Alta Delight Shockey

F, b. 1900, d. 1989
     Alta Delight Shockey was born in 1900. She married Russell Leonard Weaver. Alta Delight Shockey died in 1989.

Child of Alta Delight Shockey and Russell Leonard Weaver

Clement Shockley

M, b. 1801, d. April 1879
     Clement Shockley was born in 1801. He married Phebe Davis in 1837. Clement Shockley died in April 1879. He was buried in April 1879 at Silverbrook Cemetery, Niles, Berrien Co., MI, Findagrave #107566982.

Child of Clement Shockley and Phebe Davis

Gailene Diana Shockley

F, b. 29 June 1953, d. 27 December 1981
     Gailene Diana Shockley was born on 29 June 1953 at Stanislaus Co., CA. She was the daughter of James Bruce Shockley. Gailene Diana Shockley died on 27 December 1981 at Medford, Jackson Co., OR, at age 28. She was buried at Hawthorne Memorial Gardens, Grants Pass, Josephine Co., OR, Findagrave #88166894.

James Bruce Shockley

M, b. 20 February 1933, d. 10 December 1994
     James Bruce Shockley was born on 20 February 1933 at Randlett, Cotton Co., OK. He was buried at San Joaquin Valley National Cemetery, Santa Nella, Merced Co., CA, Findagrave #1177503. He began military service on 20 February 1950 Korean War service, U.S. Army, enlisted, Pvt., discharged 16 DEC 1953. He died on 10 December 1994 at Stanislaus Co., CA, at age 61.

Child of James Bruce Shockley

John Thomas Shockley

     John Thomas Shockley married Ellen Tice, daughter of John Tice, on 21 December 1924 at Wayne Co., IL.

Julia A. Shockley1

F, b. 30 July 1848, d. 11 October 1917
     Julia A. Shockley was born on 30 July 1848 at Michigan.1 She was the daughter of Clement Shockley and Phebe Davis. Julia A. Shockley married William M. Forrest, son of Hamilton Forrest and Susan Starkey, circa 1874, two children born, one (Cletie) living as of the 1900 census. William and Julia also adopted a girl, Carrie E. Forrest, born may 1887 in Michigan.1 Julia A. Shockley died on 11 October 1917 at age 69. She was buried in October 1917 at Silverbrook Cemetery, Niles, Berrien Co., MI, Findagrave #107567392.

Children of Julia A. Shockley and William M. Forrest


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Solon Floyd Shockley1

M, b. 23 June 1895, d. July 1960
     Solon Floyd Shockley was born on 23 June 1895 at Iowa.1 He married Marjorie Elizabeth Goff on 3 February 1934 at Washington Co., IA. Occupation: Rural mail carrier at Mt. Pleasant, Henry Co., IA.1 Solon Floyd Shockley died in July 1960 at age 65. He was buried in 1960 at Eicher Cemetery, Washington Co., IA, Findagrave #56829427.


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Winnie Earline Shockley

F, b. 16 August 1904, d. 28 December 2003
     Winnie Earline Shockley was born on 16 August 1904 at Sylvatus, Carroll Co., VA. She married James William Copenhaver. Winnie Earline Shockley died on 28 December 2003 at age 99.

(?) Shoemaker

     (?) Shoemaker married Elvina Schultz, daughter of (?) Schultz and Elizabeth Rebecca Leiss, before 1865.

Alfred Ohmar Shoemaker

M, b. 11 February 1937, d. 4 January 2011
     Alfred Ohmar Shoemaker was born on 11 February 1937 at Montgomery Co. (probably), OH. He was the son of William A. Shoemaker and Angeline Anna Ebert. Alfred Ohmar Shoemaker lived in 2010 at Blanchester, Clinton Co., OH. He died on 4 January 2011 at age 73.

Allan F. Shoemaker

M, b. 1878, d. before April 1930
     Allan F. Shoemaker was born in 1878. He married Alice Wing Brooks, daughter of Harry Elam Brooks and Adelaide Dencie Loomis, after January 1920. Allan F. Shoemaker died before April 1930.

Bertha Shoemaker1

F, b. circa 1883
     Bertha Shoemaker was born circa 1883 at Ohio.1 She married Carl C. Steiert circa 1906.1

Child of Bertha Shoemaker and Carl C. Steiert


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Betty Shoemaker

F, b. 25 March 1928, d. 19 June 2004
     Betty Shoemaker was born on 25 March 1928 at Adams Co., OH. She was the daughter of Charles Shoemaker and Agnes (?) Betty Shoemaker married Homer Earl Windle, son of Homer Earl Windle and Nola Ethel Hoffer, circa 1946. Betty Shoemaker died on 19 June 2004 at South Vienna, Clark Co., OH, at age 76.

Charles Shoemaker

     Charles Shoemaker married Agnes (?).

Child of Charles Shoemaker and Agnes (?)

Charles N. Shoemaker

     Charles N. Shoemaker married Emma Harriet Zimmerman, daughter of William Henry Zimmerman and Martha Elizabeth Tucker, on 17 July 1904.

Charles O. Shoemaker1

M, b. circa 1911
     Charles O. Shoemaker was born circa 1911 at Ohio.1 He was the son of Ohmer Washington Shoemaker and Ada Ann Gebhart.1 Charles O. Shoemaker married Norma Dell Moore, daughter of James Moore and Nellie Marie Terry, on 8 August 1939 at Clark Co., OH. Charles O. Shoemaker died probably the Charles Shoemaker, died in 1971, buried at Ferncliff Cemetery, Springfield, Ohio.

Child of Charles O. Shoemaker and Norma Dell Moore


  1. [S1358] 1930 Federal Census, Clark County, Ohio. Microfilm Image, NARA Series T626, Roll 1756; FHL #2341491.

Charles V. Shoemaker1

M, b. June 1854, d. 22 April 1929
     Charles V. Shoemaker was born in June 1854 at Ohio.1 He married Frances M. Karr on 19 January 1876 at Montgomery Co., OH.1 Charles V. Shoemaker died on 22 April 1929 at age 74. He was buried in April 1929 at Woodland Cemetery and Arboretum, Dayton, Montgomery Co., OH, Findagrave #83639615.

Child of Charles V. Shoemaker and Frances M. Karr


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Darlene Shoemaker

F, b. 11 December 1940, d. 5 November 2016
     Darlene Shoemaker was born on 11 December 1940 at Springfield, Clark Co., OH. She was the daughter of Charles O. Shoemaker and Norma Dell Moore. Darlene Shoemaker died on 5 November 2016 at Forest Glen Health Campus, Springfield, Clark Co., OH, at age 75. She was buried in November 2016 at Ferncliff Cemetery, Springfield, Clark Co., OH, Findagrave #172316994.

Elizabeth Shoemaker

     Elizabeth Shoemaker married Joshua Walton.

Child of Elizabeth Shoemaker and Joshua Walton

Eva Irena Shoemaker

     Eva Irena Shoemaker married Jacob Clinton Warble, son of Aaron Warble and Mary Catherine Arnold, on 25 October 1883 at Ogle Co., IL, Illinois Statewide Marriage Index 1763 - 1900:


Frederick Berlin Shoemaker

     Frederick Berlin Shoemaker married Alma Kiemer.

Child of Frederick Berlin Shoemaker and Alma Kiemer

Hannah Shoemaker

F, b. 5 January 1876, d. 20 October 1946
     Hannah Shoemaker was born on 5 January 1876 at Rockingham Co., VA. She married Ira Hess in 1902. Hannah Shoemaker died on 20 October 1946 at McLean Co., IL, at age 70. She was buried in October 1946 at Oak Grove Cemetery, Le Roy, McLean Co., IL, Findagrave #186974774.

Child of Hannah Shoemaker and Ira Hess

Hannah Shoemaker1

F, b. 26 October 1831, d. 31 March 1911
     Hannah Shoemaker was born on 26 October 1831 at Fairfield Co., OH.1 She married Stephen Clark on 15 November 1849 at Pike Co., OH. Hannah Shoemaker died on 31 March 1911 at Spokane, Spokane Co., WA, at age 79. She was buried in April 1911 at West Greenwood Cemetery, Spokane, Spokane Co., WA, Findagrave #20608735.

Child of Hannah Shoemaker and Stephen Clark


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Jean Eloise Shoemaker

F, b. 13 December 1918
     Jean Eloise Shoemaker was born on 13 December 1918 at Darke Co., OH. She married Edison Semler, son of Oscar William Semler and Mildred A. Johnson, on 26 June 1948.

Josiah Shoemaker

     Josiah Shoemaker married Elizabeth Harper.

Child of Josiah Shoemaker and Elizabeth Harper

Lewis Shoemaker

     Lewis Shoemaker married Rebecca Ford Nutter, daughter of Benjamin Starr Nutter and Rebecca Stipp, in 1895.

Child of Lewis Shoemaker and Rebecca Ford Nutter

Lewis Vertner Shoemaker

M, b. 27 May 1908, d. 1965
     Lewis Vertner Shoemaker was born on 27 May 1908. He was the son of Lewis Shoemaker and Rebecca Ford Nutter. Lewis Vertner Shoemaker married Jewell Lelan Davis, daughter of Roy Davis and Lilly Dilley, on 12 September 1943 at Wells Co., IN. Lewis Vertner Shoemaker died in 1965.

Margaret Shoemaker1

     Margaret Shoemaker married Stephen Yoder.1

Child of Margaret Shoemaker and Stephen Yoder


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Martha Shoemaker

     Martha Shoemaker married William Nice.

Child of Martha Shoemaker and William Nice

Mary Shoemaker1

F, b. 21 March 1815, d. 28 March 1853
     Mary Shoemaker was born on 21 March 1815 at Franklin Co., PA.1 She married Joseph Mower on 20 October 1836 at Franklin Co., PA. Mary Shoemaker died on 28 March 1853 at Mowersville, Franklin Co., PA, at age 38.

Child of Mary Shoemaker and Joseph Mower


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