Cora Dell Thornsberry

     Cora Dell Thornsberry was the daughter of Lucy Lelora Sonner. Cora Dell Thornsberry married (?) Shacklett.

George Eugene Thornsberry

     George Eugene Thornsberry was the son of Lucy Lelora Sonner.

Rhoda Thornsberry

     Rhoda Thornsberry was the daughter of Lucy Lelora Sonner.

Elizabeth Thornton

F, b. circa 1851, d. May 1914
     Elizabeth Thornton was born circa 1851 at Missouri.1 She married David E. Swyer, son of David Swyer and Louisa J. McBride. Elizabeth Thornton died in May 1914. She was buried in 1914 at Calvary Cemetery and Mausoleum, St. Louis, MO, Findagrave #47391336.

Children of Elizabeth Thornton and David E. Swyer


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Elizabeth Anderson Thornton

F, b. 27 May 1850, d. 10 August 1922
     Elizabeth Anderson Thornton was born on 27 May 1850 at Eutaw, Greene Co., AL. She was the daughter of James Dabney Thornton and Sarah Frances Thornton. Elizabeth Anderson Thornton married RADM John Crittenden Watson, son of Dr. Edward H. Watson and Maria Louise Crittenden, on 29 May 1873 at San Francisco, San Francisco Co., CA. Elizabeth Anderson Thornton died on 10 August 1922 at age 72.

Child of Elizabeth Anderson Thornton and RADM John Crittenden Watson

Everett Thornton

M, b. 1888
     Everett Thornton was born in 1888. He married Florence Ethyl Cost, daughter of Simon Peter Cost and Lilly Viota Mumford, in 1913.

Henry Thornton

     Henry Thornton married Sierra Nevada Roush, daughter of Daniel Roush and Margaret Stevens (?), on 8 February 1899 at Marion Co., IA.

James Dabney Thornton

M, b. 18 January 1823, d. 25 September 1902
     James Dabney Thornton was born on 18 January 1823 at Oak Hill, Cumberland Co., VA. He married Sarah Frances Thornton on 17 February 1848 at Eutaw, Greene Co., AL. James Dabney Thornton died on 25 September 1902 at San Francisco, San Francisco Co., CA, at age 79.
Note: Thornton information from Ward Family Tree genealogy prepared by Peg2364, online at

Child of James Dabney Thornton and Sarah Frances Thornton

James Robert Thornton

M, b. June 1857, d. after 7 April 1930
     James Robert Thornton was born in June 1857 at Illinois. He married Margaret E. Hempleman on 14 September 1879 at Perry Co., IL. James Robert Thornton died after 7 April 1930.

Child of James Robert Thornton and Margaret E. Hempleman

Jewell Hempleman Thornton1

M, b. 10 January 1892, d. 15 November 1978
     Jewell Hempleman Thornton was born on 10 January 1892 at Illinois.1 He was the son of James Robert Thornton and Margaret E. Hempleman. Jewell Hempleman Thornton married Lucille Minnie Kitzmiller, daughter of David Martin Kitzmiller and Louella Jane Vaughn, before 1 April 1935.1 Jewell Hempleman Thornton died on 15 November 1978 at Leon Co., FL, at age 86.


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Joseph Thornton

     Joseph Thornton married Catherine Snapp, daughter of Johannes Snapp and Anna Maria Wendel, on 3 October 1798 at Rockingham Co., VA, Bondsman: Robert Cravens.

Lucy F. Thornton1

F, b. August 1859
     Lucy F. Thornton was born in August 1859 at Illinois.1 She married John M. Baldwin on 23 December 1879 at Vermilion Co., IL.

Child of Lucy F. Thornton and John M. Baldwin


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Orville Thornton

M, b. 3 August 1913, d. 29 January 1984
     Orville Thornton was born on 3 August 1913. He married Vera Pauline Tipton, daughter of Augusta Pearl Tipton, on 8 June 1932. Orville Thornton died on 29 January 1984 at age 70.

Ruth Ann Thornton

F, b. 20 November 1844, d. 18 August 1892
     Ruth Ann Thornton was born on 20 November 1844 at Webbers Falls, Canadian District, Cherokee Nation West, Indian Territory. She was the daughter of William Thornton and Elizabeth Phillips. Ruth Ann Thornton married Walter Adair Starr, son of Joseph McMinn Starr and Delilah Adair, on 19 February 1869. Ruth Ann Thornton died on 18 August 1892 at age 47.

Children of Ruth Ann Thornton and Walter Adair Starr

Sarah Frances Thornton

F, b. 31 July 1825, d. May 1904
     Sarah Frances Thornton was born on 31 July 1825 at Huntsville, Madison Co., AL. She married James Dabney Thornton on 17 February 1848 at Eutaw, Greene Co., AL. Sarah Frances Thornton died in May 1904 at San Francisco, San Francisco Co., CA, at age 78.

Child of Sarah Frances Thornton and James Dabney Thornton

William Thornton

     William Thornton married Elizabeth Phillips.

Child of William Thornton and Elizabeth Phillips

Raymond Thorpe

M, b. circa 1900
     Raymond Thorpe was born circa 1900. He was the son of Uriah Thorpe and Elvin Lenore Tallman.

Uriah Thorpe

     Uriah Thorpe married Elvin Lenore Tallman, daughter of Matthias Miller Tallman and Elizabeth Ault Winn.

Child of Uriah Thorpe and Elvin Lenore Tallman

Alice Thorton

     Alice Thorton was the daughter of Francis Thorton. Alice Thorton married James Taylor, son of James Taylor Jr. and Martha Thompson.

Children of Alice Thorton and James Taylor

Francis Thorton


Child of Francis Thorton

Elizabeth Thrailkill

F, b. 9 February 1797, d. 23 September 1861
     Elizabeth Thrailkill married John Lynch. Elizabeth Thrailkill was born on 9 February 1797 at Ohio. She died on 23 September 1861 at Bates Co., MO, at age 64.

Child of Elizabeth Thrailkill and John Lynch

Almira A Thrasher

     Almira A Thrasher married Samuel Finley Starr, son of Samuel Fletcher Starr and Talitha Cumi Belknap, on 23 August 1883.

Children of Almira A Thrasher and Samuel Finley Starr

Mildred J. Throne1

F, b. 12 July 1900, d. 14 January 1989
     Mildred J. Throne was born on 12 July 1900 at Cullom, Livingston Co., IL.1 She married Jacob Arthur Evanson.1 Mildred J. Throne died on 14 January 1989 at Pittsburgh, Allegheny Co., PA, at age 88. She was buried in January 1989 at Westlawn Cemetery, Cullom, Livingston Co., IL, Findagrave #115841080.

Child of Mildred J. Throne and Jacob Arthur Evanson


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Martha Throope

F, b. 8 July 1705
     Martha Throope was born on 8 July 1705 at Lebanon, New London Co., CT. She married Daniel Vaughn, son of John Vaughn and Mary Lawton, circa 1725 at Lebanon, New London Co., CT.

Child of Martha Throope and Daniel Vaughn

Elias F. Thrush

M, b. 24 October 1832, d. 28 May 1860
     Elias F. Thrush was born on 24 October 1832. He married Sarah Jane Vandersaal, daughter of Jacob Vandersaal and Maria Coover, on 26 May 1857. Elias F. Thrush died on 28 May 1860 at age 27.

Richard R. Thuma Jr.

M, b. 1 February 1919, d. 8 May 1984
     Richard R. Thuma Jr. was born on 1 February 1919 at Baltimore, MD.1 He was the son of Richard Raymond Thuma and Julia O'Neill.1 Richard R. Thuma Jr. began military service on 26 March 1941 at Baltimore, MD, WW II service, Enlisted, U.S. Army Air Corps. He died on 8 May 1984 at Middlesex Co., MA, at age 65.


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Richard Raymond Thuma1

M, b. 3 December 1890, d. 28 January 1961
     Richard Raymond Thuma was born on 3 December 1890 at Cockeysville, Baltimore Co., MD.1 He married Julia O'Neill.1 Richard Raymond Thuma died on 28 January 1961 at age 70. He was buried in 1961 at Ashland Presbyterian Church Cemetery, Cockeysville, Baltimore Co., MD, Findagrave #29684919.

Child of Richard Raymond Thuma and Julia O'Neill


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Carl Heinrich Thuman

M, b. 24 November 1882, d. 21 March 1931
     Carl Heinrich Thuman was born on 24 November 1882 at Oldenburg, Lower Saxony, Germany. He married Johanna Maria Hayen on 2 May 1905. Carl Heinrich Thuman died on 21 March 1931 at Monticello, Jones Co., IA, at age 48 Obituary (

He Had Been Resident Of Wayne Township Major Portion Of His Life
The unexpected death of Carl H. Thuman occurred at the John McDonald hospital last Saturday, following a two days' illness of pneumonia. Mr. Thuman was also afflicted with heart trouble. He completed his cream route last week, Tuesday, March 17, and complained of feeling ill. The next morning he was taken to the McDonald hospital, where attending physicians held out little hope for his recovery, and his death followed the succeeding day.
Mr. Thuman was the son of Bernhard and Augusta (nee Reuter) Thuman. He was born in Oldenburg, Germany, November 24, 1882. He was baptized in infancy and came to the United States with his family in 1888. He spent his boyhood days in the home of his mother in Wayne township. At the age of fifteen years, he was confirmed in the Lutheran church, by Rev. C. Mardorf, who was pastor of Zion's church at that time.
During the succeeding years Mr. Thuman was employed at various farms. He was married May 2, 1905 to Johanna Mary Hayen. After their marriage, Mr. and Mrs. Thuman lived on several rented farms. Twelve years ago they purchased a forty acre farm near amber, where they since have made their home.
There were four children born to this union, viz: Mrs. Gladys Tischauser, and Hattie, Lorene and Willis who live at home. In addition to his widow and children, Mr. Thuman is also survived by two sisters, Mrs. Leroy Clark, Jr. of Monticello, Mrs. Fred Husmann of Monticello; a half sister, Mrs. Verne Serbousck of Center Junction; one brother Bernard Thuman of Scotch Grove; one half brother, William Helgens of Wayne township and two grandchildren.
Funeral services were held at St. Matthew's Lutheran church in Monticello last Monday afternoon. Rev. A. Matthias, pastor of the Anamosa Lutheran church, assisted by Rev. H.L. Adix of Monticello, had charge of the services. Burial was made at Oakwood cemetery.

He was buried in March 1931 at Oakwood Cemetery, Monticello, Jones Co., IA, Find A Grave Memorial# 72449964.

Child of Carl Heinrich Thuman and Johanna Maria Hayen

Lorene Wilhelmina Thuman

F, b. 1914, d. 2000
     Lorene Wilhelmina Thuman was born in 1914. She was the daughter of Carl Heinrich Thuman and Johanna Maria Hayen. Lorene Wilhelmina Thuman married Melvin A. Skalsky, son of Rudolph Skalsky and Bessie Bednasek, on 1 May 1940 at St. Paul Lutheran Church, Anamosa, Jones Co., IA. Lorene Wilhelmina Thuman died in 2000. She was buried in 2000 at Mt. Vernon Cemetery, Mt. Vernon, Linn Co., IA, Find A Grave Memorial# 148950824.

Johann Thomas Thumm

     Johann Thomas Thumm married Anna Eva Gebhart, daughter of Johannes Gebhart and Anna Eva Stephan, on 9 February 1731 at Desloch, Palatinate.