Walter Carl Conrath1

M, b. 21 April 1887, d. 1956
     Walter Carl Conrath was born on 21 April 1887 at Washington Co., OH.1 He married Alice Cecelia Ancell on 26 June 1906 at Washington Co., OH. Walter Carl Conrath died in 1956 at Cambridge, Guernsey Co., OH. He was buried in 1956 at Northwood Cemetery, Cambridge, Guernsey Co., OH, Findagrave #104918336.

Child of Walter Carl Conrath and Alice Cecelia Ancell


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Roberta Conreaux

F, b. 24 November 1918, d. 9 March 1995
     Roberta Conreaux was born on 24 November 1918 at Piremont, NY. She married Homer Ernest Paulin, son of Edward Emery Paulin and Ethel Henderson, in 1943 at Indianapolis, Marion Co., IN. Roberta Conreaux died on 9 March 1995 at Nashville, Brown Co., IN, at age 76.

Mabel Conroy1

F, b. 14 December 1902
     Mabel Conroy was born on 14 December 1902.1 She was the daughter of Thomas Conroy and Ida (?)1 Mabel Conroy married Ernest Theodore Wise, son of Karl Marshall Wise and Mary Ziegler, on 13 September 1922.1

Child of Mabel Conroy and Ernest Theodore Wise


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Thomas Conroy1

     Thomas Conroy married Ida (?).1

Child of Thomas Conroy and Ida (?)


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Catherine Constable

     Catherine Constable married Ezekiel Haney, son of James Haney and Ann (?), on 26 September 1871 at Jefferson Co., IL.

John Vincent Contini

M, d. before 29 June 1974
     John Vincent Contini died before 29 June 1974.

Eleanor Rose Conway

F, b. 9 January 1730, d. 11 February 1829
     Eleanor Rose Conway was born on 9 January 1730. She married James Madison Sr., son of Ambrose Madison and Frances Thompson Taylor, circa 1750. Eleanor Rose Conway died on 11 February 1829 at age 99.

Child of Eleanor Rose Conway and James Madison Sr.

George A. Conway

M, b. circa 1862, d. before 3 April 1940
     George A. Conway was born circa 1862 at Ohio. He married Rose (?) circa 1900. George A. Conway died before 3 April 1940.

Child of George A. Conway and Rose (?)

Col. Henry Conway

M, b. 1749, d. 1812
     Col. Henry Conway was born in 1749. He died in 1812.

Child of Col. Henry Conway

Jesse Conway1

     Jesse Conway married Margaret (?).1

Child of Jesse Conway and Margaret (?)


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John B. Conway1

M, b. 27 December 1817, d. 24 January 1899
     John B. Conway was born on 27 December 1817.1 He was the son of Jesse Conway and Margaret (?)1 John B. Conway married Hannah Urner Price, daughter of Rev. George D. Price and Sarah Urner, No children to this marriage.1 John B. Conway died on 24 January 1899 at age 81.1


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Mary Conway

F, b. 27 August 1879, d. 14 July 1966
     Mary Conway was born on 27 August 1879 at Brown Co., IL. She married George Murphy. Mary Conway died on 14 July 1966 at age 86. She was buried in July 1966 at Frazee Cemetery, Wayland, Clark Co., MO, Findagrave #83133411.

Child of Mary Conway and George Murphy

Nancy Conway

F, b. 22 March 1772
     Nancy Conway was born on 22 March 1772. She was the daughter of Col. Henry Conway. Nancy Conway married Maj. James Sevier, son of John Sevier and Sarah Hawkins, on 25 March 1789.

Child of Nancy Conway and Maj. James Sevier

Rita Emily Conway1

F, b. 6 October 1918, d. 14 January 1986
     Rita Emily Conway was born on 6 October 1918 at Campbell Co., KY.1 She was the daughter of Floyd Raymond Caldwell and Louise Christen.1 Rita Emily Conway lived in April 1940 at 1 East Third Street, Newport, Campbell Co., KY; with her mother, occupation waitress. Surname mis-indexed "Connay". She married Howard Leslie Biltz, son of William J. Biltz and Magalina Savahas, after April 1940. Rita Emily Conway died on 14 January 1986 at Campbell Co., KY, at age 67 Dates per SSDI, last residence Newport.


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Rose Marian Conway1

F, b. 3 August 1905, d. 23 March 2001
     Rose Marian Conway was born on 3 August 1905 at Ohio.1 She was the daughter of George A. Conway and Rose (?)1 Rose Marian Conway married John Henry Applegate, son of Irwin Applegate and Fannie I. Wolfe, on 1 June 1927 at Cincinnati, Hamilton Co., OH. Rose Marian Conway died on 23 March 2001 at Palm Beach Co., FL, at age 95 Dates per SSDI, last residence West Palm Beach.

Child of Rose Marian Conway and John Henry Applegate


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Jodi Lynn Conwell

F, b. 26 August 1963, d. 6 January 1978
     Jodi Lynn Conwell was born on 26 August 1963. She was the daughter of Robert Earl Conwell and Jacqueline Florence Burdick. Jodi Lynn Conwell died on 6 January 1978 at age 14. She was buried in January 1978 at Rangely Cemetery, Rangely, Rio Blanco Co., CO.

Ray H. Conwell

M, b. 1900, d. 1939
     Ray H. Conwell was born in 1900. He married Sarah Elizabeth Boyd, daughter of Robert Ellis Boyd and Agnes McFarland. Ray H. Conwell died in 1939. He was buried in 1939 at Palisade Cemetery, Palisade Precinct, Mesa Co., CO.

Child of Ray H. Conwell and Sarah Elizabeth Boyd

Robert Earl Conwell

M, b. 8 June 1928, d. 27 May 1998
     Robert Earl Conwell was born on 8 June 1928. He was the son of Ray H. Conwell and Sarah Elizabeth Boyd. Robert Earl Conwell began military service Korean War, Cpl., U.S. Army. He married Jacqueline Florence Burdick. Robert Earl Conwell died on 27 May 1998 at age 69. He was buried in 1998 at Rangely Cemetery, Rangely, Rio Blanco Co., CO.

Child of Robert Earl Conwell and Jacqueline Florence Burdick

Richard McConnell Coody

M, b. 10 December 1908, d. 14 October 1991
     Richard McConnell Coody was born on 10 December 1908 at Oklahoma. He married Gladys Mildred Burton. Richard McConnell Coody died on 14 October 1991 at Tulsa, Tulsa Co., OK, at age 82. He was buried in October 1991 at Woodland Memorial Park Cemetery, Sand Springs, Tulsa Co., OK, Findagrave #107899971.

Ada Rebecca Cook1

F, b. October 1868
     Ada Rebecca Cook was born in October 1868 at Baltimore Co. (probably), MD.1 She was the daughter of John Cook and Rebecca R. (?) Ada Rebecca Cook married John S. Jackson, son of William Jackson and Elizabeth McLaughlin, circa 1893.1

Child of Ada Rebecca Cook and John S. Jackson


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Adelbert Hayse Cook

M, b. 8 September 1876, d. 25 July 1952
     Adelbert Hayse Cook was born on 8 September 1876 at Colebrook, Ashtabula Co., OH. He married Martha Beryl Rodgers. Adelbert Hayse Cook died on 25 July 1952 at Warren, Trumbull Co., OH, at age 75. He was buried in July 1952 at North Colebrook Cemetery, New Lyme, Ashtabula Co., OH, Findagrave #36338117.

Child of Adelbert Hayse Cook and Martha Beryl Rodgers

Adrian B. Cook1

M, b. 19 August 1910, d. 13 June 2008
     Adrian B. Cook was born on 19 August 1910 at Gratiot Co., MI.1 He was the son of Milan L. Cook and Mildred Dibble.1 Adrian B. Cook married Mary (?) before April 1940. Adrian B. Cook lived in April 1940 at Detroit, Wayne Co., MI. He died on 13 June 2008 at Ingham Co., MI, at age 97 Dates per SSDI, last residence Stockbridge.


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Ann Elizabeth Cook

F, b. 1928, d. May 1986
     Ann Elizabeth Cook married Raymond Bauman. Ann Elizabeth Cook was born in 1928. She was the daughter of Lloyd W. Cook and Dorothy P. Windle. Ann Elizabeth Cook died in May 1986 at Camdenton, MO.

Anna Susan Cook

F, b. 9 November 1846, d. 1 November 1911
     Anna Susan Cook was born on 9 November 1846. She married Andrew Jackson McAlroy on 23 January 1876 at Andrew Co., MO. Anna Susan Cook died on 1 November 1911 at age 64. She was buried in November 1911 at Bethel Cemetery, Cosby, Andrew Co., MO, Findagrave #84434102.

Children of Anna Susan Cook and Andrew Jackson McAlroy

Birdie C. Cook1

F, b. February 1867
     Birdie C. Cook was born in February 1867 at Indiana.1 She married Robert O. Law, son of James W. Law and Susanna (?), on 14 October 1885.1

Child of Birdie C. Cook and Robert O. Law


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Carl Mercer Cook

M, b. 1908, d. 1982
     Carl Mercer Cook was born in 1908. He married June Charlotte Curry, daughter of George William Curry and Laura Bertha Thompson, on 7 December 1941 at Chillicothe, Livingston Co., MO. Carl Mercer Cook died in 1982. He was buried in 1982 at Glenwood Cemetery, Ogden, Boone Co., IA, Findagrave #102515074.

Cecile Marie Cook

F, b. 5 November 1915
     Cecile Marie Cook was born on 5 November 1915. She was the daughter of Joseph Avert Cook and Laura June Tallman. Cecile Marie Cook married Everett Emil Sproston, son of William Sproston and Jeanette Collins, on 25 March 1934.

Chaplain Cook

M, b. 1711
     Chaplain Cook was born in 1711. He married Hannah Tallman, daughter of John Tallman and Anna Bennett, on 13 December 1733 at Tiverton, Newport Co., RI.

Charles Franklin Cook

M, b. 1896, d. 1984
     Charles Franklin Cook was born in 1896. He married Helen Lucille Smoot, daughter of Otis Smoot and Daisy Bowers, in 1958. Charles Franklin Cook died in 1984. He was buried in 1984 at Mount Zion Lutheran Cemetery, Alonzaville, Shenandoah Co., VA, Findagrave #124649043.

Charles Ross Cook

M, b. 24 August 1884, d. 18 December 1916
     Charles Ross Cook was born on 24 August 1884 at Montgomery Co., OH. He was the son of William T. Cook and Margaret E. Sherard. Charles Ross Cook married Nellie May Gebhart, daughter of Charles Levi Gebhart and Susan Catherine Francis, on 26 February 1905 at Miamisburg, Montgomery Co., OH. Occupation: tobacco farmer on 16 May 1910 at Washington Twp., Montgomery Co., OH.1 Charles Ross Cook died on 18 December 1916 at Miamisburg, Montgomery Co., OH, at age 32. He was buried in December 1916 at Hillgrove Cemetery, Miamisburg, Montgomery Co., OH, Findagrave #39858094.
Note: As of the 1920 census, Forest and Wilson Cook were in the care of their widowed paternal grandmother, Maggie Cook, in rural Washington Township, Montgomery County, Ohio, census p.5A.

Children of Charles Ross Cook and Nellie May Gebhart


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