Michael Towers1

     Michael Towers married Rebecca Brooke.1

Child of Michael Towers and Rebecca Brooke


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Patricia Joyce Towers

F, b. 30 August 1926
     Patricia Joyce Towers was born on 30 August 1926 at Los Angeles Co., CA. She married William Willis Campbell on 15 April 1948 at North Glendale Methodist Church, Glendale, Los Angeles Co., CA.

Child of Patricia Joyce Towers and William Willis Campbell

Francis L. Towler

M, b. 12 September 1836
     Francis L. Towler was born on 12 September 1836 at Ohio. He married Laura Grace Powell, daughter of Thomas W. Powell and Elizabeth Brumbach, on 21 March 1889.

Child of Francis L. Towler and Laura Grace Powell

Leon Powell Towler

M, b. 9 December 1889
     Leon Powell Towler was born on 9 December 1889. He was the son of Francis L. Towler and Laura Grace Powell.

Randolph S. Towne

M, b. 6 October 1902, d. 14 August 1967
     Randolph S. Towne was born on 6 October 1902 at Massachusetts. He was the son of Salem W. Towne. Randolph S. Towne married Mary Ryland Lyne, daughter of Hiram Oliver Lyne and Mary Peachey Sizer, in 1927, The North Adams Transcript, Berkshire County, Massachusetts, June 2, 1927:

Randolph S. Towne is Engaged to be Married
Mr. and Mrs. H. Oliver Lyne of "Willow Grove," Orange County, Va., have announced the engagement of their daughter, Miss Mary Ryland Lyne, to Randolph S. Towne, son of Mr. and Mrs. Salem W. Towne of Stratton rjiad. The wedding will take place in the early autumn. Mr. Towne is a graduate of Williamstown high school and was graduated from Williams college with the class of 1922. At present he Is a member of the faculty of the Woodberry Forest school at Woodberry Forest, Va.

Randolph S. Towne died on 14 August 1967 at Chittenden Co., VT, at age 64. He was buried in August 1967 at Lakeview Cemetery, Burlington, Chittenden Co., VT.

Salem W. Towne


Child of Salem W. Towne

Benjamin Marshall Townes

M, b. 25 March 1875, d. January 1970
     Benjamin Marshall Townes was born on 25 March 1875 at Virginia. He married Zulah Davis. Benjamin Marshall Townes died in January 1970 at Virginia at age 94. He was buried in 1970 at Oakwood Cemetery, Martinsville, Henry Co., VA, Find A Grave Memorial# 33916635.

Child of Benjamin Marshall Townes and Zulah Davis

Zella Davis Townes

F, b. 7 October 1920, d. 13 April 1979
     Zella Davis Townes was born on 7 October 1920. She was the daughter of Benjamin Marshall Townes and Zulah Davis. Zella Davis Townes married Reginald Whitten Gravely, son of Richard Pleasants Gravely and Sarah Hay Mullins, on 27 April 1946 at Martinsville, Henry Co., VA. Zella Davis Townes died on 13 April 1979 at Martinsville, Henry Co., VA, at age 58. She was buried in April 1979 at Oakwood Cemetery, Martinsville, Henry Co., VA, Find A Grave Memorial# 58015708.

Elizabeth Bethena Townley

F, b. 15 December 1905, d. 2 April 1988
     Elizabeth Bethena Townley was also known as "Thena". She was born on 15 December 1905 at Florida. She was the daughter of John Madison Townley and Lilly Enloe. Elizabeth Bethena Townley married Dr. Clarence Larimore Perry, son of Clarence Emmett Perry and Fannie Fern Larimore, circa 1922.1 Elizabeth Bethena Townley died on 2 April 1988 at Prescott, Yavapai Co., AZ, at age 82 OBITUARY - The Miami Herald, (FL); April 5, 1988; Edition: FINAL, Page: 3D:

Bethena Townley Perry, who was The Miami Herald's society editor from 1951 to 1954, died Saturday in her daughter's Arizona home. She was 88.
Mrs. Perry -- who used the name Thena -- not only covered society; she was involved in it. When it came time to hire a new society editor, Herald editors decided they wanted someone who was a socialite. They asked Mrs. Perry, who had no newspaper experience.
"Her husband Larry's idea of relaxation was to row out to Biscayne Bay, anchor and fish. But Thena loved society," said friend Marie Anderson.
An outgoing, friendly woman, Mrs. Perry would rush from party to party, phoning articles in to editors.
In 1954, she became a columnist. She worked for The Herald for about another year.
Mrs. Perry and her family were among Miami's pioneers. She was born here in 1900. Her father, pharmacist John Madison Townley, was one of 502 people who voted to make Miami a city on July 28, 1896. He built the first skyscraper, the Townley Building, on Flagler Street. It is still there.
During World War I, Mrs. Perry headed up 15,000 volunteers, most of them women, who worked at the servicemen's pier in Miami Beach, a recreation center for men serving in the war.
"She was a bubbler," said friend Kay Pancoast. "She was bright, warm and friendly."
Mrs. Perry died in Prescott, Ariz., where she had gone 14 years ago to be near her daughter Linda Cheek. In addition to Cheek, she is survived by daughter Amanda Donalds of Massachusetts and sister Rosemarie Smathers of Vero Beach, nine grandchildren and 15 great-grandchildren.
Memorial services will be held in Arizona and at 11 a.m. Friday in Woodlawn Park Cemetery. In lieu of flowers, donations can be made to the Bascom-Palmer Eye Institute.

She was buried in April 1988 at Woodlawn Park Cemetery, Miami, Dade Co., FL.

Child of Elizabeth Bethena Townley and Dr. Clarence Larimore Perry


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John Madison Townley

     John Madison Townley married Lilly Enloe.

Child of John Madison Townley and Lilly Enloe

Harriet Townsen1

     Harriet Townsen married William J. Dey Ermand.1

Child of Harriet Townsen and William J. Dey Ermand


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Anna Townsend

F, b. April 1858, d. 12 July 1930
     Anna Townsend was born in April 1858 at Toronto, Ontario, Canada, Father born England, mother born Ireland, per 1880 census info. She was the daughter of Ely W. Townsend and Sarah Kirby. Anna Townsend married John S. Windle, son of Samuel Washington Windle and Elizabeth Pyrtle, circa 1877, Six children born, all living as of 1900 censu.1 Anna Townsend died on 12 July 1930 at 2829 Semple Avenue, St. Louis, MO, at age 72 Missouri death certificate No. 24817. She was buried on 16 July 1930 at St. Peter's Cemetery, St. Louis, MO.

Children of Anna Townsend and John S. Windle


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Charity Elizabeth Townsend

F, b. 7 October 1845
     Charity Elizabeth Townsend was also known as "Lizzie".1 She was born on 7 October 1845 at LaSalle Co., IL.1 She married Joseph Brumfield, son of Samuel Brumfield and Rebecca Graf, on 4 June 1865 at Livingston Co., IL, 7 children born, 5 living as of 1900 census.2

Children of Charity Elizabeth Townsend and Joseph Brumfield


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Ely W. Townsend

     Ely W. Townsend married Sarah Kirby.

Child of Ely W. Townsend and Sarah Kirby

Henry Townsend

M, b. 1649, d. 1718
     Henry Townsend was born in 1649. He married Deborah Underhill, daughter of Capt. John Underhill and Elizabeth Feake, circa 1676 at Killingworth, Oyster Bay, Queens Co. (now), NY. Henry Townsend died in 1718.

Hulda Townsend

     Hulda Townsend married Walker Burton Terrell on 25 June 1872 at Washington Co., IN.

Child of Hulda Townsend and Walker Burton Terrell

Joel Townsend1

     Joel Townsend married Abbie (?).1

Child of Joel Townsend and Abbie (?)


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Ora E. Townsend1

F, b. circa 1878
     Ora E. Townsend was born circa 1878 at Indiana 1910 census, Bryan Precinct, Garfield Co., NE. She was the daughter of Joel Townsend and Abbie (?)1 Ora E. Townsend married John W. Price, son of John H. Price and Mary D. Detwiler, on 27 March 1902.1

Children of Ora E. Townsend and John W. Price


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Phoebe Townsend

     Phoebe Townsend married Samuel Tallman, son of James Tallman and Mary (?).

Child of Phoebe Townsend and Samuel Tallman

Ray Townsend

M, b. circa 1925
     Ray Townsend was born circa 1925. He married Margaret Lucille Berry, daughter of Isaac Berry and Bessie Mitchell, circa July 1950 at Story Co., IA, license reported in the 21 JUL 1950 Ames Daily Tribune. Ray was "of Omaha".
Note: Probably Raymond Frank Townsend, born 7 SEP 1925 (or 15 SEP in some records), Fairbury, Jefferson County, Nebraska, died 7 JAN 2005 at Wichita Falls, Texas, age 25 on marriage license.

Sarah Townsend

F, b. 10 June 1679, d. 1732
     Sarah Townsend was born on 10 June 1679. She was the daughter of Capt. Thomas Townsend and Sarah (?) Sarah Townsend married Abraham Underhill, son of John Underhill and Mary Prior, in 1702. Sarah Townsend died in 1732.

Thomas Townsend

M, b. 1863, d. circa 1935
     Thomas Townsend was born in 1863 at England. He married Minnie Adams, daughter of William J. Adams and Hannah Lavina Starr, on 25 December 1889. Thomas Townsend died circa 1935 at Colorado.

Capt. Thomas Townsend

     Capt. Thomas Townsend married Sarah (?).

Child of Capt. Thomas Townsend and Sarah (?)

Charles Francis Townsley

M, b. 3 July 1925, d. 23 May 2012
     Charles Francis Townsley was also known as "Bud". He was born on 3 July 1925 at Reading, Berks Co., PA, WW II draft card.1 He was the son of Charles Francis Townsley and Mamie M. (?)1 Charles Francis Townsley began military service WW II service, U.S. Army
Korean War service, U.S. Army, 1 Lt. He married Mary Charlene Hottle, daughter of Victor Bryan Hottle and Thelma Adaline Walters, on 1 October 1949 at Oklahoma Co., OK, Met in college at Oklahoma A&M (now OSU), Stillwater. Charles Francis Townsley died on 23 May 2012 at Oklahoma City, Oklahoma Co., OK, at age 86 Obituary (Findagrave.com):

The Oklahoman, May 29, 2012:

OKLAHOMA CITY--Charles F. "Bud" Townsley was born on March 21, 1926, in Reading, Pennsylvania, to Mamie (Springer) Townsley and Charles "Hun" Townsley. He moved to Quakertown in the early 1930s, where he attended school, graduating in 1943. While in high school, he was active in track and was the team Captain.

After high school, Bud registered for the draft with an incorrect birth date and was drafted in August of 1943. He served in WWII in the Philippines and was discharged in 1946.

He then moved to Stillwater, Oklahoma, to attend Oklahoma A&M (OSU), where he joined the Theta Chi fraternity. He met his future wife, Mary Charlene Hottle, during his college years. Bud graduated in 1950 with a degree in Commerce. Bud and Charlene were married October 1, 1949, in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.

Bud was recalled to the Army during the Korean War and served in Ft. Hood, Texas, taking his wife and young daughter Chris with him. Bud received his field commission as a First Lt. at this time. At the end of the Korean War, Bud and Charlene returned to Oklahoma City, where Bud accepted a position with General Electric Credit Corp. A second child, Phillip, was born, completing their family.

Bud retired from General Electric in 1983. He continued to serve his country as a member of the 95th Reserve Division, reaching the rank of Captain and retiring from duty in 1965. Bud was very proud of the military services he provided to his country.

Bud had a passion for history, especially the Civil War. He enjoyed reading, the company of his cats, and spending time with friends. One of his beloved pastimes was drinking a beer while discussing world events with his companions. He maintained ties with his alma mater through the OSU Alumni Association.

He was preceded in death by his infant sister, Charmaine; mother, Mamie "Kitty" Johnson; his father, Hun; and his wife, Charlene. He is survived by his son, Phil; daughter and son-in-law, Chris and Rick; and three grandchildren, Wade, Noel, and Jacqueline. Service will be held 2 p.m. Tuesday at Sunnymeade Baptist Church, with burial following at Rose Hill Burial Park.

He was buried in May 2012 at Rose Hill Burial Park, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma Co., OK, Findagrave #91042145.


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Charles Francis Townsley1

M, b. 27 August 1905, d. 25 November 1992
     Charles Francis Townsley was born on 27 August 1905 at Pennsylvania.1 He married Mamie M. (?) circa 1924.1 Charles Francis Townsley married Laura S. Jackson before April 1940, no children.2 Charles Francis Townsley began military service on 20 July 1943 Enlisted, U.S. Army, discharged 8 SEP 1945. He died on 25 November 1992 at age 87 Dates per SSDI. He was buried in November 1992 at Charles Evans Cemetery, Reading, Berks Co., PA, Findagrave #59966606.

Child of Charles Francis Townsley and Mamie M. (?)


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Doris Elizabeth Toy

F, b. 15 November 1923
     Doris Elizabeth Toy was born on 15 November 1923 at Warren Co., KY. She was the daughter of Norris Toy and Laura Terry. Doris Elizabeth Toy married Roy Lee Robertson, son of Jerome Edgar Robertson and Martha May Hammon, on 20 April 1950 at Louisville, Jefferson Co., KY.

Etha Marie Toy

F, b. February 1897, d. February 1983
     Etha Marie Toy was born in February 1897 at Pennsylvania per 1900 census, or 24 JAN 1897 per SSDI.1 She married Wilbur Oscar Sternagel. Etha Marie Toy died in February 1983 at Allegheny Co., PA, per SSDI, last residence Pittsburgh. She was buried in February 1983 at Mars Cemetery, Mars, Butler Co., PA, Findagrave #23307452.

Child of Etha Marie Toy and Wilbur Oscar Sternagel


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Mabel Toy

F, b. 24 September 1868, d. 23 March 1906
     Mabel Toy was born on 24 September 1868. She married William Hardy Hendren Sr. Mabel Toy died on 23 March 1906 at age 37. She was buried in March 1906 at Elmwood Cemetery, Norfolk, Norfolk City, VA, Findagrave #60431952.

Child of Mabel Toy and William Hardy Hendren Sr.

Norris Toy

     Norris Toy married Laura Terry.

Child of Norris Toy and Laura Terry

Alice Traber1

F, b. May 1864
     Alice Traber was born in May 1864 at Ohio.1 She married Lynne W. Gilliland.

Child of Alice Traber and Lynne W. Gilliland


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