Retta Florence Burgess

F, b. 11 September 1877, d. 7 December 1967
     Retta Florence Burgess was born on 11 September 1877 at Corydon, Harrison Co., IN. She was the daughter of Lewis Smith Burgess and Lucinda Ellen Davis. Retta Florence Burgess married John Clyde Monical, son of John Monical and Martha McRoberts, on 27 January 1895 at Flora, Clay Co., IL. Retta Florence Burgess died on 7 December 1967 at Mattoon, Coles Co., IL, at age 90. She was buried in December 1967 at Flora, Clay Co., IL.

Children of Retta Florence Burgess and John Clyde Monical

Samuel Burgess

M, b. 1662, d. 1714
     Samuel Burgess was born in 1662 at Falls Twp., Bucks Co., PA. He married Eleanor Peers. Samuel Burgess died in 1714 at Falls Twp., Bucks Co., PA. He was Quaker.

Child of Samuel Burgess and Eleanor Peers

Sara B. Burgess

F, b. 23 September 1836, d. 4 January 1929
     Sara B. Burgess was born on 23 September 1836 at Zanesville, Muskingum Co., OH. She married Ashfordby Kreager, son of Jacob Kreager and Sarah Ann Wintermute, on 25 October 1860 at Muskingum Co., OH. Sara B. Burgess died on 4 January 1929 at Hopewell, Licking Co., OH, at age 92.

Sarah Burgess

     Sarah Burgess married Richard Donaldson.

Child of Sarah Burgess and Richard Donaldson

Sarah Burgess1

F, b. February 1866, d. after April 1910
     Sarah Burgess was born in February 1866 at Kentucky.1 She married Robert Coleman on 21 March 1883 at Harrison Co., KY. Sarah Burgess died after April 1910.

Child of Sarah Burgess and Robert Coleman


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Starling Burgess

F, b. 28 August 1915, d. 18 June 2008
     Starling Burgess was also known as Tasha Tudor Legally changed her name. She was born on 28 August 1915 at Boston, Suffolk Co., MA. She was the daughter of William Starling Burgess and Rosamand Tudor. Starling Burgess died on 18 June 2008 at Windham Co., VT, at age 92.

Susan J. Burgess

F, b. circa 1850
     Susan J. Burgess was born circa 1850 at Tennessee.1 She married Robert Lafayette Windle, son of Samuel Washington Windle and Elizabeth Pyrtle, on 7 September 1879 at Crawford Co., MO, Ceremony by Seth C. Massey, M.G.


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Virginia Dare Burgess

F, b. 8 August 1921, d. 13 December 1991
     Virginia Dare Burgess was born on 8 August 1921 at West Virginia. She married Charles Herbert Cantley. Virginia Dare Burgess died on 13 December 1991 at Florida at age 70. She was buried in December 1991 at Pineview Cemetery, Orgas, Boone Co., WV, Findagrave #104226302.

Walter Edwin Burgess

M, b. 12 December 1919
     Walter Edwin Burgess was born on 12 December 1919. He was the son of Clarence Edwin Burgess and Elizabeth Hester Chambliss.

William Starling Burgess

M, b. 25 December 1878, d. 19 March 1947
     William Starling Burgess was born on 25 December 1878 at Boston, Suffolk Co., MA. He was the son of Edward Burgess and Caroline Louisa Sullivant. William Starling Burgess married Rosamand Tudor. Occupation: Yacht designer and sailor. William Starling Burgess and Rosamand Tudor were divorced circa 1924. William Starling Burgess died on 19 March 1947 at Hoboken, NJ, at age 68.

Child of William Starling Burgess and Rosamand Tudor

Harley Wayne Burggraf

M, b. 5 February 1939, d. 14 March 1939
     Harley Wayne Burggraf was born on 5 February 1939. He was the son of Odus Burggraf and Grace Faye Windle. Harley Wayne Burggraf died on 14 March 1939. He was buried in March 1939 at Marion Cemetery, Marion, Marion Co., OH, Find A Grave Memorial# 152987808.

Odus Burggraf

M, b. 9 June 1905, d. 11 March 1972
     Odus Burggraf was born on 9 June 1905. He married Grace Faye Windle, daughter of William Henry Windle and Ida Belle Fenton. Odus Burggraf died on 11 March 1972 at age 66. He was buried in March 1972 at Marion Cemetery, Marion, Marion Co., OH, Find A Grave Memorial# 152987830.

Child of Odus Burggraf and Grace Faye Windle

Velma Marie Burgman

F, b. 21 January 1923, d. 4 May 1990
     Velma Marie Burgman was born on 21 January 1923 at Springfield, Clark Co., OH. She married Martin Stephen Donnelly Jr., son of Martin Stephen Donnelly and Ethel E. Thomas, on 29 May 1943 at Clark Co., OH. Velma Marie Burgman died on 4 May 1990 at age 67. She was buried in May 1990 at Saint Bernard Cemetery, Springfield, Clark Co., OH, Findagrave #157987150.

Courtney Burgner

M, b. circa 1869
     Courtney Burgner was born circa 1869 at Greene Co. (probably), TN. He was the son of Daniel F. Burgner and Camola Terring Snapp.

Daniel F. Burgner

M, b. 30 July 1817, d. 2 February 1902
     Daniel F. Burgner was born on 30 July 1817 at TN. He married Camola Terring Snapp, daughter of John Snapp and Elizabeth Cook, on 20 April 1843 at Greene Co., TN. Daniel F. Burgner died on 2 February 1902 at Greene Co., TN, at age 84. He was buried in February 1902 at Burgner Family Cemetery, Greene Co., TN.

Children of Daniel F. Burgner and Camola Terring Snapp

Jannette Burgner

F, b. circa 1866
     Jannette Burgner was born circa 1866 at Greene Co. (probably), TN. She was the daughter of Daniel F. Burgner and Camola Terring Snapp.

Lucy Kate Burgner1

F, b. 9 December 1898, d. 8 April 1964
     Lucy Kate Burgner was born on 9 December 1898 at Greene Co., TN.1 She married Marion Elmer Broyles.1 Lucy Kate Burgner died on 8 April 1964 at Greene Co., TN, at age 65.

Child of Lucy Kate Burgner and Marion Elmer Broyles


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Mary Burgner

F, b. circa 1858
     Mary Burgner was born circa 1858 at Greene Co. (probably), TN. She was the daughter of Daniel F. Burgner and Camola Terring Snapp.

Mary E. Burgner

F, b. 8 June 1827, d. 14 November 1905
     Mary E. Burgner was born on 8 June 1827 at Greene Co., TN. She married Peter Copp. Mary E. Burgner died on 14 November 1905 at age 78. She was buried in November 1905 at Philadelphia Cumberland Presbyterian Church Cemetery, Philadelphia, Washington Co., TN.

Child of Mary E. Burgner and Peter Copp

Walter C. Burgner

M, b. 1903, d. 1985
     Walter C. Burgner was born in 1903. He was the son of Walter S. Burgner. Walter C. Burgner died in 1985.

Walter S. Burgner

M, b. 1867, d. 1954
     Walter S. Burgner was born in 1867 at Greene Co., TN. He was the son of Daniel F. Burgner and Camola Terring Snapp. Walter S. Burgner died in 1954.

Child of Walter S. Burgner

Winfield S. Burgner

M, b. circa 1861
     Winfield S. Burgner was born circa 1861 at Greene Co. (probably), TN. He was the son of Daniel F. Burgner and Camola Terring Snapp.

Clarence Robert Burgoon Jr.

     Clarence Robert Burgoon Jr. was born at Osawatomie, KS. He died at Winchester, KS, OBITUARY - (

Husband Of Mary Marie Hamlin Burgoon, Father of Stephen Robert Burgoon, Grandfather of Jacinda Ann Burgoon, Sean David Burgoon, Stephanie Renee Burgoon, Brandie Alice Burgoon, and Severon Robert Burgoon; Great Grandfather or Samantha Jane Burgoon, Haley Nichole Burgoon, Brandon Edward Davis, Stephen Gabriel Davis, and Destiny Mae Davis; Brother of Mae Burgoon Masters, and Wayne Burgoon; son of Clarence Robert Burgoon Sr. and Jenny Elizabeth Huck Burgoon. Born in Osawatomie, Kansas, passed away in Winchester, Kansas with Burial in Osawatomie Cemetary. Clarence also known as "Doc" owned Doc's Resturant in Osawatomie with his Wife Mary, and lived his entire life in the Osawatomie Kansas area.

Clayton Burgoon

M, b. 27 February 1915, d. 26 December 1956
     Clayton Burgoon was born on 27 February 1915 at Ohio. He married Goldie Marie Miller, daughter of Oltie Jesse Miller and Hazel Mae Miller, on 7 June 1942 at Licking Co., OH. Clayton Burgoon died on 26 December 1956 at Mount Vernon, Knox Co., OH, at age 41. He was buried in December 1956 at Forest Lawn Memorial Gardens, Columbus, Franklin Co., OH, Findagrave #133303594.

Wilma Burhart

F, b. 7 August 1902, d. April 1985
     Wilma Burhart was born on 7 August 1902. She married Pearl Mathias, son of Bryant Arthur Mathias and Della Adams, on 28 February 1948 at Dixon, Lee Co., IL, Wilma was previously married to Alvin Naffziger in 1939 and had a son, Ronald Eugene Naffziger (1940-1999).

Wilma Burhart and Pearl Mathias were divorced in June 1953 at Lee Co., IL;

Newspaper Article -- the Dixon Evening Telegraph, Dixon, IL, 15 JUN 1953, p.6 (via

"Dixon Woman Seeks Divorce

A complaint for divorce was filed Saturday in the office of John O. Shaulis, circuit court clerk, by Mrs. Wilma R. Mathias, of 908 Jackson av., charging her husband, Pearl, with excessive use of intoxicating liquors.

An injunction was issued by the court restraining the husband from bothering his wife or her minor chid and from coming on the premises at 908 Jackson av.

In the complaint for divorce, Mrs. Mathias said that they were married on Feb. 28, 1949 in Dixon and lived together until June 12, 1953. There were no children born to this marriage.

She requested that her husband be ordered to pay alimony and attorney's fees and that she be allowed to resume her former name, Wilma R. Naffziger."

NOTE: Wilma previously filed a suit for divorce, via her attorney Albert N. Kennedy, in July, 1949, which states the marriage date was 28 FEB 1948. Apparently there was a reconciliation that lasted the following five years. DLB 2019.

Wilma Burhart died in April 1985 at age 82 per SSDI, last residence Greenwood, Sebastian Co., AR.

Martha Burhead

F, b. circa 1860
     Martha Burhead was born circa 1860. She married Franklin Beery, son of Eli Beery and Hattie Blosser, on 3 October 1880. Martha Burhead married Christian Beery, son of Eli Beery and Hattie Blosser, on 18 March 1885.

Albert Ross Burke

     Albert Ross Burke married Alice Nutter, daughter of Levi Nutter and Margaret Ellen Blair, on 24 October 1896 at Petroleum, Wells Co., IN.

Anna Burke1

     Anna Burke married Eugene M. Brower, son of Nathan Weaver Brower and Emily Tomlinson.1

Child of Anna Burke and Eugene M. Brower


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Arthur Burke

M, b. circa 1879
     Arthur Burke was born circa 1879 at Shenandoah Co., VA. He married Della C. Windle, daughter of Robert W. Windle and Sarah C. (?), on 14 November 1899 at Shenandoah Co., VA.

Beatrice Burke1

F, b. circa 1903
     Beatrice Burke was born circa 1903 at Staten Island, Richmond Co., NY.1 She was the daughter of James Burke and Mary E. Higginbotham.1 Beatrice Burke married Stuart Hempstead Walker Jr., son of Stuart Hempstead Walker and Edith Maria Hall.1 Beatrice Burke died Possibly the Beatrice B. Walker, born 25 feb 1901, died 31 JAN 1989, last residence Staten Island.

Children of Beatrice Burke and Stuart Hempstead Walker Jr.


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