Elizabeth Belle Weddle

     Elizabeth Belle Weddle was also known as Bessie. She married Jacob Junia Burner, son of Jacob Franklin Burner and Priscilla Dovel, in August 1891 at Elko, Elko Co., NV.

Mary Catherine Weddle

F, b. 1884, d. 1974
     Mary Catherine Weddle was born in 1884. She married Henry Eden Keith. Mary Catherine Weddle died in 1974.

Child of Mary Catherine Weddle and Henry Eden Keith

Walter Clifford Wedge

M, d. 1933
     Walter Clifford Wedge married Louella Elizabeth Harrison, daughter of George Washington Harrison and Minnie Jessie Demorest, on 20 August 1924. Walter Clifford Wedge died in 1933.

Ferdinandian Josepha Wedig1

F, b. 23 March 1852, d. 1909
     Ferdinandian Josepha Wedig was born on 23 March 1852 at St. Croix Co., WI.1 She married John Pfister on 2 June 1871 at Sheboygan Co., WI. Ferdinandian Josepha Wedig died in 1909.

Child of Ferdinandian Josepha Wedig and John Pfister


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Andrew Reuben Weed

M, b. 1790, d. 5 May 1825
     Andrew Reuben Weed was born in 1790 at Abbeville Co., SC. He married Nancy Jane Pressly. Andrew Reuben Weed died on 5 May 1825 at Preble Co., OH.
Note: Info per weed genealogy prepared by donaldweed80, online at ancestry.com.

Child of Andrew Reuben Weed and Nancy Jane Pressly

Lloyd Weed1

     Lloyd Weed married Pauline Hepfer, daughter of Harry Hepfer and Cora Butterbaugh, on 22 March 1919, Ceremony by Rev. Burnsworth.1

Child of Lloyd Weed and Pauline Hepfer


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Martha G. Weed1

F, b. 15 May 1820, d. 1861
     Martha G. Weed was born on 15 May 1820 at Preble Co., OH.1 She was the daughter of Andrew Reuben Weed and Nancy Jane Pressly. Martha G. Weed married Thomas Lackey Paxton, son of Jonathan Paxton and Ann Agnes Gilmore, on 6 June 1839 at Preble Co., OH. Martha G. Weed died in 1861.

Children of Martha G. Weed and Thomas Lackey Paxton


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Shirley Ann Weed1

F, b. 3 February 1921
     Shirley Ann Weed was born on 3 February 1921 at Lanark, Carroll Co., IL.1 She was the daughter of Lloyd Weed and Pauline Hepfer.1


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Gerthie Weedman

     Gerthie Weedman married Wilson Jacobs.

Alice Melvina Weekley1

F, b. 4 November 1908, d. 3 January 1990
     Alice Melvina Weekley was born on 4 November 1908 at Mineral Co., WV.1 She married Stark Luther Digman on 26 February 1927 at Simpson, Taylor Co., WV. Alice Melvina Weekley died on 3 January 1990 at age 81. She was buried in January 1990 at Union Baptist Church Cemetery, Simpson, Taylor Co., WV, Findagrave #189122822.


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Lewis Edwin Weekly

M, b. 13 May 1899, d. December 1978
     Lewis Edwin Weekly was born on 13 May 1899 at Moundsville, Marshall Co., WV. He married Ruby Nevada Bonar. Lewis Edwin Weekly died in December 1978 at age 79. He was buried at Halcyon Hills Memorial Park, Sherrard, Marshall Co., WV, Findagrave #116789984.

Child of Lewis Edwin Weekly and Ruby Nevada Bonar

Violet Alice Weekly

F, b. 15 February 1926, d. 14 May 2013
     Violet Alice Weekly was born on 15 February 1926 at Cameron, Marshall Co., WV. She was the daughter of Lewis Edwin Weekly and Ruby Nevada Bonar. Violet Alice Weekly married James Rex Wendell, son of James Franklin Wendell and Sarah Elizabeth King, on 1 January 1946. Violet Alice Weekly died on 14 May 2013 at Rogersville, Greene Co., PA, at age 87. She was buried in May 2013 at Jacksonville Cemetery, Wind Ridge, Greene Co., PA, Findagrave #144741376.

Emlyn Weeks

F, b. 1550
     Emlyn Weeks was born in 1550 at Gittisham, Devonshire, England. She married John Mitchell on 22 November 1569 at Devonshire, England.

Child of Emlyn Weeks and John Mitchell

Estella Weeks

F, b. October 1867
     Estella Weeks was born in October 1867 at Illinois.1 She married Milton G. Hunter, son of James Hunter and Abigail Gilmore, on 30 August 1892 at Shelby Co. (probably), IL, three children born, two living, as of 1900 census.

Children of Estella Weeks and Milton G. Hunter


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Margaret Ann Weeks

F, b. 2 August 1806, d. 8 December 1873
     Margaret Ann Weeks was born on 2 August 1806. She married Isaac Blair on 26 September 1829 at Ross Co., OH. Margaret Ann Weeks died on 8 December 1873 at age 67. She was buried in December 1873 at Stahl Cemetery, Petroleum, Wells Co., IN, Findagrave #20333730.

Child of Margaret Ann Weeks and Isaac Blair

Maria Elizabeth Weeks1

F, b. circa 1825, d. after 4 June 1880
     Maria Elizabeth Weeks was born circa 1825 at Vermont.1 She married William Keyes Upham.2 Maria Elizabeth Weeks died after 4 June 1880.

Child of Maria Elizabeth Weeks and William Keyes Upham


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Raymond O. Weeks

M, b. 28 April 1912, d. 30 January 1982
     Raymond O. Weeks was born on 28 April 1912. He married Irene Zellers, daughter of Charles David Zellers and Lulu Emmert, after 1962. Raymond O. Weeks died on 30 January 1982 at age 69.

Jane Eleanor Weems

F, b. 6 October 1847, d. 30 November 1893
     Jane Eleanor Weems was born on 6 October 1847 at Mississippi. She married John Washington McLellan. Jane Eleanor Weems died on 30 November 1893 at Durant, Holmes Co., MS, at age 46.

Child of Jane Eleanor Weems and John Washington McLellan

Dr. Jerome John Weems M.D.

M, b. 2 May 1913
     Dr. Jerome John Weems M.D. was also known as "Jerry". He was born on 2 May 1913. He was the son of Thomas Norwood Weems and Magdaline Mae Rankin. Dr. Jerome John Weems M.D. was graduated at Tusculum College, Greeneville, Greene Co., TN. He married Mary Catherine Windler, daughter of Frank J. Windler and Mary (?), circa 1938. Dr. Jerome John Weems M.D. married Ella Saxby Phelan, daughter of Walter Phelan and Georgia Saxby, on 2 May 1964 at Memphis, Shelby Co., TN.

John Weems

     John Weems married Nancy Bailey.

Child of John Weems and Nancy Bailey

Lela Evadna Weems1

F, b. 8 December 1898, d. 18 February 1993
     Lela Evadna Weems was born on 8 December 1898 at Oklahoma.1 She married Robert Lee Tyson on 20 April 1925 at El Paso, El Paso Co., TX. Lela Evadna Weems died on 18 February 1993 at Johnston Co. (probably), OK, at age 94 per SSDI, last residence Coleman.

Child of Lela Evadna Weems and Robert Lee Tyson


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Dr. Phillip Doyle Weems M.D.

M, b. 3 October 1907, d. 15 March 1984
     Dr. Phillip Doyle Weems M.D. was born on 3 October 1907 at McMinnville, Warren Co., TN. He was the son of Thomas Norwood Weems and Magdaline Mae Rankin. Dr. Phillip Doyle Weems M.D. married Nellie Margaret Distel, daughter of James Distel and Nellie Questel, on 23 August 1938 at Portsmouth, Scioto Co., OH. Dr. Phillip Doyle Weems M.D. died on 15 March 1984 at Portsmouth, Scioto Co., OH, at age 76 OBITUARY:

Dr.Philip D. Weems, 76, Veteran Physician, Dies
Dr.Philip D. Weems, 76,of 2127 25th St., died Thursday night at home after a long illness. A native of McMinnville,Tenn., he was a practicing general physician for 53 years. A former chief of staff at Mercy hospital, he was a member of the medical staffs of Mercy, Scioto Memorial and Souther Hills hospitals. He attended Tusculum College at Greeneville, Tenn.,for undergraduate study and was graduated from the University of Tennessee at Memphis. Dr.Weems served the federal government in public health care at Staten Island Hospital in New York, and Veterans Hospital at Chillicothe. He came to Portsmouth to practice medicine in 1937. Dr.weems served in the Navy Seabees in World War II, served in New Guinea as a lieutenant commander, and saw combat in the South Pacific. Also a medical examiner for the Naval Reserve, he was a member of the American Medical Association, Scioto County Medical Society and the American Academy of Family Practice. He is survived by his wife, Mrs.Nellie Distel Weems; two sons, James P. and Paul D., both of Portsmouth; two daughters, Penny Sue McCaffrey of Bridgewater, N.J., and Vickie M.Weems of Cincinnati; two brothers, Dr. J. J. Weems of Memphis, Tenn., and Robert M. Weems of Charlotte, N. C., and eight grand-children. Services are planned at 10 a.m. Monday at Holy Redeemer Catholic Church, of which he was a member, with interment in Greenlawn Cemetery. Friends may call at Daehler Funeral Home from 7 to 9 p.m. Saturday and from 2 to 4 and 7 to 9 p.m. Sunday. Recitation of the rosary is planned at 8 p.m. Sunday at the funeral home. The family's favorite charity is the Mercy Hospital Foundation.


He Never Forgot
Death has taken from the community a man who devoted more than a half-century to the practice of
healing and comforting. A few years ago he announced plans for retirement but dedication to his profession and deep personal concern for the individuals and families who loved and trusted him, and had come to depend on his care and counsel, brought him back to his office until his final illness. Dr. Philip D.Weems, dead at 76, touched countless lives since he came to Portsmouth in 1937 to begin the general practice of medicine, and all who knew him are the richer for the experience. His distinguished career included government service in public health care at Staten Island Hospital in new York and the Veterans Administration Hospital at Chillicothe. World War II took him to New Guinea with the Navy's Construction Battalion (Seabees) and combat in the bloody campaign to regain control of the South Pacific. Caring for his patients at Mercy, Scioto Memorial and Southern Hills hospitals, the years took their toll but the oath he swore upon graduation from the University of Tennessee at Memphis so many decades ago still inspired him. "You do solemnly swear, each man by whatever he holds most sacred, that you will be loyal to the profession of medicine...that you will lead your lives and practice your art in uprightness and honor; that into whatsoever house you shall enter, it shall be for the good of the sick to the utmost of your power...that whatsoever you shall see or hear of the lives of men which is not fitting to be spoken, you will keep inviolably secret." He never forgot and his family, his patients, his friends and his colleagues always will remember him.
He was buried in March 1984 at Greenlawn Cemetery, Portsmouth, Scioto Co., OH.

Robert Marion Weems

M, b. 23 December 1922, d. 23 July 2009
     Robert Marion Weems was born on 23 December 1922 at Calhoun, McMinn Co., TN. He was the son of Thomas Norwood Weems and Magdaline Mae Rankin. Robert Marion Weems married Alice Virginia Chadwick on 27 April 1957 at Memphis, Shelby Co., TN. Robert Marion Weems died on 23 July 2009 at Ft. Mill, York Co., SC, at age 86.

Thomas Norwood Weems

M, b. 20 April 1874, d. 5 September 1962
     Thomas Norwood Weems was born on 20 April 1874 at Baileytown, Greene Co., TN. He was the son of John Weems and Nancy Bailey. Thomas Norwood Weems married Magdaline Mae Rankin, daughter of Dr. James Jerome Rankin M.D. and Mary Virginia Doyle, on 1 January 1907. Thomas Norwood Weems died on 5 September 1962 at Rosemont, Delaware Co., PA, at age 88. He was buried in September 1962 at Oak Grove Cemetery, Greeneville, Greene Co., TN.

Children of Thomas Norwood Weems and Magdaline Mae Rankin

David Weesner1

M, b. November 1848
     David Weesner was born in November 1848 at Indiana.1 He married Angeline (?) circa 1879.1

Child of David Weesner and Angeline (?)


  1. [S727] 1900 Federal Census, Grant County, Indiana. Microfilm Image, NARA Series T623, Roll 373; FHL #1240373.

Lucy Weesner

F, b. September 1888
     Lucy Weesner was born in September 1888 at Grant Co. (probably), IN.1 She was the daughter of David Weesner and Angeline (?)1 Lucy Weesner married Wilbur S. Landess, son of William M. Landess and Lucy E. Gaines, on 25 December 1901 at Grant Co., IN.


  1. [S727] 1900 Federal Census, Grant County, Indiana. Microfilm Image, NARA Series T623, Roll 373; FHL #1240373.

Arthur Leo Wegener

M, b. 19 August 1917, d. 6 April 1994
     Note: Arthur was a Mason. Arthur Leo Wegener was buried at Maple Grove Cem. Chesterville, OH. He was born on 19 August 1917 at Garden City, Finney Co., KS. He married Wilma Eileen Larimore, daughter of Leland Gaylord Larimore and Dorotha Iola Myers, on 14 January 1989. Arthur Leo Wegener died on 6 April 1994 at age 76.

Barbara Wegmüller

     Barbara Wegmüller married Daniel Neukommet, son of Ulrich Neukommet and Catherina Bauer, on 20 February 1730/31 at Canton Bern, Switzerland.

Raymond G. Wehner

M, b. 21 March 1913, d. 10 August 1991
     Raymond G. Wehner was born on 21 March 1913 at Ohio. He married Helen Louise Gebhart, daughter of Rolla Eugene Gebhart and Eva Grace Getter. Raymond G. Wehner died on 10 August 1991 at Florida at age 78 Obituary (via Findagrave.com):

The Orlando Sentinel, Monday, August 12, 1991

RAYMOND G. WEHNER, 78, 3615 McNeil Road, Apopka, died Saturday. Born in Ohio, he moved to Apopka from Dayton, Ohio, in 1960. He was a salesman. He was a member of Good Shepherd Catholic Church. Survivors: daughters, Mary McCollom, Casselberry, Linda Hall, Texas, Margaret Cogossi, Colorado Springs, Colo., Barbara Backman, Orlando; sons, David, California, James, Atlanta, Thomas, Jack, both of Hawaii. Baldwin-Fairchild Funeral Home, Altamonte Springs.

He was buried in August 1991 at Greenwood Cemetery, Orlando, Orange Co., FL, Findagrave #55639837.

Albert Delbert Wehr

M, b. 6 February 1885, d. 11 April 1946
     Albert Delbert Wehr was born on 6 February 1885 at Sigourney, Keokuk Co., IA. He married Olivia Robison, daughter of Dr. Michel T. Robison and Ann Eliza Merritt, on 12 May 1909 at Williams Co., ND. Albert Delbert Wehr lived on 15 April 1910 at 1221 Seventh Avenue, Williston, Williams Co., ND, Carpenter.1 He died on 11 April 1946 at Sterling, Logan Co., CO, at age 61.

Children of Albert Delbert Wehr and Olivia Robison


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