Katherine E. Berkstresser

F, b. 14 May 1898
     Occupation: Graduated Mt. Carroll High School, 1915; attended Frances Shimer School, University of Chicago, 1916; attended Iowa State Teachers College, 1916-19; received degree of B.A. While there was Student Pastor's Assistant of 1st Baptist church and active in social service work. President of Cliosophic Society. Teacher, High School, Iowa Falls, Ia., 1919-20; teacher of English and Expression, High School, Lanark, Ill., 1920-21; head of Dept. of Expression, East Texas State Teachers College, Commerce, Texas, 1921-23; on leave of absence, studying Voice at the Cosmopolitan School of Music and the Columbia College of Expression, Chicago, 1923-24. Member Phi Beta Sorority, Cosmopolitan School; degree Bachelor of Expression, May, 1924.1 Katherine E. Berkstresser was born on 14 May 1898 at Martinsville, Clark Co., IL.1 She was the daughter of Rev. William Irving Berkstresser and Cora Rebecca Palmer. Katherine E. Berkstresser lived in 1926 at Commerce, Hunt Co., TX.1


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William Irving Berkstresser

M, b. 7 May 1895
     William Irving Berkstresser was born on 7 May 1895.1 He was the son of Rev. William Irving Berkstresser and Cora Rebecca Palmer. William Irving Berkstresser began military service on 3 May 1917 While a student in college, volunteered May 3, 1917, in Co. F, 3d Supply Train in the Motor Transport Div., U.S.A. Sailed after training in many camps, June 3, 1918, and returned to the U.S., Aug. 25, 1919. Was promoted to Corporal. Served in the following engagements: Champagne-Marne Offensive, July 15-18, 1918; Aisne-Marne Offensive, July 18 - Aug. 6, 1918; St. Mihiel Offensive, Sept. 12-16, 1918; Meuse-Argonne Offensive, Sept. 26 - Nov. 11, 1918; Army of Occupation, Dec. 5, 1918 - Aug. 11, 1919.1


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Rev. William Irving Berkstresser

M, b. 29 December 1861, d. 29 January 1899
     Rev. William Irving Berkstresser was born on 29 December 1861 at Saxton, Bedford Co., PA.1 He was the son of John Berkstresser and Elizabeth Casper. Rev. William Irving Berkstresser married Cora Rebecca Palmer, daughter of Daniel Palmer and Catharine Price, on 9 March 1884, Ceremony by Rev. J. C. Forncrook.1 Rev. William Irving Berkstresser died on 29 January 1899 at age 37 Mr. Berkstresser, at the age of three years, was taken to Illinois. Was a teacher in the Common Schools, 1872-75; graduated State Normal, Normal, Ill., 1877; Prof. of Mathematics, Bryant & Stratton College, Chicago, 1878; ordained Minister in Church of God, 1879; same year became pastor of church near Geneseco; 1880, at Mt. Carroll; 1881, at Decatur; 1883, Mt. Carroll; 1884, Pleasant Valley; 1885-86, Buda; 1887-88, B. Springs and Fairview; 1890-91, Mendota and Troy Grove; 1892-95, Warrensburg with other points; 1895-99, Martinsville and Hazel Dell. The years 1882-83 he was a student in Seminary, Oberlin, Ohio. He stood high with his denomination, having served the Illinois Eldership as clerk, 1886-89 and 1893-98, secretary of Standing Committee and member of Board of Missions and in 1891 was elected Speaker. In the general Eldership he served as member of Board of Education, 1887-96; editorial contributor to Church Advocate, 1888-96. One of the four elected to prepare S. S. Lessons, 1890-96; member Board of Missions, 1896-99; Journalizing Clerk, 1890-93-96.1

Children of Rev. William Irving Berkstresser and Cora Rebecca Palmer


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Ann Berlin1

     Ann Berlin was the daughter of Isaac Berlin and Mary Hartley.1 Ann Berlin married Edward E. Cress, son of Henry Cress and Clementine Baugh, on 8 June 1880, Ceremony by Rev. Allen Buckner.1

Children of Ann Berlin and Edward E. Cress


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Isaac Berlin1

     Isaac Berlin married Mary Hartley.1

Child of Isaac Berlin and Mary Hartley


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Rita A. Bermes

F, b. 31 July 1916, d. 26 July 1977
     Rita A. Bermes was born on 31 July 1916. She married Lucian Alexander Yackley. Rita A. Bermes died on 26 July 1977 at age 60. She was buried in 1977 at Saints Peter and Paul Cemetery, Naperville, DuPage Co., IL, Findagrave #113811356.

Marguerite Bermont

     Marguerite Bermont married Jean Heleine.

Child of Marguerite Bermont and Jean Heleine

Elizabeth Bernard

     Elizabeth Bernard married Capt. Thomas Todd.

Child of Elizabeth Bernard and Capt. Thomas Todd

Lucille B. Bernard

F, b. 1889
     Lucille B. Bernard was born in 1889 at Missouri. She married Harry Boyden Hazelton.

Child of Lucille B. Bernard and Harry Boyden Hazelton

Reine Bernard1

F, b. 28 August 1893
     Reine Bernard was born on 28 August 1893.1 She was the daughter of U. J. Bernard and Joan (?)1 Reine Bernard married Amsey Crill, son of Jeremiah Crill and Sarah G. Gilbert, on 24 December 1910, Ceremony by Rev. George E. Fike.1

Children of Reine Bernard and Amsey Crill


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U. J. Bernard1

     U. J. Bernard married Joan (?).1

Child of U. J. Bernard and Joan (?)


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Otto Christian Bernat

     Otto Christian Bernat married Irma Schnarre.

Robert Herbert Bernd

M, b. 30 April 1923, d. 6 March 2012
     Robert Herbert Bernd was born on 30 April 1923 at La Crosse, La Crosse Co., WI. He married Jean Ann Reynolds on 4 May 1946 at St. James Catholic Church Parsonage, La Crosse, La Crosse Co., WI. Robert Herbert Bernd began military service on 19 November 1948 Korean War service, U.S. Army, 101 Airborne Divison, military police, discharged 2 DEC 1954. He and Jean Ann Reynolds were divorced before October 1955; Robert remarried to Lois Wurzel on 22 OCT 1955. Robert Herbert Bernd died on 6 March 2012 at La Crosse, La Crosse Co., WI, at age 88. He was buried in March 2012 at Mormon Coulee Memorial Park, La Crosse, La Crosse Co., WI, Findagrave #130413839.

Erna G. M. Berndt

F, b. 21 March 1901, d. 8 February 1997
     Erna G. M. Berndt was born on 21 March 1901 at Berlin, Brandenburg, Germany. She married John Tanner Shirer, son of Seward Smith Shirer and Elizabeth Josephine Tanner, on 7 May 1932 at Manhattan, New York Co., NY. Erna G. M. Berndt died on 8 February 1997 at Tucson, Pima Co., AZ, at age 95 dates per SSDI.

Catherine Berner

F, b. 15 March 1802, d. 28 November 1875
     Catherine Berner was born on 15 March 1802 at Shenandoah Co., VA. She married Jacob Wilkin. Catherine Berner died on 28 November 1875 at Crawford Co., IL, at age 73. She was buried in 1875 at Prairie Grove Cemetery, Dogwood, Crawford Co., IL, Find A Grave Memorial# 69449205.

Child of Catherine Berner and Jacob Wilkin

Hazel Anna Mary Bernett1

F, b. 11 August 1904, d. 9 December 1975
     Hazel Anna Mary Bernett was born on 11 August 1904 at Manchester, Dearborn Co., IN.1 She married Barney White on 12 November 1924 at Urbana, Champaign Co., IL.1 Hazel Anna Mary Bernett died on 9 December 1975 at Champaign, Champaign Co., IL, at age 71. She was buried in December 1975 at Grandview Memorial Gardens, Champaign, Champaign Co., IL, Findagrave #173071533.

Child of Hazel Anna Mary Bernett and Barney White


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Anna Bernhard

F, b. 13 July 1924
     Anna Bernhard was also known as Mathilde. She was born on 13 July 1924 at Wiesbach, Rhein-Pfalz, Germany. She married Otto Munzinger, son of Erwin Munzinger and Mathilde Kettenring, on 25 October 1947 at Winterbach, Germany.

Fredricka Bernhardt

F, b. August 1836, d. 29 April 1901
     Fredricka Bernhardt was born in August 1836 at Germany. She married Louis A. Gemmi. Fredricka Bernhardt died on 29 April 1901 at Philadelphia, Philadelphia Co., PA, at age 64.

Child of Fredricka Bernhardt and Louis A. Gemmi

Johann Peter Bernhardt

     Note: Founder of the village of Stillwater, Sussex Co., NJ.

Child of Johann Peter Bernhardt

Johanna Margaretha Elisabetha Bernhardt

F, b. 5 August 1721, d. 15 February 1800
     Johanna Margaretha Elisabetha Bernhardt was born on 5 August 1721 at Kerzenheim, Palatinate. She was the daughter of Johann Peter Bernhardt. Johanna Margaretha Elisabetha Bernhardt married Johann Georg Windemuth, son of Johann Christoph Windemuth and Maria Margarethe Klöppinger, on 19 September 1739 at Sussex Co., NJ. Johanna Margaretha Elisabetha Bernhardt died on 15 February 1800 at Stillwater, Sussex Co., NJ, at age 78. She was buried in February 1800 at Stillwater Cemetery, Stillwater, Sussex Co., NJ.

Children of Johanna Margaretha Elisabetha Bernhardt and Johann Georg Windemuth

Dorothy Bernhart1

F, b. 2 June 1919
     Dorothy Bernhart was born on 2 June 1919.1 She was the daughter of Fred Bernhart and May Ritter.1


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Emily Bernhart1

F, b. 11 November 1915
     Emily Bernhart was born on 11 November 1915.1 She was the daughter of Fred Bernhart and May Ritter.1


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Fred Bernhart1

     Fred Bernhart married May Ritter, daughter of John Martin Ritter and Mary Booz Price, on 1 May 1914.1

Children of Fred Bernhart and May Ritter


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Susanna Bernhart

F, b. 29 July 1800, d. 17 January 1886
     Susanna Bernhart was born on 29 July 1800. She married George Schlottman. Susanna Bernhart died on 17 January 1886 at age 85. She was buried in January 1886 at Salem Union Shalters Cemetery, Fleetwood, Berks Co., PA, Findagrave #78629687.

Child of Susanna Bernhart and George Schlottman

William Bernhart1

M, b. 16 April 1918
     William Bernhart was born on 16 April 1918.1 He was the son of Fred Bernhart and May Ritter.1


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Gloria L. Bernheisel

F, b. 24 May 1934, d. 1 March 2011
     Gloria L. Bernheisel was born on 24 May 1934 at New Lebanon, Montgomery Co., OH. She married Oscar Lewis Sizemore, son of William Sizemore and Willie Virginia Agee. Gloria L. Bernheisel died on 1 March 2011 at Montgomery Co., OH, at age 76.

Friedrich Johann Berrang

M, b. 17 April 1862, d. 3 April 1937
     Friedrich Johann Berrang was born on 17 April 1862 at Sulzbach, Saarland, Germany. He married Maria Agne, daughter of Christian Agne and Katharina Hiege, on 6 February 1892 at Sulzbach, Saarland, Germany. Friedrich Johann Berrang died on 3 April 1937 at Sulzbach, Saarland, Germany, at age 74.

Child of Friedrich Johann Berrang and Maria Agne

Otto Friedrich Berrang

M, b. 20 November 1902, d. 9 June 1976
     Otto Friedrich Berrang was born on 20 November 1902 at Sulzbach, Saarland, Germany. He was the son of Friedrich Johann Berrang and Maria Agne. Otto Friedrich Berrang married Charlotte Marie Lorch, daughter of Ludwig Lorch and Charlotte Margarethe Eiden, on 10 March 1932 at Sulzbach, Saarland, Germany. Otto Friedrich Berrang died on 9 June 1976 at Sulzbach, Saarland, Germany, at age 73.

Agnes Berry

     Agnes Berry married William Patton. Agnes Berry was born at Ireland.

Child of Agnes Berry and William Patton

Albert Berry

M, b. circa 1856
     Albert Berry was born circa 1856 at Tazewell or McLean Co., IL.1,2 He was the son of William Berry and Nancy Welsh. Albert Berry married Angeline (?) in 1877.3

Children of Albert Berry and Angeline (?)


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