Erma N. Clayton

F, b. 15 June 1889, d. 2 January 1958
     Erma N. Clayton was born on 15 June 1889 at Altoona, Polk Co., IA. She married Jim Hortenstine Walton, son of John Franklin Walton and Mary Thomasine Abbott, on 30 November 1911 at Sebastopol, Sonoma Co., CA. Erma N. Clayton died on 2 January 1958 at Stockton, San Joaquin Co., CA, at age 68.

Child of Erma N. Clayton and Jim Hortenstine Walton

Esther Clayton

     Esther Clayton married Francis Marion Green, son of William Green and Rebecca McBride, on 12 April 1859.

Hannah Clayton

F, b. 23 November 1826, d. 7 February 1888
     Hannah Clayton was born on 23 November 1826 at Pennsylvania. She married Uriah Smith Post on 6 June 1850 at Jersey Co., IL. Hannah Clayton died on 7 February 1888 at age 61. She was buried in February 1888 at Girard Twp. Cemetery, Girard, Macoupin Co., IL, Find A Grave Memorial# 54917486.

Child of Hannah Clayton and Uriah Smith Post

Harriet Clayton

     Harriet Clayton married John Sonner, son of Jacob Sonner and Rebecca Copenhaver.

Children of Harriet Clayton and John Sonner

I. V. Clayton

M, d. 6 June 1898
     I. V. Clayton married Matilda Blackburn. I. V. Clayton died on 6 June 1898 at Hardin, Ray Co., MO, Malaria.

Child of I. V. Clayton and Matilda Blackburn

Jessie Theodor Clayton

M, b. circa 1915, d. circa 1915
     Jessie Theodor Clayton died circa 1915 Died in infancy. He was born circa 1915. He was the son of Albert Theodore Clayton and Mina Gertrude Harrison.

Jonas Clayton

     Jonas Clayton married Elizabeth J. Snapp, daughter of John Snapp and Elizabeth Cook, on 26 May 1841 at TN.

Lydia Clayton1

F, b. 8 May 1822, d. 8 May 1879
     Lydia Clayton was born on 8 May 1822 at Ohio.1 She married Seth Hatch on 21 March 1839. Lydia Clayton died on 8 May 1879 at Bennington Twp., Licking Co., OH, at age 57.

Child of Lydia Clayton and Seth Hatch


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Mary Clayton

     Mary Clayton married Philip Hoffman, son of Peter Hoffman and Mary Wolfe, in 1824.

William D. Clayton

M, b. 27 December 1767, d. 14 May 1817
     William D. Clayton was born on 27 December 1767 at Monmouth Co., NJ. He married Margaret Fitz Randolph on 26 December 1798 at Harrison Co., VA. William D. Clayton died on 14 May 1817 at Bath Twp., Greene Co., OH, at age 49.
Note: Information from Hite-Martin(2) genealogy prepared by libby777, online at

Child of William D. Clayton and Margaret Fitz Randolph

Jessica Clearwater

     Jessica Clearwater married Charles B. Lindsey, son of Francis W. Lindsey and Cyrene Mary Brooks, on 6 November 1901 at Cleveland, Cuyahoga Co., OH.

Charles Cleary

     Charles Cleary was the son of Robert M. Cleary and Mary M. Danford.

Jennie Cleary

     Jennie Cleary was the daughter of Robert M. Cleary and Mary M. Danford.

Lizzie Cleary

     Lizzie Cleary was the daughter of Robert M. Cleary and Mary M. Danford.

Robert M. Cleary

     Robert M. Cleary married Mary M. Danford, daughter of Charles Hammond Danford and Elizabeth White, on 28 November 1869 at Noble Co., OH.

Children of Robert M. Cleary and Mary M. Danford

Theresa Cleary1

     Theresa Cleary married Robert C. Baugh, son of Horace L. Baugh and Margaret Croll, in September 1906, No children as of 1926.1


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Alcinda Susan Cleek

     Alcinda Susan Cleek married Hugh Dever, son of John Dever and Eliza Gilmore, on 24 April 1866 at Pocahontas Co., WV.

Helen Wood Clegg1

F, b. 6 December 1867, d. 12 June 1938
     Helen Wood Clegg was born on 6 December 1867 at Ohio.1 She married Valentine Winters circa 1889.1 Helen Wood Clegg died on 12 June 1938 at Dayton, Montgomery Co., OH, at age 70.

Child of Helen Wood Clegg and Valentine Winters


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Jennie M. Cleghorn1

F, b. 7 May 1872
     Jennie M. Cleghorn was born on 7 May 1872.2 She was the daughter of John Cleghorn and Jemima Perie.2 Jennie M. Cleghorn married Samuel S. Supplee, son of John R. Supplee and Sarah Detwiler, on 16 June 1896.2

Children of Jennie M. Cleghorn and Samuel S. Supplee


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John Cleghorn1

     John Cleghorn married Jemima Perie.2

Child of John Cleghorn and Jemima Perie


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Ida Louisa Cleland

F, b. 26 July 1858, d. 20 April 1942
     Ida Louisa Cleland was born on 26 July 1858 at Ohio. She married Oscar Latterner on 9 October 1879 at Richland Co., OH. Ida Louisa Cleland died on 20 April 1942 at Shiloh, Richland Co., OH, at age 83.

Child of Ida Louisa Cleland and Oscar Latterner

Charles Edward Clem

M, b. 24 March 1897, d. 12 April 1981
     Charles Edward Clem was born on 24 March 1897 at Adams Twp., Madison Co., IN. He was the son of Simeon Clem and Clarinda Craig. Charles Edward Clem married Ruby Beatrice Ebbert, daughter of Amos Huston Ebbert and Merta Belle Reger, on 15 November 1916 at Anderson, Madison Co., IN. Charles Edward Clem died on 12 April 1981 at Pendleton, Madison Co., IN, at age 84.

Child of Charles Edward Clem and Ruby Beatrice Ebbert

James Edward Clem

M, b. 26 October 1918, d. 15 August 1996
     James Edward Clem was born on 26 October 1918 at Madison Co., IN. He was the son of Charles Edward Clem and Ruby Beatrice Ebbert. James Edward Clem died on 15 August 1996 at Markleville, Madison Co., IN, at age 77 Date per SSDI.

Simeon Clem

     Simeon Clem married Clarinda Craig.

Child of Simeon Clem and Clarinda Craig

Allen A. Clemens1

     Allen A. Clemens married Sallie Young, daughter of Daniel Price Young and Rosalinda Cassel, on 16 March 1907, Ceremony by Rev. J. L. Becker. No children as of 1922.1


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Anna Maria Clemens

F, b. 1706, d. 1789
     Anna Maria Clemens was born in 1706 at Florsheim, Holland. She married Hans Ulrich Bergey. Anna Maria Clemens died in 1789 at Lower Salford Twp., Montgomery Co., PA.

Children of Anna Maria Clemens and Hans Ulrich Bergey

Annie Clemens1

     Annie Clemens married Henry K. Gottschall, son of William H. Gottschall and Margaret Kratz.1

Child of Annie Clemens and Henry K. Gottschall


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Belinda Clemens1

F, d. 30 September 1845
     Belinda Clemens married George Rader Stover, son of George Stover and Anna Rader, on 22 March 1843.1 Belinda Clemens died on 30 September 1845.1

Child of Belinda Clemens and George Rader Stover


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Catharine Clemens1

     Catharine Clemens married John Ulrich Stauffer.1

Child of Catharine Clemens and John Ulrich Stauffer


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Catharine Clemens1

F, b. 18 November 1820, d. 23 May 1873
     Catharine Clemens was born on 18 November 1820 at Lower Salford Twp., Montgomery Co., PA.2 She was the daughter of Jacob Clemens and Sarah Detwiler.1 Catharine Clemens married Jacob K. Clemens, son of Henry Clemens and Ann Kratz, on 24 March 1844.2 Catharine Clemens died on 23 May 1873 at age 52.2

Children of Catharine Clemens and Jacob K. Clemens


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