Mahala Ellen Denny

     Mahala Ellen Denny married Josiah Popejoy, son of Christopher Edward Popejoy and Mary Bowers, in 1869.

Mary Elizabeth Denny

F, b. 27 October 1833, d. 4 August 1864
     Mary Elizabeth Denny was born on 27 October 1833 at Indiana. She was the daughter of Robert Denny and Lucinda May. Mary Elizabeth Denny married William M. Tilford, son of John Scott Tilford and Anna Maria Dawalt, on 13 January 1850 at Washington Co., IN. Mary Elizabeth Denny died on 4 August 1864 at Washington Twp., Washington Co., IN, at age 30. She was buried in August 1864 at Samuel Denny Cemetery, Washington Twp., Washington Co., IN, Headstone inscription:

Aug. 4, 1864
30 YS. 9 MS. 7 DS.

Children of Mary Elizabeth Denny and William M. Tilford

Mary Lucinda Denny

F, b. February 1844, d. 1946
     Mary Lucinda Denny was born in February 1844 at Ohio.1,2 She was the daughter of Henry Denny and Caroline (?)3 Mary Lucinda Denny married Joseph Rhinehart, son of Joseph Rhinehart and Rachel Long, on 12 October 1867, Five children born, 3 living as of 21 JUN 1900.2 Mary Lucinda Denny and Joseph Rhinehart were divorced before 7 May 1910.4 Mary Lucinda Denny died in 1946 at Mound Valley, Labette Co., KS.

Children of Mary Lucinda Denny and Joseph Rhinehart


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Minnie Susanna Denny

     Minnie Susanna Denny married Eldridge Sage Byrd.

Child of Minnie Susanna Denny and Eldridge Sage Byrd

Rachel Denny1,2

F, b. 1748, d. 1 April 1812
     Rachel Denny was born in 1748 at Chester Co. (probably), PA, headstone inscription, "in the 64th year of her age".1 She was the daughter of William Denny and Sarah Henderson. Rachel Denny married Richard Rodgers, son of William Rodgers. Rachel Denny died on 1 April 1812 at Cumberland Co., PA.1 She was buried in April 1812 at Middle Spring Presbyterian Church (new), Middle Spring, Cumberland Co., PA, Find A Grave Memorial# 44304226.

Children of Rachel Denny and Richard Rodgers


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Robert Denny

M, b. 16 October 1807, d. 12 June 1836
     Robert Denny was born on 16 October 1807 at Mercer Co., KY. He married Lucinda May on 11 June 1829 at Washington Co., IN. Robert Denny died on 12 June 1836 at Washington Co., IN, at age 28.

Child of Robert Denny and Lucinda May

Walter R. Denny

M, b. circa 1904
     Walter R. Denny was born circa 1904.1 He was the son of Jacob Denny and Rose E. (?) Walter R. Denny married Lola Maude Nutter, daughter of John Nutter and Arminda Lanning, circa 1924 at Perry Co. (probably), OH.1


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William Denny

M, b. 1708, d. 28 August 1784
     William Denny was born in 1708 at Northern Ireland Info per Lynleigh Benton Family Tree genealogy prepared by mikage004, online at He married Sarah Henderson in 1736. William Denny died on 28 August 1784.
Note: Sons Samuel and William and daughters Sarah, Margaret, Rebecca, and Rachel are named in the will of William Denny Sr., died August 29, 1784, probated November 15, 1784, Chester County, Pennsylvania.

Child of William Denny and Sarah Henderson

Mary Jane Denoor

     Mary Jane Denoor married Thomas Cline, son of David Cline and Elizabeth DeLong, on 21 May 1849 at Guernsey (now Noble) Co., OH.

Samuel Densler

     Samuel Densler married Zella Mabel Rowley, daughter of George Rowley and Susan Arnold, after April 1910.

Albert Denslow1

     Albert Denslow was the son of Diana Moomaw.1


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Harry Denslow1

     Harry Denslow was the son of Diana Moomaw.1


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Leo E. Denslow1

     Leo E. Denslow was the son of Diana Moomaw.1 Leo E. Denslow lived in 1926 at 51 Maple Avenue, New Rochelle, Westchester Co., NY; Wanger book says "N.J." but probably meant NY.1


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Mabel E. Denslow1

     Mabel E. Denslow married Jerome Stover Robinson, son of Melancthon S. Robinson and Naomi Agnes Stover, on 28 June 1899, No children.1


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Mary Densmore1

F, b. circa 1883
     Mary Densmore was born circa 1883 at Alabama.1 She married Emile Voirin circa 1909.1

Child of Mary Densmore and Emile Voirin


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Druscilla Denson1

F, b. 1815, d. 1851
     Druscilla Denson was born in 1815 at Somerset Co., MD.1 She married Samuel Mezick on 15 December 1835 at Somerset Co., MD. Druscilla Denson died in 1851 at Somerset Co., MD.

Child of Druscilla Denson and Samuel Mezick


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James Eldridge Denson

M, b. 9 February 1876, d. 12 July 1958
     James Eldridge Denson was born on 9 February 1876 at Maryland. He married Carolina Elizabeth Mezick, daughter of Thomas Lazarus Mezick and Anna R. Matthews, circa 1903. James Eldridge Denson and Carolina Elizabeth Mezick were divorced after 30 April 1910. James Eldridge Denson died on 12 July 1958 at Hebron, Wicomico Co., MD, at age 82.

Alta Viola Denton

F, b. 8 July 1895, d. 31 January 1936
     Alta Viola Denton was born on 8 July 1895 at Indiana. She married Roscoe Daniel Blevins, son of Charles Marion Blevins and Margaret Lydia Walk, on 8 June 1913 at Washington Co., IN. Alta Viola Denton died on 31 January 1936 at Hardinsburg, Washington Co., IN, at age 40. She was buried on 2 February 1936 at Old Unity Cemetery, Hardinsburg, Washington Co., IN.

Darrell S. Denton1

M, b. circa 1890, d. after April 1940
     Darrell S. Denton was born circa 1890 at Illinois.1 He married Rose M. (?).1 Darrell S. Denton died after April 1940.


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Lydia Denton

F, b. circa 1819, d. after 1880
     Lydia Denton was born circa 1819 at Virginia. She married Algernon Eugenis Gilmer, son of Thomas Gilmer and Mary (?), on 14 October 1848 at Rockingham Co., VA. Lydia Denton died after 1880.

Children of Lydia Denton and Algernon Eugenis Gilmer

Martha Denton

     Martha Denton married John Van Lew on 27 September 1763.

Children of Martha Denton and John Van Lew

Orpha Caroline Denton

F, b. 1851, d. 1918
     Orpha Caroline Denton was born in 1851. She married Jeremiah M. Cox. Orpha Caroline Denton died in 1918. She was buried in 1918 at Cox Cemetery, Sullivan Co., TN, Find A Grave Memorial# 128085197.

Child of Orpha Caroline Denton and Jeremiah M. Cox

William B. Denton

M, d. 1921
     William B. Denton married Nettie Young, daughter of Uriah Young and Margaret Miller, in 1890. William B. Denton died in 1921.

Edna DePaul

F, b. 20 February 1922
     Edna DePaul was born on 20 February 1922. She married Lawrence H. Semler, son of Lewis Edward Semler and Mabel Kathinka Evenson, on 4 October 1947.

Charles DePew

     Charles DePew married Elsie Cantrell.

Child of Charles DePew and Elsie Cantrell

Edna Beatrice DePew

F, b. 22 March 1893, d. 4 June 1979
     Edna Beatrice DePew was born on 22 March 1893 at Wier, Cherokee Co., KS. She was the daughter of Charles DePew and Elsie Cantrell. Edna Beatrice DePew married Ezra Homer Owen, son of Decatur Ford Owen and Elvira Virginia Windle, on 6 May 1910 at Taloga, Dewey Co., OK. Edna Beatrice DePew married Leslie Herald Owen, son of Decatur Ford Owen and Elvira Virginia Windle, on 26 November 1938 at Phoenix, Maricopa Co., AZ. Edna Beatrice DePew died on 4 June 1979 at Oak Grove, Jackson Co., MO, at age 86.

Children of Edna Beatrice DePew and Ezra Homer Owen

Mary Alice Depew

F, b. 17 May 1861, d. 23 June 1933
     Mary Alice Depew was born on 17 May 1861 at Fordtown, Sullivan Co., TN. She was the daughter of William Depew and Catherine Combs. Mary Alice Depew married Calvin Jerome Kitzmiller, son of Henry Carr Kitzmiller and Annis Amie Cox. Mary Alice Depew died on 23 June 1933 at age 72. She was buried in June 1933 at Fordtown Baptist Church Cemetery, Kingsport, Sullivan Co., TN, Find A Grave Memorial# 55183068.

Nannie Elvira DePew

F, b. 18 July 1875, d. May 1968
     Nannie Elvira DePew was born on 18 July 1875 at Sullivan Co., TN. She was the daughter of W. DePew and Julia Chase. Nannie Elvira DePew married Joseph Gilbert DeVault, son of John David DeVault and Nancy Melvina Hartness, on 14 January 1897 at DePew's Chapel, Sullivan Co., TN. Nannie Elvira DePew died in May 1968 at Emory, Washington Co., VA, at age 92 OBITUARY:
The Kingsport Tennessee Times; Friday May 3, 1968; page 10, column 6; (

Mrs. Nannie DeVault
EMORY -- Mrs. Nannie DePew Devault, 92, died Thursday afternoon in an Abingdon hospital.
She was a member of the Emory Methodist Church, the Women's Missionary Society, and the College Community Club of Emory.
Surviving are three daughters, Miss Mable DeVault of Emory, Mrs. Taylor Darden of Cresskill, N. J., Mrs. J. A. Waddell of Formosa; three sons, Col. Charles DeVault of Marion, Serle DeVault of Canton, Ohio, Shields DeVault of Woodlawn, Va; six grandchildren; and three great-grandchildren.
The body is at Henderson Funeral Chapel at Abingdon from where funeral arrangements will be announced later.

Children of Nannie Elvira DePew and Joseph Gilbert DeVault

W. DePew

     W. DePew married Julia Chase.

Child of W. DePew and Julia Chase

William Depew

     William Depew married Catherine Combs.

Child of William Depew and Catherine Combs