Samuel Roy Davalt

M, b. 5 July 1886, d. 13 August 1967
     Samuel Roy Davalt was born on 5 July 1886 at Missouri. He was the son of Samuel Davalt and Marium Maria Coffeen. Samuel Roy Davalt began military service WW I service, U.S. Army. He died on 13 August 1967 at age 81. He was buried in August 1967 at University Park Cemetery, University Park, Mahaska Co., IA, Findagrave #104926766.

Thomas Gregory Davalt

M, b. 29 July 1953, d. 8 June 1990
     Thomas Gregory Davalt was born on 29 July 1953. He was the son of Harlan Hubert Davalt. Thomas Gregory Davalt died on 8 June 1990 at Duval Co., FL, at age 36. He was buried in June 1990 at Greenlawn Cemetery, Jacksonville, Duval Co., FL, Findagrave #140081949.

William I. Davalt

M, b. 1862, d. 1865
     William I. Davalt was born in 1862 at Clark Co., MO. He was the son of Samuel Davalt and Marium Maria Coffeen. William I. Davalt died in 1865 at Clark Co., MO.


M, b. 8 March 1909, d. 8 March 1909
     Davalt died on 8 March 1909 at Sayre, Beckham Co., OK. He was born on 8 March 1909 at Sayre, Beckham Co., OK. He was the son of John Davalt and Bessie Chloe Farrar. Davalt was buried in March 1909 at Sayre-Doxey Cemetery, Sayre, Beckham Co., OK.


F, b. 11 May 1908, d. 11 May 1908
     Davalt died on 11 May 1908 at Doxey, Beckham Co., OK. She was born on 11 May 1908 at Doxey, Beckham Co., OK. She was the daughter of John Davalt and Bessie Chloe Farrar. Davalt was buried in May 1908 at Sayre-Doxey Cemetery, Sayre, Beckham Co., OK.

Abraham DaVault

M, b. 3 March 1835, d. 10 May 1902
     Note: Two additional children died in infancy. Abraham DaVault was born on 3 March 1835 at New Florence, Montgomery Co., MO. He was the son of Peter Davault and Mary Virginia Hoss. Abraham DaVault married Medora E. Jones, daughter of Thomas Jones and Catherine (?), on 14 July 1868. Occupation: Prominent educator in Montgomery County, MO -- literature teacher as of the 1880 census. in 1880.1 Abraham DaVault died on 10 May 1902 at Jonesburg, Montgomery Co., MO, at age 67.

Children of Abraham DaVault and Medora E. Jones


  1. [S2252] 1880 Federal Census, Audrain County, Missouri. Microfilm Image, NARA Series T9, Roll 672; FHL #1254672.

Ada Belle DaVault

F, b. October 1888, d. 1938
     Ada Belle DaVault was born in October 1888 at Illinois. She was the daughter of Jacob Wesley DaVault and Rebecca Frances Helmick. Ada Belle DaVault married Charles Frederick Randel, son of Charles Henry Randel and Helena Margaret Anton, on 3 June 1908 at Douglas Co., KS. Ada Belle DaVault died in 1938. She was buried in 1938 at Vinland Cemetery, Baldwin City, Douglas Co., KS.

Children of Ada Belle DaVault and Charles Frederick Randel


  1. [S1857] 1910 Federal Census, Douglas County, Kansas. Microfilm Image, NARA Series T624, Roll 438; FHL #1374451.
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  3. [S1859] 1930 Federal Census, Douglas County, Kansas. Microfilm Image, NARA Series T626, Roll 700; FHL #2340435.

Albirtie DaVault

F, b. 1881, d. 1881
     Albirtie DaVault died in 1881 at New Florence, New Florence, Montgomery Co., MO. She was born in 1881 at New Florence, New Florence, Montgomery Co., MO. She was the daughter of John DaVault and Sophia A. Fullington. Albirtie DaVault was buried in 1881 at New Florence Cemetery, New Florence, Montgomery Co., MO.

Alfred DaVault

M, b. 14 April 1842, d. 17 March 1932
     Alfred DaVault was born on 14 April 1842 at New Florence, Montgomery Co., MO. He was the son of Peter Davault and Mary Virginia Hoss. Alfred DaVault married Sarah Corrine McNeily, daughter of Levi McNeily and Ann Sperry, on 24 November 1862 at Missouri. Alfred DaVault married Elizabeth Gardner, daughter of Philo Gardner and Susan Young, on 13 December 1882 at New Florence, Montgomery Co., MO. Occupation: Farmer, Deputy Sheriff and Sheriff. Alfred DaVault was Methodist.
Note: Old Settlers Association, Montgomery County, Missouri, Sixth Reunion, August 6, 1887
Thomas J. Powell's grove 1/2 mile west of New Florence, Alfred Davault elected Vice-President.

Old Settlers Association, Montgomery County, Missouri, Eighth Reunion, August 3, 1889 Alfred Davault elected Vice-President.

Old Settlers Association, Montgomery County, Missouri, Tenth Reunion, August 1, 1891 Alfred Davault elected to Board of Directors

NEWSPAPER ARTICLE - Montgomery Standard, May 13, 1904
A few nights ago a young cyclone struck in the vicinity of Alf Davault's farm. Fences were laid
down like straws. A t Mr. Davault's the bay window was damaged and the family very much frightened.

Montgomery Standard, Montgomery City, Missouri, April 27, 1923
Saturday evening, April 14, 1923, about 30 invited guests assembled at the hospitable home of Mr. and Mrs. M. G. Lavender, in this city, the occasion being a compliment to the hostess's father, Mr. Alfred Davault, on his 81st birthday. Mr. Davault is one of the oldest native born residents of this place; he was born and raised less than one-half mile from town, on the Boonslick road where his parents, who were early pioneers from Kentucky (sic) pre-empted a large tract of land south of town and founded the Davault Tavern on the Boonslick Trail. Later they remodeled it into a modern country home, where they spent the remainder of their lives and raised a large family of children. Mr. J. U. Knox, a grandson, now resides there and recently a D.A.R. marker has been placed by "the old tavern site". Mr. Davault is the only one of the family who remains in this vicinity. He now resides on his farm adjoining town, which he has owned for nearly 60 years. His wife, formerly Miss Lizzie Gardner, of this place, is the presiding genius of his well appointed home, where a smile and a warm welcome awaits all comers. They have 6 children, all of whom are honored and esteemed members of society and are filling useful positions in life.
Mr. Davault still retains his usual activities and devotes much time to his church and the I.O.O.F., where he is always found holding a prominent official position, and is a favorite teacher in the Sunday School. He is a prominent Democrat and served both state and county well for many years. He delights to spend much time and effort in his garden and among his fruits and flowers, and enjoys hunting and fishing.
All of the family with the exception on one son, Alfred, Jr., who is employed in the far west, were present to enjoy the evening with him. After much pleasant conversation and jolly games all were invited to the dining room where the lights were unespectedly switched off. In a moment the two little grandsons, Davault Nunnelly and Harold Lavender, appeared in the doorway bearing between them a daintily appointed tray laden with a large glistening white angle food cake wreathed in fragrant spring blossoms and brightly adorned with 81 lighted candles; quickly they crossed the room and presented it to Grandpa as his birthday gift. Dainty refreshments were then served by the hostess, assisted by Misses Lillian and Edith Davault and Mrs. H. H. Davault; later the little ones present were the center of attraction, and all enjoyed the beautiful songs rendered by Miss Edith Davault with Mrs. Lavender at the piano.
At a late hour, after wishing Mr. Davault many more long years brightened with warm friendships, sweet music, fragrant flowers and good things to eat, the guests departed, thanking Mr. and Mrs. Lavender for a very delightful evening.
Those attending were Mr. and Mrs Alfred Davault, Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Knox, Mr. and Mrs. J. U. Knox, Mr. and Mrs. Frank Knox, Elmer Duebbert and family, Ad Bishop and family, Howard Nunnelly and family, Herbert Davault and wife, P. A. Davis and wife, Mrs. Fannie Davault, Mrs. Angie Pemberton, Miss Martha Knox, Misses Lillian and Edith Davault, William Knox, Jr.

He died on 17 March 1932 at Missouri at age 89. He was buried in March 1932 at New Florence Cemetery, New Florence, Montgomery Co., MO.

Child of Alfred DaVault and Sarah Corrine McNeily

Children of Alfred DaVault and Elizabeth Gardner

Alfred DaVault

M, b. 9 December 1885, d. 21 June 1949
     Alfred DaVault was born on 9 December 1885. He was the son of Alfred DaVault and Elizabeth Gardner. Alfred DaVault lived at Denver, CO; later Oakland, Alameda Co., CA. He died on 21 June 1949 at Mexico, Audrain Co., MO, at age 63. He was buried in June 1949 at New Florence Cemetery, New Florence, Montgomery Co., MO.

Alma Grace Davault1

F, b. 1903, d. 1987
     Alma Grace Davault was born in 1903 at Pratt Co., KS.1 She was the daughter of Frederick Adolph Davault and Alma Sue Dyerly.1 Alma Grace Davault married William Hovey Templeman. Alma Grace Davault married W. C. Crowder. Alma Grace Davault died in 1987. She was buried in 1987 at Greenlawn Cemetery, Pratt, Pratt Co., KS, Findagrave #76144524.

Children of Alma Grace Davault and William Hovey Templeman


  1. [S2045] 1910 Federal Census, Pratt County, Kansas. Microfilm Image, NARA Series T624, Roll 453; FHL #1374466.

Angeline Estell DaVault

F, b. 19 October 1883, d. 26 November 1955
     Angeline Estell DaVault was born on 19 October 1883 at Montgomery Co., MO. She was the daughter of Alfred DaVault and Elizabeth Gardner. Angeline Estell DaVault was graduated at Hardin College, Music Major, Mexico, Audrain Co., MO. She married Moses Greer Lavender, son of Robert Lavender and Emma C. (?), on 8 January 1908 at New Florence, Montgomery Co., MO, From New Florence Leader:


Some sixty or more friends assembled at the home of Mr and Mrs Alf Davault Wednesday evening the 8th, to witness the taking on of wedding vows by Mr Moses G. Lavender and Miss Angeline Davault.
Introductory to the service, a song, Hearts and Flowers, with transpositions, was sweetly and with appropriateness rendered by Miss Floye See.
In a room trimmed with mistletow, palms and flowers and as the wedding march was being played by Miss Edith Davault, Mr Bruce Davault and Miss Susie Pemberton led the way for the unassuming couple. Rev J W Ham in a very pretty and sufficiently solemn service pronounced them man and wife.
To the dining room next assembled, a full course supper was served which exemplified the splendid reputation of Mrs Davault and daughters as artisans in preparing delectables.
The evening was pleasantly passed and Mr and Mrs Lavender received a shower of congratulations from the friends assembled.
The list of presents was large and contained many handsome and valuable ones.
Miss Angie is the oldest daughter of Mr and Mrs Alf Davault. She is a great favorite, not only with Mr Lavender, but with all. She is one or our best musicians and for church and Sunday School work she is unexcelled. The members of her Sunday School class cling to her with love and affection.
Mr Lavender was born near Jonesburg. Some seven years ago he came to New Florence and began his work with the LEADER and but for a brief stay in Colorado has been with us continuously. His devotion to his work, his exemplary christian life merit from us our highest praise. No young man enjoys the confidence of the people more than he.
They are now keeping house in the White property with life's happiness before them.

Occupation: Taught music and managed the New Florence Leader newspaper.
Note: Letter on Leader Publishing Company (Letter head)
Montgomery County Leader
M. G. LAVENDER, Editor

New Florence, MO. Wed. evening
My dear Minnie :- Was so very glad to get your letter today for we have all worried so much about you & I've said a dozen times that knew you were surely not well or you would have written. I hope you are better now & will soon be feeling better. You have had so much it isn't easy to get over soon. But do hope you will soon get stronger. Don't try to do much, perhaps when spring comes you'll feel better. Mose & Harold are at church, a revival is going on & M. thinks he must go at least part of the time. I've been rather busy since Xmas, one week cold packed beef, put up 12 cans, & another week had a dressed hog & had to make lard, sugar cure hams & one shoulder & sides, & H. & I made 25 lbs. sausage, then I fried down in qt. jars part of the sausage, then last week on Friday afternoon I had a little "Stork Shower" for a neighbor who was moving to near Mexico. On Sat. had company, & again on Sunday had John & Maggie Lavender from McKittrick all day, one week made little mince-meat, one week cooked my big pumpkin & cold packed it so really haven't had a minute , & this week since Sat. I've really been almost sick with a very bad cold, is some better now. M. had it. Mama has some cold but stays in so close, we didn't get to go home Sunday with company. Edith hasn't been up since New Year's Day. Imagine she will be coming home next week or so for a visit. Lillie is fine, hasn't been as busy since Xmas as before. How is June? You didn't say if she had gone back to school. Tell her H. went skating last night & is going again after church (he didn't want to go to church had to make him). Am going to send you the Leader Minnie.
Maybe you can hear what we are doing that way, altho news is mighty scarce now, so quiet. Edith wrote that Jack was better, she was out last week to see them, & that Annie was trying to get on the Radio, Mr. Pfaff was feeling very well. Have you gotten you a Radio yet? If not get one they are lots of company, sometimes I turn ours off because I need quiet, I hear so much noise all day am tired at night. Now Minnie the first Sunday you are able & it is pretty I want you all to come down for the whole day. I don't have to know it just come on. I always have enough for extras & we are so anxious for you to come just come any Sunday Geo. can get off & when the weather gets a little warmer you are coming down & stay a week we'll just love to have you & I'm not going to take no. First time can get Howard & Catherine to take a day off am going to make them bring us up, had weather Howard is tired from driving all day week days & I don't go much on Sundays. We have Pusses again for this year so Mose & I will come up some of these times, but we want you all to come just as soon as you feel like it I won't go to any trouble. Do hope you get well soon & try to get an appetite. No trouble to get my family to eat, I'm only afraid thay will over eat. H. has had two spells of indigestion lately from eating too much pie, but he never gets full & is growing so tall. Let us know how you feel & try & rest up, you are just worn out from never resting, so try to rest all you can. Now come down all of you just as soon as you can for want you to. Must close for we go to bed rather early, & get up at 5 on work mornings. Love to all of you Angie Lavender.

Angeline Estell DaVault died on 26 November 1955 at Mexico, Audrain Co., MO, at age 72. She was buried in November 1955 at New Florence Cemetery, New Florence, Montgomery Co., MO.

Child of Angeline Estell DaVault and Moses Greer Lavender

Anna Theresa DaVault

F, b. March 1878, d. 6 July 1952
     Anna Theresa DaVault was born in March 1878 at Jonesburg, Montgomery Co., MO. She was the daughter of Abraham DaVault and Medora E. Jones. Anna Theresa DaVault lived at St. Louis, MO. She died on 6 July 1952 at St. Louis, MO, at age 74 OBITUARY - Montgomery City Standard; July 17 1952; Page 1
Passing Of Annie Therese Davault
Annie Therese Davault, youngest daughter of Abraham and Medora Jones Davault, was born and reared to young womanhood in Jonesburg, Missouri. She received her education there and at Howard Payne College, Fayette, and was also a graduate of the Perry School of Expression in St. Louis, and studied this art in other places, including the East. From childhood she was most talented in this pleasing art and was an adept at dialect impersonation, particularly that of the Negro race, in which she could not be surpassed. She was very generous with her talent and gave freely of it for her church and patriotic organizations. She often came to her old home town to assist in a financial way. Annie was a friendly person of genial nature and was always a popular and highly esteemed Jonesburg daughter. Her visits from time to time brought a world of pleasure to a host of kindred and friends.
For years she traveled as a lyceum and Chataqua attraction, spending much time in the far West. Following her father's death the family moved to St. Louis which was their place of residence for many years and there, after several years illness, she passed away last Sunday evening, July 8th. Father, mother, brother-in-law, J. M. Pfaff, and other near relatives had preceeded her in death. She is survived by an only sister, Mrs. Juliet Pfaff; a nephew, Justus Pfaff; two aunts; Mrs.. J. D. Ebert and Miss Maudie Jones; a number of cousins, other kindred and friends.
She became a member of the Methodist Church in early youth. She was a good daughter, sister, relative and friend and her memory will ever be cherished by all those who knew and loved her. Her wonderful talent brought entertainment and pleasure to hundreds. Last rites in her honor were held at the Harding Mortuary in Jonesburg on Tuesday afternoon July 5th with Rev. Don Jacobs officiating. He stressed that health of the soul was far more important than health of the body. Rev. Frank Getty sang three numbers with Mrs. F. J. Boehmer as the accompanist. The songs were "Does Jesus Care", "Somebody Knows", and "Close To Thee". Casket bearers were old friends - Will Van Studdiford, Fleet Palmer, Stirling Graham, Charles Carr, Frank Boehmer and William Dothage. Interment was in the Jonesburg Cemetery beside other loved ones.

Note: did not marry.

Bertha Rose Davault1

F, b. 20 March 1883, d. 29 January 1962
     Bertha Rose Davault was born on 20 March 1883 at Phelps Co., MO.1 She was the daughter of Thomas Davault and Lucinda Isabelle Blain.1 Bertha Rose Davault died on 29 January 1962 at St. James, Phelps Co., MO, at age 78. She was buried in February 1962 at Dawson Cemetery, Phelps Co., MO, Findagrave #166835455.


  1. [S1278] 1900 Federal Census, Phelps County, Missouri. Microfilm Image, NARA Series T623, Rolls 880 - 881; FHL #1240880 - 81.

Bruce Thomas Davault

M, b. 26 May 1876, d. 1 February 1937
     Bruce Thomas Davault was born on 26 May 1876 at New Florence, Montgomery Co., MO. He was the son of Frederick Davault and Margaret Ellen McCleary. Bruce Thomas Davault married Gertrude Dunkin, daughter of James Dunkin and Malvina Key, on 25 May 1911 at Mexico, Audrain Co., MO,

WEDDING ANNOUNCEMENT - Montgomery County Leader
Davault -- Dunkin.
Married at the home of the bride's parents, near Mexico, Thursday, May 25th, 1911, Mr. Bruce Davault and Miss Gertrude Dunkin. Only the immediate relatives of the bride were present. Miss Dunkin is quite an accomplished young lady and for several years past has been teaching school in Audrain county.
Bruce is a son of Mr. and Mrs. Fred Davault of this place, and was born and raised (in) New Florence, and is a young man of sterling worth. For the past few years he has been a postal clerk in the post office at Tulsa, Okla. They went to St. Louis on No. 12 last night. They will return to this place next week for a few days
visit. They will make their home in Tulsa, where a new home, nicely furnished is awaiting them.
The LEADER extends best wishes.

Occupation: Post office and grocery business.

NEWSPAPER ARTICLE - Montgomery Standard, Montgomery City, Missouri, September 10, 1904,
page 14, column 2
Bruce Davault took a part of his fine shorthorn cattle to the world's fair the past week and will remain there with them while they are on exhibition. This is the same stock with which he carried off so many blue ribbons at the street fair last year and it is to be hoped they will bring home some blue ribbons from the Louisiana Purchase fair.

Bruce Thomas Davault died on 1 February 1937 at San Diego, San Diego Co., CA, at age 60

Bruce Davault Dead
Word was received at this place Thursday morning telling of the death of Bruce Davault at his home in San Diego, Calif. on Monday, February 1st, 1937, aged about 61 years.
Bruce was the youngest son of Mr. and Mrs. Fred Davault, and was born and reared on what is now known as the Ekey farm West of town. He left here in 1906 and spent a few months in Colorado, then going to Okla., where he was in the Civil Service for several years. He later engaged in the grocery business. Several years ago, on account of ill health he went to Arizona to seek relief from his affliction -- the asthma -- then the family went to California where they have since resided.
He was married about 1910, to Miss Gertrude Dunkin, of near Mexico. To this union was born two children, a son and daughter who with the widow survive. Funeral services were held at the Bonham Bros. Mortuary at San Diego, Wednesday.
His parents passed away a number of years ago. He leaves three brothers, E. C. Davault of Santa Ana, Calif., and E. L. Davault, of Riverside, Calif., and Wm. Davault, of near Williamsburg, besides many
other relatives and friends.

He was buried in February 1937 at Mt. Hope Cemetery, San Diego, San Diego Co., CA.

Children of Bruce Thomas Davault and Gertrude Dunkin

Carl A. DaVault

M, b. 24 October 1885, d. 19 November 1969
     Carl A. DaVault was born on 24 October 1885 at Denison, Grayson Co., TX. He was the son of John DaVault and Sophia A. Fullington. Occupation: Real Estate agent in 1930 at Denison, Grayson Co., TX.
Note: Carl was a Texas delegate to the 1932 Repubican National Convention. Carl A. DaVault lived at Denison, Grayson, TX. He died on 19 November 1969 at Grayson Co., TX, at age 84. He was buried in November 1969 at New Florence Cemetery, New Florence, Montgomery Co., MO.

Catherine DaVault

F, b. 26 November 1836, d. 20 May 1875
     Catherine DaVault was also known as "Kittie".
Note: Inherited the Davault Tavern (Missouri) from her father. She was born on 26 November 1836 at New Florence, Montgomery Co., MO. She was the daughter of Peter Davault and Mary Virginia Hoss. Catherine DaVault married David Franklin Knox, son of William Knox and Sarah Clark, in 1858 at New Florence, Montgomery Co., MO. Catherine DaVault died on 20 May 1875 at Missouri at age 38. She was buried in May 1875 at New Florence Cemetery, New Florence, Montgomery Co., MO.

Children of Catherine DaVault and David Franklin Knox

Catherine Davault

F, b. 30 September 1801, d. 29 August 1860
     Catherine Davault was born on 30 September 1801 at Sullivan Co., TN. She was the daughter of Gabriel DeWalt and Magdalena Kitzmiller. Catherine Davault married Samuel Latture, son of Harmon Latture and Agnes Boles, circa 1820. Catherine Davault died on 29 August 1860 at Sullivan Co., TN, at age 58. She was buried in 1860 at New Bethel Presbyterian Church Cemetery, Piney Flats, Sullivan Co., TN.

Child of Catherine Davault and Samuel Latture

Catherine Benson Davault

F, b. 3 September 1909, d. 21 October 1979
     Catherine Benson Davault was born on 3 September 1909 at the Benson Homestead, Callaway Co., MO. She was the daughter of William Frederick Davault and Catherine Beal Benson. Catherine Benson Davault married Thomas Gordon Niedergerke, son of Thomas Niedergerke and Dolly Snethen, on 2 April 1933 at St. Louis, MO. Catherine Benson Davault lived at Fulton, Callaway Co., MO. She died on 21 October 1979 at Fulton, Callaway Co., MO, at age 70. She was buried in October 1979 at Callaway Memorial Gardens, Fulton, Callaway Co., MO.

Child of Catherine Benson Davault and Thomas Gordon Niedergerke

Catherine Q. DaVault

F, b. 16 November 1816, d. 15 October 1850
     Note: Catherine Davault was the fifth child of Frederick and Margaret Davault. In 1838 she married A. Hamilton Crawford and they moved to Montgomery Co., Missouri, near her brothers. Peter and Henry. Later Catherine and Hamilton moved to Kansas. After the death of Hamilton, Catherine returned to Missouri. The 1850 Census shows her living with Virginia Davault, widow of Henry, and Virginia's daughter, Mary. Catherine died a few months after the census was recorded. Catherine Q. DaVault was born on 16 November 1816 at DeVault's Ford, Washington Co., TN. She was the daughter of Frederick DaVault and Margaret Range. Catherine Q. DaVault married Achilles Hamilton Crawford, son of John Crawford and Caroline Perry, on 4 October 1838 at Greene Co., TN, no children. Catherine Q. DaVault died on 15 October 1850 at Montgomery Co., MO, at age 33. She was buried in October 1895 at New Florence, Montgomery Co., MO.

Charles Davault1

M, b. June 1885
     Charles Davault was born in June 1885 at Gasconade or Phelps Co., MO.1 He was the son of Thomas Davault and Lucinda Isabelle Blain.1


  1. [S1278] 1900 Federal Census, Phelps County, Missouri. Microfilm Image, NARA Series T623, Rolls 880 - 881; FHL #1240880 - 81.

Charles Alfred Davault

M, b. 12 June 1867, d. 14 December 1921
     Charles Alfred Davault was born on 12 June 1867 at New Florence, Montgomery Co., MO. He was the son of Frederick Davault and Margaret Ellen McCleary. Charles Alfred Davault was graduated at Kirksville, Adair Co., MO; Kirksville Business College. He married Susie S. Newland, daughter of Albert Newland and Susan (?), on 15 December 1892 at Tucker House, Mexico, Audrain Co., MO, Charles and Susie were married at the Tucker House. The wedding was attended by Miss Gussie Lafferty and Edwin L. Davault. The ceremony was performed by Rev. Jackson.

Occupation: In March of 1888, Charles and his partner, Howard Ellis, established the Montgomery County Leader published in New Florence, Missouri. For six years he edited the Leader before selling out to his partner. For the next twenty years he edited and published the Farber, Missouri Forum. He was Secretary of the Audrain County Democratic Central Committee. In 1900 he was in charge of the Census for his Congressional District, helped by his brother, Bruce Davault. In 1918 he moved to Oklahoma City and
went into the grocery business with his brothers. He published a number of poems in St. Louis newspapers and was recognized (with his photo) in the book Poets of America by Thomas W. Herringshaw, 1890.

Local and National Poets of America, by Thos. W. Herringshaw, Pages 521-522; Chicago, ILL., American
Publishing Association; 1890
Born: New Florence, MO., June 12 1867.
ACQUIRING a literary taste at an early age, Charles began writing both prose and verse in his youth. He is now editor of the Leader in his native town. Mr. Davault has a volume of poems that he hopes to publish at an early date.

"Place it on file," the salesman said,
"Give it a place in the office book,
Keep good account of the morning trade,
Draw up the papers that all may look;
Place it on file where all may see,
Know you that wield a responsible pen
If all the world reads dishonesty,
What would our customers think of us then.
Great is the labor intrusted to you
Balance the great work, keep it all true.
Place it on file, the act you now do,
Each simple deed hath given its place,
Heed well the life minutes, honor then too,
Feign not the records of life to efface,
Place it on file e'en unto the thought -
Much is the import unspoken words bear,
Be honest to self, let every word caught
Be tokens of good, well chronicled there:
Over your life work good review,
Balance the great work, keep it all true."
(The above poem is one of 4 printed in this volume.)

Charles Alfred Davault died on 14 December 1921 at Oklahoma City, Oklahoma Co., OK, at age 54. Cause of death: on 14 December 1921 Blood poisoning. He was buried in December 1921 at Rose Hill Cemetery, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma Co., OK.

Child of Charles Alfred Davault and Susie S. Newland

Charles W. DaVault

M, b. 27 May 1869, d. 27 May 1869
     Charles W. DaVault died on 27 May 1869 at Jonesburg, Montgomery Co., MO. He was born on 27 May 1869 at Jonesburg, Montgomery Co., MO. He was the son of Abraham DaVault and Medora E. Jones.

Claude Oliver DaVault

M, b. 21 January 1905, d. 20 April 1995
     Claude Oliver DaVault was also known as "Dutch". He was born on 21 January 1905 at Kansas. He was the son of Jacob Wesley DaVault Jr. and Maude Matilda Snethen. Claude Oliver DaVault married Edna May Sturdy, daughter of Lemuel Sturdy and Mary Elizabeth Miller, on 11 May 1927 at Franklin Co., KS. Claude Oliver DaVault lived in 1930 at Wellsville, Franklin Co., KS.1 He died on 20 April 1995 at Kearney Co. (probably), NE, at age 90 dates per SSDI, last residence Minden.


  1. [S1863] 1930 Federal Census, Franklin County, Kansas. Microfilm Image, NARA Series T626, Roll 703; FHL #2340438.

David Gregory Davault

M, b. 26 July 1942, d. 5 June 1999
     David Gregory Davault was born on 26 July 1942 at San Diego, San Diego Co., CA. He was the son of Duncan Elwood Davault and Helen Louise Gregory. David Gregory Davault married Diane Marie Thorburn on 23 February 1962 at El Cajon, San Diego Co., CA. David Gregory Davault died on 5 June 1999 at Estacada, Clackamas Co., OR, at age 56

San Diego Union-Tribune - June 13, 1999
David G. Davault passed away in Estacada, Oregon, June 5, 1999 at age 56, of Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma. David was born and lived in East San Diego County, moved to Oregon in 1981 where he owned and operated a Long Haul Trucking Co. Survivors include his wife, Diane, sons Doug & Geoff, granddaughter Hillary, all of Oregon, sisters Bobbi Evans of Valley Center, CA, Phoebe Davault of Ramona, CA.
Family suggests memorial donations to Willamette Falls Hospice, Clackamas County Special Olympics
or favorite charity.

Dorothy Davault1

F, b. circa 1917
     Dorothy Davault was born circa 1917 at Pratt Co., KS.1 She was the daughter of Frederick Adolph Davault and Alma Sue Dyerly.1


  1. [S2051] 1920 Federal Census, Pratt County, Kansas. Microfilm Image, NARA Series T625, Roll 545.

Duncan Elwood Davault

M, b. 11 May 1912, d. 6 March 1989
     Duncan Elwood Davault was born on 11 May 1912 at Tulsa, Tulsa Co., OK. He was the son of Bruce Thomas Davault and Gertrude Dunkin. Duncan Elwood Davault was educated at University of Oklahoma, Norman, Cleveland Co., OK. He married Helen Louise Gregory, daughter of Walter Gregory and Gertrude (?), on 4 September 1936. Occupation: Was in business in El Cajon and San Diego, later employed by the county as a Tax Appraiser. Duncan Elwood Davault died on 6 March 1989 at San Diego, San Diego Co., CA, at age 76. He was buried in March 1989 at Greenwood Cemetery, San Diego, San Diego Co., CA.

Child of Duncan Elwood Davault and Helen Louise Gregory

Edith Marie DaVault

F, b. 10 February 1891, d. February 1974
     Edith Marie DaVault was born on 10 February 1891. She was the daughter of Alfred DaVault and Elizabeth Gardner. Edith Marie DaVault married Thomas Irwin Tritch on 29 November 1928 at New Florence, Montgomery Co., MO,
Davault -- Tritch Wedding

One of the prettiest weddings of this season was solemnized at the home of Mr. and Mrs M. G. lavender in New Florence, Mo., Thursday morning at 11:30 a. m. November 29, 1928 only the immediate relatives and a few friends being present. The wedding march played by Mrs. Lavender, a sister of the bride ushered in the bridal party who were accompanied by H. H. Davault and Miss Lillian Davault, brother and sister of the bride, and under the vine and flower wreathed archway of the reception hall, Rev. J. A. Medley impressively united, Irwin Tritch and Edith Marie Davault in the holy bonds of matrimony using the very beautiful Medhodist ritual and ring service. After many loving congratulations the guests were escorted to the dining room where a tempting Thanksgiving Day luncheon, served from a handsomely appointed table, bright and fragrant with lovely caranations and ferns was much enjoyed. A social hour in the parlors then followed. The bride one of our sweetest girls, wore a simple and attractive costume of heavy tan crepe satin without ornaments save the lovely pink roses tied with white ribbon, which she carried. Miss Lillian Davault wore a becoming costume of the same material as the bride's only in a deeper shade. The groom and his attendant were faultlessly attired for the occasion.
Miss Edith is the youngest daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Alfred Davault of this city, has a host of relatives and friends in this community an accomplished musician, an earnest and sincere ... possessed of a sweet and sunny disposition, a warm friend and a devoted member of the home circle, she will be missed from among her friends but these lovely attributes will make her a delightful companion for the husband she has chosen, who is well worthy of his bride. He is a young man of ability, is honored and esteemed by his friends and business associates for his many good qualities and holds a lucrative position in the passenger department of the Wabash R. R. Co.
At 1:30 p. m. with a gay party of friends they motored to Wellsville where the happy couple embarked on their wedding journey which included Chicago, Detroit, points in Canada. After their return they will reside in St. Louis. Many beautiful gifts and good wishes for future happiness and prosperity were showered upon the young couple. Those who were so delightfully entertained on this occasion by Mr. and Mrs. Lavender were: Rev. J. A. Medley and wife, Alfred Davault and wife, Alfred Davault, Jr. and wife of Oakland, Calif., Mrs. Fanchion Waller of St. Louis, H. H. Nunnelly, wife and son Davault, H. H. Davault and wife, Addison Bishop, wife and daughters, Alice Jeanette and Wilma Pearl, Mrs. Angie Pemberton and Harold Lavender.
A Friend.

Note: no children.

Edith Marie DaVault lived at St. Louis; later Mexico, Audrain Co., MO. She was buried in 1974 at New Florence Cemetery, New Florence, Montgomery Co., MO. She died in February 1974.

Edwin Lee Davault

M, b. 28 January 1870, d. 20 October 1939
     Edwin Lee Davault was born on 28 January 1870 at New Florence, Montgomery Co., MO. He was the son of Frederick Davault and Margaret Ellen McCleary. Edwin Lee Davault married Eugenia Brown Garrett, daughter of Benjamin Garrett and Elizabeth Ellis, on 18 November 1896, Davault -- Garrett

Wednesday evening Nov. 18th a pretty wedding was solemnized at the cozy home of Mr and Mrs B F Garrett. The contracting parties being their only daughter, Eugenia Brown and Edwin Lee Davault. At 7:30 the bridal party entered the tastefully decorated parlor to the melodious strains of the wedding march rendered by Miss Alice Cardwell. The bride and groom were preceded by four young men, Pate Young, Jack Garrett, T. L. Cardwell Bruce Davault and four you ladies Misses Duffy, Goddin, Emma Davault and Lella Hatchett, who arranged themselves on either side the center of the crowded parlor forming an aisle up which the couple advanced till they stood directly under a handsome wedding bell of ferns and chrysanthemums, the clapper of which swayed to and fro with every breath as though singing out a gladsome prophesy for the future of the young pair. Here they were united by Rev J T McDonald, who in a very brief but impressive ceremony pronounced them man and wife. Without waiting for congratulations the newly wedded pair led the way to the dining room where an excellent supper of three courses were served. While the happy guests, about 70 in number, were satisfying the demands of the inner man with the delicious viands the eye was being feasted upon the beautiful table decorations, consisting of festoons of smilax and white chrysanthemums dropped from the center of the ceiling to every corner of the table on which were arranged pretty doilies, fruits, ferns, etc. The bride always pretty and attractive, never looked so handsome as when attired in an eloquent cloth dress of ashes of roses, trimmed in ribbon and chiffon and holding in her hand a point lace handkerchief and a boquet of white chrysanthemums tied with ribbon, she took the vows of wifehood.
A number of useful presents were received: Set of dishes, Lineaus M Garrett; Dresden clock, Alf Davault and wife, John Knox and wife; marble clock, Charlie Wilson, wife and Pate Young; carving set, Nettie Goddin; table linen, Mrs F Davault table linen, Mr and Mrs Wagoner; silver pick holder, Laura Kirtly; sugar spoon, Mattie Kuhne; silver napkin ring, Lizzie and Emma Davault $5, F Davault; rug, W G Garrett; rug W H Knox and wife; silver berry spoon, Jos McCleary and family; lamp, Joe and Ock Garrett; knives, forks and spoons, B F Garrett: tea spoons, Bruce Davault and Jack Garrett; tea spoons, Abe Davault and family; desert knives, C A Bass and family; cut glass tumblers, Mrs N M Garrett; dolies, Mrs Clark Morris movable clock, W H and J A Garrett; vase, Alice Cardwell; salid fork J F Ball and wife; pearl handle fruit knives, M A Grisham and wife; dresser and wash stand set, Annie Duffy; salt and peppers, Misses Hatchett; cake and pie knife, C A Davault and wife; berry set Annie Janssen; glass tea set, Tillie Millikan; pair towels, Riley Grisham; pair towels, Mrs McDonald: tray cloth, Emma Davault; granite ware, Mr and Mrs Phaff, pitcher, L Phillips; butter knife Grace Gardner and Mary Taylor; fine chickens, Mrs Marlow; flour bin, Mrs B E Wilson. Guests.


Ed Davault and Miss Eugenia Garrett Married Wednesday Evening.

A very pretty wedding occurred at the home of B F Garrett's two miles east of this place Wednesday eve, when Miss Eugenia, the only daughter of Mr and Mrs Garrett was united in marriage to Edward L Davault. Rev J T McDonald sealed the weding vows in very short but earnest manner.
The couple was conducted into the parlor by four couples: Pate Young, Lella Hatchett; Jack Garrett, Emma Davault; Bruce Davault, Nettie Goddin; Fayette Cardwell, Anna Duffy. The young men preceeded the young ladies into the parlor, the latter coming in and taking positions aside the young men. Mr. Davault and bride stood beneath a beautiful bell made of ferns and chrysantheums.
Miss Eugenia wore a suit of silver gray trimmed in ribbon of same shade and carried a large bunch of chrysantheums. Mr. Davault was attired in black, gloves and wore a button boquet of chrysantheums.
The dining room and table was very attractively trimmed. The delicacis prepared for the occasion were fully enjoyed.
Ed and wife came to town that night and occupied their home which had been previously prepared for them.
The LEADER only wishes for them the best and brightest side of life.

Edwin Lee Davault lived at Tulsa, Oklahoma City, and then, Riverside Co., CA. He died on 20 October 1939 at Riverside, Riverside Co., CA, at age 69 OBITUARY - The Daily Enterprise, Riverside, California
Funeral Held for Edwin L. Davault
Edwin L. Davault, who saw service in the United States postal department and whose son, Roy Davault is now on the staff of Riverside postoffice was buried yesterday afternoon in Olivewood cemetery following funeral services in the M. H. Simons chapel. Rev. Paul J. Kluth of Grace Methodist church officiated at the rites. Mr Davault had been a member of the official board of this church for a number of years.
Born in New Florence, Mo., Mr. Davault grew up there and married Eugenia Garret there in 1896. Besides his years of service for the U. S. mail, Mr. Davault was a farmer and stock dealer. He lived some time in Tulsa, Okla., where he was in the mercantile business. Coming to Riverside in 1921, Mr. Davault operated the Eight street market at Sedgwick street for three years before he retired to take care of his citrus acreage exclusively at 1906 Blaine street where he resided at the time of his death. He was 69. Pall bearers were W. H. McCurdy, J. H. McDermott, F. M. Lindsley, J. H. Simonson, A. L. Lawrence and P. A. Handley, all members of Grace church.
Surviving Mr. Davault is addition to his wife and son is a brother Emmet C. Davault of Santa Ana.

E. L. Davault Dead
Relatives and friends were saddened Friday when a message came telling of the death of E. L. Davault, at his home in Riverside, Calif. Ed was a son of the late Mr. and Mrs. Fred Davault, was born and grew to manhood at this place. As a boy and young man he was loved by all for the sterling qualities he possessed. He was united in marriage to Miss Eugenia Garret of this place and to this union one son, Roy was born. After leaving New Florence the family resided for a nimber of years in Oklahoma City, Ok., later moving to Riverside, Calif., where they have lived for many years. Surviving are his wife and son, Roy. one brother, E. C. Davault, of Santa Ana, Calif., and many relatives.
Funeral services were held at Riverside Saturday afternoon, burial was at that place. We join the relatives and friends at this place in extending sympathy to the bereaved family.

Child of Edwin Lee Davault and Eugenia Brown Garrett

Elijah C. DaVault

M, b. 9 June 1839, d. 24 October 1843
     Elijah C. DaVault was born on 9 June 1839 at Montgomery Co., MO. He was the son of Henry DaVault and Mary Virginia Smith Maughs. Elijah C. DaVault died on 24 October 1843 at Montgomery Co., MO, at age 4. He was buried on 30 October 1895 at Section 2, Block 56, New Florence Cemetery, New Florence, Montgomery Co., MO, moved to New Florence Cemetery from original burial in the Davault family burial plot across the road from the Peter Davault home/tavern.