Henry R. Tunstall1

M, b. 25 August 1788, d. 24 January 1872
     Henry R. Tunstall was born on 25 August 1788 at Virginia.2,1 He was the son of Capt. Joseph F. Tunstall and Jane Pierce. Henry R. Tunstall married Lucy R. Bell on 24 December 1816 at Jefferson Co., KY. Henry R. Tunstall lived in 1860 at Henderson P.O., Henderson Co., KY, Living with daughter and son in-law Charles T. Starling.1 He died on 24 January 1872 at Henderson Co., KY, at age 83.

Child of Henry R. Tunstall and Lucy R. Bell


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Capt. Joseph F. Tunstall

M, b. 8 October 1758, d. 1818
     Capt. Joseph F. Tunstall was born on 8 October 1758 at King and Queen Co., VA. He married Jane Pierce on 10 October 1781 at Hanover Co., VA. Capt. Joseph F. Tunstall died in 1818 at Barren Co., KY.
Note: Tunstall information per The Tunstalls of Thurland (current version) genealogy prepared by heathford42, online at ancestry.com.

Child of Capt. Joseph F. Tunstall and Jane Pierce

Maria J. Tunstall1

F, b. 14 May 1831, d. 28 June 1911
     Maria J. Tunstall was born on 14 May 1831 1900 census shows 1832 as the year. Both parents born Virginia, per 1900 census info and consistent with 1850 census.2 She was the daughter of Henry R. Tunstall and Lucy R. Bell.3
Note: "Of Louisville", per "A Genealogy and Family Memorial". Her family was living at Louisville in the 1850 census, and at Hendersonville in 1860.4 Maria J. Tunstall married Charles Todd Starling, son of Edmund Lyne Starling and Ann Maria Todd, on 27 February 1851 at Louisville, Jefferson Co., KY.1 Maria J. Tunstall died on 28 June 1911 at Hendersonville, Henderson Co., KY, at age 80.


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Aleksandra Tupikova

F, b. 24 April 1885, d. 28 February 1982
     Aleksandra Tupikova was born on 24 April 1885 at Russia. She married Grigori Chesnoff, son of Dmitry Chesnoff and Anastasia Stergokoff. Aleksandra Tupikova died on 28 February 1982 at Russia (USSR) at age 96.

Child of Aleksandra Tupikova and Grigori Chesnoff

Olga M. Turba

F, b. 20 January 1898, d. 14 April 1992
     Olga M. Turba was born on 20 January 1898 at Cleveland, Cuyahoga Co., OH. She married Stephen William Schwind on 10 June 1924 at Cuyahoga Co., OH. Olga M. Turba died on 14 April 1992 at Westlake, Cuyahoga Co., OH, at age 94.

Child of Olga M. Turba and Stephen William Schwind

Charles Turley

M, b. circa 1869
     Charles Turley married Isabell (?). Charles Turley was born circa 1869 at Indiana.

Child of Charles Turley and Isabell (?)

Clifton Turley

M, b. circa 1924
     Clifton Turley was born circa 1924 at Crawford Co. (probably), IN. He was the son of Curtis Turley and Capitola Simcox.

Curtis Turley

M, b. circa 1899
     Curtis Turley was born circa 1899 at Indiana. He was the son of Charles Turley and Isabell (?) Curtis Turley married Capitola Simcox, daughter of William Jasper Simcox and Arminda Lou Smith, circa 1923.

Children of Curtis Turley and Capitola Simcox

Delores Turley

F, b. circa 1925
     Delores Turley was born circa 1925 at Crawford Co. (probably), IN. She was the daughter of Curtis Turley and Capitola Simcox.

Frances Turley1

F, b. March 1844, d. 1920
     Frances Turley was born in March 1844 at Posey Twp., Washington Co., IN.1 She married John F. Green on 14 April 1864 at Washington Co., IN. Frances Turley lived on 1 June 1900 at Delavan, Tazewell Co., IL.2 She died in 1920 at Fairfax, Osage Co., OK.

Child of Frances Turley and John F. Green


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Mary Turley

F, b. 26 December 1845, d. 4 December 1921
     Mary Turley was born on 26 December 1845. She married Solomon Windell, son of William Windell and Mary Ann Clark, on 1 April 1869 at Harrison Co., IN.1 Mary Turley died on 4 December 1921 at age 75.

Children of Mary Turley and Solomon Windell


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Ruby Turley

F, b. circa November 1927
     Ruby Turley was born circa November 1927 at Crawford Co. (probably), IN. She was the daughter of Curtis Turley and Capitola Simcox.

Mary Ency Turn

F, b. 17 August 1889, d. 7 December 1951
     Mary Ency Turn was born on 17 August 1889 at Stroudsburg, Monroe Co., PA. She married Thomas Henderson Caddoo Jr. Mary Ency Turn died on 7 December 1951 at Pennsylvania at age 62. She was buried in December 1951 at Stroudsburg Cemetery, Stroudsburg, Monroe Co., PA, Find A Grave Memorial #25954916.

Child of Mary Ency Turn and Thomas Henderson Caddoo Jr.

Garland Turnage

     Garland Turnage married Cora Bartlett.

Daisy Louisa Turnbow

F, b. 9 March 1904, d. 4 June 1997
     Daisy Louisa Turnbow was born on 9 March 1904 at Wallowa Co., OR. She married Christopher Meinrad Marti on 24 October 1920. Daisy Louisa Turnbow died on 4 June 1997 at Cambridge, Washington Co., ID, at age 93.

Child of Daisy Louisa Turnbow and Christopher Meinrad Marti

Anna Lydia Turnbull

F, b. January 1891, d. 27 April 1957
     Note: HISTORY - Margaret Katherine Deasy "Maggie" *mother of Anna L. Turnbull); Downen Family Tree; Owner: jadownen; (Ancestry.com)

Maggie - Second Generation
Margaret Katherine Deasy was the oldest child of Michael Deasy (Ireland 1845) and Henrietta Cole (Baltimore 1844). She was born in Gold Hill, Nevada on 19 Aug 1863. She married Peter Turnbull (Nova Scotia May 1857) in Virginia City, Nevada on 08 Aug 1880. It is presumed that they moved to Idaho about the time the rest of the family moved to the north after the death of her father.
Her husband, Peter Turnbull, is listed as paying taxes at John Day Creek in December 1890. During the short 30 years of her life she had 4 children, all girls. The first, Margaret Catherine, was born in Nevada. The other 3 were born in Idaho. We have two other names, Adelaide and Henrietta, who may be daughters, but we have no other information.

Margaret Catherine 16 Jan 1885 04 Jun 1940 Stites, Idaho
Daisy R Feb 1887
Carrie Jan 1888
Anna L Jan 1891

What little we know about the places where these girls settled and who they married will be covered in a 3rd generation page.
After the death of Margaret Katherine on 16 Sep 1893 in John Day, Idaho Peter married again. His 2nd wife’s name was Frankie L Kiper. She was born in Missouri to parents from Kentucky in Jan 1874. They were married in Grangeville, Idaho on 02 Jan 1895. Based on the 1900 U.S. Census they lived on a farmstead adjacent to the one where Margaret Katherine’s brother Michael and his wife Henrietta Delmage lived. At the time of this census a boy, William (Apr 1898), had been born to Peter and Frankie.
The girls Maggie, Daisy, Annie, and Carrie as they were listed on this census, also resided in the household. The whereabouts of Adelaide and Henrietta (if indeed they are daughters) is unknown. Additionally, John Turnbull (Nova Scotia Dec 1833), Peter’s father was a border in the household. Peter and his father worked as mine laborers.
Other Deasy families (spelled “Deasey” in the 1900 U.S. Census) living in the neighborhood included Margaret Katherine’s brother, John Peter, living on his own place. Michael the cousin of their father and Henrietta Cole, to whom he was now married, were living on another farmstead with their son Jefferson T., Margaret Katherine’s step brother, along with her brothers William Henry and Harry. With the exception of Margaret Katherine herself these other members of the family are given additional introductions in John Peter’s biography.
We know no other information about Frankie L. Kiper, but Peter Turnbull remarried again in Lewiston, Idaho to Clara Phelps on 22 Aug 1903.

Anna Lydia Turnbull was born in January 1891 at Idaho. She was the daughter of Peter Turnbull and Margaret Katherine Deasy. Anna Lydia Turnbull married Eben William Butcher, son of Joseph Milton Butcher and Lydia Ann Munson, on 30 April 1906 at Grangerville, Idaho Co., ID. Anna Lydia Turnbull and Eben William Butcher were separated before April 1930; In daughter Stella's obituary, it says that Stella and her siblings were raised by their father. The family was still together in 1920 when the eldest child would have been 13 years old and the youngest, would have been 4 years old. In 1930 Eben listed his marital status as divorced. In 1940, Anna was still listed as married and still using the "Butcher" surname. Since neither Eben nor Anna ever remarried, they are assumed to have been separated, not divorced. Anna Lydia Turnbull died on 27 April 1957 at Twin Falls, Twin Falls Co., ID, at age 66.

Children of Anna Lydia Turnbull and Eben William Butcher

Peter Turnbull

     Peter Turnbull married Margaret Katherine Deasy. Peter Turnbull was buried at John Day Cemetery, John Day, Idaho Co., ID.

Child of Peter Turnbull and Margaret Katherine Deasy

Aaron W. Turner

M, b. 1915, d. 1997
     Aaron W. Turner was born in 1915. He married Gladys Irene Zimmerman, daughter of Franklin Edward Zimmerman and Ollie May Mynatt, in 1936. Aaron W. Turner died in 1997.

Children of Aaron W. Turner and Gladys Irene Zimmerman

Alexander Murray Turner

M, b. 3 October 1859, d. 11 April 1938
     Alexander Murray Turner was born on 3 October 1859 at Crown Point, Lake Co., IN. He married Rose McClellan Latta. Alexander Murray Turner died on 11 April 1938 at Hammond, Lake Co., IN, at age 78

Obituary -- (Findagrave.com):

A. Murray Turner was born in nearby Crown Point on October 3, 1859. He arrived in Hammond just before the turn of the twentieth century, after completing two terms serving as Lake County sheriff. Upon arrival he soon purchased the then bankrupt Hammond Electric Railway Co. Turner sold the streetcar company in 1900 and then bought Hammond's electric light company, which he then merger with a gas utility -- later to become NIPSCO. He sold his interest in 1902.

Mr. Turner was an active civic leader in the early 1900's he served on many civic clubs and organizations. His next venture was banking, his duties included sitting on the boards of both the First National Bank and the First Trust and Savings Bank. He retired from banking in 1926.

A. Murray Turner became a member of the Hammond Park Board in 1922, he served as president for ten years. Turner was also instrumental in developing and expanding the city's parks. He donated the area known as "Turner Field" now known as Tuner Park. A. Murray Turner also helped spearhead the creation of Wicker Park, the county owned park just south of the city. He left the park board after a bitter dispute on the location of the new City Hall.

Mr Turner passed away on April 11, 1938 at the age of 78, from kidney disease. Immediate family members were at his bedside. He was laid to rest at Oak Hill Cemetery, right here in Hammond.

He was buried in April 1938 at Oak Hill Cemetery, Hammond, Lake Co., IN, Findagrave #9785341.

Child of Alexander Murray Turner and Rose McClellan Latta

Amy B. Turner

F, b. 1879
     Amy B. Turner was born in 1879. She was the daughter of Asa M. Turner and Phebe Jane Tallman.

Asa M. Turner

     Asa M. Turner married Phebe Jane Tallman, daughter of James Bell Tallman and Isabella McConnell.

Children of Asa M. Turner and Phebe Jane Tallman

Barbara Glenn Turner1

F, b. January 1899
     Barbara Glenn Turner was born in January 1899 at Belmont Co., OH.1 She was the daughter of Thomas Emerson Turner and Adda Alice Foreman.1


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Benjamin L. Turner

M, b. circa 1895
     Benjamin L. Turner was born circa 1895 at Nebraska. He married Ethel Golden Windle, daughter of Spaulding Windle and Addie Ida Luke, before 1935.

Bette Helene Turner

F, b. 6 June 1917, d. 16 March 2002
     Bette Helene Turner was born on 6 June 1917 at Ripon, San Joaquin Co., CA.1 She was the daughter of Ernest Bertram Turner and Zelma Estella Ordway. Bette Helene Turner married George Ronald Redman, son of David Francis Redman and Mary Elizabeth Beery, on 23 June 1941 at Carson City, NV. Bette Helene Turner died on 16 March 2002 at San Joaquin Co., CA, at age 84 per SSDI, last residence Stockton.


  1. [S4437] 1940 Federal Census, Kings County, California. Microfilm Image, NARA Series T627, Roll 0217.

Carrie Turner

F, b. 1859, d. 1920
     Carrie Turner was born in 1859. She was the daughter of Henry Newcomb Turner and Phebe Jane Fuller. Carrie Turner married Malcolm E. Van Orman on 13 December 1879 at Medina Co., OH. Carrie Turner died in 1920. She was buried in 1920 at Coddingville Cemetery, Coddingville, Medina Co., OH, Findagrave #44934007.

Children of Carrie Turner and Malcolm E. Van Orman

Charity Turner1

F, b. circa 1842
     Charity Turner was born circa 1842 at Illinois.1 She married George W. Windle, son of George Windle and Susannah Leffler, circa 1857 at Wayne Co. (probably), IL.1

Children of Charity Turner and George W. Windle


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Charles L. Turner1

M, b. October 1884
     Charles L. Turner was born in October 1884 at Belmont Co., OH.1 He was the son of Robert Turner and Mercy Emerson.1


  1. [S348] 1900 Federal Census, Belmont County, Ohio. Microfilm Image, NARA Series T623, Roll 1242; FHL #1241242.

Charles Leroy Turner Jr.

M, b. 29 November 1915, d. 1 June 2005
     Charles Leroy Turner Jr. was born on 29 November 1915 at Washington, District of Columbia; son of Charles Leroy and Sarah Elizabeth (Dodge) Turner. He married Joan Fremont Hull, daughter of Henry W. Hull and Juliet van Wyck Fremont, on 14 July 1942 at Rock Acres, Lyme, New London Co., CT, one additional daughter to this marriage. Charles Leroy Turner Jr. died on 1 June 2005 at Greenwich, Fairfield Co., CT, at age 89. He was buried in June 2005 at Rockland Cemetery, Sparkill, Rockland Co., NY, Findagrave #170660576.

Child of Charles Leroy Turner Jr. and Joan Fremont Hull

Charma Turner

F, b. 9 February 1918, d. 24 July 2010
     Charma Turner was born on 9 February 1918 at Middletown, Butler Co., OH. She was the daughter of George Turner and Gertrude (?) Charma Turner married Alfred Sherman Gardiner, son of William Gardiner and Dr. Mildred Burdette White M.D. Charma Turner died on 24 July 2010 at Venice, Sarasota Co., FL, at age 92 OBITUARY - Herald Tribune from July 28 to July 29, 2010

Feb. 9, 1918 - July 24, 2010
Charma Turner Gardiner, age 92, a resident of Venice, died Saturday, July 24. She was born in Middletown, Ohio, and graduated from Miami University, Oxford, Ohio.
She taught school in Middletown and Ann Arbor, Mich. She was a member of Delta Zeta Sorority, Junior Cooperative Society of Cincinnati, Hamilton County Medical Society, Cincinnati Woman's Club, Venice College Club, Venice Yacht Club and St. Mark's Episcopal Church.
She is survived by three sons, William (wife Barbara) of Longwood, Michael (wife Wilma) of Lawrenceburg, Ind., and Frederick (wife Christine) of Cincinnati; a sister-in-law, Mary Fontaine of Venice; four grandchildren, Jennifer, William, David and Stephanie, and two great-grandchildren, Edmund and Alexandra.
Her husband, Alfred S. Gardiner, M.D., and a daughter, Patricia Baloun, preceded her in death.
A memorial service will be at 2:30 p.m. Saturday, July 31, at St. Mark's Episcopal Church, Venice. Memorials may be made to St. Mark's Episcopal Church, 508 Riviera Street, Venice, FL 34285, or Calvary Episcopal Church, 3766 Clifton Ave., Cincinnati, OH 45220.

Child of Charma Turner and Alfred Sherman Gardiner

Clara Elizabeth Turner

F, b. 28 November 1893
     Clara Elizabeth Turner married Alva Lineus Miller, son of Linneus Elmer Miller and Alice Orilla Strickler. Clara Elizabeth Turner was born on 28 November 1893.

Child of Clara Elizabeth Turner and Alva Lineus Miller