Mary Spitler

F, b. 1801, d. 3 April 1834
     Mary Spitler was born in 1801. She married Thomas McNaughten circa 1832. Mary Spitler died on 3 April 1834 at Fairfield Co., OH (probably).

Roland Spitler1

M, b. 22 October 1865, d. 12 November 1948
     Roland Spitler was born on 22 October 1865 at Ohio.1 He married Genella Wolf circa 1888.1 Roland Spitler died on 12 November 1948 at Bloomville, Seneca Co., OH, at age 83. He was buried in November 1948 at Woodlawn Cemetery, Bloomville, Seneca Co., OH, Find A Grave Memorial# 136838469.

Child of Roland Spitler and Genella Wolf


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Salome Spitler

F, b. 3 March 1841, d. 21 December 1917
     Salome Spitler was born on 3 March 1841 at Montgomery Co., OH.1 She was the daughter of Joseph M. Spitler and Maria Shellenbarger.1 Salome Spitler married Samuel Wells Metsker on 6 October 1861 at Kansas. Salome Spitler died on 21 December 1917 at Lone Star, Douglas Co., KS, at age 76. She was buried in December 1917 at Colyer Cemetery, Worden, Douglas Co., KS, Findagrave #7568839.

Child of Salome Spitler and Samuel Wells Metsker


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Susannah Spitler

F, b. circa 1788
     Susannah Spitler married David Hite. Susannah Spitler was born circa 1788.

Child of Susannah Spitler and David Hite

Opal Irene Spittler

F, b. 18 May 1917, d. 7 March 2005
     Opal Irene Spittler was born on 18 May 1917 at Sumner Co., KS. She married James H. White. Opal Irene Spittler died on 7 March 2005 at Wichita, Sedgwick Co., KS, at age 87.

Child of Opal Irene Spittler and James H. White

Albert Lorenzo Spitzer

     Albert Lorenzo Spitzer married Sarah Strong.

Child of Albert Lorenzo Spitzer and Sarah Strong

Ann C. Spitzer

F, b. September 1851, d. 1926
     Ann C. Spitzer was born in September 1851 at Rockingham Co., VA. She married John Neff on 18 October 1865 at Rockingham Co., VA, Ceremony by G. W. Woods, Minister of the Gospel. Ann C. Spitzer died in 1926 at Henry Co., IN. She was buried in 1926 at Miller Cemetery, Middletown, Henry Co., IN, Findagrave #206515338.

Child of Ann C. Spitzer and John Neff

  • Asa Neff+ b. 5 Nov 1880, d. 25 Jan 1952

Lyman Strong Spitzer

M, b. 2 February 1880
     Lyman Strong Spitzer married Blanche Carey Brumbach, daughter of Orville Sanford Brumback and Jennie King Carey. Lyman Strong Spitzer was born on 2 February 1880 at Toledo, Lucas Co., OH. He was the son of Albert Lorenzo Spitzer and Sarah Strong.

Mary E. Spitzer1

F, b. circa 1840
     Mary E. Spitzer was born circa 1840 at Virginia.1 She married Joseph Fravel, son of Benjamin Fravel and Elizabeth Abnet, before 8 September 1860.1


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Steve Spoci

     Steve Spoci married Hanna Slavek.

Martin Spohn

     Martin Spohn married Barbara Bücher, daughter of Hans Ulrich Bücher and Anna Barbara Wirth, on 14 March 1773 at Shenandoah Co. (now), VA.

Mary Spohn

F, b. 30 March 1781, d. 14 October 1863
     Mary Spohn was born on 30 March 1781 at Dauphin Co., PA. She married Paul Lingle on 8 January 1800. Mary Spohn died on 14 October 1863 at Liberty Twp., Centre Co., PA, at age 82. She was buried in October 1863 at Blanchard Church of Christ Cemetery, Blanchard, Centre Co., PA, Find A Grave Memorial# 28711072.

Child of Mary Spohn and Paul Lingle

Matthias Spohn1

     Matthias Spohn was the son of Matthias Spohn and Margaretha Ziegler.1 Matthias Spohn married Anna Dürr, daughter of Friedrich Dürr and Anna Ott, on 3 December 1805 at Brombach bei Lörrach, Baden, Germany.1


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Matthias Spohn1

     Matthias Spohn married Margaretha Ziegler.1

Child of Matthias Spohn and Margaretha Ziegler


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Alice Sponaugle

F, d. 5 October 1989
     Alice Sponaugle married Wayne Lynn Larimore, son of Chetwynd Frank Larimore and Vera Marie Flinner, on 28 July 1970. Alice Sponaugle died on 5 October 1989.

Vernon Bruce Sponsel

M, b. 3 July 1916, d. 29 August 1990
     Vernon Bruce Sponsel was born on 3 July 1916. He married Wanda Marie Callaway, daughter of Grover Cleveland Callaway and Dora Powell, on 19 November 1960. Vernon Bruce Sponsel died on 29 August 1990 at age 74. He was buried in 1990 at Montgomery City Cemetery, Montgomery City, Montgomery Co., MO.

Anna Elizabeth Sponsler

F, b. 16 March 1896, d. 15 July 1917
     Anna Elizabeth Sponsler was born on 16 March 1896 at West Milton, Miami Co., OH. She married John Russell Cost, son of Joseph Grant Cost and Mary Elizabeth Small, on 9 July 1914 at Miami Co., OH. Anna Elizabeth Sponsler died on 15 July 1917 at Springfield, Clark Co., OH, at age 21. She was buried in July 1917 at Maple Hill Cemetery, Tipp City, Miami Co., OH.

Child of Anna Elizabeth Sponsler and John Russell Cost

Eliza Catherine Spoon1

F, b. 6 May 1840, d. 12 May 1920
     Eliza Catherine Spoon was born on 6 May 1840 at North Carolina.1 She married David Pickett.1 Eliza Catherine Spoon died on 12 May 1920 at Taney Co., MO, at age 80. She was buried in May 1920 at Edwards Cemetery, Kirbyville, Taney Co., MO, Find A Grave Memorial# 23859953.

Child of Eliza Catherine Spoon and David Pickett


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Ellen Spoon

F, b. May 1873
     Ellen Spoon married John David Douthat, son of James Henry Douthat and Rebecca Jane Windle. Ellen Spoon was born in May 1873.

Ila Spooner

     Ila Spooner married Willie Blackwell.

Child of Ila Spooner and Willie Blackwell

Isabella Dunning Spoor1

F, b. 12 February 1850
     Isabella Dunning Spoor was born on 12 February 1850.1 She was the daughter of John Singer Spoor and Mariette Byington.1 Isabella Dunning Spoor married James Harney Stover, son of Daniel C. Stover and Frances Macy Harney, on 28 September 1876 at Burlington, Racine Co., WI.1

Children of Isabella Dunning Spoor and James Harney Stover


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John Singer Spoor1

     John Singer Spoor married Mariette Byington.1

Child of John Singer Spoor and Mariette Byington


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Clarence Spradley

M, b. 1878, d. 1944
     Clarence Spradley was born in 1878 at Missouri. He married Nellie Jane Hamby, daughter of Richard Hamby and Lucinda F. Curl. Clarence Spradley died in 1944.

Child of Clarence Spradley and Nellie Jane Hamby

Frances Bernice Spradley

F, b. 23 May 1904, d. 5 January 2000
     Frances Bernice Spradley was born on 23 May 1904. She was the daughter of Clarence Spradley and Nellie Jane Hamby. Frances Bernice Spradley married Roy Elbert Larimore, son of William Edgar Larimore and Hattie E. Reed, on 18 November 1922. Frances Bernice Spradley died on 5 January 2000 at Glendora, Los Angeles Co., CA, at age 95. She was buried in January 2000 at Riverside National Cemetery, Riverside, Riverside Co., CA.

Child of Frances Bernice Spradley and Roy Elbert Larimore

Lizzie Spradlin

F, b. 16 February 1907, d. 23 August 1984
     Lizzie Spradlin was born on 16 February 1907 at Kentucky. She was the daughter of Samuel Pleasant Spradlin and Mary Staley. Lizzie Spradlin married John Carr, son of William Thomas Carr and Buena Vista Windle, circa 1924. Lizzie Spradlin died on 23 August 1984 at Vinton Co., OH, at age 77. She was buried in August 1984 at Vinton Memorial Gardens, Vinton Co., OH.

Children of Lizzie Spradlin and John Carr

Samuel Pleasant Spradlin

     Samuel Pleasant Spradlin married Mary Staley.

Child of Samuel Pleasant Spradlin and Mary Staley

Ada K. Sprague1

F, b. 19 March 1863, d. after 23 April 1892
     Ada K. Sprague was born on 19 March 1863 at Campbell Co., KY; daughter of Jonathan Keene and Elizabeth (Kees) Sprague.2 She married Erastus Brookes Preble.1 Ada K. Sprague died after 23 April 1892 Ada died sometime after Echo's birth -- date and burial location unknown. Possibly buried at Persimmon Grove cemetery where her parents are buried. Erastus Preble remarried to Laura Given in 1900. DLB 2021.

Child of Ada K. Sprague and Erastus Brookes Preble


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Basil L. Sprague1

M, b. 16 July 1928, d. 3 August 1995
     Basil L. Sprague was born on 16 July 1928 at Lucas Co., OH.1 He was the son of Ronald E. Sprague and Frances Bertin Boyd.1 Basil L. Sprague lived in April 1930 at Toledo, Lucas Co., OH, Living with his grandmother Nettie (Harris) Bird's family. He died on 3 August 1995 at Jackson Co., OR, at age 67 Dates per SSDI, last residence Central Point.


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Bertha E. Sprague

F, b. circa 1889, d. 21 March 1981
     Bertha E. Sprague was born circa 1889. She was the daughter of George F. Sprague and Emma E. Thatcher. Bertha E. Sprague married Walter Addison Dewey, son of William Addison Dewey and Rose Lila Munsinger. Bertha E. Sprague died on 21 March 1981 at Alameda Co., CA.

Child of Bertha E. Sprague and Walter Addison Dewey

Bessie Sprague1

F, b. 14 June 1874
     Bessie Sprague was born on 14 June 1874.1 She was the daughter of Thomas Sprague and Caroline Price.1


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