Magdalena Wood1

F, b. 1716
     Magdalena Wood was born in 1716 at Cherry Grove, Rockbridge Co., VA. She was the daughter of Michael Wood and Mary Campbell. Magdalena Wood married John McDowell, son of Ephraim McDowell and Margaret Irvine, circa 1734. Magdalena Wood died at Rockbridge Co., VA.

Child of Magdalena Wood

Children of Magdalena Wood and John McDowell


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Martha J. Wood1

F, b. July 1867
     Martha J. Wood was born in July 1867 at Indiana.1 She married Jacob Roush, son of Henry Roush and Rachel Wilkin, circa 1888 at Pratt Co. (probably), KS.

Children of Martha J. Wood and Jacob Roush


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Martin Vanburen Wood

M, b. circa 1839
     Martin Vanburen Wood was born circa 1839 at Tennessee. He married Mahulda Haney, daughter of Ezekiel Haney and Susannah Cochran, on 7 March 1863 at Jefferson Co., IL.

Mary E. Wood1

     Mary E. Wood was the daughter of Gen. Allen Wood.1 Mary E. Wood married William B. Long.1

Child of Mary E. Wood and William B. Long


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Mary Elizabeth Wood

F, b. after 1822
     Mary Elizabeth Wood was born after 1822 at Virginia. She was the daughter of William Fallis Wood and Barbara Brumbach.

Mask A. Wood1

F, b. circa 1906
     Mask A. Wood was born circa 1906 at West Virginia.1 She married Garnett Nutter Wendell, son of Robert H. Wendell and Frances B. Stinnett, circa 1923.1


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Michael Wood

     Michael Wood married Mary Campbell.

Child of Michael Wood and Mary Campbell

Nancy Wood1

F, b. circa 1823, d. before June 1900
     Nancy Wood was born circa 1823 at Pennsylvania.1 She married Elliott Roush, son of George Roush and Mary Colvin, on 25 February 1840 at Highland Co., OH, Ceremony by Israel Rice, J.P. Nancy Wood died before June 1900 at Paulding Co., OH.

Children of Nancy Wood and Elliott Roush


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Nora Kathryn Wood

F, b. circa 1907
     Nora Kathryn Wood was born circa 1907 at Dallas Co. (probably), TX. She was the daughter of Mack Claud Wood and Nora H. Payne. Nora Kathryn Wood married Roy Cecil Henson.

Otis James Wood

M, b. January 1898
     Otis James Wood was born in January 1898 at Johnson Co., TX.1 He was the son of W. A. Wood and Sophia Susan Windell.


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Philaura Wood

F, b. 6 December 1885, d. 26 September 1975
     Note: Birth cert for baby born 27 OCT 1909, Mt. Carroll. Philaura Wood was born on 6 December 1885 at Mt. Carroll, Carroll Co., IL. She married Clarence M. Fulrath, son of Adam Fulrath and Hannah Smith, circa 1909. Philaura Wood died on 26 September 1975 at Morrison, Whiteside Co., IL, at age 89. She was buried in September 1975 at Oak Hill Cemetery, Mt. Carroll, Carroll Co., IL.

Child of Philaura Wood and Clarence M. Fulrath

Rachel Wood

F, b. circa 1821
     Rachel Wood was born circa 1821 at Virginia.1 She married Absolom House, son of Abraham House and Judith Fitzwater, circa 1839.

Children of Rachel Wood and Absolom House


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Rachel C. Wood1

F, b. January 1870
     Rachel C. Wood was born in January 1870 at Swan Twp., Taney Co., MO.1 She was the daughter of Thomas M. Wood and Joan Leathers.1


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Rebecca Wood

     Rebecca Wood married James Pigg.

Child of Rebecca Wood and James Pigg

Richard Wood

     Richard Wood married Louella Neuman on 13 September 1870 at Van Buren Co., TN.

Child of Richard Wood and Louella Neuman

Robert Wood

M, d. 3 May 1987
     Robert Wood died on 3 May 1987.

Robert Wood

M, b. 23 August 1802, d. 5 April 1871
     Robert Wood was born on 23 August 1802. He married Jane Finley Peebles, daughter of John Peebles and Margaret Rodgers, on 16 May 1827. Robert Wood died on 5 April 1871 at age 68.

Child of Robert Wood and Jane Finley Peebles

Dr. Robert Crooke Wood

M, b. 23 September 1799, d. 28 March 1869
     Dr. Robert Crooke Wood was born on 23 September 1799 at Newport Co., RI. He married Ann Mackall Taylor, daughter of Gen. Zachary Taylor and Margaret Mackall Smith, on 20 September 1829 at Ft. Crawford, Prairie du Chien, WI. Dr. Robert Crooke Wood died on 28 March 1869 at New York City (Manhattan), New York Co., NY, at age 69

Biographical sketch -- (

Strong connections to the Civil War; Trained as a surgeon in the Minnesota frontier; Eventually advanced to Brigidier General in the Union Army (Assistant Surgeon General) by the end of the Civil War; Married Anne Mackall TAYLOR in 1829 who was the daughter of Zachary TAYLOR who eventually became the President of the United States; Also via this marriage, it made him the Brother-in-Law of Jefferson Davis who was eventually the President of the Confederacy; He also fathered two sons (John Taylor WOOD and Robert Crooke WOOD Jr.)who were both officers in the Confederate Army and Navy. Grave may be unmarked; Source: Lockport Union Sun & Journal (Lockport, Niagara County, NY) dated June 7, 201192
Dan Bagelman



Robert Crooke Wood (September 1800-March 28, 1869) Brevet Brigadier General, U. S. Army, was born in Newport, Rhode Island, one of six children of John and Rebecca Wood both of English ancestry. He passed his childhood and youth in Newport where his early education was obtained in private schools and by private tutors. Deciding early upon a career in medicine, he began the study under a Dr. Waring in South Car­ olina. With this start he went to New York City and entered the College of Physicians and Surgeons, from which he obtained the degree of M.D., with the class of 1821. Following graduation he practiced medicine at Utica, N. Y., until on May 28, 1825, he obtained the appointment as assistant surgeon in the United States Army, from the State of Rhode Island. He joined the service at Detroit Barracks, Michigan, but after four months was transferred to Fort Snelling, Minnesota, where he served until May 1833. While at this station, in 1829, he married Ann Mack­ all Taylor, eldest daughter of Lieutenant Colonel Zachary Taylor of the First Infantry, at that time commandant of the post. Shortly afterward Lieutenant Jefferson Davis married Knox Taylor, another daughter of their commanding officer. By these marriages Wood became later not only the son-in-law of a Presi­ dent of the United States but a brother-in-law of the President of the Confederacy. With troops from Fort Snelling, Wood served during the latter part of the campaign against the Sac and Fox Indians in 1832 and was present at the fight at Bad Axe River where the Indians were defeated and which resulted in the surrender of Black Hawk, the Sac chieftain.
In May 1833 he was transferred to duty at Fort Crawford at Prairie du Chien, Wisconsin, also garrisoned by the - First Inf­antry. While at this post he was promoted,' on July 4, 1836, to the grade of major and surgeon. When the First Infantry was ordered to duty in Florida in July 1837 Wood accompanied the regiment. After, a stop at Jefferson Barracks, 'Missouri, until October, the regiment took station at Fort Brooks on the Ockla­waha river in Florida. Wood was with the regiment at the bat­tle of Okeechobee on December 25, 1837, and with it saw practic­ally continuous field service against the elusive Seminoles until May 1839, when a truce was affected, only to be broken after a few months. A warfare without results was still in progress when, in May 1840, Wood was relieved from Florida duty and transferred to Buffalo Barracks, N. Y. He served here with units of the Fifth Infantry until August 1845, when he was ordered to accompany that regiment to the Mexican border. With the regiment he arrived at Corpus Christi, Texas, in October. After a winter spent here, the regiment as a part of the army of General Zachary Taylor began an advance to the Rio Grande in March 1846 and went into camp on that river opposite Matamoras in Mexico. The bombardment of that camp from across the river on May 6 was followed by the battle of Palo Alto on May 8 and the battle of Resaca de la Palma on the following day. On May 13 President Polk issued a proclamation that a state of war with Mexico existed.
The casualties in these engagements made necessary the es­ tablishment of a general hospital and to Wood was given the task of organizing such a hospital at Point Isabel, the army base on the coast near the mouth of the river. By clearing out some space in a quartermaster storehouse and erecting hospital tents, accommodations were provided for something more than one hundred wounded in the fighting up the river and of the seriously ill of the command. He remained in charge of this hospital during the campaign which ended with the capture of Monterey, and in March 1847 when the bulk of General Taylor's army was trans­ ferred to the army of General Scott at Lobos Island preparatory to the investment of Vera Cruz, he was sent to duty at New Orleans Barracks, Louisiana. Here were being transferred the disabled from Vera Cruz, until, with the close of the war and the evacuation of the Mexican hospitals, the hospital facilities were rapidly becoming inadequate. Wood was directed to conduct a survey of the civilian hospital accommodations in New Orleans and Baton Rouge and to make recommendations for new hospital facilities. As a result a temporary hospital was opened on Green
wood Island at East Pascagoula, Mississippi, while a new hos­pital was being constructed at New Orleans Barracks.
In May 1848 Wood was transferred to Fort McHenry in Baltimore, Maryland, where he served for the following six years. When in 1853 President Pierce began his administration, Jeffer­son Davis was appointed Secretary of War, serving thus until 1857. It is not unlikely due to this circumstance that in Nov­ ember 1854 Wood was detailed to duty the office of Surgeon General Lawson in Washington. Possessed of high intelligence and industry he became an important factor in the office during the remainder of General Lawson's administration and during the last months of the latter's life he was in charge of the office. In addition he was active in the social and civic life of Washing­ ton and made many close friends among those of influence in the political world. With the death of General Lawson in May 1861, Wood was an active candidate for the succession. With his ex­perience as assistant to the last incumbent and his position as fourth ranking officer in the corps he was regarded as the logical choice for the vacant post and his candidacy had much influential backing. If General Lawson's death had taken place a few months earlier there can be little doubt that Wood would have been the next surgeon general. But a new political party had just come into power in Washington and new influences were at work, and the recently inaugurated President Lincoln appointed to the place Surgeon Clement A. Finley, the senior officer of the corps. The new surgeon general retained Wood as his assistant and all evidence agrees that he gave loyal and generous support to the policies of his new chief. When General Finley's difficul­ties with Secretary Stanton and the Sanitary Commission cul­minated in his relief from the office in March 1862, Wood was appointed acting surgeon general.

With the retirement of General Finley on April 14, 1862, Wood was again a candidate for the vacancy, one among many. Surgeon Richard S. Satterlee, senior in the corps, was strongly supported and Secretary Stanton was said to have a candidate of his choice from the civilian profession. In the end the influence of the Sanitary Commission prevailed and Surgeon William A. Hammond was appointed.

By an act of Congress of April 16, 1862 (12 Stat. 378) , the medical department was reorganized, with a provision giving the surgeon general the rank of a brigadier general and another for an assistant surgeon general and a medical inspector, each with the grade of colonel. Wood, having failed of appointment to the higher office, sought of Secretary Stanton the place of assistant. The choice was left to General Hammond, who ac­ quiesced in the appointment of Wood. Secretary Stanton, in giving his approval to the choice, questioned whether Wood could give wholehearted loyalty to his chief under the circumstances, but General Hammond thought that he could and would. Ap­ parently he shortly changed his mind, for within three months after he took over the office on April 25, 1862, Wood was trans­ ferred to St. Louis, Missouri, in charge of medical affairs in the Department of the West. In October 1863, the office was moved to Louisville, Kentucky, where he served out the war. Though separated from the Washington office, Wood retained his place as assistant surgeon general until October 1865. He was given the brevets of lieutenant colonel, colonel and brigadier general on March 13, 1865 for gallant and meritorious service during the war.

Following the end of hostilities he was transferred to duty at Fort Adams at Newport, R. I., his birthplace. He served here for two years, until September 1867, when we was ordered to New York City for board duty in connection with the retirement of disabled officers. He himself appeared before this board and was retired in February 1869, a month before his death in New York city on March 28 from pneumonia in his sixty-ninth year. His funeral was from the Church of the Transfiguration on Fifth Avenue. His wife, with two sons and two daughters, survived him.

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James M. Phalen, Colonel, U. S. Army, Retired.

He was buried in 1869 at Cold Spring Cemetery, Lockport, Niagara Co., NY, Findagrave #71161491.

Rose Etta Wood1

F, b. March 1874
     Rose Etta Wood was born in March 1874 at Iowa.1 She married Richard William Huggins on 15 August 1889 at Black Hawk Co., IA.

Child of Rose Etta Wood and Richard William Huggins


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Sarah Wood

F, b. November 1895
     Sarah Wood was born in November 1895 at Johnson Co., TX.1 She was the daughter of W. A. Wood and Sophia Susan Windell. Sarah Wood married Lester Davis on 8 December 1912 at Johnson Co., TX.


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Sarah Adaline Wood

F, b. 5 November 1907
     Sarah Adaline Wood was born on 5 November 1907. She was the daughter of William T. Wood and Mary Edna Chase.

Sarah Ann Wood

F, b. after 1822
     Sarah Ann Wood was born after 1822 at Virginia. She was the daughter of William Fallis Wood and Barbara Brumbach.

Sarah Frances Wood

F, b. 7 May 1832, d. 23 July 1897
     Sarah Frances Wood was born on 7 May 1832 at Portsmouth, Scioto Co., OH. She was the daughter of Robert Wood and Jane Finley Peebles. Sarah Frances Wood married Simeon F. Crossley, son of Samuel C. Crosley and Phebe Sinclair, on 26 March 1850 at Hanging Rock, Lawrence Co., OH. Sarah Frances Wood died on 23 July 1897 at Ironton Twp., Lawrence Co., OH, at age 65.

Children of Sarah Frances Wood and Simeon F. Crossley


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Susannah Nancy Wood

F, b. 1829, d. 1887
     Susannah Nancy Wood was born in 1829 at Virginia. She was the daughter of William Fallis Wood and Barbara Brumbach. Susannah Nancy Wood married Samuel Kennerly Bear circa 1852. Susannah Nancy Wood died in 1887.

Children of Susannah Nancy Wood and Samuel Kennerly Bear

Thomas M. Wood1

M, b. circa 1843
     Thomas M. Wood was born circa 1843 at Missouri.1 He married Joan Leathers, daughter of Alfred Ogilvie Leathers and Tennessee Sarah Jane Callen, circa 1869.1

Child of Thomas M. Wood and Joan Leathers


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Timothy Ward Wood

M, b. 5 January 1840, d. 12 November 1905
     Timothy Ward Wood was born on 5 January 1840 at Newark, Nottinghamshire, England. He married Elizabeth Price on 9 October 1860 at England. Timothy Ward Wood died on 12 November 1905 at Richmond, Henrico Co., VA, at age 65.

Child of Timothy Ward Wood and Elizabeth Price

Veir Walter Wood

M, b. 13 May 1917, d. 5 June 1999
     Veir Walter Wood was born on 13 May 1917 at Rushford, Fillmore Co., MN. He married Pearl Ada Cooley. Veir Walter Wood died on 5 June 1999 at Robbinsdale, Hennepin Co., MN, at age 82. He was buried in June 1999 at Morningside Memorial Gardens Cemetery, Coon Rapids, Anoka Co., MN, Findagrave #63878815.

W. A. Wood

M, b. 8 December 1876, d. 17 July 1899
     W. A. Wood was born on 8 December 1876 at Johnson Co., TX. He married Sophia Susan Windell, daughter of James W. Windell and Sarah J. Haney, on 23 October 1895 at Johnson Co., TX. W. A. Wood died on 17 July 1899 at Johnson Co., TX, at age 22.

Children of W. A. Wood and Sophia Susan Windell

William A. Wood

M, b. 20 February 1900
     William A. Wood was also known as Bill. He was born on 20 February 1900 at Johnson Co., TX.1 He was the son of W. A. Wood and Sophia Susan Windell.


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William Fallis Wood

M, b. 1802, d. 1865
     William Fallis Wood was born in 1802 at Virginia. He married Barbara Brumbach, daughter of Henry Brumback and Mary Grove, on 27 December 1822 at Page Co., VA. William Fallis Wood died in 1865 at Missouri.

Children of William Fallis Wood and Barbara Brumbach