J. R. Wilson

     J. R. Wilson married Nellie J. Starr, daughter of Martin Luther Starr and Amelia Desgranges, on 28 November 1905 at Spokane Co., WA.

James Wilson1

     James Wilson married Diana (?).1

Child of James Wilson and Diana (?)


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James E. Wilson

M, b. 3 April 1872, d. 11 April 1919
     James E. Wilson was born on 3 April 1872 at Madison Co. (probably), IN.1,2 He was the son of Anthony E. Wilson and Ann C. (?)1 James E. Wilson married Josephine Windell, daughter of Thomas Windle and Lavinia Florence Davis, on 12 August 1894 at Madison Co., IN. James E. Wilson died on 11 April 1919 at Madison Co., IN, at age 47. He was buried in April 1919 at Grove Lawn Cemetery, Pendleton, Madison Co., IN, Findagrave #84376837.

Child of James E. Wilson and Josephine Windell


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James Evan Wilson

M, b. 18 January 1923, d. 13 September 2018
     James Evan Wilson was born on 18 January 1923 at Pendleton, Madison Co., IN. He was the son of Evan W. Wilson and Oma Floy West. James Evan Wilson married Dorothy Helen Bendorf, daughter of John Ernest Bendorf and Leta Mae Gelbach, on 11 June 1952 at Cook Co., IL. James Evan Wilson married Viola M. (?) in 1962. James Evan Wilson died on 13 September 2018 at Rockville, Montgomery Co., MD, at age 95. He was buried in September 2018 at Grove Lawn Cemetery, Pendleton, Madison Co., IN, Findagrave #194653890.

James H. Wilson1

M, b. circa 1860
     James H. Wilson was born circa 1860 at Iowa.1 He married Elizabeth (?) circa 1882.1

Child of James H. Wilson and Elizabeth (?)


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James Vernon Wilson1

M, b. 12 February 1897, d. 3 July 1980
     James Vernon Wilson was born on 12 February 1897 at Florence, Williamson Co., TX.1 He was the son of William Anderson Wilson and Mary Cassandra Hood.1 James Vernon Wilson died on 3 July 1980 at Burnet Co., TX, at age 83.


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James W. Wilson

M, b. 2 February 1835, d. 25 March 1863
     James W. Wilson was born on 2 February 1835 at Alabama. He married Lucretia Newton circa 1853 at Arkansas. James W. Wilson died on 25 March 1863 at Chicago, Cook Co., IL, at age 28 Obituary (Findagrave.com):

Son of James William Wilson and Delilah Shippe.

Husband of Lacrecia Newton (2/2/1835 - 4/1860) and father of the following children:
John Thomas Wilson 9/9/1855 - 2/24/1934
William Anderson Wilson 3/13/1857 - 6/61934
James Jefferson "David" Wilson 3/9/1859 - 1/9/1949

Husband of Harriett B. Humphrys and father of the following child:
(m. Sarrah Clementine Stephens 1/5/1863 - 2/24/1943)
*NOTE* - in papers filed by Harriett's father, Edward M. Humphrys, Jim and Harriett's daughter's name was Ann Elisa Wilson)

He enlisted as a Private in the Confederacy in Sevier County, Arkansas for three years on 6/16/1862. He was enlisted by a C. L. Dawson with Company K, 19th Arkansas Infantry. James was captured at the Battle of Arkansas Post on 1/11/1863. He was sent to the Union controlled prisoner of war camp, Camp Douglas, in Chicago, Illinois. He died there of small pox on 3/25/1863 and is buried in one of the mass graves there. His name is inscribed on the Confederate memorial in what is now called Oak Woods (aka Oakwood) Cemetery.

He was buried in March 1863 at Oak Woods Cemetery, Chicago, Cook Co., IL, Findagrave #52749025.

Child of James W. Wilson and Lucretia Newton

Jesse Edward Wilson

     Jesse Edward Wilson died at Owen Co., IN. He was born at Yadkin River Valley, NC. He married Rachel Boone, daughter of Jonathan Boone and Susannah Nixon.

Children of Jesse Edward Wilson and Rachel Boone

John Wilson

     John Wilson married Pearl Madden, daughter of George W. Madden and Harriet Windle, on 20 July 1923.

John Wilson

     John Wilson married Catherine (?).

Child of John Wilson and Catherine (?)

John Wilson


Child of John Wilson

John A. Wilson

M, b. 23 November 1857, d. 15 February 1950
     John A. Wilson was born on 23 November 1857 at Adair Co., IA. He married Olive M. Silverthorn on 10 September 1885 at Madison Co., IA. John A. Wilson died on 15 February 1950 at Des Moines, Polk Co., IA, at age 92. He was buried in February 1950 at Hill of Zion Cemetery, Zion, Adair Co., IA, Findagrave #21414244.

Child of John A. Wilson and Olive M. Silverthorn

John Albert Wilson

M, b. 14 May 1875, d. 6 January 1943
     John Albert Wilson was born on 14 May 1875 at Cherokee Co., KS. He was the son of Isaac Wilson and Margaret Ann Dozier.1 John Albert Wilson married Stella Maud Haynes, daughter of Isaac N. Haynes and Frances Wright, circa 1899. John Albert Wilson died on 6 January 1943 at Sedgwick Co., KS, at age 67. He was buried in January 1943 at Hillside Cemetery, Sedgwick, Harvey Co., KS, Find A Grave Memorial# 6086733.

Child of John Albert Wilson and Stella Maud Haynes


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John D. Wilson1

M, b. 11 July 1830, d. 15 February 1901
     John D. Wilson was born on 11 July 1830 at Indiana.1 He married Mary Louisa Wilcox on 17 January 1861 at Washington Co., IN. John D. Wilson died on 15 February 1901 at age 70. He was buried in February 1901 at Franklin Cemetery, Salem, Washington Co., IN, Findagrave #84279558.

Child of John D. Wilson and Mary Louisa Wilcox


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John H. Wilson

     John H. Wilson married Olive Pearl Bruner.

Child of John H. Wilson and Olive Pearl Bruner

John J. Wilson

M, b. 15 August 1859, d. 26 August 1931
     John J. Wilson was born on 15 August 1859 at Kentucky. He married Mary Elizabeth Blevins in 1882. John J. Wilson died on 26 August 1931 at Johnson Co., IN, at age 72. He was buried in August 1931 at Cauble-Wingler Cemetery, Washington Co., IN, Findagrave #55246303.

Child of John J. Wilson and Mary Elizabeth Blevins

John Joseph Wilson1

M, b. 8 November 1925, d. 9 August 1986
     John Joseph Wilson was born on 8 November 1925 at Ida Grove, Ida Co., IA.1 He was the son of Clarence Frederick Wilson and Agnes Rebecca Higgins.1 John Joseph Wilson began military service WW II service, U.S. Navy, S1. He married Delores Delight Hoaglund, daughter of Clarence Asa Hoaglund and Florence Catherine Babcock, on 11 May 1947 at Ida Grove, Ida Co., IA. John Joseph Wilson died on 9 August 1986 at Ida Grove, Ida Co., IA, at age 60

Obituary -- Sioux City Journal, Sioux City, Iowa; Sunday, 10 AUG 1986, p.12 (Newspapers.com):

John J. Wilson

IDA GROVE, Iowa -- John J. Wilson, 60, died Saturday at his home after a lingering illness.

Services will be at 10 a.m. Monday at United Methodist Church in Ida Grove with the Rev. Paul Walters officiating. Burial will be in Ida Grove Cemetery. Visitation is after 1 p.m. today at Christensen Funeral Home in Ida Grove.

Mr. Wilson was born Nov. 8, 1925, in Ida Grove, and was a lifelong area resident. He was a truck driver.

He married Delores Delight Hoaglund on May 11, 1947, in Ida Grove.

Survivors include his wife; two daughters, Karen Maas, and Mrs. Kenneth (Connie) Boger; his father, Clarence Wilson; and six grandchildren, all of Ida Grove.

He was buried in August 1986 at Ida Grove Cemetery, Ida Grove, Ida Co., IA, Findagrave #47251047.


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John Kenton Wilson

M, b. 24 January 1854, d. 19 February 1925
     John Kenton Wilson was born on 24 January 1854 at London, Madison Co., OH. He married Clara Atha Wilson on 11 June 1876 at Madison Co., OH. John Kenton Wilson died on 19 February 1925 at London, Madison Co., OH, at age 71.

Child of John Kenton Wilson and Clara Atha Wilson

John Louis Wilson

M, b. 5 November 1824, d. 1881
     John Louis Wilson was born on 5 November 1824 at Jefferson Co., MO. He married Juliet Van Dusen on 11 October 1870 at Holt Co., MO. John Louis Wilson died in 1881 at Holt Co., MO.

Child of John Louis Wilson and Juliet Van Dusen

John O. Wilson

M, b. 15 January 1886, d. August 1963
     John O. Wilson was born on 15 January 1886 at Mt. Victory, Hardin Co., OH.1 He was the son of Josiah Wilson and Matilda F. Morris. John O. Wilson married Nola M. Shepherd, daughter of Lucian McCue Shepherd and Lydia Melissa Grubbs, on 2 January 1907 at Hamilton Co., OH. John O. Wilson lived on 3 May 1910 at Cambridge Twp. Glass Plant Addition, Guernsey Co., OH, presser in glass factory.1 He died in August 1963 at Cambridge, Guernsey Co., OH, at age 77.

Children of John O. Wilson and Nola M. Shepherd


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John Robert Wilson

M, b. 2 November 1914, d. 13 May 1939
     John Robert Wilson was born on 2 November 1914 at Utica, Licking Co., OH. He married Dorothy Marie Wagner, daughter of Samuel L. Wagner and Iona Susan Hatch, on 25 June 1937 at Licking Co., OH. John Robert Wilson died on 13 May 1939 at Newark, Licking Co., OH, at age 24. He was buried in May 1939 at Homer Cemetery, Homer, Licking Co., OH, Findagrave #108051130.

John William Wilson

M, b. 3 November 1879, d. 20 January 1947
     John William Wilson was born on 3 November 1879. He married Elizabeth Jane King. John William Wilson died on 20 January 1947 at age 67. He was buried in January 1947 at Highland Cemetery, Winfield, Cowley Co., KS.

Child of John William Wilson and Elizabeth Jane King

Joseph Murray Wilson

M, b. 20 November 1837, d. 19 October 1901
     Joseph Murray Wilson was born on 20 November 1837 at Frankfort, Clinton Co., IN. He was the son of George M. Wilson and Honor Dinah Tallman. Joseph Murray Wilson married Harriet E. Gipson, daughter of Isaac Gipson and Mary Nancy Scott, on 21 December 1865 at Thorntown, Boone Co., IN. Joseph Murray Wilson died on 19 October 1901 at Thorntown, Boone Co., IN, at age 63.

Children of Joseph Murray Wilson and Harriet E. Gipson

Joshua Wilson1

     Joshua Wilson married Virginia Crouise.1

Child of Joshua Wilson and Virginia Crouise


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Josiah Wilson

M, b. circa 1856
     Josiah Wilson was also known as "Cyrus".1 He was born circa 1856 at Ohio.1 He married Matilda F. Morris on 2 April 1874 at Pickaway Co., OH. Josiah Wilson lived on 29 June 1880 at Monroe Twp., Pickaway Co., OH, farming.1

Child of Josiah Wilson and Matilda F. Morris


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Joyce Ann Wilson1

F, b. 14 March 1938, d. 24 March 2004
     Joyce Ann Wilson was born on 14 March 1938 at Cedar Rapids, Linn Co., IA.1 She was the daughter of Merrill Ross Wilson and Dorothy DeElda Hanson.1 Joyce Ann Wilson died on 24 March 2004 at Iowa City, Johnson Co., IA, at age 66.


  1. [S2309] 1940 Federal Census, Linn County, Iowa. Microfilm Image, NARA Series T627, Roll 1177.

Kenneth Wilson1

M, b. 2 September 1939, d. 16 December 1987
     Kenneth Wilson was born on 2 September 1939 at St. Francois Co. (probably), MO.1 He was the son of Louis Dunkel and Violet Roberta Sollars.1 Kenneth Wilson began military service on 6 October 1961 U.S. Air Force service, Vietnam War. He died on 16 December 1987 at Missouri at age 48 Dates per SSDI. He was buried in December 1987 at Jefferson Barracks National Cemetery, St. Louis, MO.


  1. [S3551] 1940 Federal Census, St. Francois County, Missouri. Microfilm Image, NARA Series T627, Roll 2146.

Kevin Wayne Wilson

M, b. 20 February 1966, d. 14 December 2015
     Kevin Wayne Wilson was born on 20 February 1966 at Vinton, Benton Co., IA. He was the son of Wayne Burton Wilson and Florence Charlene Wilt. Kevin Wayne Wilson died on 14 December 2015 at Independence, Buchanan Co., IA, at age 49

Obituary -- (Findagrave.com):

He was born on Feb. 20, 1966, in Vinton, Iowa, the son of Wayne Burton and Florence Charlene (Wilt) Wilson. Mr. Wilson was a graduate of River Hills School in Cedar Falls. He was employed as a greeter at Wal-Mart and he also performed janitorial services at Long John Silvers in Waterloo. He liked to watch sports on TV (especially the Iowa Hawkeyes) and he was a country music fan. He especially enjoyed vacationing in Branson, Mo. He was a member of the First United Methodist Church in Independence where enjoyed attending worship and helping the ushers.

He was preceded in death by his mother, Charlene Wilson.

He was buried in December 2015 at Mount Hope Cemetery, Independence, Buchanan Co., IA.

La Juana Jean Wilson

F, b. 7 December 1937, d. 3 May 2013
     La Juana Jean Wilson was born on 7 December 1937 at Florence, Williamson Co., TX. She was the daughter of Heber Oswald Wilson and Geneva Irene Darby. La Juana Jean Wilson died on 3 May 2013 at Hamilton, Hamilton Co., TX, at age 75 Obituary (Findagrave.com):

La Juana Jean "Jeanne" Wilson Solis died with her husband and family around her as she peacefully slipped away to meet her Lord of Lord's. Memorials were held at First Baptist Church in Hamilton and in Burnet. Mrs. Solis was born December 7, 1937, at her paternal grandparents' ranch in Florence. She moved to Stephenville in January, 1938, and then to Venice, Calif. by train in the summer of 1941. She attended Washington Elementary School in Venice, Calif. and attended Mark Twain Jr. High in Mar Vista CA. She moved back to Texas and attended and graduated from Evant High School.

Mrs. Solis moved back to Culver City, CA, and got a job working for Pacific Telephone and Telegraph. A year later she moved to Santa Barbara City, CA, where she was married and started her family. She attended Santa Barbara College and spent the rest of her working career attending classes and seminars.

Mrs. Solis worked at several jobs before starting work at Santa Barbara Research Center for nearly 15 years.

Her husband, Ray, opened an insurance business in 1984 in Goleta, CA, where she spent over 10 years working with him and managing their Solvang/Buellton offices for about five years. In the fall of 2006, Mrs. Solis and her husband returned home to their beloved Texas where they retired.

She loved her family first and foremost and, secondly, learning, traveling reading, writing, collecting, crafts, flowers and spent more than 45 years volunteering. She first started as a Gray Lady with the American Red Cross when she was 23 years old, then, with her boys, Cub Scouts, Boy Scouts, and Weblos. When the girls were old enough, with the Masonic Job's Daughters, and Rainbow for Girls. She finished her volunteering days in California with the Santa Ynez Valley Senior Thrift Shop in Buellton, CA.

Mrs. Solis has been a member and president of the American Business Women's Association in Santa Barbara, a member of Eastern Star for more than 34 years, Bethel Guardian of the International Order of Job's Daughters, Mother Advisor of International Order of Rainbow for Girls, president of the Santa Barbara Research Center's Employees Association (2400 employees) in Goleta and held several positions on the Executive Board of the Santa Ynez Valley Senior Center in Buellton, CA.

She and her husband belonged to the Santa Barbara Sister City's with Puert Vallarta, Mexico, making many trips over the years.

Mrs. Solis is survived by her husband, Ray Solis and her greatest accomplishments on earth her children, Victor Joseph Ella and family, and Richard Dale Ella (Teresa) and family; Barbara Irene Ella Keltner (Bryan) and family; and Cynthia Jean Ella Larson (Dennis) and family; stepson, Ray Nelson Solis Jr (Colleen) and family; step-daughter, Cheryl Lynn Solis Mehm (Joe); beloved grandchildren from God's flower garden, Michal Ella; Travis and Adam Ella; Carly Keltner; Joe and McKenzie Taylor and Josh Larson. Step-grandchildren, Katelyn, Nicholas and Spencer Solis; John Mehm; Ryan Keltner, deceased and Kelly Keltner.

Mrs. Solis is also survived and preceded by brothers, Heber Oswald Wilson Jr.(Eileen; William Travis Wilson, deceased (Marga. Sisters, Barbara Wilson Yoder (Dale, deceased); Rita Wilson Lovelace (Lyle), sister-in-laws, Elida Solis Gonzales (Frank, deceased), Emma Solis Middlebrook, deceased, Homer and Mandy Solis (deceased), her nieces and nephews include: Guy Wilson, Kent Wilson (Dianne), Pamela Forshey (Leland), Deborah Gould (Tim); Stephen Yoder (Jaime), Stephanie Yoder Jody Kennedy, Marc Kennedy, Gregg Lovelace Marina Moll; Homer Soils (Rosie), Nancy (Art), Norma, Henry, Harlan and many more grandnieces and grandnephews.

Mrs. Solis' cherished parents who have gone before her were Heber Oswald Wilson, Sr. and Geneva Irene Darby Wilson, both buried in Stephenville, maternal grandparents also passed, William Thomas Darby and Jessie Shafer Darby both buried in Stephenville, paternal grandparents also passed, William Anderson "Andy" Wilson and Mary Cassandra Hood Wilson, both buried in Florence.

She was buried in May 2013 at West End Cemetery, Stephenville, Erath Co., TX, Findagrave #110538176.

Larkin Dillard Wilson

M, b. 10 September 1849, d. 7 April 1932
     Larkin Dillard Wilson was also known as "Dill". He was born on 10 September 1849 at Indiana. He married Manerva Foster in 1869. Larkin Dillard Wilson died on 7 April 1932 at Bristow, Creek Co., OK, at age 82. He was buried in April 1932 at Bristow Cemetery, Bristow, Creek Co., OK, Findagrave #26847538.

Child of Larkin Dillard Wilson and Manerva Foster