Samuel Strock

     Samuel Strock married Elizabeth (?).1

Child of Samuel Strock and Elizabeth (?)


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Martha Strode

F, b. 1678, d. 1763
     Martha Strode was born in 1678 at Holland. She married Morgan Bryan. Martha Strode died in 1763 at North Carolina.

Children of Martha Strode and Morgan Bryan

Ralph Richard Stroenider

     Ralph Richard Stroenider married Madge Ada Gooden, daughter of Charles Morgan Gooden and Florence Leeb Tallman.

Lilli Strohecker

F, d. 1955
     Lilli Strohecker married Eduard Wahl. Lilli Strohecker died in 1955.

Child of Lilli Strohecker and Eduard Wahl

Frances C. Strohl

F, b. 3 June 1865, d. 3 February 1930
     Frances C. Strohl married Nathan Cyrus Williams, son of William Fielding Williams and Elnora Wright. Frances C. Strohl was born on 3 June 1865 at Henry Co., OH. She was the daughter of Israel Strohl and Elizabeth Edson. Frances C. Strohl died on 3 February 1930 at Wood Co., OH, at age 64.

Israel Strohl

     Israel Strohl married Elizabeth Edson.

Child of Israel Strohl and Elizabeth Edson

Jacob Strombock

     Jacob Strombock married Ruth Ellen Riddle, daughter of James Riddle and Ruth Gilmore, on 11 March 1860 at Augusta Co., VA.

Cliff Strome

M, b. 1929, d. 1959
     Cliff Strome was born in 1929. He died in 1959.

Daniel Strome

M, b. circa 1815, d. 12 June 1839
     Daniel Strome was born circa 1815 at Pennsylvania. He married Keziah Hoch, daughter of Henry Brown Hoch and Rachel Fackler, on 31 May 1838. Daniel Strome died on 12 June 1839 at Lurgan Twp., Franklin Co., PA.

Child of Daniel Strome and Keziah Hoch

Daniel W. Strome1,2

M, b. circa 1839
     Daniel W. Strome was born circa 1839 at Franklin Co., PA.1 He was the son of Daniel Strome and Keziah Hoch.1


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Jacob T. Strome1

M, b. July 1856, d. 1922
     Jacob T. Strome was born in July 1856 at Richland Co., OH.1 He married Caroline Hill on 15 February 1882 at Harlan Co., NE. Jacob T. Strome died in 1922 at Boulder Co., CO, Obituary (

Methodist minister; the son of Jonas Strome (1828, Lebanon County, Pennsylvania - before 1885, Harlan County, Nebraska) - a preacher for the Evangelical Association from age 21, and for many years was a circuit preacher), and Mary Ann, or Marian, (Thuma) Strome (1834, Ohio - 1914, Richland County, Ohio).

Jacob, or Jake, married firstly Angeline (McGarvey) Strome (1858, Richland County, Ohio - 1881, Harlan County, Nebraska) on 1 February 1877 in Perry, Richland County, Ohio. He was the father of James Harry Strome (18 May 1878, Harlan County, Nebraska - 26 September 1952, Coeur d'Alene, Kootenai County, Idaho).

He married secondly Carrie (Hill) Strome Glazier in Harlan County, Nebraska, on 15 February 1883, and they had 11 children:

Jennie M. Strome (1885–1910)
Mary E "Mamie" Strome (1891–1975)
Fred Robert Strome (1893–1961)
Ruth P. Strome (1895–1975)
Esther Albina Strome (1897–1987)
Viola Blanche Strome (1899–1977)
Bert Russell Strome (1900–1981)
Millie Lenore Strome (1901–1995)
Carrie Hill Strome (1903–1989)
Ella Pearl Strome (1906–1982)
Earl G. Strome (1908–1980.)

Child of Jacob T. Strome and Caroline Hill


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Ruth P. Strome1

F, b. 25 November 1895, d. 20 May 1975
     Ruth P. Strome was born on 25 November 1895 at Kansas.1 She was the daughter of Jacob T. Strome and Caroline Hill.2 Ruth P. Strome married James Ellis Boyd, son of Robert Ellis Boyd and Agnes McFarland.1 Ruth P. Strome died on 20 May 1975 at San Bernardino Co., CA, at age 79 Dates per Memorial #39927958. She was buried in May 1975 at Hillside Memorial Park, Redlands, San Bernardino Co., CA, Findagrave #39927958.

Children of Ruth P. Strome and James Ellis Boyd


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Desmond D. Stromire

     Desmond D. Stromire married Lovey Belle Stepro, daughter of John Stepro and Margaret Faith, on 3 March 1911 at Harrison Co., IN.

Ashley Strong

M, b. 3 January 1852, d. 2 August 1921
     Ashley Strong was born on 3 January 1852 at Ohio. He married Anna Malmsbury on 5 October 1875 at Mahoning Co., OH, Ceremony by Rev. James P. Irwin, Presbyterian Minister. Ashley Strong died on 2 August 1921 at Mahoning Co., OH, at age 69.

Child of Ashley Strong and Anna Malmsbury

Bryan Strong

M, b. 16 September 1942, d. 10 August 1996
     Bryan Strong was born on 16 September 1942 at Los Angeles, Los Angeles Co., CA. He died on 10 August 1996 at Santa Cruz, Santa Cruz Co., CA, at age 53.

George H. Strong1

     George H. Strong married Nettie Mertz.1

Child of George H. Strong and Nettie Mertz


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Lucy Catherine Strong1

F, b. 20 June 1845, d. 18 March 1916
     Lucy Catherine Strong was born on 20 June 1845 at Hampshire Co., MA.1 She married Clinton Hogue on 14 February 1866 at Summit Co., OH. Lucy Catherine Strong died on 18 March 1916 at Washington Co., KS, at age 70.

Child of Lucy Catherine Strong and Clinton Hogue


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Mary Elizabeth Strong1

     Mary Elizabeth Strong was the daughter of George H. Strong and Nettie Mertz.1 Mary Elizabeth Strong married David Norman Showalter, son of John B. Showalter and Mary Emma Frick, on 15 June 1922, Ceremony by Rev. Edward S. Nindle.1 Mary Elizabeth Strong was Methodist Episcopal.1 She lived in 1926 at 220 N. Church St., West Chester, Chester Co., PA.1

Children of Mary Elizabeth Strong and David Norman Showalter


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Sarah Strong

     Sarah Strong married Albert Lorenzo Spitzer.

Child of Sarah Strong and Albert Lorenzo Spitzer

Sarah Strong1

F, b. circa 1841
     Sarah Strong was born circa 1841 at Indiana.1 She married Dr. J. W. Zenor on 19 August 1860 at Harrison Co., IN.

Child of Sarah Strong and Dr. J. W. Zenor


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Vivian Elizabeth Strong

F, b. 1 May 1887, d. 8 March 1958
     Vivian Elizabeth Strong was born on 1 May 1887 at North Benton, Mahoning Co., OH. She was the daughter of Ashley Strong and Anna Malmsbury. Vivian Elizabeth Strong married William Richard Triem, son of Daniel Webster Triem and Mary Alice Sefert, on 26 August 1912 at Youngstown, Mahoning Co., OH. Vivian Elizabeth Strong died on 8 March 1958 at Lower Merion, Montgomery Co., PA, at age 70.

Children of Vivian Elizabeth Strong and William Richard Triem

Mary Catherine Stroop

F, b. 4 April 1848, d. 18 January 1887
     Mary Catherine Stroop was born on 4 April 1848 at Maryland. She married William Claude Brower. Mary Catherine Stroop died on 18 January 1887 at age 38. She was buried in January 1887 at Twin Valley Cemetery, Gratis, Preble Co., OH, Findagrave #38716699.

Child of Mary Catherine Stroop and William Claude Brower

Charles Lloyd Strope

M, d. 25 March 1984
     Charles Lloyd Strope married Pauline Tharp, daughter of John Blatchley Tharp and Gail Gertrude Wendell, on 24 November 1941. Charles Lloyd Strope died on 25 March 1984.

(?) Strother1

     (?) Strother married Gabriel Jones.

Child of (?) Strother and Gabriel Jones


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Agatha Strother

F, b. 1728, d. circa 1784
     Agatha Strother was born in 1728. She married John Madison, son of Ambrose Madison and Frances Thompson Taylor, circa 1748. Agatha Strother died circa 1784.

Child of Agatha Strother and John Madison

Anna Strother

     Anna Strother married Dennis Askren.

Child of Anna Strother and Dennis Askren

Chester Merle Strother

M, b. 9 September 1910, d. 18 June 1989
     Chester Merle Strother was born on 9 September 1910. He was the son of James Finley Strother and Nettie Doris Meeker. Chester Merle Strother married Hilda May Major circa 1952. Chester Merle Strother died on 18 June 1989 at age 78.

Clara Beatrice Strother

F, b. 21 April 1914
     Clara Beatrice Strother was born on 21 April 1914. She was the daughter of James Finley Strother and Nettie Doris Meeker. Clara Beatrice Strother married Gaymon Howard Wright on 31 October 1937.

Frieda May Strother

F, b. October 1917, d. 20 October 1918
     Frieda May Strother was born in October 1917. She was the daughter of James Finley Strother and Nettie Doris Meeker. Frieda May Strother died on 20 October 1918 Pneumonia. She was buried in October 1918 at Pleasant Hill Cemetery, West Jefferson, Madison Co., OH.

James Finley Strother

M, b. 14 July 1890, d. 7 October 1965
     James Finley Strother was born on 14 July 1890. He married Nettie Doris Meeker, daughter of John F. Meeker and Lucinda Green, in March 1910. James Finley Strother died on 7 October 1965 at age 75. He was buried in October 1965 at Pleasant Hill Cemetery, West Jefferson, Madison Co., OH.

Children of James Finley Strother and Nettie Doris Meeker