara Bell Smiley and Robert Andrew Pollock

Effie S. Smiley

     Effie S. Smiley married Charles Macey Meyer, son of Jacob Meyer and Henrietta Nacy, before 1905, two children to this marriage.

Samuel Dixon Smiley

M, b. 15 September 1910, d. 1970
     Samuel Dixon Smiley was born on 15 September 1910 at Charleston, Kanawha Co., WV. He married Margaret Ruffner Earwood, daughter of Donaldson Baxter Earwood and Lydia Fontaine Ruffner, on 3 June 1939 at Beckley, Raleigh Co., WV. Samuel Dixon Smiley died in 1970.

(?) Smith

     (?) Smith married Beth Arlene Dye, daughter of Blas Joosevias Sibrian and Elsie Estella Dewey, after 1935.

Child of (?) Smith and Beth Arlene Dye

(?) Smith

     (?) Smith was born at England.1 He married Helen (?).

Children of (?) Smith and Helen (?)


  1. [S240] 1900 Federal Census, Logan County, Illinois. Microfilm Image, NARA Series T623, Rolls 319 & 320; FHL #1240319 - 20.

(?) Smith


Children of (?) Smith

(?) Smith

     (?) Smith married Geraldine E. Holcomb, daughter of Fred Blanc Holcomb and Lenora Etta Cost, after April 1940.

(?) Smith

     (?) Smith married Mary Phelps, daughter of Parley Nash Phelps and Ethel Florence Myers.

(?) Smith

     (?) Smith married Rose Clare Wendell, daughter of John Randall Wendell and Barbara Odelia Warnischar.

Abel A. Smith

M, b. 13 November 1851, d. 15 May 1949
     Abel A. Smith was born on 13 November 1851. He was the son of Milan Lewis Smith and Mahala Armstrong. Abel A. Smith married Lucy Mary McKillip, daughter of Hugh McKillip and Mary A. Kiser, on 22 December 1878 at Greene Co., OH. Abel A. Smith died on 15 May 1949 at age 97.

Children of Abel A. Smith and Lucy Mary McKillip


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Abigail Smith

F, b. circa 1666
     Abigail Smith was born circa 1666 at Dukes Co. (probably), MA. She was the daughter of John Smith and Phoebe Parkhurst. Abigail Smith married James Covell, son of James Covell.

Child of Abigail Smith and James Covell

Abraham Smith

     Note: Abraham Smith was one of the survivors of the massacre at Crooked-Billet, now Hatboro, Montgomery County, 1 May 1778, where his captain, Charles MaClay the Elder, was killed. Abraham Smith married Jane Linn, daughter of William Linn and Jane McCormick, on 18 December 1800.

Abraham Smith1

M, b. circa 1844
     Abraham Smith was born circa 1844 at Illinois.1 He married Mary Ann Bryan on 23 February 1864 at Jasper Co., IL.

Children of Abraham Smith and Mary Ann Bryan


  1. [S2455] 1880 Federal Census, Jasper County, Illinois. Microfilm Image, NARA Series T9, Roll 215; FHL #1254215.

Ada Smith1

F, b. October 1894
     Ada Smith was born in October 1894 at Multnomah Co., OR.1 She was the daughter of John Henry Smith and Sarah Isabella Smith.1


  1. [S455] 1900 Federal Census, Multnomah County, Oregon. Microfilm Image, NARA Series T623, Film 1351; FHL #1241351.

Ada May Smith

     Ada May Smith married Walter Sylvester Rice.

Child of Ada May Smith and Walter Sylvester Rice

Agatha Smith

     Agatha Smith married Louis Marshall Marshall, son of Col. Thomas Marshall and Mary Randoph Keith, in 1800.

Albert Smith

M, b. 8 September 1868, d. 19 April 1913
     Albert Smith was born on 8 September 1868. He married Elizabeth Bower on 4 June 1897 at Carroll Co., IL. Albert Smith died on 19 April 1913 at age 44. He was buried in April 1913 at Oak Hill Cemetery, Mt. Carroll, Carroll Co., IL, Findagrave #74013435.

Child of Albert Smith and Elizabeth Bower