Ethel Ann (?)

     Ethel Ann (?) married John Bray.

Child of Ethel Ann (?) and John Bray

Ethel Ann (?)

F, b. 23 January 1923
     Ethel Ann (?) was born on 23 January 1923. She married Warren M. Wendell, son of Guy M. Wendell and Faye Mullin.

Ethel B. (?)1

     Ethel B. (?) married Leroy McWhorter.1

Child of Ethel B. (?) and Leroy McWhorter


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Ethel C. (?)

F, b. 30 May 1908, d. 14 October 2000
     Ethel C. (?) was born on 30 May 1908 at Indiana. She married Harley Harsha. Ethel C. (?) died on 14 October 2000 at Renssalaer, Jasper Co., IN, at age 92.

Child of Ethel C. (?) and Harley Harsha

Ethel F. (?)1

F, b. circa 1891
     Ethel F. (?) was born circa 1891 at Illinois.1 She married James G. Bowden.1

Child of Ethel F. (?) and James G. Bowden


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Ethel Helen (?)

F, b. 5 October 1915, d. 6 March 2008
     Ethel Helen (?) was born on 5 October 1915. She married Charles Tallman Dowdy, son of Guy G. Dowdy and Olive Tallman, after April 1940. Ethel Helen (?) died on 6 March 2008 at Franklin Co., OH, at age 92 dates per SSDI, last residence Columbus.

Ethel L. (?)1

F, b. circa 1885
     Ethel L. (?) was born circa 1885 at Missouri.1 She married Albert J. Windle, son of John A. Windle and Clara C. Gordon, circa 1903.1 Ethel L. (?) married Bill Wiford after 1910 at Ottawa Co. (probably), OK.

Children of Ethel L. (?) and Albert J. Windle

Children of Ethel L. (?) and Bill Wiford


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Ethel Lorraine (?)

F, b. 4 September 1908, d. 13 July 2003
     Ethel Lorraine (?) was born on 4 September 1908 at Oklahoma. She married Carl C. McClintic, son of George McClintic and Dora Boling, circa 1927. Ethel Lorraine (?) died on 13 July 2003 at Johnson Co. (probably), KS, at age 94 dates per SSDI, last residence Shawnee Mission.

Child of Ethel Lorraine (?) and Carl C. McClintic

Ethel Lydia (?)

F, b. 1893, d. 1948
     Ethel Lydia (?) was born in 1893 at Virginia. She married Ivan Harris Bowman. Ethel Lydia (?) died in 1948. She was buried in 1948 at Sugar Grove Cemetery, Newton Twp., Miami Co., OH, Find A Grave Memorial# 26400965.

Ethel M. (?)

F, b. circa 1884
     Ethel M. (?) was born circa 1884 at Colorado. She married Arthur W. Linville, son of George C. Linville and Ellen M. Crismas, circa 1905.

Children of Ethel M. (?) and Arthur W. Linville

Ethel M. (?)1

F, b. 26 May 1891, d. August 1973
     Ethel M. (?) was born on 26 May 1891 at Illinois.1 She married Joseph J. Dobbs. Ethel M. (?) died in August 1973 at Will Co., IL, at age 82 Dates per SSDI, last residence Joliet.

Child of Ethel M. (?) and Joseph J. Dobbs


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Ethel Pearl (?)1

F, b. 8 October 1895, d. 1 October 1966
     Ethel Pearl (?) was born on 8 October 1895 at Nebraska.1 She married LeRoy Raymond Larimore, son of Robert J. Larimore and Drucilla Bush. Ethel Pearl (?) died on 1 October 1966 at age 70. She was buried in October 1966 at Odell Cemetery, Odell, Gage Co., NE, Findagrave #142015633.

Children of Ethel Pearl (?) and LeRoy Raymond Larimore


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Ethelann (?)

F, b. 1 December 1923
     Ethelann (?) was born on 1 December 1923 at Nebraska. She married Glenn Edward Jackson.

Ethlyne (?)

F, b. 7 February 1907, d. 10 June 1969
     Ethlyne (?) was born on 7 February 1907. She married William Evan Long, son of John H. Long and Amanda M. Wyscarver. Ethlyne (?) died on 10 June 1969 at age 62.

Ethyl (?)

F, d. before October 2012
     Ethyl (?) was born at England. Ethyl (?) was also known as "Patricia" (?) She married Gene Ellsworth Wendell, son of Raymond Wendell and Lelia Mae Forney. Ethyl (?) died before October 2012.

Children of Ethyl (?) and Gene Ellsworth Wendell

Etta (?)

F, d. January 1986
     Etta (?) married Mack Windle, son of George Washington Windle and Laura Mack. Etta (?) was buried in January 1986 at Camano Lutheran Cemetery, Island Co., WA. She died in January 1986.

Etta (?)1

F, b. January 1867
     Etta (?) was born in January 1867 at Ohio.1 She married Edward Sherman Brumbach, son of David C. Brumback and Matilda Hines, circa 1886.1

Children of Etta (?) and Edward Sherman Brumbach


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Etta (?)

F, b. 19 February 1882, d. 15 August 1959
     Etta (?) was born on 19 February 1882 at Texas. She married Fay Everett Arnott, son of Lawrence Monrova Arnott and Ida M. Merrill, before 3 April 1940. Etta (?) was also known as Dorothy On the 1940 census the wife of Fay Arnett is listed as "Etta", but on his WW II draft registration, he lists his wife as Dorothy Arnett. Her headstone is inscribed "Etta". She was buried on 15 August 1959 at City of Lubbock Cemetery, Lubbock, Lubbock Co., TX, Find A Grave Memorial# 8324145. She died on 15 August 1959 at age 77.

Etta E. (?)1

F, b. circa 1876, d. after 14 April 1930
     Etta E. (?) was born circa 1876 at Texas.1 She married Arthur E. Sheppard.1 Etta E. (?) died after 14 April 1930.

Child of Etta E. (?) and Arthur E. Sheppard


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Etta Mae (?)

F, b. 16 March 1925, d. 4 April 2005
     Etta Mae (?) was born on 16 March 1925. She married Edwin Earl Thompson, son of Alexander Thompson and Roxanne M. Henley. Etta Mae (?) died on 4 April 2005 at age 80. She was buried in April 2005 at Mountain Home National Cemetery, Johnson City, Washington Co., TN, Find A Grave Memorial# 168929361.

Ettie M. (?)

     Ettie M. (?) married George Orval Ruth.

Child of Ettie M. (?) and George Orval Ruth

Eunice (?)1

F, b. November 1881
     Eunice (?) was born in November 1881 at Georgia.1 She married Elmond Newton Pittman circa 1898.1

Child of Eunice (?) and Elmond Newton Pittman


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Eunice M. (?)1

F, b. circa 1901
     Eunice M. (?) was born circa 1901 at Ohio.1 She married David Clare Boyd, son of Hastings Boyd and Jennie A. (?).1


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Eva (?)

F, b. circa 1901
     Eva (?) was born circa 1901 at Kansas both parents born Kansas, per 1930 census info.1 She married Elsworth Freeman Dye, son of Fred E. Dye and Elgie E. Knickerbocker, circa 1920.

Children of Eva (?) and Elsworth Freeman Dye


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Eva (?)

     Eva (?) married Noble Parks.

Child of Eva (?) and Noble Parks

Eva (?)

     Eva (?) married Johann Peter Gebhart, son of Johann Georg Philipp Gebhart and Anna Margaretha Massa, in 1768 at Berks Co., PA.

Child of Eva (?) and Johann Peter Gebhart

Eva (?)1

F, b. circa 1805
     Eva (?) married Adam Olinger. Eva (?) was born circa 1805 at Virginia.1

Child of Eva (?) and Adam Olinger


  1. [S227] 1870 Federal Census, Shenandoah County, Virginia. Microfilm Image, NARA Series M593, Roll 1678; FHL #553177.

Eva (?)1

     Eva (?) married William Henry Wolf.1

Child of Eva (?) and William Henry Wolf


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Eva (?)

F, b. circa 1884
     Eva (?) was born circa 1884 at West Virginia. She married Bruce E. Stover, son of Daniel Stover and Mary Olivia Bell, circa 1910.

Child of Eva (?) and Bruce E. Stover

Eva (?)

     Eva (?) married Caspar Acker.

Child of Eva (?) and Caspar Acker