Richard Joseph Wortman

M, b. 13 March 1919, d. 13 August 1969
     Richard Joseph Wortman was born on 13 March 1919 at Leipsic, Putnam Co., OH. He was the son of Vincent August Wortman and Kathryn Ensman. Richard Joseph Wortman married Mary Edith Bloom, daughter of Karl Arthur Bloom and Margaret Elizabeth Carrothers, on 2 September 1940. Richard Joseph Wortman died on 13 August 1969 at Kenton, Hardin Co., OH, at age 50.

Child of Richard Joseph Wortman and Mary Edith Bloom

Samuel M. Wortman1

M, b. circa 1848, d. before 1860
     Samuel M. Wortman was born circa 1848 at Coshocton or Muskingum Co., OH.1 He was the son of James Wortman and Hannah Cornelius.1 Samuel M. Wortman died before 1860 Not in the family in the 1860 census.


  1. [S980] 1850 Federal Census, Coshocton County, Ohio. Microfilm Image, NARA Series M432, Roll 670.

Vincent August Wortman

     Vincent August Wortman married Kathryn Ensman.

Child of Vincent August Wortman and Kathryn Ensman

Alice Rebecca Wortz

F, b. 22 July 1857
     Alice Rebecca Wortz was born on 22 July 1857 at Adams Co. (probably), PA. She was the daughter of David Wortz and Rebecca Catherina Gitt.

Anna Elizabeth Wortz

F, b. 10 November 1854, d. 25 April 1886
     Anna Elizabeth Wortz was born on 10 November 1854 at Adams Co. (probably), PA. She was the daughter of David Wortz and Rebecca Catherina Gitt. Anna Elizabeth Wortz died on 25 April 1886 at age 31. She was buried in April 1886 at Mount Olivet Cemetery, Hanover, York Co., PA, Headstone inscription:

"God knew the way grew weary
and took her to her rest."

Charles Augusta Wortz

M, b. 5 October 1848, d. 1861
     Charles Augusta Wortz was born on 5 October 1848 at Adams Co. (probably), PA. He was the son of David Wortz and Rebecca Catherina Gitt. Charles Augusta Wortz was christened on 23 October 1848 at St. Matthew Lutheran Church, Hanover, York Co., PA. He died in 1861 at Adams Co. (probably), PA.

Clara R. Wortz

F, b. 5 January 1852, d. 20 February 1873
     Clara R. Wortz was born on 5 January 1852 at Adams Co. (probably), PA. She was the daughter of David Wortz and Rebecca Catherina Gitt. Clara R. Wortz died on 20 February 1873 at age 21. She was buried in February 1873 at Mount Olivet Cemetery, Hanover, York Co., PA.

David Wortz

M, b. 28 November 1809, d. 27 May 1870
     David Wortz was born on 28 November 1809 at McSherrystown, Adams Co., PA. He was the son of Jacob Wortz and Juliana DeWald. David Wortz married Rebecca Catherina Gitt, daughter of Henry Gitt and Anna Frances Baugher, on 24 December 1841, MARRIAGE ANNOUNCEMENT - The Gettysburg Times, Gettysburg, PA, December 29, 1941

Out OF The Past
(From the files of the Star and Sentinel and The Gettysburg Times)
Married: On Thursday morning, by Professor Baugher, Mr. Daniel D. Gitt, of Berwick Township, to Miss Hannah Wierman, daughter of Isasc Wierman, Esq., of Menallen Township.
On Thursday evening, by the same, Mr. David Wortz, of Conowago Township, to Miss Rebecca Catharine Gitt, daughter of Mr. Henry Gitt, of Berwick Twp.

David Wortz began military service Civil War, Union Army. He died on 27 May 1870 at age 60. He was buried in 1870 at Mount Olivet Cemetery, Hanover, York Co., PA.

Children of David Wortz and Rebecca Catherina Gitt

Etta C. Wortz

F, b. circa 1864
     Etta C. Wortz was born circa 1864 at York Co. (probably), PA. She was the daughter of David Wortz and Rebecca Catherina Gitt.

Henrietta Wortz

F, b. 1 February 1820, d. 29 December 1903
     Note: BOOK: An Authentic History of Lancaster County, 1860. "6 PAPER MILLS"

Of the early history of Paper-making in Lancaster county, we have very little definite information. Fifty years ago, the late Mr. John Triewitz, of this city, had a paper mill at Ephrata. At that time he was manufacturing "pasteboard"' by the old and tedious hand-process. He also manufactured print paper, and in later years supplied Mr. Baer with paper for the Volktfreund. Of course, the paper was all made by the old fashioned hand-process. The mill was subsequently converted into a saw-mill. About thirty years ago B. B. Eshleman was engaged in the manufacture of handmade paper, at what was for many years known as Eshleman's Mill, on the West Branch of the Octoraro, in Bart township. We are unable to fix the exact date of the enterprise. The manufacture, however, was earned on only in a small way, and was not a financial success.
In December 1854, Juo. R. Bitner, C. A. Bitner, Baltzer Lipp, Wm. C. Beecher, and Samuel Beecher purchased the old "Fulling Mill," on the Conestoga, at Eden, from D. Q. Swartz, and commenced remodeling it for a paper mill. They procured a new cylinder paper machine from Nelson Gavitt. of Philadelphia, and had their rag engines constructed at the mill. In the fall of 1855, they commenced operations, Mr. Lipp being Superintendent. The mill was calculated for a production of 1500 Ibs per day, but it was soon found that the power was inadequate for such a result. On the 31st of March 1856, one half of the interest of the Messrs. Bitners was sold to Dr. J. II. Kurtz, and shortly after the concern passed into the hands of Kurtz & Lipp, the Bitners and Beechers withdrawing. In 1859 the enterprise failed, and in 1860, the mill was purchased by Emanuel Shober, who ran it very successfully for six or seven years, his being the first pecuniary success in paper-making in this county. He supplied the deficiency in water-power with a steam engine and thus doubled the production. During most of this time George Ehrhart was foreman of the mill, and John A. Shober business manager.

BOOK: A History of 1894 Eden Road and Local Area, 1985. 8

The earliest known owner of the surrounding area on the East Lampeter side of the Conestoga was David Binkley. His properties were centered upon his grist and saw mill at the present day site of the Eden Paper Mill. In 1789 he built a beautiful stone arch bridge on this site. Subsequently the local Post Office was called Binkley's Bridge. The bridge collapsed in 1857. Its old approaches can still be traced.
In 1808 David Binkley sold a 130 acre "plantation" to Abram Zook. This land included the site where two mills were later constructed and much of the surrounding land north toward the New Holland Pike. The deed recognized the existence of water power on the property, and it included water rights ("the right to go through and over the lands of Christian Rohr to repair the dam"). But the deed contained a special clause prohibiting the construction of a grist or saw mill. Binkley undoubtedly inserted this clause to prevent competition with his own grist and saw mill.
By 1815 Abram Zook had built two mills. In 1818 Joseph Zook inherited the property from his father. Sometime before 1834, the Zooks sold the two mills to Andrew Swartz, retaining most of their farm, however. Their dwelling is shown on maps in a location which is very likely the present day Ahl's house. This Zook family is part of the clan after which Zook's Corner is named.
For a time, Andrew Swartz ran the two mills as a "woolen and fulling mill and a card manufactory." The card manufactory was the downstream building and it got its power by means of a mechanical linkage from the upstream building. In 1834 Swartz sold the downstream building to Israel Groff along with rights to continue using the mechanical linkage. Israel Groff turned the card manufactory into a foundry and machine shop. In 1848 Israel Groff built the Eden Covered Bridge and then sold it to the County. He died in 1853.
In 1853 William C. Beecher, Samuel W. Beecher Jr. and Benjamin Harnish bought the foundry from Israel Groff's estate. The property is described as a "factory, machine shop and foundry, dwelling, stable and other improvements," having 1.5 acres. They undoubtedly modernized the foundry's power supply, because they sold their rights to the adjacent mill's mechanical power in 1855. In 1859 Sam Beecher sold his interest to the other two partners. In 1870 William C. Beecher bought Harnish's interest making him the sole proprietor of the Eden Iron Works which had previously been known as Beecher and Harnish Iron Works. The present building (apartments) probably dates around 1865.
Andrew Swartz continued to operate his woolen mill until around 1854 when he sold it to Emanuel Shober who turned it into a paper mill. The Beecher brothers were part of a venture in 1854 which purchased Binkley's Mill and converted it to a paper mill. That paper mill failed in 1860 and was reorganized in 1865. Emanuel Shober was still operating his paper mill at Eden in 1864. By 1868 Benjamin Harnish, Beecher's partner in the foundry, purchased Shober's mill and converted it to a grist mill. In 1881 he sold the grist mill to Jacob K. Umble. A Samuel Harnish, probably Benjamin Harnish's son, was the foreman at Eden Iron Works. He lived on Eden Road.
The two lots or purparts which make up 1894 Eden Road originally came from a 99 acre tract which was claimed or "warranted" by James Marshal in 1733. Marshal never paid the Penn government for it and so he sold his claim to Robert Patten in 1761. Patten quickly resold it to Sebastian Graffe in 1762. The farm remained intact, but the identities of its owners are unknown until Michael Shallenberger sold the "99 acre tenement or plantation" to Christian and Elizabeth Rohr in 1801. It was passed to son John Rohr in 1835, and to his son Abram in 1848. Both John Rohr and his son Abram sold off parts of the farm around its edges for individual dwellings. These included all of the properties on the south side of Eden Road between Conestoga Creek and New Holland Pike.
The two tracts which make up present day 1894 Eden Road were sold from the Rohr's farm at different times. John Rohr sold the first purpart to Jacob Groff in 1847. Abram Rohr sold the second purpart to the Beechers in 1867.
Abram Rohr continued to live on this farm at least until 1899 when he still owned 70 of the original 99 acres. The "old farm road" which still can be traced from the base of the front steps toward Jones' house undoubtedly accessed Rohr's farm before John Rohr sold this land in 1847. It was then replaced with the "bicycle trail" which was used as principal access to the farm after Abram Rohr moved his dwelling to a site very near the corner of the 1894 Eden Road property. (See Maps.)
Jacob Groff was Henrietta Beecher's first husband, also a "machinist." In addition to the tract bought from John Rohr in 1847, Jacob and Henrietta Groff owned and probably lived in the house which was on the site of the present day pumping station. (It was torn down in 1959.) When Jacob Groff died in 1855, Henrietta assumed ownership. Around 1847 Henrietta Groff married William C. Beecher.
William C. Beecher appears for the first time in Manheim Township tax records in 1849 as a "machinist" and "singleman." His father, Samuel W. Beecher, Sr., owned a nine acre farm near the present day intersection of Eden Road and Euclid Drive. William C. Beecher resided there in 1850. He is repeatedly listed as a machinist throughout the 1850's. He probably worked at Israel Groff's foundry before buying it in 1853.
His brother, Samuel W. Beecher, Jr., was listed in the tax records as a machinist until 1851 when he is listed as "innkeeper." In the 1850 tax records for Manheim Township, in the taverns section, is a note the S. W. Beecher "intended an application in January 1850." This confirms that Samuel W. Beecher, Jr. built the Eden Hotel. Tax records indicate that he sold the hotel in 1854. He had a wife, Mary.
In 1857 W. C. Beecher is listed for the first time as a property owner in Manheim Township. Almost surely the same dwelling in which Jacob and Henrietta Groff lived, Beecher acquired the property (on the pumping station site) through his marriage. William and Henrietta Beecher either lived here or across the road on "purpart one." They sold the property on the pumping station site to George Leaman in 1864.
In 1867 William and Henrietta Beecher purchased the 2nd purpart of "1 acre, 30 perches" from Abram Rohr, which, together with the 1st purpart of "1 acre, 20 perches" already owned by Henrietta Beecher, made the present day configuration of 1894 Eden Road. 1867 tax records confirm this, indicating that W. C. Beecher "bought 2 ½ acres" and listing his occupation as "gentleman." (Although Beecher would already have owned purpart 1 by common law through his marriage, he probably never recorded this information until her purchased purpart 2 and combined the two purparts into one property.)
Purpart 2 was probably the land to the rear of the present day house, used mostly for open space. Purpart 1 contained buildings in 1853 which seem dissimilar to the present layout. (See map.) Whether the Beechers built anew on this property or altered existing buildings is unknown. If the 1853 map is correct, they built a new "mansion house" there sometime between 1853 and 1867, probably some years after their marriage in 1857. There is no doubt, however, that Beecher supplied the ornamental iron work for the house and erected the barn in 1873.
In 1868 Beecher repurchased the little house (on the pumping station site) and the white double house (where Jesse lives.) He bought both of these Emanuel Shober, owner of Shober's Paper Mill. Shober had purchased the white double house from Jacob Groff prior to his death in 1855. He had purchased the other house (on the pumping station site) from George Leaman.
In 1870 Beecher purchased a 6 acre property for $1170. It was located upstream on the Conestoga around its junction with Landis Run. So, by 1870, Beecher owned 4 contiguous properties in Manheim Township.
Several facts suggest that Jacob Groff was related to Israel Groff: 1) their names are the same; 2) Jacob Groff was a machinist, probably working at Israel Groff's foundry; 3) Jacob and Henrietta Groff lived across the road from Israel Groff (see map 1853); 4) deed research indicates that Jacob Groff owned the property listed as "Israel Groff Estate" on 1853 map'97. This was the tract (purpart 1) John Rohr sold to Jacob Groff in 1847.
If they are related, Israel Groff was father-in-law or brother-in-law to Henrietta Beecher, and she was related through both her husbands to the "ironmaster." She was certainly the most enduring individual to live at 1894 Eden Road. She lived in the house on the pumping station site by 1853, or before. She lived in the "mansion house" until her death in 1903. She outlived William C. Beecher who died in 1897, and she passed the property on to her daughter Laura Ranck, who lived there until 1914. In 1899 she sold the house on the pumping station site to Abram Kreider.
Abram Kreider bought 1894 Eden Road from Laura Ranck in 1914. He owned it until 1938 when he lost it along with 8 other properties to the Conestoga National Bank in a mortgage foreclosure. While he owned the property, Kreider made several additions to the buildings. He added the service stairs on the north of the house, he enlarged the dining room on the west, and he installed the old central furnace. On the barn, he added a garage to its south side.
John and Edna McNinch bought the property in order to improve it and resell it. Their improvements were mainly in the nature of painting and cleaning up. According to Harris Arnold, Sr., improvement was much needed because Abram Kreider, in his later years, had taken very poor care of the property, even letting farm animals wander through the house. When the bank came to foreclose, Kreider removed everything of value from the house, including the iron fence that was on top of the front wall. Harris Arnold might well have known. He was the attorney for Conestoga National Bank who handled the foreclosure.
When Arnold bought the property, he installed all new electrical wiring, plumbing, bathrooms and hot water heat. He added a new chimney to the south end of the house for a new colad furnace, as well as the laundry room (now kitchen dining) and the bathroom above. In what was the original large kitchen, he carved out a smaller modern kitchen, powder room, front closet and library. In the barn, he converted stable into a second garage.
Helen Arnold was a prolific gardener, and the Arnolds did a generous amount of landscaping on the property. They relocated and rebuilt the front walk, planted hemlock trees to the north of the house, and added the large patio and terracing on the southwest corner of the house. In 1957, Arnolds added the screened-in porch and modernized the kitchen.


In 2005 the home of Harriet (Wortz) Groff-Beecher went on sale. Mark Vogel had the following comment: "The home is a magnificent estate known as The Gardens of Eden, located in the village of Eden outside Lancaster, Pennsylvania. It currently operates as a bed and breakfast. The date listed by the owner is wrong—it was built before the Civil War, probably in the 1840s. Three generations of my ancestors lived there: Henrietta Wortz lived there with her first husband, Jacob Groff, who died in 1851. She married William C. Beecher. They had a daughter Laura Elmira Beecher who inherited the home. She married Jacob Ranck. They had a daughter Henrietta Bertha Ranck. She was the last generation of my family to live there. Bertha is my dad’s mom.


Eden exists in Lancaster County Pennsylvania. Experience the grand early Victorian house and the lovely gardens that is the Gardens of Eden Bed and Breakfast.
This hideway tucked into a wooded glen on the banks of the Conestoga river was built c.1867 by a wealthy local ironmaster. Constructed of brick, with elaborate use of ironwork trim, the house blends elements of Federal and early Victorian styles. The 3.5 acre site overlooks the Conestoga River with terraced grounds that include wildflowers, perennials, woodsy trails and scores of song birds. The heavily wooded acres are brightened by sweeping areas of naturalized wildflowers, hostas and ferns. Perennial beds and herb gardens add to the beauty and fragrance of the landscape.
Inside and out, this small bed and breakfast is delightful with beautiful gardens, a river view and a beautifully restored home filled with heirlooms. The main house has 3 guest rooms and one owner bedroom and 4.5 baths. The restored kitchen has working bake ovens in the walk-in fireplace. During warm weather, breakfast is served on the screened porch overlooking the falls. The private guest cottage in the restored summer kitchen provides a sitting room with a working fireplace, dining area, and kitchen facilities downstairs; and a bedroom and bath upstairs. The bank barn has a 2 car garage and additional off street parking for 9 cars.

Henrietta Wortz was born on 1 February 1820 at York Co., PA. She was the daughter of Jacob Wortz and Juliana DeWald. Henrietta Wortz married Jacob W. Groff, son of John Groff and Magdalena Wenger, on 23 June 1846. Henrietta Wortz married William C. Beecher, son of Samuel Bücher and Eleanor (?), after 1851. Henrietta Wortz died on 29 December 1903 at Manheim Twp., Lancaster Co., PA, at age 83 OBITUARY:

Death of Mrs. Henrietta Beecher
Mrs. Henrietta Beecher, widow of William Beecher, formerly of Eden, died on Tuesday evening at the home of her daughter, Mrs. Bertha Conley, of Philadelphia. Her illness was of short duration, and her death was due to pleuro-pneumonia.
Mrs. Beecher was a Miss Wertz [Wortz] before marriage, and although in her eighty-fourth year, was remarkable active and well preserved. She was twice married, and for years was a resident of Eden, this county, in which vicinity she was widely known and universally esteemed. She was a devout member of Trinity Lutheran Church. Her surviving children are Mrs. Conley, of Philadelphia; Mrs. Jacob Ranck, Cedar Lane; and Lewis Groff, residing in the West. A twin sister, Mrs. Louisa Forney, of Hanover, also survives. The funeral will be held in Lancaster, but the arrangements have not yet been made.

She was buried in January 1904 at Lancaster City Cemetery, Lancaster, Lancaster Co., PA.

Children of Henrietta Wortz and Jacob W. Groff

Children of Henrietta Wortz and William C. Beecher

Henry Jacob Wortz

M, b. 1 February 1843, d. 8 January 1922
     Henry Jacob Wortz was born on 1 February 1843 at Adams Co. (probably), PA. He was the son of David Wortz and Rebecca Catherina Gitt. Henry Jacob Wortz began military service Civil War, Union Army, Company B., 138th Pennsylvania Infantry. He died on 8 January 1922 at Philadelphia Co., PA, at age 78. He was buried in January 1922 at Mount Olivet Cemetery, Hanover, York Co., PA.

Hermeon Blanche Wortz

F, b. 18 December 1861, d. 4 June 1926
     Hermeon Blanche Wortz was born on 18 December 1861 at Hanover, York Co., PA. She was the daughter of David Wortz and Rebecca Catherina Gitt. Hermeon Blanche Wortz married Washington Adam Millard Little, son of William Brown Little and Margaret Nace, circa 1885. Hermeon Blanche Wortz died on 4 June 1926 at York Co., PA, at age 64. She was buried in June 1926 at Mount Olivet Cemetery, Hanover, York Co., PA.

Children of Hermeon Blanche Wortz and Washington Adam Millard Little

Jacob Wortz

M, b. 24 November 1777, d. 5 September 1856
     Jacob Wortz was born on 24 November 1777 at Wertz, Blair Co., PA. He was the son of Marcus Wortz and Sarah Marschall. Jacob Wortz married Juliana DeWald, daughter of Henrich DeWald and Maria Catherine Greaver, circa 1806 at York Co. (probably), PA. Jacob Wortz lived at a farm in Conewago Twp., Adams Co., PA. He died on 5 September 1856 at McSherrystown, Adams Co., PA, at age 78.

Children of Jacob Wortz and Juliana DeWald

Julia Baugher Wortz

F, b. 10 April 1845, d. 1906
     Julia Baugher Wortz was born on 10 April 1845 at Adams Co. (probably), PA. She was the daughter of David Wortz and Rebecca Catherina Gitt. Julia Baugher Wortz was christened on 5 June 1845 at St. Matthew Lutheran Church, Hanover, York Co., PA. She married Henry Shultz, son of John Schultz and Elizabeth (?), on 20 December 1871. Julia Baugher Wortz died in 1906.

Children of Julia Baugher Wortz and Henry Shultz

Julianna C. Wortz

F, b. 14 March 1813, d. 3 January 1884
     Julianna C. Wortz was born on 14 March 1813 at Adams Co., PA. She was the daughter of Jacob Wortz and Juliana DeWald. Julianna C. Wortz was christened at St. Matthew Lutheran Church, Hanover, York Co., PA. She married Amos LeFevre, son of Joseph LeFevre and Susannah Bowman, on 1 September 1831. Julianna C. Wortz died on 3 January 1884 at Adams Co. (probably), PA, at age 70. She was buried in January 1884 at Mt. Carmel Cemetery, Littlestown, Adams Co., PA.

Children of Julianna C. Wortz and Amos LeFevre

Louisa Ann Wortz

F, b. 1 February 1820, d. 31 January 1917
     Louisa Ann Wortz was born on 1 February 1820 at Conewago Twp., Adams Co., PA. She was the daughter of Jacob Wortz and Juliana DeWald. Louisa Ann Wortz married Abner Wirt Forney, son of John Forney and Lydia Wirt, on 22 December 1842 at St. Matthew Lutheran Church, Hanover, York Co., PA, ceremony by Rev. Mr. Albert. Louisa Ann Wortz died on 31 January 1917 at Hanover Borough, Penn Twp., York Co., PA, at age 96 OBITUARY -- Hanover Record Herald, January 31, 1917



Lived An Exemplary Christian Life and Leaves a Wide Circle of Friends -- Died One Day Before 97th Birthday Anniversary.

Following the illness of one week from grippe, Mrs. Louisa A. Forney, of No. 309 Baltimore Street, widow of the late Abner W. Forney and Hanover's oldest and one of her most estimable women passed peacefully to the Great Beyond at 1 0'clock this morning. She was aged 96 years, 11 months and 29 days, lacking but one day reaching her 97th birthday anniversary, and within three years of the century mark.
For a number of years Mrs. Forney held the honor of being one of the oldest citizens of Hanover. She was a daughter of the late Jacob and Julian Wortz homestead, now known as the Henry Menges farm, mear McSherrystown.
After her marriage to Mr. Forney at the age of 22 years, she moved to the Forney farm, along the Becker Mill road, near town, residing there until her husband retired from active duties and moved to her late home on Baltimore Street. This was about forty-two years ago. Their son the late David F. Forney then took charge of the farm and his son, William Forney, now resides on the old homestead.
The deceased was a life-long member of St. Matthew's Lutheran church, and older residents will recall that when she was but a girl, over three quarters of a century ago, she sang on the choir of Hanover's mother church. She was always active and interested in church work until the weight of years compelled her to give up these duties.
Mrs. Forney was a true and sincere Christian lady, loved by all who knew her, and notwithstanding her extreme old age, always read her Bible and kept in touch with the progress of Hanover and the outside world by reading the papers. She possessed a kind and lovable disposition and was ever ready to aid and comfort those in distress. Her many acts of kindness, as well as, the exemplary life she led will live long in the memory of those she befriended.
She leaves two children, Ezra Forney, residing on the Becker Mill road and Miss Lucy Forney, at home. There are also ten grandchildren and three great-grandchildren surviving.
Funeral, Friday, Feb. 2d, services at the house at 2 p.m., Rev. Wm. I. Redcay, pastor of St. Paul's Lutheran church, officiating. Interment on the family lot in Mount Olivet cemetery.

OBITUARY - Special to the Gazette, 1917


Death of Mrs. Louisa Forney Followed Weeks Ilness From Grip - In Her 97th Year

Hanover, Jan 31 -- By the death of Mrs. Louisa Forney, widow of the late Abner W. Forney, which occured at her home on Baltimore Street at 1 o'clock this morning, one day before her 97th birthday, Hanover looses not only her oldest resident, but a woman of infinite worth, who will be sadly missed by a wide circle of friends. Death followed a week's illness of the grip. Mrs. Forney, who was the daughter of Jacob & Julian (DeWald) Wortz, of near McSherrystown, is the last surviving member of a family of five children.
In 1849 she was married to Abner W. Forney, who preceded her in death, 22 years ago. After her marriage she resided on the Forney farm, near Hanover, until 1875, whe she and her husband moved to 309 Baltimore St. where she died. Two children survive her. On Feb. 1, last year, the deceased was hostess at a birthday dinner which was attended by her children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren.
Mrs. Forney was interested in the affairs of the day and read papers, daily, from Hanover and Philadelphia. She was also an active worker in St. Matthews Luthern Church, having been a zealous worker in the choir of that church during her younger days.
One son, Ezra, who resides in Penn township, and one daughter, Miss Lucy, at home, survive with the following ten grandchildren and three great-grandchildren: Sister Mary Anna of Baltimore; Raymond, William, Claude, Bertha, Irene, Wirt, Elmo, Robert, and Abner Forney and Marx, Louise and Beecher Forney.
The funeral will be held Friday afternoon at her late home on Baltimore Street, at 2 o'clock, Rev William T. Redcay, of St. Pauls Lutheran Church officiating. Interment will be made in Mt. Olivet Cemetery.

She was buried in February 1917 at Mount Olivet Cemetery, Hanover, York Co., PA.

Children of Louisa Ann Wortz and Abner Wirt Forney

Marcus Wortz

     Marcus Wortz married Sarah Marschall.

Child of Marcus Wortz and Sarah Marschall

Mary Louisa Wortz

F, b. 4 February 1807, d. 15 October 1902
     Mary Louisa Wortz was born on 4 February 1807 at Hanover, York Co., PA. She was the daughter of Jacob Wortz and Juliana DeWald. Mary Louisa Wortz married George E. Houck, son of John Houck and Anna (?), on 16 May 1824 at Adams Co. (probably), PA. Mary Louisa Wortz died on 15 October 1902 at Centerville, Wayne Co., IN, at age 95 OBITUARY:

Mary Worts Houck was born in Hanover, Pa., February 4, 1807 and departed this life October 15, at the advanced age of 95 years, 8 months and 9 days. She was joined in matrimony with George Houck in Pennsylvania, May 16, 1824. To this union 13 children were born, four of whom are still living. Two sisters are still living in Pennsylvania. There are 21 grandchildren and 22 great-grandchildren. She with her husband and family moved to Indiana and located in Centerville about the year 1856, where she has spent the remainder of her life.
In Pennsylvania she became a member of the Lutheran church in her childhood, and on locating in Centerville she joined the M. E. church and ever lived a consistent christian life, always dilligent, with the children in attending all services of the church and ready to contribute her part in the social meetings as well as in all other departments of church work. Her faith in the principals and promises of the gospel was strong and her joys were many.
She was a good kind neighbor, always doing for the poor and the needy, even not willing to turn a tramp from her door without supplying his needs. Therefore she had the respect and love of all who knew her, for her long life was filled with good deeds.
For five years past she has been confined at home, unable for the most part to leave her chair, and amidst all, finally she lost the power of speech, but no murmur of complaint was heard, but she attributed all to the will of God and she was happy. After 95 long years of service she has now entered upon the joys awaiting her in the better land.

She was buried in October 1902 at Crown Hill Cemetery, Centerville, Wayne Co., IN.

Children of Mary Louisa Wortz and George E. Houck

Mary Louise Wortz

F, b. 2 May 1859, d. 22 November 1933
     Mary Louise Wortz was also known as "Mollie". She was born on 2 May 1859 at Adams Co., PA. She was the daughter of David Wortz and Rebecca Catherina Gitt. Mary Louise Wortz married George Emanuel Neff, son of George W. Neff and Mary A. (?), circa 1885. Mary Louise Wortz died on 22 November 1933 at age 74.

Children of Mary Louise Wortz and George Emanuel Neff

Martha Jane Wotring

F, b. 27 June 1937, d. 9 April 2007
     Martha Jane Wotring was born on 27 June 1937 at Kingwood, Preston Co., WV.1 She was the daughter of William Mordecai Wotring and Iola Martha White.1 Martha Jane Wotring died on 9 April 2007 at Deep Creek Lake, Garrett Co., MD, at age 69

Obituary -- (

Martha Jane Riley, 69, of Deep Creek Lake and Hutchinson Island, Fla., died April 9, 2007, at her home at Deep Creek Lake.

She was born in Kingwood, W.Va., June 27, 1937, and was a daughter of the late William Mordicia and Iola M. White Wotring.

Martha was a graduate of Kingwood High School, Fairmont State College with a B.S. degree, and West Virginia University with a master's degree in social work.

She was employed by Everhart, Everhart, and Brown in Kingwood, W.Va., and Valley Comprehensive Mental Health in Fairmont, W.Va., and also operated an office in Mannington, W.Va., for several years. She was an adjunct professor for the WVU School of Social Work and an assistant professor in the Sociology Department of Fairmont State College. She also operated a private practice, "Martha's Counseling," in Fairmont.

She was a member of NEA, National Association of Social Workers, and the Episco-Pals of St. Matthew's Church in Oakland. Her membership is on record at the First Baptist Church in Fairmont, but she often said she found her church home at St. Matthew's Episcopal Church in Oakland. She and her husband retired to Deep Creek Lake and Hutchinson Island, Fla.

She is survived by her husband, Kenneth P. Riley; one sister and spouse, Wilma E. Wotring Hyre and William W; two sons and spouse, Bryan Kenneth and Marquita Bailey Riley, and Anthony S. Riley; two granddaughters, Abbie Elizabeth Riley and Kaitlin Alexandra Riley, both of whom she treasured as highlights of her life; and many nieces and nephews, in whom she took great interest and pride.

In addition to her parents, she was preceded in death by two sisters, Betty A. Wotring and Norma M. Wotring Snider, and two brothers, Donald F. Wotring and Jack W. Wotring.

Friends were received at the Rotruck-Lobb Funeral Home – Kingwood Chapel on Wednesday. A funeral service was conducted this morning, April 12, at the funeral home chapel, with Rev. Dr. Chip Lee officiating. Interment will follow at the Maplewood Cemetery in Kingwood.

Memorial donations may be made in Martha's memory to Hospice of Garrett County, P.O. Box 271, Oakland, MD 21550. Personal condolences can be offered to the family online at

Published in The Republican, Oakland, MD, on April 13, 2007.

She was buried in April 2007 at Maplewood Cemetery, Kingwood, Preston Co., WV, Findagrave #88522017.

Child of Martha Jane Wotring


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William Mordecai Wotring1

M, b. 10 October 1898, d. 31 December 1946
     William Mordecai Wotring was born on 10 October 1898 at Preston Co., WV.1 He married Iola Martha White. William Mordecai Wotring lived on 11 April 1940 at 112 North Price Street, Kingwood, Preston Co., WV, plumber.1 He died on 31 December 1946 at Kingwood, Preston Co., WV, at age 48. He was buried in January 1947 at Maplewood Cemetery, Kingwood, Preston Co., WV, Findagrave #88611790.

Child of William Mordecai Wotring and Iola Martha White


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Ernest Leroy Wray1

M, b. 30 November 1913, d. November 1979
     Ernest Leroy Wray was born on 30 November 1913 at Champaign Co. (probably), OH.1 He was the son of Wilber C. Wray and Clarise Catherine Cost.1 Ernest Leroy Wray married Ruth Elinor (?) circa 1938.2 Ernest Leroy Wray died in November 1979 at Champaign Co., OH, dates per SSDI, last residence St. Paris.


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Hester Lucile Wray

     Hester Lucile Wray married Charles Arthur Williams, son of Charles Arthur Williams and Emily Doremus Rodgers, on 26 October 1935.

Matilda May Wray1

F, b. 14 May 1814, d. 8 November 1889
     Matilda May Wray was born on 14 May 1814 at Butler Co., OH.1 She married Sebastian M. Fruits on 17 November 1835 at Montgomery Co., IN. Matilda May Wray died on 8 November 1889 at Page Co., IA, at age 75. She was buried in November 1889 at Butler Cemetery, Shambaugh, Page Co., IA, Findagrave #34007773.

Child of Matilda May Wray and Sebastian M. Fruits


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Russell C. Wray1

M, b. circa July 1915
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Note: unmarried, living with parents as of 1940 census. Does not appear in SSDI.


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Wilber C. Wray

M, b. 1893
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Children of Wilber C. Wray and Clarise Catherine Cost


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Dr. William Rose Wray

M, b. 17 August 1918, d. 29 April 2008
     Dr. William Rose Wray was born on 17 August 1918 at Tennessee. He began military service on 23 September 1942 at Colorado WW II service, U.S. Army, enlisted. He married Thelma Jeanne Adams Espy. Dr. William Rose Wray lived in January 1970 at Stillwater, Payne Co., OK. He died on 29 April 2008 at San Francisco Co. (probably), CA, at age 89 per SSDI, last residence San Francisco.

Florence B. Wren

     Florence B. Wren married Charles M. Birkett.

Child of Florence B. Wren and Charles M. Birkett

Gladys Pearl Wren

F, b. 20 March 1909, d. 2 March 1988
     Gladys Pearl Wren was born on 20 March 1909. She married Kermit A. Bandimere on 2 November 1927 at Wright Co., MN. Gladys Pearl Wren was buried in April 1972 at Forbes Cemetery, Forbes, St. Louis Co., MN, Findagrave #70231771. She died on 2 March 1988 at St. Louis Co., MN, at age 78.

Child of Gladys Pearl Wren and Kermit A. Bandimere

Albert J. Wright Jr.1

M, b. 13 February 1929, d. 12 September 2006
     Albert J. Wright Jr. was born on 13 February 1929 at Washington Co., IN.1 He was the son of Albert R. Wright and Mary Effie Nichols.1 Albert J. Wright Jr. died on 12 September 2006 at Marion Co., IN, at age 77 dates per SSDI, last residence Indianapolis.


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