Matthew Cushing

M, b. 7 July 1728, d. 2 November 1803
     Matthew Cushing was born on 7 July 1728. He married Elizabeth Marsh. Matthew Cushing died on 2 November 1803 at age 75.

Child of Matthew Cushing and Elizabeth Marsh

Matthew Cushing

M, b. 21 June 1804
     Matthew Cushing was born on 21 June 1804 at Hingham, Plymouth Co., MA. He was the son of Ezekiel Cushing and Abigail Gill.

Peter Cushing

M, b. 1646, d. 1719
     Peter Cushing was born in 1646. He was the son of Daniel Cushing Esq. and Lydia Gilman. Peter Cushing died in 1719.

Sally Cushing

F, b. 9 August 1799
     Sally Cushing was born on 9 August 1799 at Hingham, Plymouth Co., MA. She was the daughter of Ezekiel Cushing and Abigail Gill.

Stephen Cushing

     Stephen Cushing married Katreen Kilby.

Child of Stephen Cushing and Katreen Kilby

Theophilus Cushing

M, b. 1657, d. 1718
     Theophilus Cushing was born in 1657. He was the son of Daniel Cushing Esq. and Lydia Gilman. Theophilus Cushing married Mary Thaxter on 28 November 1688. Theophilus Cushing died in 1718.

Eliza H. Cushman1

F, b. 1869
     Eliza H. Cushman was born in 1869 at Michigan.1 She married Arthur T. Dibble, son of Moses T. Dibble and Louisa Peck, on 10 September 1902 at Gratiot Co., MI.1


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Ella C. Custer1

     Ella C. Custer was the daughter of John Custer.1 Ella C. Custer married Philip M. Hunsicker, son of Henry C. Hunsicker and Lydia Markley, after 1881.1

Child of Ella C. Custer and Philip M. Hunsicker


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Eva Custer1

     Eva Custer married Gottschall Gottschall, son of Rev. Jacob Gaetschalk.1

Child of Eva Custer and Gottschall Gottschall


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Eve Custer

F, b. April 1756, d. 2 August 1821
     Eve Custer was born in April 1756 at Virginia. She married Samuel Parrett, son of Frederick Parrett and Barbara Edwards, in 1775 at Shenandoah Co. (probably), VA. Eve Custer died on 2 August 1821 at Reading Twp., Perry Co., OH, at age 65.

Child of Eve Custer and Samuel Parrett

John Custer1


Child of John Custer


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Robert Lee Custer

M, b. 9 December 1929, d. 5 February 1984
     Robert Lee Custer was born on 9 December 1929 at Pittsburgh, Allegheny Co., PA. He began military service Korean War service, U.S. Marine Corps, Corporal. He married Eileen Doris Streily, daughter of Carl Richard Streily and Doris Franklin Hampton, on 26 March 1971 at Winchester, VA. Robert Lee Custer died on 5 February 1984 at New Kensington, Westmoreland Co., PA, at age 54. He was buried in February 1984 at Lakewood Memorial Gardens, Dorseyville, Allegheny Co., PA.

Cletus Bartholomew Cutcher1

M, b. 9 June 1900, d. 1 May 1983
     Cletus Bartholomew Cutcher was born on 9 June 1900 at Ohio.1 He married Beatrice Merle Orr on 5 March 1919 at Brooke Co., WV. Cletus Bartholomew Cutcher died on 1 May 1983 at Jacksonville, Duval Co., FL, at age 82.

Child of Cletus Bartholomew Cutcher and Beatrice Merle Orr


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Lane Chandler Cutcher

M, b. 6 April 1928, d. 31 January 1995
     Lane Chandler Cutcher was born on 6 April 1928 at Bowerston, Harrison Co., OH.1 He was the son of Cletus Bartholomew Cutcher and Beatrice Merle Orr.1 Lane Chandler Cutcher married Kathryn G. Rorris, daughter of George Dimitrious Rorris and Mary Alba Greever, on 14 August 1952 at Folkston, Charlton Co., GA. Lane Chandler Cutcher died on 31 January 1995 at Sioux City, Woodbury Co., IA, at age 66

Death Notice -- Sioux City Journal, Sioux City, Iowa, Wednesday, 1 FEB 1995, p.8 (

Lane C. Cutcher
Lane C. Cutcher, 66, of Sioux City, died Tuesday at a Sioux City hospital after a brief illness.

A memorial service will be at 11 a.m. Friday at Meyer Brothers Colonial Chapel. The body has been cremated. There will be no visitation.


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Gertrude Cutler

     Gertrude Cutler married David C. Wampler.

Child of Gertrude Cutler and David C. Wampler

Mary B. Cutler


Child of Mary B. Cutler

Charles Davis Cutright

M, b. 22 May 1924, d. 16 July 2001
     Charles Davis Cutright was born on 22 May 1924. He married Margie Snyder, daughter of Cecil William Snyder and Elma D. Linger. Charles Davis Cutright died on 16 July 2001 at Upshur Co., WV, at age 77 Dates per SSDI, last residence Buckhannon.

Sarah Truitt Cutright

F, b. 3 May 1878, d. 11 October 1907
     Sarah Truitt Cutright was born on 3 May 1878 at Chillicothe, Peoria Co., IL. She married John Walter Smith on 26 July 1898 at Peoria Co., IL. Sarah Truitt Cutright died on 11 October 1907 at Peoria, Peoria Co., IL, at age 29.

Child of Sarah Truitt Cutright and John Walter Smith

Evangeline M. Cutter

F, b. 25 February 1855, d. 17 July 1902
     Evangeline M. Cutter was also known as "Eva". She was born on 25 February 1855 at New York. She married Sylvester Ross. Evangeline M. Cutter died on 17 July 1902 at Hersey, Osceola Co., MI, at age 47. She was buried in July 1902 at Oakdale Cemetery, Hersey, Osceola Co., MI, Findagrave #23845357.

Child of Evangeline M. Cutter and Sylvester Ross

Howard Adelbert Cutting

M, b. 5 August 1905, d. 17 February 1977
     Howard Adelbert Cutting was born on 5 August 1905 at Cleveland, Cuyahoga Co., OH. He married Kathryn Leola Flowers, daughter of Vernon Ward Flowers and Mary Mantonya Owens, on 10 October 1928 at Cleveland, Cuyahoga Co., OH. Howard Adelbert Cutting died on 17 February 1977 at Ft. Myers, Lee Co., FL, at age 71.

Children of Howard Adelbert Cutting and Kathryn Leola Flowers

Janet Margaret Cutting

F, b. 6 October 1939, d. 5 May 1997
     Janet Margaret Cutting was born on 6 October 1939 at Cleveland, Cuyahoga Co., OH. She was the daughter of Howard Adelbert Cutting and Kathryn Leola Flowers. Janet Margaret Cutting died on 5 May 1997 at Whitehouse, Smith Co., TX, at age 57.

Shirley Mary Cutting

F, b. 20 November 1929, d. 29 July 1997
     Shirley Mary Cutting was born on 20 November 1929 at Cleveland, Cuyahoga Co., OH. She was the daughter of Howard Adelbert Cutting and Kathryn Leola Flowers. Shirley Mary Cutting married Fred E. Fling on 6 September 1975 at Cleveland, Cuyahoga Co., OH. Shirley Mary Cutting died on 29 July 1997 at Cleveland, Cuyahoga Co., OH, at age 67.

Edward Cyphers

M, b. 1896, d. 1949
     Edward Cyphers was born in 1896. He married Sylvia Lyda Swigart, daughter of William Sherman Swigart and Mary L. Hollopeter. Edward Cyphers died in 1949.

Harold Eugene Cyphers

M, b. 3 August 1917
     Harold Eugene Cyphers was born on 3 August 1917 at Alpha, Greene Co., OH. He was the son of John Cyphers and Gertrude Snyder. Harold Eugene Cyphers married Pollyanna Virginia Linebaugh, daughter of Arthur Elijah Linebaugh and Bertha Alice Lindwood, on 17 November 1945.

John Cyphers

     John Cyphers married Gertrude Snyder.

Child of John Cyphers and Gertrude Snyder

Philomena Cyphert1

F, b. 6 January 1886, d. 18 June 1972
     Philomena Cyphert was born on 6 January 1886 at Pennsylvania.1 She married John A. Kapper.1 Philomena Cyphert died on 18 June 1972 at age 86. She was buried in June 1972 at Holy Cross Cemetery, Akron, Summit Co., OH, Findagrave #167830122.

Child of Philomena Cyphert and John A. Kapper


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Adolph Paul Czerwenka

M, b. 3 September 1919, d. 14 September 2002
     Adolph Paul Czerwenka was born on 3 September 1919. He began military service on 15 February 1944. He married Ellen Troy Carter. Adolph Paul Czerwenka ended military service on 30 June 1971; Discharged. He died on 14 September 2002 at age 83.

Albert Aaron D'Arcy

M, b. 3 October 1879, d. 30 May 1948
     Albert Aaron D'Arcy was born on 3 October 1879 at Clam Lake, Wexford Co., MI. He married Mary Luella Matthews, daughter of LeRoy Neafie Matthews and Vivian Victoria Mellon, in 1934. Albert Aaron D'Arcy and Mary Luella Matthews were divorced before August 1940. Albert Aaron D'Arcy died on 30 May 1948 at Pontiac, Oakland Co., MI, at age 68.

Child of Albert Aaron D'Arcy and Mary Luella Matthews

Alice Saunders Dabney

F, b. 4 September 1912, d. 21 April 2007
     Alice Saunders Dabney was born on 4 September 1912 at Charlottesville, VA. She married John Crump Parker on 7 December 1935 at Charlottesville, VA. Alice Saunders Dabney died on 21 April 2007 at Franklin City, VA, at age 94. She was buried in April 2007 at Poplar Spring Cemetery, Franklin City, VA, Findagrave #37896705.

Cora Dabney1

F, b. July 1893
     Cora Dabney was born in July 1893 at Missouri.1 She was the daughter of Louis Tyler Dabney and Ruthia Ann Ellis.1


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