Guy Austin Smith1

M, b. 3 May 1916, d. 23 April 1965
     Guy Austin Smith was born on 3 May 1916 at Red River Co., TX.1 He was the son of Randolph Dawson Smith and Margaret Lorine Windell.1 Guy Austin Smith married Irene R. (?) before April 1940.2 Guy Austin Smith lived in April 1940 at Tulia, Swisher Co., TX. He died on 23 April 1965 at Navajo Co., AZ, at age 48.


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Hannah Smith

F, b. 30 August 1846, d. 27 November 1913
     Hannah Smith was born on 30 August 1846 at Chambersburg, Franklin Co., PA, or 1847, as per 1900 census. She was the daughter of Rev. William R. Smith and Elizabeth Stouffer. Hannah Smith married Adam Fulrath, son of John Fulrath and Margaret Harr, on 13 March 1864 at Carroll Co., IL. Hannah Smith was United Brethren, Center Hill Church. She died on 27 November 1913 at Savanna, Carroll Co., IL, at age 67.

Children of Hannah Smith and Adam Fulrath

Hannah Smith

F, b. 27 February 1840, d. 1926
     Hannah Smith was born on 27 February 1840. She was the daughter of Jacob Smith and Elizabeth Grove. Hannah Smith died in 1926.

Hannah Smith1

F, b. circa 1837
     Hannah Smith was born circa 1837 at Wirt Co. (probably), VA (now WV).1 She was the daughter of James Smith.1


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Hannah Smith1

     Hannah Smith married Isaac Miller.1

Child of Hannah Smith and Isaac Miller


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Hannah Smith

F, b. 1770, d. 8 August 1856
     Hannah Smith was born in 1770. She married Benjamin Windemute, son of Georg Philip Windemuth and Maria Juliana Huber, circa 1790. Hannah Smith died on 8 August 1856 at Ft. Erie, Niagara Co., Ontario, Canada.

Children of Hannah Smith and Benjamin Windemute

Hannah A. Smith1

F, b. February 1866
     Hannah A. Smith was born in February 1866 at Indiana.1 She married James Rollins on 25 August 1887 at Howard Co., IN.

Child of Hannah A. Smith and James Rollins


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Harlan Hershey Smith

M, b. 24 November 1954, d. 7 October 2006
     Harlan Hershey Smith was born on 24 November 1954. He was the son of Eldon Edward Smith and Betty Jean Davidson. Harlan Hershey Smith married Carol May Buller, daughter of Lowell Lavone Buller and Lillian Henrietta Heng, on 18 July 1975 at Turner Co., SD. Harlan Hershey Smith died on 7 October 2006 at age 51.

Harold A. Smith1

M, b. July 1898
     Harold A. Smith was born in July 1898 at Multnomah Co., OR.1 He was the son of Henry Webster Smith and Rosetta Emily Severance.1


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Harold Arthur Smith

M, b. 28 June 1914, d. 18 November 1999
     Harold Arthur Smith was born on 28 June 1914 at Prairie Twp., Crawford Co., IL. He was the son of Orren Henry Smith and Laura Eliizabeth Rhodes. Harold Arthur Smith married Leona Christine Reynolds, daughter of Frank Reynolds and Cora Guyer, on 28 December 1937 at Crawford Co., IL. Harold Arthur Smith died on 18 November 1999 at age 85.

Harold Jack Smith

M, b. 23 October 1924
     Harold Jack Smith was born on 23 October 1924 at Columbus, Franklin Co., OH. He married Annis Marie Miller, daughter of Forest Maple Miller and Helen Minerva Anthony, on 13 February 1946 at Linden, Franklin Co., OH.

Harold M. Smith

M, b. 16 September 1913
     Harold M. Smith was born on 16 September 1913 at Lancaster Co., PA.1 He was the son of Warren Virginius Smith and Helen Agnes Brown.


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Harriet Smith

     Harriet Smith was the daughter of Abraham Smith and Jane Linn.

Harriett Catherine Smith

F, b. 6 June 1855, d. 23 December 1934
     Harriett Catherine Smith was born on 6 June 1855 at Fayette Co., OH. She was the daughter of Milan Lewis Smith and Mahala Armstrong. Harriett Catherine Smith married James Baxter Conner, son of James Conner and Rebecca Mercer, on 8 November 1874 at Fayette Co., OH. Harriett Catherine Smith died on 23 December 1934 at Ross Twp., Greene Co., OH, at age 79. She was buried in December 1934 at Fairview Cemetery, Jefferson Twp., Fayette Co., OH.

Children of Harriett Catherine Smith and James Baxter Conner

Harrison Franklin Smith

M, b. 15 January 1886
     Harrison Franklin Smith was graduated; A.B. Degree, Gettysburg, A.M. Degree, Columbia.1
Note: Did not marry.1 He was born on 15 January 1886. He was the son of David Owen Smith and Georgianna Frances Eakle. Occupation: Faculty, Pennington Seminary in 1926 at Pennington, Mercer Co., NJ.1


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Harrison Jones Smith

M, b. 5 August 1868, d. 28 January 1950
     Harrison Jones Smith was born on 5 August 1868 at Wayne Co., IN. He was the son of Samuel Green Smith and Martha Rebecca Jones. Harrison Jones Smith married Louise May Wolfe, daughter of Enoch D. Wolfe and Louise Margann Houck, on 16 September 1896 at Wayne Co., IN, WEDDING ANNOUNCEMENT

Last Wednesday evening at the home of the bride, Mr. Harry Smith and Miss Louie Wolfe were united in marriage by Elder J. Peelle. The wedding march was played by Miss Effie Smith cousin of the groom and the attendants were the bride's sisters and Mr. John Fil????, intimate friend of the groom. The bride was dressed in cream wool with silk lace and pearl trimmings and boquet roses. The groom wore the conventional black and looked handsome and happy. The supper of three courses was served to the most perfect order by Miss Belle Williams, the rooms were beautifully trimmed with lace and flowers. Flowers were also tastefully arranged on the table. There were about twenty five guests present at the wedding, relatives and close friends of the bride and groom. The presents were handsome and appropriately chosen as they were all of practical utility. Silver tea set, Grandma Houck; coffee urn, Amos Wolfe and wife; handsome cake plate, John Houck; one dozen fine glasses, John and Zella Eliason; set of fine towels, Miss Mattie King; twelve piece chamber set, George and Cora Wolfe, fine table cloth and napkins, Mrs. Samuel Smith; salad bowl, Ethel and Louie Smith; set of dishes, Cora and Howard Smith; handsome basket of flowers, Miss Cora Smith; beautiful boquet flowers, Mrs. Johnson. The happy pair left for Indianapolis on the early train Thursday morning to attend the State Fair and to visit relatives of bride at that place, they will also stop and Greenfield and Knightstown on their return home. Miss Louie is an exemplary young lady. She and her young sister Cora were left without a mother while they were very young, but they took charge of the house work and managed the affairs of the home with such system and economy, raising large flocks of geese, turkeys and chickens and looking after all the caresel a well regulated home in such a commendable manner as to win the admiration and esteem of all who knew them. They have a kind and indulgent father, who did all in his power to make home pleasant and enjoyable. Home will be quite lonesome now to Cora and father in the absence of the older sister Louie to take the lead. We acknowledge with thanks the receipt of a portion of the excellent wedding cake. May their life be one of sunshine and happiness.

Harrison Jones Smith died on 28 January 1950 at Wayne Co., IN, at age 81.

Children of Harrison Jones Smith and Louise May Wolfe

Harry Smith

M, b. January 1879, d. 1950
     Harry Smith was born in January 1879 at Fayette Co., OH. He was the son of John M. Smith and Sophronia Bloomer. Harry Smith died in 1950.

Harry H. Smith1

M, b. February 1892
     Harry H. Smith was born in February 1892 at Multnomah Co., OR.1 He was the son of Henry Webster Smith and Rosetta Emily Severance.1


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Dr. Harry S. Smith1

M, b. November 1864
     Dr. Harry S. Smith was born in November 1864 at York Co. (probably), PA.2 He was the son of Rev. Jacob C. Smith and Eliza Ann Staley.1 Dr. Harry S. Smith married Margaret A. Dosch circa 1892.2 Occupation: Dentist in June 1900 at Jefferson (Cordorus Twp.), York Co., PA.2


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Hattie M. Smith1

F, b. 1881, d. 29 June 1977
     Hattie M. Smith was born in 1881 at California.1 She married Ernest W. Hubbard circa 1897.1 Hattie M. Smith died on 29 June 1977 at Placer Co., CA.

Child of Hattie M. Smith and Ernest W. Hubbard


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Hazel Jeanette Smith

F, b. 27 May 1902, d. 2000
     Hazel Jeanette Smith was born on 27 May 1902. She was the daughter of George J. Smith and Inez Meeker. Hazel Jeanette Smith married Leo Edward Stenger on 8 September 1925. Hazel Jeanette Smith died in 2000. She was buried in 2000 at St. Mary's Church Cemetery, Lancaster, Fairfield Co., OH.

Child of Hazel Jeanette Smith and Leo Edward Stenger

Heike Smith

     Heike Smith married Martin Ulfers.

Child of Heike Smith and Martin Ulfers

Helen Marie Smith

F, b. 18 October 1900, d. 29 October 1983
     Helen Marie Smith was born on 18 October 1900. She was the daughter of George J. Smith and Inez Meeker. Helen Marie Smith married Otto Jacob Emmelhainz circa 1924. Helen Marie Smith died on 29 October 1983 at age 83.

Children of Helen Marie Smith and Otto Jacob Emmelhainz

Helen Marie Smith1

F, b. 26 November 1895, d. 1 January 1988
     Helen Marie Smith was born on 26 November 1895 at Pennville, Jay Co., IN.1 She was the daughter of Charles Ambrose Smith and Dessie Dell Irey.1 Helen Marie Smith married Joseph William Gubbins on 11 February 1915 at Newport, Campbell Co., KY. Helen Marie Smith married Charles Franklin Crampton on 22 November 1920 at Muncie, Delaware Co., IN, license date. Helen Marie Smith died on 1 January 1988 at LaGrange, LaGrange Co., IN, at age 92. She was buried in January 1988 at Elm Ridge Memorial Park, Muncie, Delaware Co., IN, Findagrave #83727062.

Child of Helen Marie Smith and Charles Franklin Crampton

  • Mary Ann Crampton+ b. 29 Jan 1937, d. 3 May 2007; May have been adopted -- no birth record found, Helen was 41 when Mary Ann was born.


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Helen Tiffany Smith

F, b. circa 1912
     Helen Tiffany Smith was born circa 1912 at California. She was the daughter of George A. Smith and Edna Mabel Cundiff.

Helene Bertha Smith1

F, b. 11 August 1908, d. 27 January 1998
     Helene Bertha Smith was born on 11 August 1908 at Orange Twp., Black Hawk Co., IA.1 She was the daughter of Oliver Garfield Smith and Pearl Agnes Flickinger.1 Helene Bertha Smith married Ezra Matthew Luhm, son of William Herman Luhm and Rosa Ritschli, on 17 June 1930 at Waterloo, Black Hawk Co., IA. Helene Bertha Smith died on 27 January 1998 at Duluth, St. Louis Co., MN, at age 89.


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Henrietta Smith1

     Henrietta Smith married Evan J. Morris.1

Children of Henrietta Smith and Evan J. Morris


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Henry Smith1

     Henry Smith married Annie Dingwall.1

Child of Henry Smith and Annie Dingwall


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Henry A. Smith

M, b. 28 December 1876, d. 28 December 1878
     Henry A. Smith was born on 28 December 1876 at Jones Co., IA. He was the son of Jacob Grove Smith and Amanda Lucretia Simpson. Henry A. Smith died on 28 December 1878 at Jones Co., IA, at age 2.

Henry L. Smith

M, b. 21 February 1850, d. 28 July 1948
     Henry L. Smith was born on 21 February 1850 at Lycoming Co., PA. He was the son of Daniel Smith and Mary Moore. Henry L. Smith married Amanda J. Pfeifer, daughter of George Pfeifer and Barbara Hoffman, on 18 March 1877 at Jones Co., IA. Henry L. Smith died on 28 July 1948 at Morley, Jones Co., IA, at age 98.

Children of Henry L. Smith and Amanda J. Pfeifer