Inez Durham

     Inez Durham married William R. Kistner.

Child of Inez Durham and William R. Kistner

Joseph Durham1

M, b. circa 1891
     Joseph Durham was born circa 1891 at Kansas.1 He married Verdie Tower, daughter of Marion Tower and Mary Elizabeth (?), before 8 January 1920.1

Child of Joseph Durham and Verdie Tower


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Leon Henley Durham

M, b. 29 August 1925, d. 5 December 1966
     Leon Henley Durham was born on 29 August 1925. He was the son of Hollie Edison Durham and Fannie Lou Davis. Leon Henley Durham married Betta June Chapman, daughter of John Thomas Chapman and Flora Mabel Lindsley. Leon Henley Durham died on 5 December 1966 at Brisbane, San Mateo Co., CA, at age 41 OBITUARY - Record-Enterprise, Sunday, December 11, 1966, page 6

Funeral services were held Friday from the Chapel of the Nauman and Lincoln Mortuary in South San Francisco for Betta June and Leon H. Durham who died suddenly in Brisbane, December 5.
They are survived by their seven children, Mrs. Esther Heinzle, Leon O., William L., Richard C., Paul D., Randall L., and Jeffery E. Durham, all of Brisbane.
Mrs. Durham’s parents are Mr. and Mrs. John Chapman of Los Altos, and Mr. Durham’s mother, Mrs. Fannie Lou Durham, resides in Brisbane.
Interment was at Golden Gate National Cemetery.

He was buried in December 1966 at Golden Gate National Cemetery, San Bruno, San Mateo Co., CA. Cause of death: Automobile accident.

Child of Leon Henley Durham and Betta June Chapman

Randall Durham

M, b. 22 November 1958, d. 21 April 2005
     Randall Durham was born on 22 November 1958 at San Francisco, San Francisco Co., CA. He was the son of Leon Henley Durham and Betta June Chapman. Randall Durham died on 21 April 2005 at Pismo Beach, San Luis Obispo Co., CA, at age 46.

Margaret Raymond Durkee1

     Margaret Raymond Durkee married John G. A. Clark.1

Child of Margaret Raymond Durkee and John G. A. Clark


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Catharine Durnbaugh

     Catharine Durnbaugh married Jacob Grossnickel.

Child of Catharine Durnbaugh and Jacob Grossnickel

Henry Durst1

M, b. 1779, d. 30 July 1854
     Henry Durst was born in 1779 at Berks Co., PA. He married Catherine Richter on 21 September 1806 at Frederick Co., MD. Henry Durst died on 30 July 1854 at Darbyville, Pickaway Co., OH.

Child of Henry Durst and Catherine Richter


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Nina D. Durst

F, b. 1878, d. 8 December 1973
     Nina D. Durst was born in 1878 at Sheboygan Co., WI. She married Herman Frederick Duenkel. Nina D. Durst died on 8 December 1973 at California. She was buried in December 1973 at Wildwood Cemetery, Sheboygan, Sheboygan Co., WI, Find A Grave Memorial# 150655050.

Child of Nina D. Durst and Herman Frederick Duenkel

Ida Dusing

F, b. 24 September 1881
     Ida Dusing was born on 24 September 1881. She was the daughter of William B. Dusing and Ella Miller. Ida Dusing married Edmund C. Davis, son of William Davis and Susan Coffman, on 5 February 1908, no children.

William B. Dusing

     William B. Dusing married Ella Miller.

Child of William B. Dusing and Ella Miller

Ada Dutcher

     Ada Dutcher married William Brooks.

Child of Ada Dutcher and William Brooks

Garner Wade Dutcher

M, b. 3 February 1897
     Garner Wade Dutcher was born on 3 February 1897. He married Marguerite Sheridan.

Sarah Jane Dutro1

F, b. May 1842
     Sarah Jane Dutro was born in May 1842 at Ohio.1 She married Henry Swartz, son of Daniel Swartz and Mary L. C. Mowrey, at Muskingum Co. (probably), OH.1

Child of Sarah Jane Dutro and Henry Swartz


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Barbara Dutt

F, b. 14 February 1700, d. 20 November 1758
     Barbara Dutt was born on 14 February 1700 at Schwindratzheim, Alsace. She was the daughter of Philip Dutt and Christina (?) Barbara Dutt married Johannes Schnepp, son of Lorentz Schnepp and Anna Catharina Haber, on 17 February 1719 at Schwindratzheim, Alsace. Barbara Dutt died on 20 November 1758 at Frederick Co., VA, at age 58.

Children of Barbara Dutt and Johannes Schnepp

George Dutt

     Note: "of Gries and Printzheim." George Dutt married Anna (?).

Child of George Dutt and Anna (?)

Philip Dutt

M, b. circa 1655, d. 15 October 1726
     Philip Dutt was born circa 1655 at Gries or Printzheim (probably), Alsace. He was the son of George Dutt and Anna (?) Philip Dutt married Christina (?). Occupation: Shepherd and herdsman at various villages in northern Alsace. Philip Dutt died on 15 October 1726 at Zöbersdorf, Alsace, "age 71 years."

Child of Philip Dutt and Christina (?)

Margaret S. Duttera

F, b. 1 August 1863
     Margaret S. Duttera was born on 1 August 1863 at Pennsylvania. She was the daughter of William Duttera and Sarah (?) Margaret S. Duttera married Maurice L. Bollinger, son of Benjamin F. Bollinger and Henrietta Elizabeth LeFevre, on 8 November 1888.

Children of Margaret S. Duttera and Maurice L. Bollinger

William Duttera

     William Duttera married Sarah (?).

Child of William Duttera and Sarah (?)

Edmund Dutton

     Edmund Dutton married Tacy Matlack.

Child of Edmund Dutton and Tacy Matlack

Letitia A. Dutton

F, b. circa 1856, d. 10 March 1898
     Letitia A. Dutton was also known as "Lettie". She was born circa 1856 at Michigan.1 She married John Lewis Oldham. Letitia A. Dutton died on 10 March 1898. She was buried in March 1898 at Paola Cemetery, Paola, Miami Co., KS, Find A Grave Memorial# 35385161.

Child of Letitia A. Dutton and John Lewis Oldham


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Lillian Dutton

     Lillian Dutton married Arthur O. Christensen.

Child of Lillian Dutton and Arthur O. Christensen

Norman Hill Dutton

M, b. 2 February 1899, d. November 1966
     Norman Hill Dutton was born on 2 February 1899 at Pennsylvania. He married Gail Gilmore Eby, daughter of Amos Stauffer Eby and Bertilla May Eyer, on 1 April 1931. Norman Hill Dutton died in November 1966 at Chester Co., PA, at age 67.

Phebe M. Dutton1

F, b. 6 May 1816, d. 9 March 1875
     Phebe M. Dutton was born on 6 May 1816 at Ohio.1 She married Joseph J. Windle, son of Benjamin Windle and Orpha Jeffries, in April 1839.1 Phebe M. Dutton was buried in March 1875 at Dutton Cemetery, Hanoverton, Columbiana Co., OH, Find A Grave Memorial# 35422034. She died on 9 March 1875 at age 58.

Children of Phebe M. Dutton and Joseph J. Windle


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T. Dillwyn Dutton

M, b. 1842, d. 1878
     T. Dillwyn Dutton was born in 1842. He was the son of Edmund Dutton and Tacy Matlack. T. Dillwyn Dutton married Lydia Pratt, daughter of Randall Pratt and Mary G. Lewis. T. Dillwyn Dutton died in 1878.

Joanne L. Duty

F, b. 7 November 1934, d. 25 May 1999
     Joanne L. Duty was born on 7 November 1934. She married James W. Clifton, son of Elmer Francis Clifton and Dorothy Mae Windle, on 14 October 1961. Joanne L. Duty died on 25 May 1999 at age 64. She was buried in May 1999 at Zanesfield Cemetery, Zanesfield, Logan Co., OH, Find A Grave Memorial# 50407730.

George Howard Duvall

     George Howard Duvall married Louise Yeardley Berry.

Child of George Howard Duvall and Louise Yeardley Berry

Mary Duvall

F, b. circa 1834
     Mary Duvall was born circa 1834 at Ohio. She married Jonas Groves, son of James Groves and Nancy Danford, on 19 October 1854 at Belmont Co., OH.

Children of Mary Duvall and Jonas Groves

Millie Jane Duvall1

F, b. December 1864
     Millie Jane Duvall was born in December 1864 at Illinois.1 She married Frank Burch on 27 February 1884 at Cook Co., IL.1

Child of Millie Jane Duvall and Frank Burch


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Sarah Susan Duvall

F, b. 28 December 1875, d. 11 February 1945
     Sarah Susan Duvall was born on 28 December 1875 at Highland Co., OH. She married William Franklin Wilkin, son of Samuel Wilkin and Roseannah Webster, on 26 October 1895 at Highland Co., OH. Sarah Susan Duvall died on 11 February 1945 at Highland Co., OH, at age 69.

Children of Sarah Susan Duvall and William Franklin Wilkin

Sophia Howard Post Duvall

F, b. 4 November 1898
     Sophia Howard Post Duvall was born on 4 November 1898 at Maryland. She was the daughter of George Howard Duvall and Louise Yeardley Berry. Sophia Howard Post Duvall married Sidney Stanley Zell, son of Arthur Stanley Zell and Eleanor R. Roberts, circa 1937.