Jane A. (?)1

F, b. circa 1854
     Jane A. (?) was born circa 1854 at Ohio.1 She married William McDougal.1

Child of Jane A. (?) and William McDougal


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Jane Ann (?)

     Jane Ann (?) married William M. Wendel, son of Daniel Wendel and Mary Hawkins.

Children of Jane Ann (?) and William M. Wendel

Jane B. (?)1

     Jane B. (?) married John T. Chesnut.1

Child of Jane B. (?) and John T. Chesnut


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Jane Brown (?)

F, b. 1826, d. 1849
     Jane Brown (?) was born in 1826. She married Henry Willits Starr, son of Nehemiah Starr and Esther Willits. Jane Brown (?) died in 1849.

Child of Jane Brown (?) and Henry Willits Starr

Jane E. (?)1

F, b. March 1842
     Jane E. (?) was born in March 1842 at Missouri.1 She married William T. Windle, son of Temple Windle and Phebe Zirkle, circa 1893 at Macon Co. (probably), MO.1


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Jane Elizabeth (?)1

F, b. circa 1823
     Jane Elizabeth (?) was born circa 1823 at Pennsylvania.1 She married Thomas A. Barnes circa 1842.1
Note: Probably Jane, daughter of George and Susannah (Gillings) Davison, of Washington County, Pennsylvania, married on 4 NOV 1842, as show in Davison Family Tree genealogy prepared by karbear48, online at ancestry.com.

Child of Jane Elizabeth (?) and Thomas A. Barnes


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Jane S. (?)1

F, b. October 1868, d. before April 1940
     Jane S. (?) was born in October 1868 at Ohio.1 She married Alva Waugh circa 1881.1 Jane S. (?) died before April 1940.

Child of Jane S. (?) and Alva Waugh


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Janetta (?)

     Janetta (?) married Charles Craig.

Child of Janetta (?) and Charles Craig

Janetta B. (?)1

F, b. August 1838
     Janetta B. (?) was born in August 1838 at Indiana.1 She married James Koons circa 1857.1

Child of Janetta B. (?) and James Koons


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Janie F. (?)

F, b. 14 June 1923, d. 18 October 1996
     Janie F. (?) was born on 14 June 1923. She married Lyman Arland Pigg, son of Dwight Lewis Pigg and Mildred Stockham. Janie F. (?) died on 18 October 1996 at age 73. She was buried in October 1996 at Ft. McClellan Military Cemetery, Aniston, Calhoun Co., AL.

Jean (?)

     Jean (?) married John Leslie Grant.

Child of Jean (?) and John Leslie Grant


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Jean (?)

F, b. circa 1900
     Jean (?) married Kilmer W. Shroyer, son of Walter M. Shroyer and Lola E. Kilmer. Jean (?) was born circa 1900 at Indiana.

Jean (?)1

F, b. circa 1895
     Jean (?) was born circa 1895 at Florida.1 She married Harlan C. Moats, son of George Harlan Moats and Julia L. (?), circa 1921.1

Children of Jean (?) and Harlan C. Moats


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Jean B. (?)1

F, b. July 1872
     Jean B. (?) was born in July 1872 at Ohio.1 She married Elmer C. Plyley, son of Casper Clinton Plyley and Charity Ann House, circa 1897, No children.1


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Jeanette (?)

F, b. 13 March 1926, d. March 1987
     Jeanette (?) was born on 13 March 1926 dates per SSDI, last residence Kansas City. She married J. D. McClintic, son of Carl C. McClintic and Ethel Lorraine (?). Jeanette (?) died in March 1987 at Wyandotte Co. (probably), KS.

Jeanne (?)1

F, b. circa 1912
     Jeanne (?) was born circa 1912 at Illinois.1 She married Edward D. Sinks, son of Dr. Edward Dimmitt Sinks and Edna Neville May, before 4 May 1940.1


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Jemima (?)

     Jemima (?) married Thomas Soesbe.

Child of Jemima (?) and Thomas Soesbe

Jemima (?)1

F, b. circa 1805
     Jemima (?) was born circa 1805 at Virginia.1 She married Lewis Oxley.1

Child of Jemima (?) and Lewis Oxley


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Jemima (?)1

F, b. circa 1835
     Jemima (?) was born circa 1835 at Ohio.1 She married Henry Nutter, son of John T. Nutter and Christina Sweazy, before 8 September 1870.1


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Jenetta (?)

F, b. circa 1885
     Jenetta (?) was born circa 1885 at New York. She married Harry Marcy Fitz, son of Jacob Fitz and Caroline Moul, circa 1903.

Jennie (?)

     Jennie (?) married Franklin P. Taylor.

Child of Jennie (?) and Franklin P. Taylor

Jennie (?)

     Jennie (?) married Charles Pepper DeWald, son of James Miller DeWald and Martha Northington.

Child of Jennie (?) and Charles Pepper DeWald

Jennie (?)

     Jennie (?) married Melvin Powelson.

Child of Jennie (?) and Melvin Powelson

Jennie (?)

     Jennie (?) married Baxter Abernethy, son of Edgar A. Abernethy and Elizabeth Anne Abernethy, after 1915.

Jennie (?)

F, b. 1879, d. 1977
     Jennie (?) was born in 1879 at Kansas. She married Edward V. Williams, son of Daniel Webster Williams and Emily Adaline Reger, circa 1906. Jennie (?) died in 1977. She was buried in 1977 at Mountain View Memorial Park, Lakewood, Pierce Co., WA.

Child of Jennie (?) and Edward V. Williams

Jennie (?)1

F, b. circa 1858, d. before 1900
     Jennie (?) was born circa 1858 at Wisconsin or about 1864 per the 1885 Nebraska census. Father born Virginia, mother born Ohio.1 She married Freeman Thomas, son of Freeman P. Thomas and Olive Kirkendall, circa 1879.1 Jennie (?) died before 1900 Her children were living with their grandparents Lyon in 1900.

Children of Jennie (?) and Freeman Thomas


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Jennie (?)1

     Jennie (?) married Adolph Weixelbaum.1

Child of Jennie (?) and Adolph Weixelbaum


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Jennie (?)1

     Jennie (?) married William Penn.1

Child of Jennie (?) and William Penn


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Jennie (?)1

F, b. October 1863
     Jennie (?) was born in October 1863 at Tennessee.1 She married Jacob C. Albright, son of John Albright and Susanna Price, circa 1890, No chldren as of 1900 census.1


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Jennie (?)

F, b. circa 1845
     Jennie (?) was born circa 1845 at Indiana. She married Henry Flease.

Child of Jennie (?) and Henry Flease