Helmut Schröer

M, b. 9 January 1927
     Helmut Schröer was born on 9 January 1927. He was the son of Jakob Schröer and Emma Simon.

Hilde Schröer

F, b. 3 January 1924
     Hilde Schröer was born on 3 January 1924 at Katzenbach, Rhein-Pfalz, Germany. She was the daughter of Friedrich Schröer and Hilda Munzinger.

Jakob Schröer

M, b. 11 February 1885, d. 9 June 1976
     Jakob Schröer married Emma Simon, daughter of Jakob Simon and Berta Munzinger. Jakob Schröer was born on 11 February 1885 at Sausenheim, Germany. He died on 9 June 1976 at Ramsen, Germany, at age 91.

Children of Jakob Schröer and Emma Simon

Carl Schubert

M, b. 8 June 1894, d. 17 June 1961
     Carl Schubert was born on 8 June 1894 at Hancock Co., OH. He married Dorothy Young, daughter of Uriah R. Young and Mary Katharine Hershey, on 7 June 1923 at North Manchester, Wabash Co., IN. Carl Schubert died on 17 June 1961 at South Bend, St. Joseph Co., IN, at age 67.

Rosella Schubert1

F, b. 25 December 1871, d. 3 September 1961
     Rosella Schubert was born on 25 December 1871 at Kansas.1 She married Alfred Page on 14 January 1888 at Paola, Miami Co., KS. Rosella Schubert died on 3 September 1961 at age 89. She was buried in September 1961 at Nowata Memorial Cemetery, Nowata, Nowata Co., OK, Findagrave #19188100.

Child of Rosella Schubert and Alfred Page


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Anna Gertrude Schuchart1

F, b. 4 July 1844, d. 26 February 1926
     Anna Gertrude Schuchart was born on 4 July 1844 at Hesse, Germany.1 She married John W. Wetzstein in 1867. Anna Gertrude Schuchart lived on 1 June 1880 at Clark Twp., Tama Co., IA, farming.1 She died on 26 February 1926 at Dysart, Tama Co., IA, at age 81. She was buried in 1926 at Dysart Cemetery, Dysart, Tama Co., IA, Findagrave #64083394.

Child of Anna Gertrude Schuchart and John W. Wetzstein


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Heinrich Schuck1


Child of Heinrich Schuck

Mabel Sena Schuck

F, b. 10 May 1902, d. 21 April 1990
     Mabel Sena Schuck was born on 10 May 1902 at Peoria, Peoria Co., IL.1 She was the daughter of Peter Schuck and Anna Louise Steinmetz. Mabel Sena Schuck married John Robert Walker, son of Jasper Newton Walker and Myrtle Gladys McClure, on 25 May 1929 at Detroit, Wayne Co., MI. Mabel Sena Schuck died on 21 April 1990 at Mechanicsburg, Cumberland Co., PA, at age 87. She was buried in April 1990 at Rolling Green Memorial Park, Camp Hill, Cumberland Co., PA, Findagrave #143315014.


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Maria Schuck

F, b. 11 August 1880, d. 5 May 1935
     Maria Schuck married Rudolf Karcher. Maria Schuck was born on 11 August 1880 at Kaiserslautern, Rhein-Pfalz, Germany. She died on 5 May 1935 at Bergzabern, Rhein-Pfalz, Germany, at age 54.

Child of Maria Schuck and Rudolf Karcher

Peter Schuck1

M, b. June 1864, d. before 22 April 1910
     Peter Schuck was born in June 1864 at New York.1 He married Anna Louise Steinmetz circa 1885.1 Peter Schuck died before 22 April 1910.

Child of Peter Schuck and Anna Louise Steinmetz


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Veronica Schuck1

F, b. 1656
     Veronica Schuck was born in 1656 at Wolsen, Alsace, France.1 She was the daughter of Heinrich Schuck.1 Veronica Schuck married Johann Jakob Scheurer, son of Johann Georg (Jerg) Scheurer and (?) Scherer, on 2 June 1703 at Diedendorf, Alsace, France.1

Children of Veronica Schuck and Johann Jakob Scheurer

Charles M. Schuell1

     Charles M. Schuell married Ella Van Tuyl Stover, daughter of Hon. George Henry Stover and Sophia A. Meyer, on 7 November 1894, No children.1 Charles M. Schuell lived in 1926 at South Bend, St. Joseph Co., IN.1


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Anna Margaret Schueller

     Anna Margaret Schueller married John Abraham Lebo.

Child of Anna Margaret Schueller and John Abraham Lebo

Edith Sophie Schuerman

F, b. 2 November 1922, d. 10 December 2020
     Edith Sophie Schuerman was also known as Edith Christina Schuerman By the time she graduated high school, Edith was using "Christine" as her middle name, in lieu of Sophie as per her 1922 birth certificate. She was born on 2 November 1922 at Iowa Twp., Iowa Co., IA; daughter of Rudolf E. and Jsoephine (Horn) Schuerman. She married Frederick Malvern Reid, son of Kenneth Lee Reid and Alice May Smith. Edith Sophie Schuerman died on 10 December 2020 at age 98.

Elizabeth M. Schulenberg

F, b. circa 1842, d. 13 November 1925
     Elizabeth M. Schulenberg was born circa 1842 at Germany. She married August G. Funte. Elizabeth M. Schulenberg died on 13 November 1925 at Mitchell Co., IA. She was buried in November 1925 at St. Peter Lutheran Church Cemetery, Riceville, Jenkins Twp., Mitchell Co., IA.

Child of Elizabeth M. Schulenberg and August G. Funte

Alice V. Schulenburg1

F, b. circa 1871
     Alice V. Schulenburg was born circa 1871 at Pennsylvania 1880 gives age of 9, 1900 says "Jan 1875".1 She was the daughter of Henry Schulenburg and Sarah H. Weidner.1 Alice V. Schulenburg married William Strickler circa 1892 at Jewell Co., KS.2

Child of Alice V. Schulenburg and William Strickler


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Henry Schulenburg1

M, b. circa 1835
     Henry Schulenburg was born circa 1835 at Bremen, Germany.1 He married Sarah H. Weidner, daughter of William Weidner and Elizabeth Harlacher, circa 1864.1

Children of Henry Schulenburg and Sarah H. Weidner


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Pauline Schulenburg

F, b. September 1890
     Pauline Schulenburg was born in September 1890 at Kansas. She was the daughter of Richard W. Schulenburg and Maud (?)

Richard W. Schulenburg1

M, b. circa 1865
     Richard W. Schulenburg was born circa 1865 at Pennsylvania.1 He was the son of Henry Schulenburg and Sarah H. Weidner.1 Richard W. Schulenburg married Maud (?) circa 1890. Richard W. Schulenburg lived in June 1900 at Kansas City, Jackson Co., MO, Census Ward 8, p.5B.

Child of Richard W. Schulenburg and Maud (?)


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Elizabeth Schuler

F, b. January 1877, d. 22 February 1959
     Elizabeth Schuler was born in January 1877 at Illinois. She married Charles A. Hammer on 1 December 1897 at Whiteside Co., IL. Elizabeth Schuler died on 22 February 1959 at Illinois at age 82. She was buried in February 1959 at Grove Hill Cemetery, Morrison, Whiteside Co., IL, Findagrave #114216139.

Child of Elizabeth Schuler and Charles A. Hammer

Florence E. Schuler1

F, b. circa 1907
     Florence E. Schuler was born circa 1907 at Maryland.1


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Mildred Gertrude Schulte

F, b. 30 June 1896, d. 28 February 1972
     Mildred Gertrude Schulte was born on 30 June 1896 at St. Louis, MO. She married Ralph Elmer Grisham in September 1915. Mildred Gertrude Schulte died on 28 February 1972 at age 75. She was buried in March 1972 at Woodlawn Cemetery, Leadington, St. Francois Co., MO, Findagrave #62198965.

Vera Marie J. Schulte

F, b. 30 July 1903, d. July 1982
     Vera Marie J. Schulte was born on 30 July 1903 at Michigan.1 She married James H. Coyle on 24 June 1920 at Detroit, Wayne Co., MI. Vera Marie J. Schulte and James H. Coyle were divorced on 31 March 1927 at Wayne Co., MI. Vera Marie J. Schulte married Joseph George Vermette, son of Joseph William Vermette and Frances H. Freer, circa 1928. Vera Marie J. Schulte and Joseph George Vermette were divorced before 12 August 1940; license date. Vera remarried to Frederick Jeffries, age 54, on 17 AUG 1940 at Detroit.

Vera Marie J. Schulte died in July 1982 at San Diego Co., CA, per SSDI, last residence San Diego.

Child of Vera Marie J. Schulte and James H. Coyle


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Raymond Schultheis Jr.

M, b. 20 September 1923, d. 10 June 1992
     Raymond Schultheis Jr. was born on 20 September 1923 at Reisterstown, Baltimore Co., MD. He married Fern Cooper Jefferson, Raymond's first wife was Jean (1925 - 1969) also buried at Druid Ridge Cemetery. Raymond Schultheis Jr. died on 10 June 1992 at Baltimore Co., MD, at age 68. He was buried in June 1992 at Druid Ridge Cemetery, Pikesville, Baltimore Co., MD, Findagrave #172509476.

(?) Schultz

     (?) Schultz married Elizabeth Rebecca Leiss, daughter of Johann Peter Leiss and Anna Maria Kalbach.

Child of (?) Schultz and Elizabeth Rebecca Leiss

Adam Schultz1

     Adam Schultz married Regine Kriebel.1

Child of Adam Schultz and Regine Kriebel


  1. [S82] Price Genealogy, 276.

Agusta Schultz

     Agusta Schultz married Herman Kuester.

Child of Agusta Schultz and Herman Kuester

Andrew Schultz1

     Andrew Schultz was the son of Rev. Christopher Schultz and Rosina Yeakel.1 Andrew Schultz married Charlotte Yeakel.1

Child of Andrew Schultz and Charlotte Yeakel


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Anna Schultz1

     Anna Schultz was the daughter of David Schultz and Elizabeth Lauer.1 Anna Schultz married Abraham Clemmer.1

Child of Anna Schultz and Abraham Clemmer


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Bettye Lue Schultz

F, b. 20 October 1921, d. 3 February 2010
     Bettye Lue Schultz was born on 20 October 1921 at Burlington, Des Moines Co., IA. She married Earl H. Swendsen, son of Harry Swendsen and Ellen Olsen, on 6 June 1943 at Chillicothe, Peoria Co., IL. Bettye Lue Schultz died on 3 February 2010 at Chillicothe, Peoria Co., IL, at age 88

Obituary -- (Findagrave.com):

Daughter of John and Dorothy (Ward) Schultz. She married Earl H. Swendsen Sr. on June 6, 1943, in Chillicothe, Ill. He preceded her in death in December 1976.

Surviving are two sons, Earl H. Swendsen Jr. and Mark (Christine) Swendsen; and three grandchildren.

She was preceded in death by her parents, husband and one grandchild.

She was the co-owner of By Gones Antiques in Chillicothe. She was also an Avon representative for more than 20 years.

Child of Bettye Lue Schultz and Earl H. Swendsen